Cultic Occult Lore (19th-to-20th-Century America & Europe)


Secret Teachings

1-2. "The Two Truths and the Types"; "Inventing the Cross".

3-4. "The Beginning"; "Atlantis, Enoch, and Revelation".

5-6. "The Glory"; "Ark of the Covenant".

7. "The Earth's Great Year in Heaven".

8. "The Beasts as the Time-Cycles".

13. "The Eleusinian Mysteries".


Wisdom of the Adepts

Capitula I-IV

Capitula V-VII

Capitula VIII-XI

Capitula XII-XVI

Capitula XVII-XIX

Capitulum XX

Capitula XXI-XXIII

Capitulum XXIV

Capitula XXV-XXVI


Capitulum XXIX

Capitulum XXX


Yoga or Transformation

Capitula V-VII

Capitula VIII-XII

Capitula XIII-


Pyramids of Montauk Ordo Templi Orientis





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