Anthropology & Sociology of the Paranormal/Supernormal/Extraordinary


Extrasensory Oikology

I. "Parapsychology and anthropology"

II. "The physical bases for paranormal events"

III. "Psi, cognition, and communication"

IV. "The origins of psi"

V. "Paranormal dimensions in primitive medicine"

VI. "Psi and archaiological reconstructions"

VII. "Parapsychology and anthropology : an overview"


Anthropology of Extraordinary Experience

I. "Extraordinary experience and fieldwork"

II. "Modeling extraordinary experience"

III. "Taking our informants seriously"

IV. "Conclusion"


Extraordinary Anthropology

I. "Beyond our known worlds"

II. "Entanglements and faithfulness to experience"

III. "Epistemological and ethical threshholds"

IV. "Keeping conflict in view"

V. "Apprenticeship"


Social Life of Spirits

1-3. "Introduction"; "Intangible Motion"; "The Invisible".

4. "Spiritual Praesentiae and Notion of Person in an AmerIndian Society".

5-6. "Spirits in the Crossroads"; "Enchanted Entities".

7. "Spirits in Cuban Folk-Religion".

8. "Paje` Dreams and Chants".

9-11. "Umbanda"; "The Dragon"; "Historicist Knowledge".


Ethnographies of Doubt

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