Cosmic Consciousness, & Hypnotic Past-Life Regression






Secret History of Consciousness

0-I. "Consciousness Explained"; "Search for Cosmic Consciousness".

II. "Esoteric Evolution".

III & V. "Arkhaiology of Consciousness"; "Praesence of Origin".




Music and the Soul

1-2. "Transcendent Musical Experiences"; "Music and the Soul".

3-4. "Secret Influences of Music"; "Aithereal Music".

5-7. "Yoga of Sound"; "Continuum of Human Potential"; "Yoga of Listening".

12-14. "Well-Being"; "Command"; "Expanded Consciousness".

15-16. "Cosmic Consciousness"; "Praeparing for Transcendent Musical Experiences".

17-18. "Spiritual Practice"; "Music : Good versus Bad".

19 & 26. "Musicians as Spiritual Teachers"; "Achieving Transcendent Musical Experiences".





"Music and the Near-Death Experience".

Notable Near-Death Experiences

AFTERLIFE (This is information recovered by way of near-death experiences & via hypnosis. For information about the Afterlife recovered from visiting it in dreams, vide


Handbook to the Afterlife


Bringing Your Soul to Light

1-4. "Soul Hypnotherapy"; Soul-Regression"; "Higher Self"; "Spirit-Guides".

5-10. "Soul-Family"; Life-Scripting"; "Free Will"; "Life-Direction"; Soul-Progression"; "Life-Themes".

11-14. "Human Experience"; "Love and Humility"; "Past Lives"; "Soul-Development".


Beyond Re-incarnation

3-4. "Self-Hypnosis and Past-Life Regression".

5-6. "Prae-existence and Life-between-Lifetimes".


From Birth to Rebirth hypnotic past-life regression

4-14. "Transition"; "Problems"; "Validation"; "Recognition"; "De'ja` Vu"; etc.

15-20. "Evolution"; "Lost Continents"; "Future Life"; "Other Planets"; "Downside".

21-22. "Extraterrestrials"; "Communications with Advanced Spiritual Beings".

23-24. "Discarnate Spirit"; "Releasing Attachments".

25-28. "Death"; "Afterlife"; "Training-World"; "Spiritual Warrior".


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