Books on : Psychic Self-Defense; Exorcism


Spiritual Protection

0-1. "Praeface"; "Fundamentals".

2. "Psi-Gifts".

3. "Magic of Shielding".

4. "Magic of Warding".

5. "Magic of Cleansing".

6.1-6.8. "Energy"; "Charging"; "Wyrd"; "Tools"; "Circle"; "Candle".

6.9-6.10. "Magical Attack"; "Laws of Magic".


Exorcist's Handbook

0-1. "Introduction"; "Life of an Exorcist".

2-3. "Tool-Kit"; "Working with Beings".

4-5. "Beings Thou Mayest Encountre"; "Assessing a Potential".

6-8. "Dead People"; "Removing Daimonic Beings"; "Non-Daimonic Beings".

9-10. "Dealing with Curses"; "To Deal with Magical Attacks".

11-12. "Reconstruction of Sacred Space"; "Issues of Land-Beings".

13-14; App. 1-2. "Deck for Exorcists"; "Long-Term Management". "Abyss"; "Looking at Health".

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