Psychology of the Paranormal


Reflections on the Dawn of Consciousness

1-3. "Julian Jaynes : His Life and Thought"; "Ghost of a Flea"; "Verbal Hallucinations".

4. "Consciousness, Hallucinations, and the Bicameral Mind".

5-8. "Auditory Hallucinations"; "Language and Consciousness"; "Interiorized Social Relations"; "Noos and Psyche".

9-12. "Oracles and Their Cessation"; "King Tut"; "Greek Zombies"; "Dragons of the Shang Dynasty".

13. "Shi 'Corpse/Personator' Ceremony in Early China".


The Julian Jaynes Collection

0. "Introduction".

1-6. "Julian Jaynes"; "Memorial to J.J."; "Maverick Theorizer"; "Science"; "Boring"; "History of Psychology".

7-16. "Motion"; "Origin"; "Evolution"; "Speaking "; "Paintings"; "Remembrance"; "Art"; "Dance"; "Metaphiers"; "Tier".

17. "Four Hypotheses on the Origin of Mind".

32-37. "McMaster-Bauer Symposium, 1-4"; "Consequences of Consciousness, 1-2".



The End of Materialism


The Science Delusion arguments for panpsychism

1 & 4-5. "Mechanical?"; "Unconscious?"; "Purposeless?"

7-8. "Material Traces?"; "Confined to Brains?"

9-12. "Psychic Phainomena"; "Non-mechanistic Medicine"; "Objectivity?"; "Scientific Futures".


Seriously Strange

0A-0B. "Foreword to the Series"; "Introduction".

1-2. "Anomalous Phainomena"; "Resistance and Telepathy".

3. "From Physicalism to Realist Idealism".

4. "PsiSpy : a Psychic Spying Programme".

5. "Psi and ... the Quaest for a New Scientific Paradigm".

6-7. "Anomalous Moments in Psychotherapy"; "Parapsychology and Yoga".

8-9. "Seeing and Not Seeing Aeternity"; "Paranormality of Everyday Life".


Synthesis of Science and Spirituality

4-5. "Cosmic Oneness"; "Mystical Experience".

6. "Occult Aither".

7. "Perceiving the Superhologram".

8. "Seven Planes-of-Existence and Their Corresponding Vehicles".

9. "Human Aura".

10-11. "Thought-Forms"; "Telepathy".

12. "Clairvoyance".

13-14. "Psychokinesis"; "Epilogue".


Altering Consciousness

Vol.1 : "History, Culture, and the Humanities".

Vol. 2.3-6 : "Ecstasy"; "Transcendent Experiences"; "DMT"; "LSD".

Vol. 2.7-9 : "Peyote and Meaning"; "Dynamics"; "Sexual Activity".

Vol 2.13-15 : "Emotion"; "Visionary Spirituality"; "Healing Paradoxically ".



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