Beyond Redincarnation, 3-4






Self-Hypnosis & Past-Life Regression

35 to 73


Prae-existence & Life-between-Lifetimes

75 to 101


The Spirit-Realm

103 to 154


Astral Projection & the Afterlife

155 to 175



Self-Hypnosis and Past-Life Regression

35 to 73

pp. 42-3 trance-induction

p. 42

"Tell yourself that by shifting your eyes from side to side as you count backward from ten, you will enter the trance state. ... As you shift your eyes from side to side on each count, develop a rhythmic downward and they upward swinging movement, always holding your eyes in each upper position. ...

p. 43

As your eyes remain closed, deepen the trance by ... letting yourself become progressively relaxed from your head downward. Notice the relaxation around your eyes and then let it spread slowly over your face and then into your neck and shoulders. Let the relaxation then radiate into your shoulders and arms, right through the tips of your fingers. Then notice the relaxation in your chest and let it spread deep into your abdomen. Let the relaxation extend slowly downward, soaking into your hips, thighs, lower legs, and finally right through the tips of your toes. ... You can ... do ... focusing your attention on the little finger of either hand, ... mentally replacing ... sensations with numbness."

pp. 44-6 Past-Lives Corridor

p. 44

"While remaining in the trance state, give ... permisssion to use the trance ... for past-life regression. ... You may ... at this point ... invite a personal spirit guide to accompany you in your past-life probes. ...

p. 45

You are now ... to enter the Past-life Corridor. Notice the brightly illuminated corridor stretching into the distance. Your personal past-life corridor is unique to you ... . It can be of any combination of materials, colors, and shapes. ... On the sides of the corridor you will notice doors, one for each of your past lifetimes. ... Behind each door is a past lifetime, with the doors closest to the corridor's entrance representing your earlier lifetimes, and the doors in the distance representing your earlier lifetimes. ...

At the far end of the bright corridor, you will notice a resplendent door representing ... preexistence.

{The resplendent divine world is [metaphysically] prior to the material world.}

... you will notice a second bright door situated to the right of the of the preexistence door. It represents you life between lifetimes in the spirit realm.

{The Antarabhava is another divine realm, dominated by deities although mortals pass through it between their lives lived on the material plane.}

Together, the two luminous side-by-side doors provide a gateway to the spirit realm ... . You can at will open either door to gain the information you need concerning these important dimensions ... . ...

p. 46

Upon entering the corridor, select the door ... that stands out as brightest among the others. Upon approaching the door, you may ... view from the doorway the past life it represents, or you can step through the door and become an active participant ... . As you experience the past lifetime you selected, either from the open door as a spectator or from beyond the door as an active participant, you can shift your awareness either forward or backward to experience it in ... much scope and detail ... . ...

To exit the Past-life Corridor, give ... permission to return ... from there, into the present. Upon your return to the present and before

p. 47

exiting the trance state, affirm that you will successfully recall the regression experience in as much detail as needed".

"our subjects found that upon opening a particular door, the past lifetime it represented unfolded before them like a movie. The more highly relevant experiences of that lifetime often appeared in bright detail."

{One's past lives on the material plane may be viewed through the doorways without entring; whereas the two luminous doors may be entred in order to entre the divine worlds.} {Advice from one's personal spirit-guide may be followed as to the praecise course of action to be pursued. Any permissions given by one's self during such venture ought to be regarded as given to one's personal guardian-angel or spirit-guide.}

pp. 48-9 journaling past-life memories

p. 48

"To maximize the effectiveness of your regression expereinces, it is important to maintain a detailed journal of each session. ...

p. 49

First, it ... promotes retention of the regression experience.

Second, it promotes insight and discovery of the underlying relevance ... .

Third, it provides a written past-life record which you can ... possibly verify."

p. 50 instance of autobiographical account of Past-Lives Corridor, by a woman [a past life of her was martyress St Dorothea (p. 51)]

"I saw a very long corridor with many doors on each side. Over the corridor was a crystal clear glass ceiling that revealed a bright starry heaven. Looking down the corridor which was flooded with clear, soft light, I was astonished at the many doors of various colors, materials, and shapes. ... A crystalline door shimmering and radiating light in all directions ... stood out ... . Suddenly, a door closer at hand drew my attention. As I looked at the door, a halo of bright rainbow colors began to form around it."

pp. 56-7 instance of autobiographical account of Past-Lives Corridor, by a man

p. 56

"I saw a nearby cliff with a large ledge jutting over the beach. Underneath the ledge appeared an opening leading deep into the cliff. ...

{In Josephine McCarthy's The Exorcist's Handbook, ledges having tunnels into cliffs are characteristic of the "Abyss" (canyon in the vision-world).}

I entered the opening ..., but was met by multicolored illumination moving about and reminding me of the aurora borealis. ... The floor appeared to be of polished marble and the walls of smooth ivory. The long corridor had many doors, all of which were intricately carved but with no two exactly alike.

p. 57

The corridor seemed to eventually curve to the right so that I could see it only in part."

p. 66 aeternality of the soul

"the life span of souls is endless, with neither beginning nor end. Consequently, souls have no "chronological age"". [cf. p. 90 infra]

{Any impression of a finite number lives having been experienced would, by this principle, be a matter of the record/memory of still earlier lifetimes being no longer accessible.}

p. 69 effect of being hypnotized (and of thus becoming past-life regressed) on one's aura

"Using Kirlian electrophotography to record the aura energy patterns surrounding the index fingertip, the study found a strong relationship between the energy patterns and certain mental states." (TR 4)

"A follow-on study funded by the Parapsychology Foundation of New York further investigated electrophotography with particular emphasis on ... hypnosis and age regression (TR 9)."

"both brightness and magnitude of the aura decreased with ... hypnosis using the EM/RC [eye-movement reverse-counting] self-induction procedure (TR 20). ... Upon regression to past life using the Past-life Corridor, however, the brightness and magnitude of the aura dramatically increased, a phenomenon we called "past-life illumination.""

TR 4 = "Investigations into Kirlian Photography". 1977.

TR 9 = "The Kirlian Connection" 1985.

TR 20 = "Kirlian Photography and Past-life Regression". 1990.



Prae-existence and Life-between-Lifetimes

75 to 101

{N.B. "Prae-existence is taken to be that of the soul; as such it would be a heavenly retreat (Svarga 'Heaven') for the soul while abiding neither in a life on the material plane, nor in the between-material-lives (Antarabhava) sorting-station for souls' redassignment-to-a-material-life realm . Separate lifespans in the Heaven-world are not distinguished, nor are lives on the material planes praeceding the prae-existence Heaven-world mentioned. But in Bauddha enumerations of past lives any possible combination of sequences of lives may sometimes be mentioned.}

pp. 77-8 the divine world & its synaisthetic music

p. 77

"Upon opening the door to ... preexistence, the subjects ... were struck with awe at its magnificence and orderliness. ... Our spectator subjects described the beauty of ... preexistence as beyond anything they had even experienced in physical reality. ... Without exception, our subjects were astonished at the magnificent variety of sights and sounds characterizing ... preexistence.

Many of them experienced the wondrous sounds of music ... . One subject ... noted ... : "It was like playing a violin -- I felt the vibrations under my skin."

As spectators, they saw shimmering planes of beauty stretching endlessly into the distance, sometimes as glowing streams like molten glass. ... Several subjects who had been trained in out-of-body travel to the spirit realm recognized certain planes they had already visited during astral projection ... . ...

p. 78

For our subjects who had been trained in aura viewing, the radiant colors characterizing preexistence planes were similar to those observed in the human aura ... . One of our subjects, a student who is color blind, saw color for the first time upon opening the door to preexistence. He was struck ... by

what he called the color music and sound harmonies they radiated.

{This is synaisthesia.}

From their vantage point as spectators at the doorway to ... preexistence, the participants ... observed vibrant structure forms including orbs, domes, mountain-like formations, and arches reminiscent of the rainbow."

p. 80 complementary essentials of a collective oneness

"our subjects ... concluded that darkness and light are complementary essentials of conscousness, with

darkness signifying potential yet to be developed

and light signifying potential already developed ... .

None of our subjects came away from the regression experience believing that evil characterized in any way the preexistence of souls. ...

{This is evidently in conflict against the Augustinian (Christian) doctrine of inhaerent depravity of the soul.}

Our subjects, upon stepping into ... preexistence ..., experienced an infusion of pure energy and a state of peace beyond anything they had experienced in their present lifetime. They experienced

complete autonomy,

{anarchy, a sensation of not being hostilely enslaved by an oppositional capitalistic government}

along with harmony and equality with all other souls,


a state many of them described as a collective oneness within which they felt connected to all other souls while at the same time, maintaining their own individuality and full personal cosmic identity. According to them, it is unconditional love that sustains all that exists, both physical and spiritual (TR 42)."

TR 42 = "The Nature of Spiritual Interaction in Preexistence".

pp. 82, 85 divine teachers : angels

p. 82

"According to many of our subjects, the most impressive structural features of the preexistence realm were the so-called "cosmic gardens" which included wondrous fountains and shimmering pools of what seemed the highest forms of energy.

They described bathing in the spray of these fountains as "therapy for the soul." Diving into the shimmering pools was "sheer ectstasy" from which they emerged fully energized, attuned, and balanced. ...

{cf. the effect of bathing in the [Maori (HM, p. 71) and Tahitian (HM, p. 72)] divine water-spring Water of Life of Tane, in the 4th (ML, p. 12) heaven}

It was usually in these garden settings that our subjects interacted with master teachers and guides, some of whom had lived ... past lifetimes on other planets ... (TR 42)."

p. 85

"Many of our subjects ... had interacted during their preexistence with ... angels, though the lines separating ministering spirits ... and angels were often blurred."

HM = Martha Beckwith : Hawaiian Mythology. Yale U Pr, 1940.

ML = James Izett : Maori Lore. Wellington, 1904.

pp. 83, 84, 87 astral travel in divine world of prae-existence

p. 83

"those who had been trained in astral projection" : "In their regressed state, they traveled freely among preexistent planes by intent alone."

p. 84

"They experienced the ability to travel at will throughout our known universe and beyond. They reported the unlimited ability to experience close up any distant physical reality, not only

as observers

{by "remote viewing"}

but also as active participants."

p. 87

"Our regression subjects who stepped into ... preexistence always recognized themselves as conscious beings with power to travel into the far reaches of the preexistence world, which was seen as having no boundaries."

p. 84 "cosmic language" ["The universal language of the spirit realm." (p. 186)]

"Having left their post as spectators to actively engage in ... preexistence, ... Several of our subjects ... described their instant command of "cosmic language" as an unrestricted skill similar to mind-to-mind communication. They readily engaged other intelligent entities, often interacting with them and communicating through the prevailing cosmic language."

p. 85 assuming exotic guises as animals and the like

"Several of our subjects reported that they had existed in non-human animal form, which included being a

temporary animal walk-in

{wereanimal walk-in}

as well as having lived a full lifetime on earth as an animal. ...

Several of our preexistence regression subjects reported that prior to their first incarnation {viz., prior to their 1st incarnation onto a material-plane world, after their latest lifetime in a divine heaven-world}, they were walk-ins of another form [than human or animal] ... . ... One of our subjects, for instance, reported having inhabited a tree" {viz., in the guise of a tree-spirit}.

pp. 86-7 auras of entities in divine heaven-worlds

p. 86

"Our preexistence regression subjects who were trained in aura viewing often described the spirit beings with whom they interacted as enveloped in a beautiful, colorful glow similar to the human aura."

"the external aura is but the external manifestation of an internal energy core ... . Having observed during regression a myriad of glowing spirit forms, many of our subjects concluded that the aura as typically seen does indeed manifest the inner life force ... .

p. 87

... Some of them reported a distant light source which they speculated may have energized the preincarnate realm, including its many planes, fountains, and pools of energy. They speculated that it may have been the source of energy for souls."

{This light would be the 'Clear Light' ([Bodish] >od-gsal) originating in the dreamless-sleep realm.}

pp. 88-9 autonomous (by one's own choice) nature of incarnating into a material body

p. 88

"Without exception, our preexistence regression subjects reported that earth-plane embodiment was by choice; it was never imposed upon souls ... . ...

{"having volunteered to endure the limitations of fleshly existence" "to come as volunteers ... to walk the Earth" (PWE)}

p. 89

"While all our subjects concluded that their embarkation to a lifetime on earth was autonomous, they recognized the importance of accompanying spirit guides throughout their lifetimes. Spirit guides, however, were never "assigned"; instead they voluntarily accompanied individuals who embarked on a lifetime".

PWE = Tuella : Project World Evacuation.

p. 89 soul's entry into material body of embryo

"While almost all our subjects believed they voluntarily entered the human body at some point during prenatal development, ... a very small number believed the point of embodiment ... could occur at various points during prenatal development."

{According to Bauddha doctrine, the 5 skandha's independently enter the embryo at its various stages, such as (BS:AA:S4) "the rudimentary flake or bubble-like condition of the embryo." Furthermore (BPh, p. 61), the skandha-s of the embryo are continually interchanging with others.}

BS:AA:S = Brahma Sutras by Swami Sivananda, Chapter Two: Avirodha Adhyaya, Section 2 : Samudayadhikaranam: Topic 4 (Sutras 18-27).

BPh = Mark Siderits : Buddhism as Philosophy. Ashgate Publ, Aldershot (Hants), 2007.

p. 90 durability of soul & its purpose

"our regression subjects ... concluded unanimously following regression that their existence was without beginning or end. [cf. p. 66 supra] {This is in agreement with the religions of India, but in disagreement against Christianity.} ...

Without exception, our subjects concluded that their lifetimes on earth ... included oportunities to ... contributing to the greater good."

"Here's ... our findings regarding preexistence based on the reports of scores of subjects of varying background and personal characteristics ... :

1. Our existence as souls has neither seminal orgin nor final destiny. The life span of every soul is endless."

pp. 91-2 results of visiting Antarabhava / Bardo

p. 91

"they viewed only briefly ... between lifetime[s] existence as spectators before stepping through the door to become active participants, always ... in the company of ministering guides. ...

p. 92

As in their preexistence, our between-lifetimes subjects experienced a collective oneness with all souls while retaining their personal cosmic identity. Also, upon their return to the spirit world, they experienced unconditional love for all souls as in their preexistence. They remained convinced that unconditional love is the supreme force that sustains both physical and spiritual realities. ... Many of them felt that through the regression experience, they had been reunited with important spirit guides from out of their past who would, by invitation, remain with them."

p. 94 integration of one's experiences

"our regression studies consistently showed that each afterlife interval integrates the experience of our most recent past lifetime into a ... pattern ... . Following each lifetime, the ... process includes the integration of experiences that may have come ... for that lifetime."

{Similar integration of the experiences of recent days (and years) is a major feature of dreaming.}

p. 95 non-continuance of "evil"

"Evil is by nature self-destructive. Whenever it exists, it consumes itself. No evil accompanies our birth and no evil survives our death. We brought no evil with us when we were born into the world, and we will take no evil with us when we leave it."

pp. 97-9 enhancement of ESP powers through past-lives regression, and through "Doors" strategy

p. 97

"a standard feature of our research was to study our subjects ... and assess their psychic abilities using standard ESP cards (TR 71). ... With repeated past-life regression, the performance of our subjects on controlled ESP tests for telepathy, clairvoyance, and precognition markedly increased. ... Regression to preexistence resulted in a dramatic increase in psychic performance in the laboratory. Given insight into their preexistence, several of our subjects demonstrated remarkable mediumistic and channeling powers

which they attributed to the attuning and balancing effects of their regression experiences."

{These powers could also be attributed to assistance from spirit-guides/helpers whom they acquired during the past-life regressions.}

p. 98

"we developed a strategy known as Doors specifically designed to stimulate extrasensory perception (TR 72). ... Here's the procedure ... . ... .

... invoke the protective presence of a spirit guide to accompany you throughout the experience. Once you have reached a ... trance state, envision yourself entering a long, bright corridor with doors on each side. The doors can be of any shape, color, or material. ... Notice a word inscribed on each door, with the exception of one door which remains blank. ...

p. 99

The single non-inscribed door is used to gain information regarding any ... relevant topic. You may notice some doors with ... inscriptions such as the name of a certain person ... . You will notice the doors vary in brightness, with some doors so bright that they command your attention, an indication that they hold special relevance ... . ... . ... open the door. You can choose to view the unfolding scene or events from the doorway, or you can actually step inside the door to become an active participant ... . During your visit to the corridor, you may choose to open a second door."

TR 71 = "ESP and Past-life Regression". 1998.

TR 72 = "Doors : Strategies for Developing ESP". 2001.


Joe H. Slate : Beyond Reincarnation : experience your past lives & lives between lives. Llewellyn Publ, Woodbury (MN), 2005.