Beyond Redincarnation, 5-6



The Spirit-Realm : a Praesent Reality

103 to 154

pp. 126-7 healing orb of energy

p. 126

"Orbs and points of light are among the most commonly observed phenomena. ... They often appear as recurring manifestations in ... settings believed to be haunted, or they can emerge spontaneously during ... Interfacing and table tipping."

p. 127

"A green irridescent orb was seen for many years in Brown Hall on the campus of Athens State University. Typically observed in a window over the building's front balcony, the orb was believed to be associated with the building's history as an infirmary in the early 1900s. The orb's iridescent green suggested probable healing properties."

pp. 128-31 table-tipping

p. 128

"Table tipping, sometimes called tabling, ... was ... observed in nineteenth century se'ances in which the table titled or levitated and then tapped on the ground certain coded messages from the spirit world. ...

The session is usually initiated with a strategy called "opening the table" in which the participants join hands as a symbol of oneness and then formulate their objectives."

{This strategy of joining hands in a ring is likewise used by fairies to commence their meeting (as hath often been witnessed by mortal intruders).}

p. 129

"A mild pulsation or vibration in the table typically signals a spirit presence. ... Once the table tilts and remains in the tilted position, the group verbally acknowledges the responding presence and establishes a communication code, typically

one tap of the table on the ground for a "yes" response,

two taps for a "no" response, and

three taps for either "indecisive or cannot answer" response to the group's questions.

Questions can then be addressed to the spirit presence, either from participants at the table, or when present and with permission from the group, an audience observer.

Throughout the interaction, the table returns to the tilted position after each response to await other questions. ... To end the session, participants express their gratitude for the interaction and then discuss with the full group the results of the session."

p. 130

"Aside from the standard "yes," "no," and "indecisive or cannot answer" responses, table kinesics includes such response patterns as hesitation ... .

A powerful tapping indicates intensity or authority whereas a gentle tapping signals caring and understanding. Strong vibrations in the table which often occur before tilting suggest the presence of a very strong entity with an urgent need to communicate; whereas less intense vibrations or soft pulsations are associated with a reserved presence ... . ...

In rare instances, the table has been known to either totally levitate with all legs clearing the ground, or to tilt on one leg and then spin around in a circle, patterns that suggest ... the collective expression of several entities. Occasionally during table tipping, a discarnate presence will materialize {visionarily manifest itself} to be collectively perceived by the total group."

p. 131

"Table tipping has been conducted at ... major colleges and universities ... and even the White House. ... Other favorite places are the islands of the Caribbean, particularly Grand Cayman."

pp. 132-43 instance of a particular table-tipping session

p. 132

At "a session with college students conducted under a full moon ... at Athens State University ... (TR 49) ..., the table totally levitated with all legs clearing the ground. ... For the Founders Green session, ... students enrolled in my course in experimental parapsychology gathered ... with a full harvest moon rising on the horizon.

Here's a ... transcript of the ... session. ...

p. 133

"Have you had a lifetime on earth?" "Yes."

Many lifetimes? "Yes." ...

"Is a lifetime ever forced upon anyone?" "No." ...

{N.B. It may well be that the phrase "lifetime on earth" may have been taken by the respondant spirit to include "occupation (as possessing-spirit) of a living mortal".}

p. 134

"Are souls sometimes counseled and guided by other souls in preparation for a new lifetime on earth?" "Yes." ...

p. 135

"Do you have special counselors or advisors who help souls decide whether to embark on a lifetime on earth?" "Yes." ...

p. 136

"Is it possible for embodiment to occur at conception?" "Yes, but without consensus of the council (one tap followed by a hesitation and then three taps)."

{Perhaps some of the more exotic members of the council (those involved with arranging incarnations of others to occur in worlds of planes-of-existence very different from ours) were withholding their agreement to this statement from the consensus of the council.}

p. 137

"Are there souls on your side who have never been embodied on earth?" "Yes."

{These "souls" may be true immortal deities.}

"Are they less evolved than souls who have been embodied?" "No." ...

{Of course, true immortal deities are not inferior to mortals.}

p. 138

"all souls are ageless." "Yes." ...

"Is sexual orientation a function of choice?" "No, but without consensus of the council." ...

{Because homosexual orientation is caused by long-term spirit-possession (or rather by spirit-obsession), it is not (in our world) a matter of choice by the mortal being possessed/obsessed. Perhaps those members of the council who were withholding their agreement to this statement from the consensus of the council, were ones who arrange spirit-obsessions in exotic worlds wherein all spirit-obsessions occur only by consent of the mortals being obsessed.}

p. 139

Can we reach a state of oneness with the universe and still view important issues differently?" "Yes (emphatically)." ...

{That is because the "we" may include entities who deal with diverse planes-of-existence wherein the natures of spiritual processes may differ drastically.}

p. 140

"at the transition, am I always restored to the highest peak of past development in a given lifetime ...?" "Yes (followed by a long hesitation)." ...

p. 141

"are all souls divine?" "Yes."

"As souls, can be be divine and defective at the same time?" "No." ...

"Is the existence of souls from everlasting to everlasting?" "Yes (emphatically)."

"That is to say I have no beginning and no ending as a soul?" "Yes (emphatically)."

"Is the council in full agreement on this?" "Yes (emphatically)." ...

p. 142

"Does everyone have a spirit guide?" "Yes." ...

"Do souls sometimes enter a physical body as so-called "walk-ins" to replace another soul?" "No, but without consensus of council." ...

{The lack of consensus of council is due to some council-membres' functioning in planes-of-existence where "walk-ins" are commonplace.}

p. 143

"Do the principles of science, including quantum physics, explain other dimensions of reality and how they function?" "No (without hesitation)."

{The respondent spirit may have intended to suggest that not only are the principles of "science" inaccurate for other planes-of-existence, but they are incomplete (and thus not fully explanatory) for the material plane likewise.}

TR 49 = "Table Tipping on Founders Green". 1991.

pp. 145-8 another instance of a particular table-tipping session

p. 145

"I participated in another remarkable table tipping session during a private jet flight over the Caribbean (TR 74). Others present at the table for the session were the Director of the Parapsychology Research Foundation ... . ...

Here's a transcript of the session ... : ...

Do you yourself have a history of life on earth in embodied form?" "No (indicated by two taps)." ...

{N.B. By this assertion of a lack of "a history of life on earth in embodied form", the respondent spirit may well have intended to mean "no history of activity as a possessing-spirit in occupation of a mortal".}

p. 146

""earthbound" applies to incarnates rather than discarnates?"

p. 147

"Yes." ...

"could you take on the spirit form of a human body should you decide to ... become visible to us?"

"Could you take on other spirit forms as well?" "Yes."

"Such as orbs and other forms of light?" "Yes." ...

p. 148

"When souls reach a very high state evolution, are they more alike?" "No (emphatically)."

"More different?" "Yes (emphatically)."

{The quaestioner is begging the quaestion by alleging "evolution" of "souls" : a "very high state" is already praesent in aeternal universal deities, which the spirit-respondent is likely to be (with no "evolution" implied). Of course, aeternal universal deities are already mutually very distinct and different from one another in functions, and it is to this that the spirit-respondent's reponse may refer. [Ordinary mortals would naturally become more alike (mutually compatible and concordant) when arriving at any"very high state" (of understanding); whereas aeternal universal deities would not become more alike.]}

TR 74 = "Table Tipping over the Caribbean". 2002.



Astral Projection and the Afterlife

155 to 175

pp. 157-8 astral projection

p. 157

"Our case studies found that spontaneous OBEs during sleep [while the experiencer would appear to be asleep] often involve interactions with the other side [world of the dead], to include visits with departed [dead] relatives or friends (TR 64)." [TR 64 = "OBEs : Case Studies". 1995.]

{None of this is true, howbeit, of any of the classic cases of frequently astral projecting persons who have published their own autobiographies. Some such frequently astral projecting persons (such as Vieira) have, though, attended as assistants to the work of deities who help instructing persons who have recently died; without any dead relatives nor dead friends (nor any other dead persons personally known to the astral projecter) ever being involved. Dead alleged relatives and dead alleged friends (who are in every case likely to be deities disguised as them) are, however, frequently encountred in ordinary dreams. (The instance described by the author (pn pp. 157-8) is likely to have been a praemonitory dream, rather than a true astral projection.)}

p. 158

"sleep not only promotes spontaneous out-of-body travel to distant temporal destinations, it can connect us to the departed [dead] who become our travel companions."

{In cases of true astral projections, one may carry with one's self on an astral-body trip the astral body of a pet. One may also meet what are believed to be other mortal astral projecters likewise traveling during one's astral-projection trip. But one cannot find the soul of any dead person known to the astral projecter, nor indeed the soul of any dead person at all unless led thereto by a deity.}

{It is very much evident that the author (J.H.S.) is quite unaware of what is true astral projection is conventionally defined as (in order to distinguish it from a dream). It is a circumstance wherein departure out of one's material body is experienced very vividly (with vibrations of the material body felt, and an elaborate manoeuvre being executed to achieve the separation; with immediately thereafter a looking backward to see one's material body separately); but none of the cases described by him in this chapter involve these factors.}

pp. 159-61 Hypnagogic Arrest Strategy

p. 159

"the Hypnagogic Arrest Strategy ... was developed in our laboratories to induce travel during sleep to designated locations, including the discarnate realm (TR 47). [TR 47 = "Hynagogic Arrest Strategy". 1987.] The procedure is designed to arrest the early hypnagogic stage of sleep -- that in-between, hypnotic-like state during which the mind is particularly receptive to suggestion."

{The hypnopompic state (state of mind after just exiting sleep) is described in the autobiographies of some astral projecters as conducive to astral projection; but even in these cases the astral projection is always a matter of bodily vibration's shaking the astral body free from the material body. What the author is describing is not true astral projection, but peculiar dreaming.}

p. 160

Step 1. Praeliminaries : "Invite your personal [spirit-]guides to accompany you throughout your astral travel."

Step 2. Body-Scan : "While lying ..., begin the scan at your forehead, and slowly progress downward, letting relaxation soak deep into ... your body, from your head right down through the tips of your toes."

Step 3. Fingers-Spread : "Upon becoming drowsy, spread the fingers of either hand, and hold them in the spread position. You will feel the tension building in your hand and spreading into your arm."

Step 4. Tension-Release : "Very slowly relax your fingers as you sense the tension lifting."

p. 161

Step 5. "With your body now loose and limp ..., you will sense the gentle release of your astral body."

Step 6. "you are now free to travel wherever you decide through sheer intent alone."

{No autobiography by any frequent astrally projecting person maketh use of any such facile procedure. This procedure described by the author would not be able to function to achieve true projection of the astral body. It may, however, be helpful in obtaining dreams of traveling; which may be of interest in their own right, and may seem slightly to resemble the effects of astral projection.}

p. 164 results of the author's technique

"the subjects (including myself) who used the Hypnagogic Arrest Strategy ... stood in awe of ... planes of color and forms of beauty."

{This sort of dreaming would be a worthy achievement; and ought to be more fully described. It may be a mode of visiting outer borders of divine worlds during dreaming.}

pp. 164-8 Eye-Blink Procedure

p. 164

"The ... Eye Blink Procedure utilizes eye blinks ... (TR 90). [TR 90 = "The Eye Blink Procedure". 2003.] The procedure, which is based on the research of Gene Chamberlain of the Parapsychology Research Foundation ..., incorporates remote viewing ... . ...

Here's the procedure.

p. 165

Step 1."Select the specific path you will follow while walking, preferably a circular route".

Step 2. "Walk slowly through the path you selected".

Step 3. "stop and pick a well-defined object ... . Gaze at the object for a few seconds and then snap your eyes shut. ... You will note that when you first start this process, the [after]image may turn negative. This will change with practice."

Step 4. As you continue to practice Step 3, you will notice that the afterimage of the selected object stays with you longer. As the duration of the image increases, you will note that a mental impression of the image remains for a few moments even after the image itself fades."

p. 166

Step 5. "As you continue to walk, repetitively snap your eyes shut for about a second then open them for about a second .... ... After several times around ..., you will notice that when your eyes are shut, the items continue to move ... . You ... have mastered this when the objects envisioned are adjacent to you when you open your eyes."

Step 6. "make the entire trip mentally with your eyes closed. While mentally walking thorugh your selected space, ... Observe ... from different viewpoints".

Step 7. "select a familiar distant place and view it remotely. Pay attention to the specific details".

p. 167

Step 8. "As you continue this mental exercise, you will begin to sense yourself ... maneuvering among pieces of furniture".

Step 9. "You can engage the spirit realm, ... by intent alone."

p. 168

Step 10. "When you notice such sensations as breathing, heart rate, and weight, you will know you are back".

{I have not noticed any afterimage in many years (decades?), though I saw them frequently when I was young. Instead I often see (what I never saw while young) synaisthetic visual imagery based on (caused by) physical sounds.} {The author's description of contemplating one's walkabout (without, however, the blinking) is a practice performed in Bodish monasteries. It is intended to promote visualization.}

pp. 169-70 view of the afterlife realm via the Eye-Blink Procedure

p. 169

"Upon entering the realm, all subjects reported that they stood in amazement at its unparalleled beauty. They were flooded with soft light as they viewed the afterlife stretching endlessly before them. ... They experienced a "connected oneness to it," ... and a strong sense of belonging. Like our regression subjects, our astral travelers experienced a variety of other beautiful energy forms ... . Genuine, unconditional love prevailed throughout ... . They saw beautiful planes of color ... .

p. 170

One of our subjects interacted with an emerald green plane of shimmering energy which she believed to be healing in nature.

Another subject visited a radiant blue plane with frequencies she described as peaceful and serene."

pp. 171-5 astral excursion

p. 171

Step 1. "to travel among distant cosmic planes and draw energy from them, envision the various planes and yourself engaging and interacting with them."

p. 172

Step 2. "With your eyes closed for the remainder of the procedure, relax your body by first slowing your breathing and then mentally scanning your body from your head downward, letting all tension go as your body becomes ... limp."

Step 3. "affirm your intent to travel out-of-body and to interact with the spirit world ... . Affirm the presence of your personal spirit guide as your partner and protector".

Step 4. "in your mind, sense your astral double as a bright light form [which is] rising gently upward from your body".

{The author is suggesting merely to envisage (imagine) this, and not actually to experience it. }

Step 5. "envision the spirit dimension".

p. 173

Step 6. "Remind yourself that love is the essential element of ... spiritual evolution."

Step. 7. "Joyful reunions with departed friends, relatives ... often occur".

{Such reunions never occur during true astral projections.}

Step 8. "you can now interact with the spirit realm's multiple planes of color ... , and engage them at will through sheer intent alone."

p. 174

Step 9. "Such physical sensations as tingling, warmth or coolness, weight, and breathing will signal full astral/biological engagement."

Step 10. "Reflect on the experience ... . ... Our studies found that out-of-body interactions with green cosmic planes seemed to actually slow aging and in some instances reverse its visible effects. Our subjects who bathed in astral pools of shimmering green energy were convinced they had been infused with age-defying energy. ...

pp. 174-5

For our subjects who interacted with yellow energy planes, performance on tests of memory and problem solving dramatically improved."


[Prof. Em.] Joe H. Slate : Beyond Reincarnation : experience your past lives & lives between lives. Llewellyn Publ, Woodbury (MN), 2005.