Bringing Your Soul to Light, 5-10




67 to 81

p. 68 soul-family praedilections

"Each soul has its own flavor, style, interests, and such ... . One soul family may focus on music, while another loves books".

p. 73 account of afterlife, by a woman

"I see little lights going somewhere, just like me. ... I am back! It is such a relief from having been in a small, tight space in body. I felt caught -- stuck -- and could not get loose. Now I am in a garden. There is a big man there who is happy to see me. He is so bright -- purple in color and also white and glowing on the edges. He is my guide ... . I go on my own. I know the way."

pp. 76, 79-80 accounts of groups of souls, by two women

p. 76

"My spirit guide, "Koon-nah," {Kun tribe in C^ad, or else Kunya tribe in Gold Coast, or (most possibly) Kuna tribe in Panama`?} wants to take me now to see other souls. ... I see other groups of people near my group. (These would be adjacent soul families.)"

p. 79

"I am moving through the clouds. ... I am back in my cohort (soul family) ... . ... Now I need to go to be debriefed. The three go with me. I arrive where my past life will be processed. ...

p. 80

These three who are assisting me to evaluate are Anita {/Anti-/ tribes in Madagascar?, or (more likely) Aneityum island in the New Hebrides}, my guardian angel, my mentor, and there is a fourth one who is ... a witness. ... They are going to take me to a warm place with a waterfall that will wash away the previous life. ... I am there now at the waterfall. There is an energy mist. ... It smells good, like alyssum".



Life Script

83 to 99

p. 83 life-script

"the soul ... agrees to read the script and prepares to step into a new role ... . As a soul, we take on a physical vehicle in order to begin a new life, and we arrive on the world scene as the particular character we have agreed to play."

pp. 85-6, 92 account of the afterlife, by a woman

p. 85

"I am somersaulting in space. It is light, and I can see all the planets. I fall into a cloud of light, and it envelops me. ... Tall, skinny people arrive. ... They are like the "hand of God." ... They say that not all souls wish to come to earth, for there is trauma here. ...

p. 86

"You have done this work before. You serve as a 'doctor to the universe.' You are to help the universe remain functional ... . ... We will be sending new people to you to assist with your work. ... We will now show you the soul group to which you belong. There are fifty who are the helpers, such as angels ... .""

p. 92 encountring souls of babies waiting to become incarnated

"I am now leaving the scene where I died as an old woman. There are babies floating by. These are babies that want to come to earth. ... I am a nurse who assists these babies who are either in the process of deciding or have decided that they will go to earth."

{These are souls which praesumably had died as babies.}

p. 94 realization and encountre with master in the afterlife, by a man

"I am a guide incarnated on earth. I have served many times in this way, but I do not remember any of this. ... There is a master that I now see

at the top of a pure crystal mountain.

{The "Pure Crystal Mountain" is the "mountain abode" of a Bon deity (CPCM, p. 22).}

He is robed in luminous light. The master allows me to see what is neverending, the eternal energy of the Source."

CPCM = Toni Huber : The Cult of Pure Crystal Mountain. Oxford U Pr, 1999.

p. 96 living a split life

"Our soul energy can be subdivided. or split, such that we can be incarnate simultaneously in two different bodies."



Free Will

101 to 113

p. 102 ways of accepting one's fate

"to believe that there was some some profound lesson I was meant to distill from this predestined mishap, like realizing for sure that my physical presentation is not the core of who I am; or

to believe that there are no coincidences ..., knowing that every incident originates in the highest level of spirit and the divine reality of truth and purpose ... for tomorrow."

pp. 103-4 account of being healed in the afterlife, by a woman

p. 103

"I die. I am above my body now. ... Suddenly, there is light. It is like the Milky Way. ...

p. 104

I see the "eyes." They are always with me ... . My guide is here now. ... I am in a room of white, surrounded by those who have come to heal and help me. ... They place a liquid gold gel in my throat. ... They are transmitting messages into me to transform my energy. They place healing energy in my heart. My guides and teachers say, "Physician, heal thyself.""

p. 109 selection of a future life

"the team of guides and teachers who love and support each client meet up in the Akashic library, where their records of past lives reside. After some deliberation, the team plucks the book of choice off the shelf and opens it for viewing by the client. ...

Some of our choices we make preincarnationally. The data repeatedly states {read "state"} that

before stepping into a new incarnation, we design our next embodiment experience with our team of experienced guides and teachers."

{This is the doctrine of the Platonics, of the Yoruba, et al.}

pp. 109-10 seeing a cinema-movie in the afterlife, by a woman

p. 109

"My guide, "Shah-Meesh," {/S^amis^/ being a Nas.uray (Manda<) form (MI&I, p. xvi) of the name of the Akkadian sun-god S^amas^} has taken me down a hall into a room where a jerky, old-time movie reel is being shown. First, I see lots of swirly colors on the screen. My mind seems to be blank, almost as if the details of my next life have not yet been determined.

p. 110

Then I see the choice I did not take for entering my present life."

MI&I = E. S. Drower : The Mandaeans of Iraq and Iran. 1937. &

pp. 110-1 account of corridors in the afterlife, by a woman

p. 110

"I have drowned. ... It is almost like a fog with lights of many colors. I am floating down a corridor ... . ... I come to an intersection and go down another corridor. I am coming to a group of people. ... They are all around me in a circle. ... Two come out of the circle. They take my hands. They welcome me back. ... My guide ... is here now. He is always here when I need him.

p. 111

Now I am going down another corridor. I come to a building that is white and ... Greek in style. I go past other souls who are blue. I go up some steps into a building where there is a library. ... I go the other way. There are souls milling around. They are guides in training. They are yellow. The blue ones are teachers already; they are guides. There is now a set of doors. I ask and receive permission to enter. ... There is a long table .. . There are three people in robes with hoods. I am asked to sit in a chair in front of them."

p. 112 account of the afterlife, by a man

"I die. I am like a globe of light moving higher. ... Here is my guide, "Al-Woon." {Old High German /Al[b]wun/ 'elf-friend'} . ... The light is growing more intense. ... I am being taken by the shoulders to view my own soul {double?}. I am told, "Remember the flow of the river; become like the river." I am born of heaven and flowing to earth."




115 to 128

pp. 118, 121 afterlives of two women

p. 118

As she "journeys from the ending of her past life into the spiritual realm, her guide, "Teek-moh," {general Tikmo in the Universe Legend by L. T. R. Orneil?} ... illumines the need for her ... to allow the "graceful unfolding" of her true soul nature ... : Do not put a lid on a boiling pot." {boiling cauldron of goddess Cerridwen?}

p. 121

"Now I am gathering my self that has been dispersed while I was in body. I am reconstituting. I can feel my energy body. I am floating past a type of "doorkeeper." {guarding a city-gate?} ... Now I am entering a city ... . ... There are many buildings where people study. ... Now we are coming to a temple that looks like grey marble. ... I am going into a room where I find my council. ... The council members laugh and joke with me".

p. 122 gathering the sparks

"The teaching of mystical [Qabbalah] tell us that the universe was created perfect and subsequently ... its sparks of perfection scattered ... and hidden by husks that comprise today's reality. The duty of humankind is to gather the sparks back together, returning our soul energy to its pure form, one that is capable of residing in body and spirit simultaneously."

p. 126 account of the afterlife, by a woman

"I see myself lying on a street. ... There has been an accident. I ... have died. ... There is a long tunnel, and I feel happy. Two souls join me now. They are wispy ..., and twirling around me. They serve as my escorts. There is a crowd of souls to greet me. ... My guide ... is loving and caring. He holds his hands out to me. He is bluish-purple in color. [That guide] shows me a building with columns and many rooms and halls. ... I see many rooms with souls who are talking or studying or joking. ... He takes me to a meadow with flowers where there is a lovely cottage. I am very tired, and rest. I am now going back to the white building with columns. I go into a bare room with a U-shaped table. There are eight souls sitting there in white garments. They are my council of elders. ... I am welcomed back. I am told that I belong to a group whose task is to send healing energy to the earth ... . ... I am also to help people have a good death. ... The council reviews my past life. ... They are pleased with my work. I chose a life this time, my current life".




129 to 142

p. 129 afterlife-choices for the future life

"Based on data gathered from approximately 8,500 cases of between-lives soul regression, there is strong evidence that we choose the specifics of our minds and bodies before birth, as well as our life circumstances. ... . ... each soul is afforded the opportunity to visit a limited "supermarket" where, say, ... exceptionally intelligent bodies and minds, to name just a few, are there for the taking. A support team of spirit guides and teachers make themselves available to offer explanations and counsel regarding what can be difficult decision making."

pp. 130-1 account of the afterlife, by a woman

p. 130

"I am taken by my guide to the area of books where I can learn how I chose my mother and father. The books are energy. ...

p. 131

Then I meet with my wise elders. They are pleased with me."

pp. 131-2 entry of soul into foetus

p. 131

"The data shows {read "show"} that, most commonly, the soul has made first contact with the new body betweeen the third and sixth month of pregnancy. Very seldom do I hear of it happening before the third month.

In addition, the occurrence of first contact does not always mean that the soul remains with the body from that time forward. For many, there seems to be a time of moving in and out before the final attachment to the fetus.

p. 132

Imagine your soul trying on a new body ... to figure out if the fit is good or not."

p. 132 accounts of entry into a foetus when it was already some months old

"I don't like feeling my mother's difficult emotions while in the womb. Where I come from {the divine world}, there is is unconditional acceptance. I joined this body at five months."

"I am in the womb. ... I know my mom's emotions. ... My soul melding with the body has been fine. ... I first joined the body of the fetus at seven and one-half months and moved in and out for about one month."

"The body is a good match for my soul's consciousness. ... I joined the fetus at six months and have remained since then."

"I joined the fetus in the fourth month. ... I don't feel alone in the womb. My purpose for coming into body is to find a way back home {to the divine world} and to take others with me. We are part of everything, like being wrapped up in a ball."

p. 133 the soul's enhancing of the planetary energy-grid

"Some of my clients speak of an energy grid tied to the spiritual realm. ... Apparently some of us ... are capable of assisting with the ongoing alteration of energy that is described by many at this time."

p. 134 advice from a male spirit-guide to a woman

"Upon questioning her spirit guide, [the female client] reports her life purpose to be serving as a "light force." ... her guide, kindly refuses to explain what the term means exactly ... . Instead, he recommends that she learn to meditate (... by guiding herself ... with candles and aromatherapy), and that she may not allow doubt to get in her way of focusing on her path. If she follows the aforementioned steps, [she] will come to understand her soul's path related to light force and various other aspects of her soul's intentions is this life and beyond."

p. 136 account of rainbow-light in afterlife, by a man

"In the body, I was constricted. Now I am beginning to feel a white, expansive space. ... Now it's bright and expansive. ... I feel joyous, and I am reveling in it. ... I am returning to a rainbow -- there's a spectrum. I can't get back to my band of color. ... I know where I belong. ... I am seeking my place in the rainbow. I'm moving toward a purple band. ... I'm just regrouping. ... The purple band is home. ... In the purple band, you are positive and experienced. ... It is about kindness and compassion there."

p. 136 "soul energy emanates a perceptible color that is in line with the point of soul evolution. ... During the session, the client can be asked to observe and report the color of their soul energy."

pp. 139-41 afterlives of two particular women

p. 139

Her "guide appears immediately upon her bodily release. He leads her to a circle of her closest soul friends. ... Her guide then leads her into a darkened library and encourages her to open a door where she steps out into the moonlight. ... Her guide then escorts [her] to her council of wise beings. ... The overall purpose of [her] current incarnation is to research her unanswered questions. ...

p. 140

Her soul color is described as purple ... . ... She learns that she is a council membe herself and feels she needs to be given permission to honor her divine nature".

p. 141

"A client ... steps out of body at the culmination of a past life and describes the experience of being incarnate as similar to "being in sludge." ... [Her] guide, "Sheeraah," {S^ira tribe in Gabon} takes her to a classroom where the lesson is being taught is how to ... on earth ... not take things so seriously."




143 to 156

p. 145 broader perspective of higher self

"Past-life soul regression and between-lives soul regression are designed to offer the client a broader perspective. As we examine ... our soul's journey over time, ... we come to recognize our higher self. ... Both transformation and transmutation occur under regression hypnotherapy, and they are experienced consciously ... on a deeper level and higher plane. The process thus affects ... the soul level, and ... regression hypnotherapy can assist ... the soul ... in many inexplicable ways."

p. 147 expanded perspective for higher purpose

"I ... witness ... the time between lives, where profound insight is dispensed from the soul level. This has provided me an expanded perspective ... to believe ... that souls can come together for a common purpose during specific world events."

p. 156 soul-regression-hypnotherapy

"As we pull back the curtain of amnesia and bring and bring into conscious awareness the facets of significant lives, we come to know our nucleus in a manner that was previously hidden to us. Regression hypnotherapists often describe the process of past-life soul regression as identification, dis-identification, and transformation. ... Finally, through the conscious and energetic process of regression hypnotherapy, it is crucial to transmute and transform ... past lives into higher wisdom, propelling us forward ... at the soul level.

Our mantra can be "There are no accidents, and everything serves.""


Linda Backman : Bringing Your Soul to Light : Healing through Past Lives and the Time Between. Llewellyn Publ, Woodbury (MN), 2009.