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Benefits of Regression

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Higher Self

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0. Foreward; Note. pp. xi-xx

p. xii Foreward (by C. Norman Shealy)

"We not only reincarnate, but we often carry with us many traits, beliefs, and values. My story ... can be read in Dr. Walter Semkiw's Return of the Revolutionaries (Hampton Roads Publishing Company, 2003)."

pp. xvii-xviii access to past lives; the soul

p. xvii

"this book simply explains what happens when we gain access to past lives and to the between-life continuum through the practice known as regression hypnotherapy."

p. xviii

"the soul is pure energy, an essence of light and color that emanates from the divine and innervates matter. ... When we die, our soul is released from the confines of being human. It reunites for a time with our higher self, the eternal and essential part of our being ..., before resuming its physical journey ... by incarnating again."




1 to 14

pp. 2-3 spiritual component; spiritual realm; content of regression

p. 2

"Regression hypnotherapy is often labeled transpersonal hypnotherapy because there is a metaphysical or spiritual component".

p. 3

"to progress beyond physical dying into the spiritual realm, a spirit guide will appear".

"It is the client's team of guides and teachers in the unseen world who determine the content of the regression. ... What is most necessary for clients to be made aware of is benevolently determined by the higher wisdom of their spirit team."

pp. 4-5 stages of regression-hypnotherapy

p. 4

"The first stage includes guiding the client back in time in their present life, moving all the way to the time of being in their mother's womb, and ultimately to the accessing of soul memory. ... There are many different means to accessing a past life. Most often, I use the image of a hallway that is called the Hall of Wisdom or the Hall of Records. There are many doors on both sides of the hall. Each life story is behind a particular door. The client moves through the past life they have accessed, retrieving knowledge concerning ... events, including where, how, and with whom their dying happened. ...

For many, there is a sense of expansion and even exhileration as the soul escapes the confinement of the flesh. Whatever the nature of the relived death, once the soul has expanded outside the body, ... We simply leave our physical container behind, increasing our energetic vibration as we release the past-life body and step into the spiritual realm.

p. 5

... reliving the past death ... Some choose to simply watch the dying process ... . ... Finally, some clients ... will simply tell ... something like, "I have died, and my soul is leaving the body in the past life.""

"When we die, our soul is released from the confines of being human. This soul energy must increase in vibration in order to exit the body and reunite with its ... counterpart in spirit. Through ... soul regression sessions, individuals have encountered -- and described in vivid detail -- what a profound experience it is to experience their essential being as a soul unencumbered by the trappings of the flesh."

p. 9 between-lives events may be accessed or may remain [temporarily] inaccessible

"Between lives in the spiritual realm, the client is first met and greeted, usually by their spirit guide or by closely associated souls. ... Occasionally,when a client is unable to move into the time between lives, it is ... due to ... that their guide has chosen to block them from experiencing the interlife period. In such cases, the guide will generally state what work the cient must accomplish in life before being allowed to access the soul state."

p. 10 account of passing over with lights, by a man

"I am in bed. My hair is white. ... A thickness holds my soul in my body. I need to go up and through. ... I ask for spirit to come. There is a lot of light. There are hands {of death-deities} on my arms gently pulling me. I sense heart-like crystals in my body break loose. I am becoming more diffuse. I'm drifting, and it is getting brighter. ... A blue light envelops me. Now there is a greeter with me. This is the one who oversees the guides. I am welcomed back. ... After a time, there is a cluster of lights. ... There are fifteen lights. This is my group. They are in front of me. We square dance, moving in and out. We reintegrate by weaving together and rubbing our edges. ... I am enclosed by the group and held."

p. 11 account of passing over with light and music, by a woman

"Now I feel pulsations and twinkling. The light becomes strong and steady. There is one bright blue light in the center. I hear, "I am." This is my guide. ... We're going somewhere. ... Now I am with my council of wise elders. They say, "You are ready for the Ascension. ... Carry the light. ..." ... I will be guided to where I am needed to hold the light. Now I hear beautiful, vibrating tonal music. I am to know that music can be healing."



Benefits of Regression

15 to 32

p. 19 true home

"clients who have long since accepted soul continuity may find life on earth to be frequently unbearable in its apparent senselessness ... . A visit to bask in their "true home" can allow such clients to carry on".

pp. 20-1 account of a spirit-guide's erasing of sorrowing, by a woman

p. 20

"Client : "I am an American Indian female looking out over the cliffs. ..."

The client's spirit guide appears and says, "... You have carried the sadness of your people." ...

Client : "My people died ... in the cold Wyoming snow. ..."

p. 21

The guide takes off the breastplate. The plate turns silver and rises into the sky as a bright star.

Client : "My guide is healing me. ... He erases each of the names on my chest.""

p. 21 to meet spirit-guide

"Many clients who come for a soul regression want specifically to meet their spirit guide and confirm that they indeed have a "spirit buddy" in the unseen spiritual realm. An encounter of this nature does occur about 80 per cent of the time, since a key general function of the spirit guide is to help the newly deceased soul to travel within the divine realm and negotiate the transition."

p. 21 to meet one's soul-family

"During their pre-session interview, many clients express a desire to meet members of their soul family during their soul regression. ... Many clients wish to validate an acute sense of ... past-life connections with particular people/souls."

p. 22 account of journey of dying, and of being with spirit-guide, by a man

"I am going to a white temple with columns. There is a waterfall there, and it is cool. ... The temple gives us an enclosed space in which to communicate. ... There are twelve in my group. ... We help each other."

p. 28 near-death experiences

"a new client ... began describing how ... she was twice pronounced clinically dead. ... During one of the episodes ..., ... she observed from a vantage point above her body lying in the hospital bed."

"Many people who have sustained a near-death experience and made the choice to return to their body do so with their view of life forever altered. Most of them adopt a more spiritual view of existence and believe wholeheartedly that we are souls having a human existence one life to the next."

p. 29 music, chant

"Often the dying ... report report hearing angelic music or an ethereal chant like something from a fairy land not far off."

p. 31 Sioux account of dying, by a woman

"The Eagle Medicine bears me to the heavens to see the bigger picture. ... I have completed my life ... . I can feel my ancestors in the Milky Way."

pp. 31-2 metempsychosis

p. 31

"As we step forward through each life and from one life to the next, we fulfil the soul's intention ... to assist in the refinement of other souls with whom we share lives.

p. 32

Each incarnation is designed in a team approach between the soul and its complement of guides and teachers who serve in an intimate, supportive, ongoing relationship. The specific nature of each embodiment is crafted in minute detail."



Higher Self

33 to 46

p. 33 soul from the divine realm

"The purity of our soul stems from the divine, ... unknowable, ineffable highest realm and energy of wisdom and love."

pp. 34-5 account of travels into the spiritual realm, by a woman

p. 34

"My soul goes whirling off. It is like a spiral dance as I go up into the light. I am free and expanding. There is a sense of awe as I ... connect with ... the energy field of the Source. ... Angelic beings take away the old residue. ... I need to go connect with my group soul. ... These beings live in a mountain range. ... I am part of this group soul with the mission to bring consciousness and light to open people's awareness. ... Now I am taken to a place where there are desks and ancient books. ... These are not really books to be read :

p. 35

they are realms where we can go. I travel into the book ... . This is a delicate realm where I can be very tiny, even getting into the space between atoms. ... I am told that these beings ... are not destroyed when their habitat is ruined."

pp. 39-40 alleged heartbeat-rate of shamanic drum-beat

p. 39

"Using a repetitive percussive beat

{In reality, the shamanic drumbeat is always at a pace much more swift than even the swiftest heartbeat. If it were ever to be slowed down to the pace of the swiftest human heartbeat, then it would cease to have any effect. [Whoever (evidently the typical wildly-guessing psychologist) conjectured that the paces of these beats are similar, not only is no musicologist, but also definitely never heard any shamanic drumming!]}

p. 40

similar to the rhythm of the human heart, shamans have shifted into an altered state of consciousness to gain awareness and communication with the unseen ... realm."

{Incidentally, this claim that the drumming is influential on the heart, would appear to contradict the authoress's claim (infra on p. 213) that the drumming is influential to brainwaves.}

p. 41 ascension after death, by a man

"past-life experience ... culminates in his dying and ascending into the spiritual realm as pure soul. ... As he moves further and further, higher and higher above the earth, he is struck by the "power of the vastness, the power that creates me ... ." Then he reaches what he calls the "distribution point," the location where souls are seen coming and going, back and forth, either returning from or stepping into incarnation. "There is a force that wills my movement," he adds."

p. 42 coming via moonlight into council, by a woman

"Upon transcending into spirit, she is met by a hug from her very familiar and positive spirit guide ... . Immediately she is taken to her soul group, the cohort of souls with whom she repeatedly incarnates. ... [Her spirit-guide] reminds her to "lighten up" and leads her to a private den where a room opens onto the moonlight. Subsequently, she is guided to meet with her council, or panel of wise beings."

p. 43 transcendent rewards, soul's benefits

"Having the courage to heed that higher consciousness and transcending earthly material values both provide unspoken rewards. And while the individual soul is receiving huge benefits from a regression experience, the earth and the universe simultaneously reap a positive, literal, and energetic evolutionary change."

p. 44 consciousness-grid of the soul

"One between-lives soul regression client discussed the "neural net," or the nervous system of universal consciousness, during her session :

... the neural net ... is the structure of consciousness (or the structure that consciousness creates) which physicality connects itself into ... the framework, or grid, if you will. It reaches through all creation, enlivens it, brings spirit into matter. I believe that it is by connecting with this basic framework, similar to how the soul "sings" to the body at the time of ensoulment, that creation occurs. In learning to connect with consciousness through the neural net,

we begin to be able to "move" matter, manipulate matter".

{The "matter" thus manipulated is, most basically, the material body; but when telepathic tapping into the cosmic grid should become involved, then teleportation (including levitation) would become feasible.}




47 to 65

pp. 47-8 team of soul-greeters

p. 47

"Once physical death has occurred ..., the soul is released from the container of the body. ... When completion has taken place, the client's soul travels onward into the spiritual realm, ... crossing the threshold. ... Clients may be met by a large number of souls, often called a welcoming committee. Frequently, the client determines intuitively that these are "greeters," which are seen as numerous small, bright lights. ... More often than not, the client is met by their spirit guide ... . ...

p. 48

Each of us as a soul has ... a team ... assisting us ... comprised of one or more spirit guides and ... our panel, or council of advisors. They coordinate and manage ... our return ... at each time of transition."

pp. 48-9 accounts by two male clients of their leaving the past life and meeting a spirit-guide

p. 48

"I feel pulsations. There is a twinkling light coming toward me. The light becomes more steady as it moves closer. The light is bright blue at the center, and I hear a voice that says, "I am your spirit guide." ... His name is "Sha-bah-lah." {S^ambala tribe in Niger and in Dahomey?} ... He takes me to meet with the souls with whom I am most connected. This is my soul family."

p. 49

"Dying is very easy. I am entering a hallway. ... I am in a hall that is a half circle, with doors to different rooms. ... Then I go up two marble steps to a room with a high ceiling and pillars. ... There's a fountain with grass, flowers, and foliage."

pp. 49-50 spirit-guides for the dead

p. 49

"Following the ... death scene in the past life, ... clients spontaneously move onward into the spiritual realm and recognize the arrival of their spirit guide. Once the spirit guide makes an appearance, the client, as a soul moving within the spiritual realm, is directed step by step by the spirit guide ... . It is the spirit guide who pilots the journey for the client ... .

All communication in the spiritual realm is telepathic ... . ... The guide's role is to ... answer questions the client may wish to ask. ...

p. 50

Our spirit guide may present itself as energy or in human form. If the guide presents itself as energy, it usually will be defined with shape and color. ... When the guide's soul color is not blue, it will generally be purple, gold, or sparkling white."

pp. 52-3 accounts by two female clients of their leaving the past life and meeting a spirit-guide

p. 52

"(The client dies in the past life.) I am going higher ... Now I feel like I am being pulled. ... I am coming into a globe or dome of sorts with points all around it. ... There is a big building with steps going up. ... (When we incarnate, a portion of our soul energy always remains in the spiritual realm, which can be labeled our higher self or superconsciousness.) My guide arrives and says, "I am right here, where I always am. ... My name is Swallow. (The guide is a dark reddish-blue [in] color.) I am the guide for your soul family."

p. 53

"I am old now, approximately eighty, and I'm frail. ... The window is wide open. My soul simply rises up and out; it is freeing. I look back and see my body below me. I'm moving away from earth. ... I am coming out of a stormy sky and am coming to a bright light. I'm in a room where the light is changing from white to gold and back again. ... My guide is here.

... She has no form exactly, but she seems to be like a grey triangle. ... Now she is going to answer questions and share insights."

p. 54 account by a male client of entring the spiritual realm

"I have died. I move through a tunnel and through clouds. Two energies greet me ... . They have been with me forever. They are angels of different, beautiful colors, and their names are Ashanti {tribe in central Gold Coast} and Bella {Bella tribe in British Columbia, or (possibly) Baule tribe in central Ivory Coast?}. Now there is another energy here. This is Miss M. {Mossi tribe in Upper Volta?} She visits me on earth. She's a purple, iridescent goddess. She takes me to ... where there are gardens and birds."

p. 55 spiritual healing ("to lessen the difficulty from the past life") for soul of the newly-arrived into the realm of souls of the dead

"the next timely step is for the spirit guide to facilitate a healing process, using both discussion and the power of divine forces. Descriptions of the location where the healing takes place vary

from brilliant prisms of light,

to an exquisite bubble containing a purple shower,

to vast expanses of meadow with a light breeze and the sound of birds,

to ancient chant, and more."

pp. 56-7 soul at the council of Wise Elders

p. 56

"wise elders ... can appear in in humanoid or energetic form. When they appear human, the wise elders are most often "viewed" as wearing robes, but there can also be female members in the group. In the majority of between-lives soul regression sessions, the guide accompanies the client to meet the wise elders and usually stands behind and off to the left throughout the encounter. The building where the wise elders are found is generally described as a "temple-like" Greek- or Roman-style building with white pillars, The wise elders' chambers are often described as circular, ornate, and generally include some form of special table where the elders are seated facing the standing client. The ceiling is open ..., and it is often dome-shaped. ...

p. 57

The client may wish to ask questions, and these will be answered at the discretion of the wise elders."

p. 57 account of a meeting with the Wise Elders, by a woman

"I arrive at a rounded sort of building. My spirit guide, Annie {Anyi tribe in east-central Ivory Coast?}, is with me. ... My panel is sitting at a curved table. There are four or five members. There is a woman in the middle who seems to be the chairperson. ... There is a man next to the Chair who ... has grey hair, a blue robe, and a square face. Another one sits back a bit, and she has a green robe and red hair. ... The one with the green robe wears a circular pendant that looks like the sun with rays. ... The Chair wears a pendant that looks like a gibbous moon, a moon that is past half ... full."

{A curved table would be suitable for goddesses; just as a curved sword (falchion) is wielded by goddesses in India.}

p. 58 account of a meeting with the Wise Elders, by a man

"My guide, Shirlee, takes me to ... where I stand in front of a marble table. There are six lights, six souls, at the table. This is my panel of elder beings. The leader in the middle appears white with silvery threads and a pulsating blue hue. ... They ask me, "Why, each time you are here, are you surprised? ..." ... My soul color is violet. ... We need violet souls to empower others."

p. 59 account of a meeting with the Wise Elders with mirror, by a woman

"My guide ... travels with me to meet my panel of wise ones. There are ten members of my panel seated at a large oval table. My guide and I are also seated at one end of the table. At the opposite end is the facilitator of the wise ones, who are all wearing purple robes. Each robe has a different color around the neck {collar}. The facilitator has gold around his neck. ... The woman to his left has blue around her neck. ... My guide holds up a mirror for me, and I see that I am different shades of lavender."


Linda Backman : Bringing Your Soul to Light : Healing through Past Lives and the Time Between. Llewellyn Publ, Woodbury (MN), 2009.