Bringing Your Soul to Light, 11-14 & App. A-B



Human Experience

157 to 171

pp. 157-8 successful search for meaning

"Viktor Frankl, who wrote Man's Search for Meaning ... discovered in himself the ability to hold fast to an ongoing belief that life is important".

p. 158 account of the afterlife, by a woman

"Twinkly lights are greeting me as I leave the body. ... Being in body is like sludge. ... My spirit guide is lavender in color, ... tall and willowy in a white shimmering gown. Her ... name is not important. We go to a white temple with columns. There is a cool waterfall there. All of my soul family is there ... . The temple gives us an enclosed place to communicate in."

pp. 164-5, 170-1 accounts of the afterlife, by two women

p. 164

"It is hard for me to take physical form. ...

p. 165

Going inward is my home. My home is not that far away. Earth is not my home. I came to experience the physical form here. I came for the separation from where I truly belong. I came for the first time five thousand years ago. I have had lives in other places (other galaxies and dimensions). ... You forget more when you come here. If you did not forget, you would not want to stay. ... I am now being massaged by light. If feels freeing."

p. 170

"when you are in the body, you are not fully aware of the power of your energy. What you feel and sense very subt[le]ly while in your host body is, in fact, the power of the beloved universe working through you. ...

p. 171

After each of these challenging experiences, I see angels softly floating toward me. They are robed in the most beautiful, soft, flowing colors of purple and indigo with silver running through. They polish my energy with gentle sweeping motions. As they are doing this, ... more radiance is revealed. I am sprayed with stardust. I hear tinkling sounds and distant choral music. I see my immortal, luminous self. ... My soul dances with ecstasy ... as I witness this."



Soul, Love, Humility

173 to 182

p. 174 be a mystic

"Mysticism and the ascension experience speak to the communion with our soul self while embodied -- grasping the awareness that we are pure light at our core. To be a mystic or to ascend describes the intuitive sensory experience of knowing we are simultaneously a soul in body and a soul in spirit. Embodiment is the height of divine task, a sacrifice even, as our soul must confine itself in coming to live for a time within a container that grounds it to the frequency and density of the planetary laboratory."

p. 175 love of soul vs. materialism

"When consciously unaware of ourselves as a soul self, we are mired in the bog of materialism. Discarnate, we are wholesome waves of light and energy as soul.

During between-lives soul regression, the "gap" is seen as an inability to merge our corporal existence and our pure spiritual being. ... Joining body with spirit is the key to releasing the energy of the higher self. When this union is experienced and exhibited, it creates a fulfillment previously unknown to the being in incarnation."

pp. 177-8 veiling of divine light, from subtle to gross

p. 177

"Each descending plane of the universe, from the godhead, or the divine, the the level of human ego, represents a veiling, or diminishing, of the original divine light. The arc is from subtle to gross, with each universal element

p. 178

being spirit, or soul, to the one below it, right down to the physical earth. By the same token, ... our goal while incarnate is to seek a tighter grasp on soul, to spiritualize matter".

p. 178 account of being teacher in the afterlife, by a woman

"I am being washed with a healing light that goes into all my cracks and fills them up. There are powerful beings moving around me, taking charge of the healing. ... Now I move on and come to a group of souls who are my students. ... I've been teaching some of them for a long time. ... I send information to them via energy. Some of the teaching is even tactile. ... I am told that I need to be an unassuming teacher, to have humility."

p. 180 our soul-energy, powerfully transforming violence into love

"we take the energy of violence and place it in a fire, where we alter its power. ... By imagining we can transform the intensity of violence into the light of love ... . ... Without our soul energy, which stems from the love of the Source (another name for ... the Tao, the divine), we cannot reside in the state of incarnation. Separation from the spiritual realm does not exist; the only reality is one of unity, of oneness. Once we come to know there is nothing more at our core but soul energy, we gain the purest perspective on embodied life. We who are incarnate now are all striving alongside our fellow souls to advance ... the greater good of the universe at large."

"Marianne Williamson ... states in A Return to Love : Reflections on the Principles of A Course in Miracles (Harper Collins, 1992) : "... Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. ... We are all meant to shine ... . ... And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.""

pp. 180-1 origination of humilty

p. 180

"It seems humility comes out of a sense of having thoroughly examined and made friends with yourself. ... At

p. 181

that point, you don't have to prove yourself time after time, moment after moment. There's a sense of not having to check yourself all the time to see how you are doing, whether that is in relation to others' standards or in relation to your own. It means you don't have to win or impress others. ... Out of making friends with yourself comes a sense of confidence and freedom."

p. 181 [messages from spirit-elders :] unworldly compassion

"We are to be in the world (life on earth) but not of the world."

"If you are to be a healer, compassion must come first. ... In order to understand and gain compassion, you must feel pain."



Past Lives

183 to 195

p. 184 hemisphaires of the cerebrum

"Recent studies in human biology have ... that the brains of males and females are literally different, ... in terms of hemispheric ... energy patterning.

Women are more capable in most areas most areas of right-brain sensory patterning and tend to focus on broad-based ["multi-task"] input.

{In Chinese symbolism, the right side of the body is considered the feminine side.}

Men are more prone to left-brain abstract reasoning and awareness and therefore ... tend to plan and finish one task at a time".

{In Chinese symbolism, the left side of the body is considered the masculine side.}

p. 185 alleged past lives of opposite gendre

"Past-life regression clients demonstrate time and time again that whether we are now male or female, we have all experienced lives as the opposite sex. ... In the course of thousands of regressions, I have never once worked with a client who described all of their corporeal lives as having been lived in the current gender."

{If, howbeit, all "past-life" witnessings are simply virtual-reality praesentations of a dream-nature (and produced, like ordinary dreams, from a theatrical agency of the divine worlds), then none of them repraesent any actual "past lives". And if so, specious "past lives" praesentations (whether by hypnosis, in dreams, or however) may not be evidence of anything specific about one's other lives, least of all any indication as having formerly been of opposite gendre. The deities who manufacture such virtual-reality praesentations (for the admonishment of mortals) may have their own reasons for the details of whatever they may display.}

{Being informed about various persons' accounts of their having experienced various virtual-reality praesentations simulating between-lives (and past-lives) periods, is worthwhile not because it is literally accurate; but rather because it may provide some insights into the functioning of the relevant virtual-reality theatrical agency of the divine worlds. And such functionings of the divine worlds are by far more significant than are the paltry lives of mere mortals confined in obstructive material bodies in the material plane-of-existence.}

p. 186 allegedly androgyny of individual humans

"Our soul nature is androgynous, having the power of the masculine and the power of the feminine equally mixed. ... Our androgynous soul is gender balanced and gender neutral."

{True androgyny would be (as in most species of plants) a condition of having the genitals organs of both gendres simultaneously, in a single body. Because this is never observed in humans (not even in supposed "past-life regressions", nor in dreams), it would therefore be the wildest of speculations to conjecture that the soul of humans is [whether always, often, or occasionally] androgynous. No traditional religion is known to make such a claim (Platonism nonwithstanding -- even in the speech of Aristophanes in the Sumposion, the androgyny of soul is assigned purely to mythic times in the divine world, and not to current-day conditions in the world of mortals).}

p. 189 labyrinths

"Walking a labyrinth ties one to an ancient, cross-cultural, spiritual practice ... . ... . ... an illumination or receiving happens through meditation, prayer, and divine input while we are in ... the labyrinth."

{Labyrinths may be referred to the divine worlds, such as the "Bank Nal" of RadhaSoami, the tunnels in the dream-world of Carlos Castan~eda, or the tunnels in the "astral plane" of Robert Bruce. Ritually using and contemplating material labyrinths may well assist the practitioner in touring those labyrinths' countreparts in the divine worlds.}

pp. 190-1 various accounts of blue spirit-guides

p. 190

"There is someone here. He is humorous. His color keeps changing from blue to purple and back again."

p. 191

"He is cobalt blue and radiant. ... He says, "Welcome, precious one.""

"A presence is coming toward me. She is like a blue fairy. She says I am doing a good job."

"My guide ... is blue and more advanced than I."

"I see a blue light. The light surrounds me. I am taken inside it. ... He tells me that the blue light is about speaking my truth."

p. 193 account of spirit-guides proffering a choice of bodies in future incarnation, by a woman

"Now I am in a very high place. The air is rare. There are lots of lights and colors. ... My spirit guide, "Or," {Strong's 216 />O^R/ 'illumination, luminary'} is here with a new mix of guides. ... Now we have come to the place where I am shown the body choices for my upcoming life."




197 to 208

p. 197 specificity in number of lives lived

"Many clients arrive informing me that they have been told that they've already lived 583 lives or some such number."

{If the 583 lives are only past ones (and not inclusive of the praesent life), then the # implied (inclusive of the praesent life) would be 584. This is the # of days on the synodic revolution of planet Venus; therefore a telepathic link with flying-saucers purporting to come from planet Venus may be indicated.}

p. 199 declaration by a sequestred woman

"I am able to recognize the divine nature of all people ... . My task is to examine the beauty of the symphony of life ..., and bring an understanding of it back to the spiritual realm. I need aloneness and separateness in order to assimilate ... the lives of others. ... . ... this is what I came to do. ...

I am shown my soul color as purple."

pp. 201-2 account of the afterlife, by a man

p. 201

"I have died. ... . ... I expand into the spiritual realm. We're laughing hysterically. ... We pass some structures made of light. This area is important and sacred. There are books along the side. There are people there ... looking at their books. There is a dark blue sky or space inside the books. There is a green-looking guy who helps people with their research. ... The books are like energy packets. ... The green guy point to a glowing area that opened up in the book. "That's where you are from. You incarnated on earth three hundred years ago and have had seven lives there." ...

p. 202

I am bathed in green light for greater comfort and energy."

pp. 204-5 various clients being encouraged by divine guides to have more fun and joy

p. 204

"My council tells me that I need more joy. It is time for celebration".

"I am told ... I need to bring more fun into my life."

"I am told to lighten up and enjoy more."

p. 205

"I am taken to a fun place where I find water, birds,and sunshine. A guide tells me this is the "fun side," where I need to go on an adventure with love, pleasure ... . My guide propels and encourages me through this area of joy."

pp. 205-7 split soul {rebirth of a human soul in multiple human bodies is a common North American Indian experience (as described in AR)}

p. 205

"soul energy being capable of holographic splitting, or subdivision" : "our highest self is the portion of our soul energy that remains in the spiritual realm, while a mirror-image segment of soul energy innervates our human bodies during incarnation. ... Based on soul-regression information, our soul can also separate and reside in more than one lifetime at once. ...

p. 206

It takes skill to maneuver two life journeys simultaneously ... . I have sat and listened to numerous clients as they ... experience a dawning awareness that their past overlaps wih their present. When this happens, ... Most ... come to honor their experience and accept the overlap of two incarnations. Our souls are capable of inhabiting two lives at once, but they need to be somewhat advanced to do so. ... When we elect to ... splitting our soul energy in thirds (being in the spiritual realm and two bodies simultaneously), ... it is ... a means to serve the greater whole."

p. 207

[When the soul-energy is split into 3rds, the Wise Elders say,] ""Your soul is split in two bodies. Not many can be in two bodies at once. When you feel ungrounded, it is because of this split into parallel lives. ... Some of your soul essence always remains in the spiritual realm."

AR = Antonia Mills & Richard Slobodin : American Rebirth : reincarnation belief among North American Indians and Inuit. U of Toronto Pr, 1994.




209 to 210

p. 209 prophetic illumination

"Some clients experience their session as a prophetic illumination. Others recognize and intuitively grasp the profound wisdom that is delivered ... . What needs to be received from a higher plane of awareness is exactly and beautifully packaged for each individual."

p. 210 souls stem from the divine

"Through soul regression, we gain recognition of our truth and of the higher truth. It provides a special opportunity to know ourselves as pure love residing at this time in body. We stem from the divine. We are souls having a human experience".



Practitioner Notes

211 to 213

p. 211 client as channel for spirit-guides

"The therapist is responsible for the process of the session, and

the content is determined from a higher level of wisdom -- the client's team of spirit guides ... . The information is received by and through the client ... . Thus, the client essentially becomes their {the spirit guides'} own channel, or conduit".

p. 213 shamans & music

"Using drumming and other repetitive percussive sound to alter human brain waves, shamans have verbally and energetically assisted community members ... spiritually for countless centuries".

{Actually, shamans invoke spirits primarily through the wording of songs already given to them (in dreams) by those spirits. The drumming (or other music) is performed merely as an adjunct to the songs; for music can help set an emotional mood (of reverential awe toward the spirits).}



Basic Tenets

215 to 216

pp. 215-6 soul

p. 215

"The soul is immortal, intelligent energy manifested by waves of light and color. ...

Souls choose their next physical body, and the soul remains attached to that body until its {the body's} physical death.

p. 216

... A portion of the soul's energy remains in the spiritual realm during incarnation. ...

Members of a soul family incarnate repeatedly with one another. ...

Soul standing is signaled by soul color."


Linda Backman : Bringing Your Soul to Light : Healing through Past Lives and the Time Between. Llewellyn Publ, Woodbury (MN), 2009. [wife of Earl Backman, at Ravenheart Center in Boulder, Colorado]

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