Exorcist's Handbook, 9-10



Dealing with Curses

141 to 157

pp. 144-6 alteration of fate

p. 144

"When a person is cursed properly, their fate is changed forever and cannot be restored to a pre-curse position. Add to that, ... it not only alters the fate of the cursed person, it forever alters all of the people closely connected to him ... . By altering the fate of a person by cursing, the curser ties her own fate to the victim ... . When this is done, ... their fates walk the same path, and it can take ... even lives to get everything completely untangled. The way some magicians avoid this, ... The magician creates a thought form being that takes the fate/karma/kickback from the action on behalf of the magician. Another ... way that it is done is to operate through a variety of people energetically, so that the backwash of effect hits that group of people ... . ...

p. 145

Because the energy lines of people have been connected to the curse, they become the 'front men' for the curse and get the fate kickback. They are also the recipients if the cursed person 'sends it back.' This is one of the many reasons why an exorcist must not 'send anything back [to] where where it came from.'

Another method that is often used is to create a series of inner structures and have people build/feed the structures under a false premise ... . ... The structure that is built becomes a battery of energy that is then focussed upon the person or persons who are being cursed. ... it is very energy-efficient for multi-cursing. The people who supply the energy are encouraged to connect themselves to the structures ...; which results in the people taking the responsibility for all that happens ... from that structure. Thefore all concerned once again become energetic scapegoats.

It's a bit like the British Government. ...

{wherein professional politicians (who are hireling-agents of the super-rich) accept blame for the misdeeds which they perform under secret orders from the super-rich, who, though they be the actual causes of the misdeeds, escape being blamed}

If the sorcerer is using chained or bound angels (that have usually been passed down magical line[age]s) to execute the curse, the binding action on the angel creates a backup of cause and effect. Essentially, binding an angel is bad juju and once it is free, the bad juju needs to be rebalanced energetically with the creator of the binding. If the creator of the binding was ... a progenitor of a line[age] of initiates, then all the initiates are energetically responsible. ... When a bound angel is involved, ... it is within the initiate's interest to keep the angel bound up, which in turn allows yet another generation of sorcerers to use and abuse its power for their own ends. ...

p. 146

When the sorcerer dies, ... the souls of the initates still carry ... the burden of the angelic binding, so that when it is released, they will all have a backwash of rebalancing. This can be avoided by the initiates ... going to the Abyss and asking for judgement ... . Another method is to unbind the angel and tell it what has been happening. The angel has the ability to focus the energy backwash ... and protect the innocent."

p. 146 assessment of curses

"The first thing an exorcist needs to do is establish what sort of curse it is, what powers are being used and why [it] is being done. ... If the curse was put on ... to stop a person from working, marrying, [or] leaving a magical group, for example, then the curse will be ... specific to those actions ... . Those are the easiest and safest to take off. ... They are not too hard to dismantle once you find the lychpin and the energy source."

p. 147 ritually patterned cursework performed on angels bound in service

"The worst types of curses that I have come across are ones created using angelic structures mixed with ritual patterns and recitation. ...

The intent of the curse is recited;

it is then constructed by ritual patterning (often also using a form of transubstantiation), and is driven by the angelic being which is usually bound in service.

The whole thing is fed by an energy source, usually other people's.

The angelic beings that are bound are angels that are named and used within magical patterns (i.e. the Solomonic texts), and the use of their names gives the magician access to them through ritual (... some named angels are actually bound and the purpose that they are listed for is actually their bound purpose, not their real purpose)."

pp. 147-8 physically perceptible manifestations of angelic curses

p. 147

"Some magicians will also use inner contacts/beings in vision to build the curse, ... bargaining with beings in vision to deliver and implement the curse for them. ...

These heavier curses are often very nasty, very vicious, and frequently end in death ... . ...

The victim's story will have some classic signs that will tell you if this type of action has occurred to them. A full[-]on ritual ...

p. 148

curse will be ... devastating for the victim and his family. He will come to the exorcist with a pattern of serious accidents, assaults, and weird and dangerous illnesses that connot be diagnosed. Animals will attack him ..., people will react badly to the victim for no apparent reason ... . Accidents will present in dangerous ways like freak accidents, head on collisions with vehicles not seeing the victim, freak fires, floods, building collapses, etc ... -- they will be a constant stream of things happening on almost a daily basis. ... Such victims will report ... [being] suddenly fired, evicted, attacked, shunned by everyone around them, their partners turning on them, ... while also suffering illness ... and mental fog."

pp. 148-9 behaviourally perceptible manifestations of angelic curses

p. 148

"People do not curse you at such at level without, in their eyes, good reason. ... More usual, though, is a curse that is set to go off when the victim does a particular thing -- ... job related, relationship related, or going to a particular place, etc. If he backs

p. 149

off from a certain action, then the curse action settles down. ... the victim gets so used to being restricted by the action of the curse that he passively retreats from his world ... . If this is happening, then look closely at the actions that trigger the curses".

pp. 149-51 psychically perceptible manifestations of angelic curses : view from the Void to diagnose

p. 149

"When a person is ethically engaged in magical or spiritual practice and is cursed badly ..., then angelic beings, inner contacts, and sometimes land beings {landwights} also will intervene with gifts of skills, comfort, tools, protection, warnings, and modification of the curse itself.

So if you are called out as an exorcist to a magical/spiritual worker who is cursed, ... have her ... ascertain whether or not such a dynamic is already in place. If it is, then be very careful not to disengage it -- it could be saving her life. Once you have ... gotten as much information [as possible] as to the why and whom, then it is time to ... look on the inner planes ... .

p. 150

Look at the person in a variety of ways[, inasmuch] as well-constructed curses are often cleverly hidden and cloaked. Go into vision ... into the void, and then step back in and take a good look at the person and what is around her. ... what you are looking for is

platonic solids around or within her,

bindings, haziness around her,

beings attached to her, threads leading away from her,

sigils, text, webs, patterns, any sort of construct around her.

If you see any shapes or sigils, (angelic beings) you will need to find out who or what they are. One way is to take her in vision into the void and then call upon the angelic being of air {sylph} to come. Once the being arrives in the void, step into it and look at the person again through the filter of the angel. If the curse is powered or linked to an angel of that element, it [the curse-form] will really become visible. You can try the same with the angel of fire {salamandre}.

Those two elemental angelic expressions {sylph & salamandre} are the most commonly used ones ..., and by calling on the elemental side ..., you are sidestepping the individual manifestations (Sariel, for example) ... . ... You ... really need to know ... the line[age] of power that it comes from, hence the using the elemental power that drives it ... . ...

When you look at the victim on the inner, you are very likely to also see parasites that are attached to the curse either intentionally or by default, and they will need removing. There are also possibilities for coming across thought forms or constructed

p. 151

beings that have a specific function within the curse and they will have to be approached and removed carefully as they are often booby trapped. The other thing that you will need to look for is power cables ... that will lead to a power source, often an inner construct {constructed within the body of the the victim by an external sorcerer} that acts as an energy store. Don't be tempted to dismantle the construct as that often has its own defence mechanism to prevent intrusion or interference, just disconnect the [power] cord at both ends ... . The same goes for patterns that are around the person : carefully unwind ... them ..., looking at all times for trip wires and beings connected to them. Some of them will appear as webs or 3D patterns around the person, but they are in fact beings, so again approach with care. If the victim is covered with sigils tread very carefully. The sigils can be beings of a number of different orders and will attack if approached head on. In such cases, sometimes working with other sigils that interconnect with them and detach[ing] them (a little like keys in locks) can be a good way around it. ...

But if you come across something where you have no idea what the hell it is, sometimes calling on an angelic being is useful".

p. 149 a divine warning delivered by means of sleep-talking

"I have personally experienced ... where an angelic being gave me a clear verbal warning through a sleeping person {bodily talking during sleep via spirit-possession}. The message was clear and told me how a person attacking me was getting into my space and what to do to deal with it."

pp. 151-3 how to dismantle layered curses

p. 151

"The finding-and-removing process can take time -- sometimes months -- as the layers can be many and deep. After each session, the victim will need a ritual bath and lots of coffee. ...

These are some of the things that can be tried for taking off layers, pressing pause buttons, and modifying power levels in curses. I have tried them all at various times, and sometimes all [these things] together. A thing to constantly remember is that all well done curses come in layers and all layers must be attended to. ...

p. 152

The victim is given ... paper and ... paints. ... Have him paint the powers that are working through him. Start with the background power (fire/air etc), and then paint ... what is binding them and where. If shapes ..., like cubes, pyramids, etc, then he paints them. ... The painting should reflect the powers, bindings, sigils, angelic beings, parasites, etc. ...

{This is a Jungian analytical psychotherapy technique : the painting thus made by the patient is called a "man.d.ala" by C. G. Jung.}

If he truly cannot do it, then the exorcist must do it, but it is more powerful if the victim does it himself.

Once it is finished, then a large nail should be hammered through the middle of it, pinning the energy to the paper, maybe with a piece of wood underneath.

{"the handwriting of ordinances that was against us, which was contrary to us, and took it out of the way, nailing it to his cross" (Epistle to the Kolossians 2:14 http://bible.cc/colossians/2-14.htm } {"handwriting of ordinances" = "bindings, sigils, ... etc"}

As it is pinned, the intention to pin the power must be focussed in the thoughts of who[m]ever is doing the pinning. Once it is pinned, then the whole thing should be covered with ... a cloth with a ritual emblem/sigil of entrapment upon it. ... By this time, the ritual foundation of the curse should be appearing. ...

p. 153

This can be fragmented or removed by 'unlocking' the ritual foundation. To do this you need to know the mode of operation ... that created the curse. So you would need to known if {whether} ... she is from a Thelemic branch of magic, or ... Golden Dawn, etc.

So, for example, with a Western Mystery Tradition ... curse, you would set up an altar using the four ritual implements ... upon the shield in their directions, and ... a candle in the middle. As you light the candle, tune the candle to the point in time when the curse was set and position the sword and wand in the crossed position with the cup upside down between them. Ring the whole thing with magical cord to seal it in ... . Build up the power with the intent to focus the pattern and merge the pattern with the original act of cursing. ... This action ... was built up in the inner worlds".

pp. 153-4 balancing of the scales for weighing of life-truth

p. 153

"then you have to help the victim deal with what is left. ... have him place his life in the balance of the scales. This is ... if the curse is very serious, has death actions attached to it, and you have only managed to get certain layers off. What this working does is hand over the fate of the victim to Divinity and the angelic hierarchy. It can ... put the victim under the protection of certain archangels ... .

p. 154

The ... most extreme option is one commonly used by exorcists to protect themselves and their families during their work : they hand over their fate to God by committing themselves to the service of Divinity and to the lineage of inner contacts. ... The victim is taken to the Abyss and you ask the keeper of the Abyss to take the victim before

the balancer of the scales. ...

{god Abatur of the Nas.uray (Manda<)}

A less extreme version of this is to ... go to the Abyss and ask the angelic being to help the victim rebalance his scales. ... The angelic being will tell him what he has to do and what is needed for him to rebalance things. Once that is set in motion, then as long as the victim attends to his rebalancing, then angelic guardians will help keep the balance ... . So, in real terms, what this means is that ... the angelic guardians will step in with coping mechanisms, modifications, protections, etc, that will help to keep the balance."

pp. 155-6 clearing of fate via the Tree-of-Life

p. 155

"Go into the void and step out with the intention of emerging at the edge of the Abyss. Call upon Sandalphon to work with you both and stand on the edge of the Abyss. Call the keeper of the Abyss to join you and show you the path of life of the victim. The keeper will instruct the Sandalphon who will place their hands over your eyes and the eyes of the victim. As you look through their hands your vision will change and you will see the desert before you as a sort of desert runway set out in the pattern of the tree of life. You will be stood on the path ... . As you look ... you will see any interplay of powers between the spheres, any beings, bindings, patterns, etc, that litter the pathway. ... Beyond that point is the victim's future and if you go further beyond ..., you will reach the river of death. Go as far as you can towards the death river to see if there are any beings operating from a point of death back towards ... the victim. If there is a death curse, it will show itself here. If you find ... that, then work with the Sandalphon to dismantle it. Any beings that are ... connected can be disconnected and ... can be bound up and placed in the desert -- the Sandalphon will release them when it is safe to do so.

Once the whole pattern is clear, ... the victim ... and ... you ... both ... step out of the void".

p. 156

"It would also be advisable to put up some level of protection in the house, including ... a house talisman and maybe work with a protective .... deity. Images of those beings around the house would be good, and having a vigil candle burning twenty-four hours a day ... helps keep the space clear and tuned {to the point in time when the exorcism was performed?}."

p. 156 clearing of fae:ry-produced curses

"The dangerous ones are faery curses cast by faeries .... . In such a situation it is best to either call upon the faery queen for advice and guidance or to go to the ancient tree in the centre of the forest in the faery realm and talk to the contact there."



Dealing with Magical Attacks

158 to 170

p. 159 a person can be magically attacked without believing in the power of magic

"There is a saying that if you don't believe in the reality of a magical attack it cannot harm you. That ... is said by someone who does not know how magic works. Someone can be attacked and not know it, and have terrible consequence. In fact, most people who are attacked are not aware that the attack is where their problems are coming from."

pp. 159-61 instance of a magical attack on a woman by a daimon sent by another woman (as witnessed in a dream by the authoress)

p. 159

"I was ... dreaming ... . A voice in my dream told me to run and it was a voice I recognized as a personal guardian that I knew ... . I found myself running down the street and into the house where I was staying. In the dream I saw a large shapeless black form speeding towards the house, its power levels above anything I had any experience of at that time. It came into the house, up the stairs and into the room, and it ...

p. 160

saw the {Ugandan female} dancer next to me and dived straight for her.

I woke up screaming from terror and the dancer next to me did the same. {This circumstance entering one's body in bed may indicate that the supposed "dream" was actually a peculiar astral projection.} We both sat {and not "lay prostrate" while paralyzed?} terrified in the dark and neither of us were physically able to move. {sleep-paralysis} It was as if we had been pinned down. {as if by the "Old Hag"} ...

When we returned to Britain and I got on my home ground, my {psychic} sight restored itself fully ... and I could see very clearly a demonic being within her, riding her, eating her energy, and ruling her life. ... I did some discrete questioning around the ex pat[riate] Ugandan community where she and I lived, and I found out that the man she was supposed to marry had instead married another local girl whose mother practiced magic. ... Years later, many years later, on a return visit to that area, ... I saw her ... from the back.

p. 161

... without [her] turning around, a {praeternatural} voice that was not hers said, "Josie." ... the demon within her recognized me and spoke ... . ... The fact that the demon was still there and knew my name was enough for me ... and because the demon knew me by name and remembered me made it all a little dangerous. ... That being [the daimon] will stay with her until she dies ... . ... It was sent in a magical attack and will be kept up by someone -- someone {namely, either the mother of the wife of that woman's quondam fiancee, or else by then the wife herself of that woman's quondam fiancee} is paying it to stay there ... . ... Because it searched specificially for her in such a way, it will have had a marker, like hair, nails, etc, and her name. Somewhere there will be a poppet or picture of her keeping it going."

pp. 161-2 poppets

p. 161

"Poppets ... not only ... direct attack, they can also deflect attack. ...

When I was living on the Flathead Reservation (Confederate Salish and Kootenai tribes) in Montana, I was sometimes called out to tribal members who were having cursing/attack issues. One particular one was really nasty : ... A sumeshan (medicine man) had said that the tribal member was being attacked by Cheyenne medicine and he would not {could not, on account of not understanding Cheyenne sorcery-magic} help him.

p. 162

I went to the old lodge area and asked the old {spirit} ancestors there for advice. They were very vocal and showed me how to protect him from magical attack. ... I went to the isthmus in the river, where the old medicine dances were done and made a man out of earth and pebbles. In the earth man I placed the picture ... . I covered it with weeds and sticks ..., and then stood over it ... about the attacks and seeing them coming to the earth man. I then called upon the medicine spirits to send an animal to guard the earth man and a spirit bear appeared. The bear walked around and around the earth man ... . ... A friend of mine (who works within tribal magic) told me that ... she was making a bear shield to draw them back."

pp. 163-4 why not to send back a magical attack; acquired immunity from magical attacks

p. 163

"Do not send a magical attack back. ... . ... you don't really

p. 164

know who will receive your return post. ... Fate works in weird ways, as does inner magical training. When you redirect ..., a greater power comes into play and a greater magical learning begins. ... If someone is constantly attacking you, then that ... energy ... tips your scales too far down, then they need rebalancing. If as an initiate you have submitted to justice, then the rebalancing is done for you {by deities} in the way of protection ... . ... This is not something an exorcist can do for someone else, but it ... holds more power if you as an exorcist have gone through it yourself.

As an exorcist, also be aware that [a result of your] being magically attacked is ... your {spiritual} immune system becomes very strong. I was magically attacked for years (still happens occasionally -- I have a tendency to ... saying what I think rather than what is politically correct ...)."

pp. 165-7 common varieties of magical attacks

p. 165

"The way to diagnose the attack is , as usual, by inner vision ... . ... If beings are used, they tend to be

thought forms, parasites, lesser demons, faery beings, or elementals."

p. 166

"Thought forms are easiest in that you can dismantle them ... . You need to first disconnect it from the egregore that feeds or drives it, and to do that you can ... use an angelic contact to work with you ... . Then the thought form itself will quickly need dismantling before it can reconnect itself. To do that you will need to separate it from the victim and take it ... into ... the void. ... If you look at it in vision, you will see how it has been constructed and what energies/elements have been used to create it. Use counter energies/elements to negate it. Basically you ... put the parts, which will turn [their] energy/thought back into recycling, hence the use of the netherworld. ...

Once that is done, ... check their home for objects that create access points -- get rid of them and put protective images, sigils, etc, in the home. ...

If the being is not a thought form but a real being, then you may need to ... disengage it from the energy source that is driving it. It may also need unbinding and setting free back into its own realm. If it is a faery being, then

you may need to get into bargaining which means that the victim has to agree to do something for the faery in return for backing off from the attack. ...

{This is usual in Siberian shamanic work.}

Sometimes the deal can be quite simple, sometimes it can be a real stretch -- this is where the power of haggling comes in!

p. 167

If it is an elemental, like an earth being or fire being, then such consciousness is not too close to humanity and therefore cannot be so easily bargained with. Often they appear to us as quite stupid, which they are not. They just have a very different consciousness than we do."

"When you are dealing with a minor demon that is carrying [out] a magical attack for someone, first check to see if it is bound in service, in which case it will need unbinding. Do not do this in your own realm -- take it to the edge of the Abyss and then unbind it while you have angelic beings working with you. Then you can put it straight back where it came from without chance of it hopping off to have fun at human expense."

pp. 168-9 angelic invocation : hive-beings

p. 168

"An angelic contact that can be invoked to help learning to cope is Achaiah, and angel who helps with patience in the face of extreme difficulty."

p. 169

"The big dudes are the Erin, who are the judges of God, and then

there are the Barakiel who champion the innocent, along with

Sariel, warriors of goodness.

All of these angels are major beings, hive beings that can be worked with through vision or invocation to protect the innocent. Just make sure the victim is truly innocent, because if she is not, she will suffer immediate judgement and consequence. ... Any evil or major harmful thing that the victim has done to another will be held up against her and she will suffer the consequences in this life".


Josephine McCarthy (with Peter McCarthy) : The Exorcist's Handbook. Golem Media, Berkeley (CA), 2010.