Exorcist's Handbook, 13-14 & Appendices



Deck for Exorcists

199 to 225

p. 204 Keeper of the Scales

"As far as I am aware ... there is not a named version of this angel in the listed Monotheistic hierarchy.

{The divine Keeper of the Balance-Scales is Ab-atur "the celestial being who weighs souls after death in his

balances" (SA, p. 29).}

The simple reason for this, in my opinion, is that ... there is only balance and learning. The angel of judgement is called upon whether ... your are giving your life over to Divinity for service, or you/the victim are in overwhelming danger from angelic beings that have been bound into action by magic or magical patterns in the form of curses.

Basically this angel balances the odds when a non-human being interferes with human business. It stops all action, weighs the good and bad,

{In order to know the "good and bad" spying into human business is needed. />AB/ is 'bottler' (Strong's 178 />o^b/ 'bottle') -- a bottle being employed in extreme unction for the dying (Ginza Rba, cap. 74); />TaRi^m/ is 'spies' (Strong's 871).}

and then instigates situations that will bring about rebalancing."

SA = E. S. Drower : The Secret Adam. Oxford : Clarendon Pr, 1960. http://egnu93.files.wordpress.com/2010/08/the_secret_adam_drower.pdf

Ginza Rba http://www.gnosis.org/library/ginzarba.htm

pp. 206-7 >ari^-el

p. 206

"The first time I found the Abyss, I was prompted to cross the Abyss and I knew that if I didn't, then my wish to be of magical and spiritual service would stop right there at that moment. ... After a terrifying crossing (where I also first met Met[.]at[.]ron/The Keeper) I found a lion ... . ...

p. 207

The lion then stood and said that he would carry me on his back.

{Goddess Dus-ga (Durga) is likewise rideress on a lion.}

This lion being that sits on the Divinity side of the Abyss is an angel that is also a deity. ... This being is Ariel. Ariel is an angelic being that ... demands great courage and strength {of character} from you before this being will work with you. As is the case with most angels, they will only assist you in things that are truly beyond you".

pp. 209-11 Praeternatural Beings

p. 209

"Greater demons : Big nasty demons, on a level power-wise with archangels ... . ... They operate either through large structures, i.e. {political} organizations or through individuals who can wield a great deal of {political} power."

p. 210

"Faery being : Great fun, they are like ... manic-depressive pickpockets. They can cause all sorts of problems for us, but often they do not realize the effect of their actions. Tread carefully and compassionately with these beings ... . ... . ... bribery works wonders with them."

"Elemental : ... usually found in the path of an exorcist in the form of a guardian. ... Once you have figured out which elemental type it is, then put it back into the appropriate inner form ..., and send it home."

p. 211

"Shapeshifter : ... They are not parasites per say {read : "per se"} ... . Once you have figured out what it is -- i.e., looks like an angelic being but doesn't feel like it -- then just grab it and take it to the Abyss Keeper."

pp. 213-5 Otherworldly Places

p. 213

"The Upper Abyss : this section of the Abyss is anywhere from the human level all the way up to Divinity without form. It usually represents angelic realms ... up to archangels, archons, and aeons."

p. 214

"The lower Abyss : this section of the Abyss is anywhere from the human level all the way down to Divinity in full physical form. It normally represents realms that include ... parasites, demons".

"The Desert of the Abyss : this ... is often littered with bound angels, odd people, and ghosts. It is also our way to the Abyss".

"The desert of death : this is an area of the desert of the Abyss, usually as far away from the Abyss as you can get, which leads to the river of death. It is best approached by going into the underworld".

"The faery realm : the faery realm sort of overlays our physical world ... . It can be accessed by

p. 215

our physical land (rocks, caves, trees, etc) ... if the veil between these worlds has been breached, or if a [fae:ry] being needs to go back there."

"The ancient landscape : this is a part of the underworld and is like the inner resonance of the land from a very long time ago -- ancient spirits ... and earlier forms of humanity can be reached in this realm."

pp. 216-7 element of fire

p. 216

"Sacred flame : the flame at the centre of all being, at the centre of life, and the flame within. The core threshold of Divinity within Humanity, it can be used ... to light the way forward in extreme spiritual darkness."

"Theshold of fire : the threshold of fire is a wall of fire that is the presence of an angelic being which can be used to pass from one realm to another. In vision it literally appears ... as a wall of fire".

p. 217

"Fire attack : ... an all-out magical attack using fire as the main fuel. It is common with magicians working in Atlantean, Mithras, Egyptian, Persian, Azteca, and Polynesian magic. You will need fire to dismantle it, usually working with an angelic being of fire."

pp. 217-8 element of water

p. 217

"Pool : the pool or bowl of water is an access point into the inner worlds, usually the underworld or other parts of the human world."

{A bowl of water is usually used in West African rites for souls of the dead.}

"Replenishment : ... Sometimes magical attacks

p. 218

can drain the vital life force from a human, leaving their spirits to look grey, thin, and shrivelled. That is an extremely dangerous state for a spirit to be in ... . ... The replenishment must be in the form of healing energy ..., but the exorcist can put hands upon the victim and go into stillness. The exorcist calls upon whatever is necesssary for the healing of the victim to come through."

"Sexual Union : ... the sexual activities of the victim have been hacked by a parasite or a being trying to use the energy to manifest itself."

pp. 219-20 element of earth

p. 219

"Pattern : the use of a pattern in magic is very common and can ... give protection by acting as an interface for a being. Met[.]at[.]ron's cube is a very good example of this as it can be used for protection against ... bound angels. The cube is a complex expression of ... an initiate's relationship with Divinity that develops as the human walks the pathways (lines) that connect the spheres."

"Obstruction/overgrowth : ... the inner cause needs to be found and dealt with ... as it can ... lead to ... getting very fat ... .

p. 220

This happens to a lot of adepts who learn to override a natural protective shutdown that blocks people out of the inner worlds who do ... very stupid things. ... This is usually stemming from ... 'abundance' magic".

p. 221 element of air

Learning : "drawing a blank in front of a tooth-gnashing demon is not a good idea -- they tend not be accomodating if you ask them to pause".

"[Supernatural] Fight : ... there are much bigger forces that are playing out through the victim/s and the picture could be much bigger than you realized."

p. 222 spiritual benefits masquerading as harms

"Sometimes what can appear as a haunting or attempted possession is actually an inner contact, angel, or ancestor trying to communicate something to the victim."

"One has to take into account the spiritual journey of the victim and be acutely aware that the situation he faces can be part of that path; you need to be able to help without short circuiting his magical/spiritual development."

p. 224 magical protection for performance of spiritual readings

"Be aware ... that certain orders of [praeternatural] beings can interfere with readings".

"be aware that the reading can pull a contact with the being into your space -- any sort of divination when a hostile being is involved ... . Make sure you seal your space before the readings, cover the surface you are reading on with a ritually marked cloth and cleanse your space ... after finishing the readings. ... I also smudge ... regularly with various ... incense mixes that are guaranteed to send everything out of the area".



Long-Term Management of the Exorcist

226 to 230

p. 226 retirement from a career as an exorcist

"The most basic consideration is the 'shelf life' of an exorcist, which in reality is quite short, just a few years. ... The key to avoid burnout is to realize when you are coming to the end of your service time and back out quietly. Often at that time there is a call to teach or guide other exorcists".

p. 227 spiritual entanglements encumbring a retiring exorcist

"Once an exorcist has been working in the field for a while and has dealt with a variety of [spiritual] issues, lines of [spiritual energy-]connection form which link one being to another, and the exorcist can become burdened with a variety of entanglements that link them to victims, beings, and places. The net result of these tangles is that when something major happens to one of these beings/victims/places, the exorcist is drawn upon as an unconscious resource which can become quite a serious burden."

pp. 228-9 repairing damage to the patterning of the soul

p. 228

"Through constant serious attack, or through intensive working with demonic influences, the spiritual pattern that the soul expresses can be badly damaged, and if it is not attended to it can result in an early death. It can also affect the spiritual expression of the soul beyond life, which is a serious matter.

This can be worked with but it is not something to undertake lightly ... . For this reason alone, I have not written out the vision, but ... enough of a guideline for an experienced worker to be able to ... be effective.

The vision works at the Abyss and works on the manifestation of Divinity into life before it takes on a specific form -- it is the blueprint of life that is built out of the entirety of angelic consciousness. ... Once the blueprint is plugged into the ... pattern, then it is narrowed down to human expression and it is at this

p. 229

point, standing with your back to the Abyss and the solar sphere ... before you that the damage will show. Without a complete blueprint at this level, the different facets that make up our human expression begin to crumble and that crumbling separates the life form from its inner pattern. ... The 'blueprint', so to speak, is the full breadth of angelic patterning and appears as a large construct of platonic solids arranged in a geometric pattern. A known example of such patterning is the Met[.]at[.]ron Cube which is 13 spheres of Divinity, linked by pathways that create platonic solids which interconnect to create a holism.

This pattern sits at the edge of the Abyss and interacts with the patterning ... to create humanity.

{The pattern creating humanity is termed "the human mould" by Carlos Castan~eda.}

In vision, the exorcist or ritualist reestablishes the original untainted pattern on the far side of the Abyss and then bridges it to the realm of humanity by carrying it across the Abyss ... . As the pattern progresses ..., the various spheres are reconnected with it and re-established to create a vessel that the blueprint can be contained within. ... This work ... is also an opportunity to gain deeper insight into the nature of the human soul, of the soul's inherent Divinity, and the deeper aspects of our role within the fate pattern of our world."

p. 230

"I began to see how different angelic beings supported certain aspects of Divinity and how they interconnected across the pattern to support the manifestation of humanity".

p. 230 "Once the repair work has been done, the exorcist must then make ... time to retire. ... the inner contacts and beings that an exorcist has worked with for years will help the exorcist find the appropriate way forward."



Working with the Abyss

231 to 238

pp. 231-2 filtring angelic power

p. 231

"When you work with an angelic being, you are ... playing with ... power. The names, attributes, patterns, shapes, and rituals that are connected to the contact and interaction with such a being filter ... the power that you work with. So you get a ... filtered, ... controlled contact that does specific things and does not move out of its structure. ...

p. 232

If it is is approached with its magic filters then it can be worked with safely but in a limited ... way."

p. 232 one can be helpful in divine worlds

"When you reach beyond the surface world in magic practice, you reach into worlds of beings and power. If you reach beyond that level, you begin to touch on the workings of the universe and the structures/beings that ensure the universe exists and functions (the universal boiler room). ... If you want to reach into the boiler room to be of service, then ... with such selfless intent, you will ... be protected ... . If humanity does not create its own filters, then the inner worlds will do it for you, and theirs tends to be far more workable. The inner filters work to protect you ..., but they will allow enough power th[r]ough to do the job".

pp. 233-6 the nature of the Abyss

p. 233

"The Abyss is a highway from the highest form of consciousness to the lowest : the two ... are of one another. ... the Abyss is Divine consciousness without form at the 'top' and the densest of beings at the 'bottom.' ... the dimensions of this structure are many and beyond our ability to grasp. ... The structure also bends in on itself, so that the top and bottom are flip sides of one another.

Humanity in the middle is our balanced state ... -- we are the fulcrum ... . ... At the fulcrum is also the rest of our physical world -- the animals, plants, etc."

p. 234

"it is ... important ... that you first go through the void and shed your everyday world. Then you approach the Abyss unconditionally, without selfish intent, and with proper focus".

p. 235

"When you cross the Abyss, you are in the realm of Divinity in the process of polarisation and preparing to manifest. ... you cross the Abyss and you hit Divinity split into Male and Female ..., beyond that is God without Form but in preparation ... . This split into Male/Female is purely for the fulcrum ... -- we are by nature polarised beings (male/female ...) ... . Divinity filters through that polarisation ... . ...

The dimensions of the Abyss can be mind bending : ... up and also across. And Divinity is also down in its most dense twisted form ... . ...

If you are in the business of creating a sacred or faery child,

if you are working with Angelic consciousness,

if you are working within the realm of death,

if you are an exorcist, a worker in Universal service, or

if you ... want to stand at the foot of God ...,

then the Abyss is for you. ...

p. 236

To work with true angelic form without a human filter, you have to go up the Abyss to its own realm and meet it as an inner being. ...

All the levels in between have their own 'fulcrums' that appear as tunnels and as the beings of those levels come up to the edge of the Abyss, they have their own 'up' and 'down.' ... All of the tunnels/levels have a glamour that can draw a human in and trap them in endless meaningless communications ... . ...

Our spiritual evolution is about

being cast 'down'

and finding our way back 'up' --

falling into physical manifestation and

striving to move back to formlessness.

As an exorcist, this boiler room can be especially useful as it enables one to commune with beings at their own level in their own realm as opposed to how they express themselves when they are in our polarised worlds. It is also safer to approach some of these beings this way. The rule of the Abyss is always though : be focussed, be in service, and have no wants or needs."

p. 237 the 3 possible results of seeking to commune with daimones


You ... will end up connecting with bottom feeder parasite-type beings. This will take you down a path of feeling terribly important and ... at the same time ... paranoid".


If you should happen to have natural [psychic] abilities ..., then you may, in fact, connect with a lesser (nearer our realm) demon who may offer you just what you want".


If you are truly naturally able to connect with [major divine] beings you may reach a very deep ... titan consciousness that will look at you with complete fascination, being unable to work out exactly what you are ... . ... If you have natural talent for connecting with beings, you might also reach up quite far and come face to face with an archangelic being (... they are rather large) which, like the deeper demon/titan, will look at you with total astonishment before trying to communicate with you."

p. 237 "methods for working/communicating in both directions with these [divine] beings

"magical structures/patterns"

"drugs (which is the worst possible way)"

"working through the void or carrying the void within"

pp. 236, 238 the nature of the Void

p. 236

"the void within keeps a worker safe in the deepest realms and keeps the inner filters in place."

p. 238

"If you are working from an intention of universal service, then you will have the natural filters in place and working through the void will bring you to

a fraction of the [divine] being you need to work with. ...

{Fractions of deities are commonly mentioned in Astika literature.}

If you work through the pattern of the Abyss, take the void within you and the same filters will be in place."

p. 238 final ascension

"Those workers who constantly reach up and work only with angelic beings, climbing higher and higher up the ladder of angels[,] eventually stretch too far away from the fulcrum and 'cease to be.' This is known as 'ascending' : the prophet Enoch {H.no^k} 'who walked with God and was not' for example."



Looking at the Health

239 to 243

p. 240 spiritual benefit of sickness

"we start to see the profound implications of a virus or bacteria ..., and we also start to see the inner manifestation of the outer virus. Every living thing has an inner expression and ... we can look at these illnesses to see their inner 'personalities.' ...

When you start to track the progression of an illness ... it quickly becomes apparent that some illnesses ... have positive uses ... . ... But when I started to look at them from an inner point of view ..., I saw that the body was using the cold {coryza} to 'dump' a whole load of toxins that it had in storage. The cold {coryza} virus was actually a positive thing for me". "In fact, the more you look at the body and illnesses ..., the more you see positive sides to illnesses the body can use to avoid deeper and more troublesome problems."

pp. 240, 242 glands of the body

p. 240

"It also began to become very clear that the endocrine system processes the heavy impact of magic ... . This was something that Dion Fortune wrote about from her own body observations".

p. 242

"Emotional power is processed through the thymus gland which ... processes it through sleep."


Josephine McCarthy (with Peter McCarthy) : The Exorcist's Handbook. Golem Media, Berkeley (CA), 2010.