Exorcist's Handbook, 2-3



Tool Kit

32 to 44

pp. 32-3 cards & other paraphernalia

p. 32

"You will need a deck of cards specifically designed to focus on looking at the possession situation, and that can identify what beings are involved. ...

You will need certain resins and herbs -- frankincense, osha root, wormwood, and rue ... . You will

p. 33

also need certain sounds, things to draw beings out (demon traps), binding cloths to trap something, a marking pen to draw sigils, two stoles, tobacco, large bag of salt, A three-foot mirror, total change of clothes, ritual sword, frankincense oil, clove oil, pimento berry oil".

pp. 34-6 to occupy the attention of obsessing-divinities with patternings : knot-work, swirls, loops

p. 34

"I put said being back in the Abyss where it belonged and sealed up its access point out to humanity, but more kept coming. They were drawn by magic that had happened in the property [lot of land] ... that was a natural entrance to the otherworlds. ...

p. 35

When I looked from an inner point of view, I was shown how a certain class of demonic (and angelic) being was attracted to shiny things and patterns ... . The glitter caught their attention and their consciousness started to follow the lines of pattern and would get trapped going around and around a pattern that had no end."

p. 36

"I narrowed the area of access of the demons in the building down to one corner ... . And in that narrow area I placed and hung objects and hangings with complex bright knot work, swirls and loops, making sure there were no depictions of animals or beings in the knot work ... . I used a gold ink pen to brighten the patterns".

Manda< magical bowls [as used in H^uzistan and in southern <iraq]

p. 35

"demon bowls ... used an incantation or text written in a swirl {spiral} where the angelic name that trapped the being was at the end of the swirl which was painted on the inside of the bowl. The bowl would be placed upside down on the ground, land, or area where the demon was rising from.

p. 36

The outside of the bowl had complex patterns upon it to also trap and seal in anything within it."

pp. 36-7 to attract ghosts of the dead

p. 36

"smells and sounds attract certain beings ... (wind chimes attract ghosts for example). ...

p. 37

Wormwood is good if you need to talk to the dead in their own realm".

pp. 37-8 obsessed person as obsessing-divinity's access to the world of mortals

p. 37

"A powerful demon will only be using its host as ... a set of physical senses -- once out in the surface world, they can reach through thoughts, magic, dreams, electricity, and life in general to ... you and ... your job. ...

p. 38

The host is their access point out into the world ... where you work. But they can reach you once they have made some sort of connection with you".

p. 38 using a deck of cards

"When you first get a call, use the deck to see what it is that you are dealing with. Keep the deck in a box or bag that has salt in it ... . You can also use the deck to figure out what angelic or other type of being would be helpful to call upon".

pp. 38-9 binding-cloth or -braid

p. 38

"Binding cloths or braids are strips of fabric or thick wool braids that are of bright color and are woven and knotted together. They can be used ... to 'lock' something, i.e., ...

p. 39

to cover over and tie up demon traps. The second is to 'trap' a being into the weave as you braid it up while working in a vision to pull it in. This ... was used ... in SE Europe ... : the being would slowly be enticed by song to draw close to the singer who would be weaving. The being then becomes absorbed by the pattern of the weaving and is slowly pulled into the weave and then trapped. When that being is wanted for action, the knots or weaves would be unwoven."

"The cloth is most affective if you use raw silk (it's shiny ...), upon it you would use ... angelic script ... or paleo Hebrew script". {This "paleo Hebrew script" is Phoinikian/Mo>abite script.}

p. 40 praeternaturally talking images

"Make sure that the clothing you choose has no images of people or creatures on them -- you might find the odd spirit will decide that it can jump into your clothing and it can be freaky to have the image ... that is on your T-shirt speaking to you in the middle of the night."

pp. 42-3 creating magical implements

p. 42

"go ... into the void and call upon the angel/s that you wish to work with. As they appear in the void, step into them ... and tell them what you are trying to achieve.

The first layer ... is put in at this level as they work ... -- you will witness them ... and they may also tell you about how it works. They will often blow into your mouth, or put things into your body for you to mediate ... . When they have finished, you back out of that angel, going back into the void ... . While you are in the void in vision, ... you mediate whatever was put into your mouth ... by a 'laying on' of hands or by breathing down ... .

Finally, you step back out of the void, open your eyes, ... and outwardly ask that the angel ... complete and seal in the power ... to make it whole. You then ... go out and leave the room. You will feel when it is finished and you can go back in".

"There is a version of the work where you would go in vision to the Abyss and connect with the angelic consciousness there ... . ... An extreme version of that is to bring the angelic being out of the void and into your realm and have the angel work ...

p. 43

through your body. That can be very powerful indeed ... .

When you have finished ..., make a sheath ... that is covered in patterning that will stop things getting into it and also [draw] down its power when needed. Sometimes they {the angel's powers?} need to be 'on' with you at home".

p. 43 sigilla

"The sigil of an angelic being is a doorway that its power can connect through ... . ... When you are faced with a very serious possession {obsession} and nothing you have tried works, the drawing upon the forehead, heart, and hands of the victim ... will often either severely weaken the hold the demon has upon the person, or it will get it out all together. ... If you are ready for it ..., you can pull out the being while drawing the sigil upon the person. ... The sigils are very useful to employ immediately after the demonic being is pulled out, to seal up the person and protect them."



Working with Beings

45 to 59

p. 47 forms of angels

"They only appear to us as vaguely human ... because otherwise they would scare ... us. But ... beyond that, they appear as fire, as wind, as sand, as stars, and their deeper forms are platonic solids and geometric shapes."

p. 47 bound angels

"If an angel is attempting to destroy someone ..., then chances are that it has been bound or chained into service by ritual magic and is being operated by someone. The most common presentation of such an angel is usually in the form of an angel of air or fire. ... Some angels have been bound in service for centuries by the use of ritual magic ..., and ... some humans figured out how to capture and operate them for their own will."

p. 48 instance of a form-bound angel

Its praesentation "(part eagle, part lion, and loads of impressive wings, talons, eyes, and weapons){this angelic form is known as a "gryphon"} was the direct result of the binding. As soon as I managed to unbind it ..., it completely transformed into a different being. It told me that its presentation was the effect of the magic and clued the magician as to what its capabilities were in a visual language that humans could understand."

pp. 48-9 instance of the process of unbinding a bound angel

p. 48

"I started to get dangerously ill. Nothing {in the way of medicines} was helping, and I and others went into the inner worlds to see what was happening. I had an angel chained to my {body} with orders to destroy me. ... I asked the angel who had sent him and he willingly told me ... . ... The angel ... said that he had been commanded, and because he was magically bound in service, he had to do as he was told. The angel then showed me ...

p. 49

that the binding had been there for a long time. I asked him ... to find a way to release him. The angel said that ... he ... would ... . I looked and saw a chain attached to the angel's leg and as I looked closer, it appeared as a braid of words and sounds that felt like metal when you touched them. But ..., I had a deep instinct to eat the words that bound the angel. It took a while and when the binding was gone, the angel marked me, (Hey {fellow-angels}, got a spell eater here ... . Look out for this one if you get stuck ... .) and was gone."

p. 49 forms of bound angels (when used as assault-troops) and which sort of society their occur in

"This ... set me off in a line of research ... regarding the binding of angels and demons in religion ... . I was horrified to see how much of it was and still is practiced in certain quarters ... . ...

Angelic beings {viz., bound ones, when commanded to assault mortal victims} will appear as humanoid beings with many wings, or as wheels of fire, or as geometric shapes, or they they may appear as a platonic solid suspended above the head or buried deep in the body of the victim.

Most tribal societies don't work with these {bound, enslaved divine} beings in a cursing/attacking sense. It tends to be more in a community that uses ... the mystical arms {non-material weapons} of the monotheistic religions."

{The "monotheistic religions" (i.e., religions which are theocratic divine tyrannies, each dominated by a single tyrant-deity) are all products of (and sustainers of) oppressive social-class-dominated (specifically, ploutokrat-dominated) societies. Only a class-dominated society (viz., capitalism) would seek to enslave both mortals and immortals.}

{These "humanoid beings with ... wings" first appear in Zaratustrian religion (the product of a social-class-dominated repressive government, in the Akhaimenian and Arsakid empires); their praesence in Christianity in Europe is a symptom of Christianity's upholding of repressive, imperialistic capitalism.}

pp. 51-2 Sandal-pon

p. 51

"The Sandalphon ... have somewhat of a sense of humour. ... If you are going deep down into the Abyss, ... The Sandalphon can help by disguising you and walking beside you.
... I had a dream of a being walking beside me through a desert,

his legs vanishing into the earth up to his knees

{as in a tale from the 1001 Nights}

and his hair trailing behind him on the ground. He told me about the golden city, about death and the holy of holies, and

he disguised me by blowing sand over me until I looked like a stone.

{Maori goddess "Hine -tua-hoanga ... is said to have a back (tua) composed of sandstone (hoanga)." (WMR, p. 227, n. 63)}

I asked him who he was and he said : "I am he upon whom you lay between the stars and the underworld ..., I am around and within you, I am completion." ...

He began to turn up whenever I was working in the desert by the Abyss and then two of them began working with me."

p. 52

"They will walk along side you in the desert if you call upon them as you emerge out of the void towards the Abyss. They will assist in holding a being with you (not for you) and if you have to go deep into the Abyss, they will disguise you as an earth type being (sand, rock). They will teach you how to inwardly bind a being up and put it into storage, and similarly how to release beings that have been bound in the desert. Just be careful that if you get the urge to release something that you know what it is and why it is there.

As you walk across the desert towards the Abyss, you will see many beings, usually angels, bound up like cocoons and placed at the edge of the desert. These are beings that do not have a shelf life like the beings of the Abyss -- they are immortals and have been bound ... . They will be released when the time is right and when their power is needed out in the universe. Until that time they stay cocooned and sleeping (so don't get the urge to free them ...).

... the Sandalphon ... have a stone-like density to them, which enables them to go deep into the Abyss, but that density prohibits them from going up to to less [densely] formed areas within the Abyss."

WMR = Anauru Reedy (ed.) :The Writings of Mohi Ruatapu. Canterbury U Pr, 1993.

pp. 52-4 Baraqi->el?

(An angel allegedly named "Barakiel" is repeatedly described as angel of "lightening" -- but the name must be badly mistransliterated (the name /BaraKi->el/ would indicate an angel of 'blessing') and ought to read "Baraqiel" instead.)

pp. 54-5 a vision of a journey-visit (through filters {According to the R.c Veda, Soma is filtered through a "sheep-filter".}) to that angel

p. 54

"close you[r] eyes. See the landscape around you with your inner vision and look up at the sky.

{cf. 4-eyed hounds of Yama, who guide the soul of the dead. (The extra pair of eyen is for praeternatural sight, as in nomenclature of West African secret-societies.)} {cf. {1st) "Crossing with the help of a dog" -- "CHD"}

Notice clouds gathering as ... a storm is coming in. Lightening begins to strike all around you {lightning is often attributed to clashing-together of clouds.}

{(2nd) "Clashing mountains" -- "P2CM"}

and you remember your intention ... . You call out to them and a bolt of lightening ... stays, like a ladder, going up into the clouds. You climb onto the lightening, and step up and up into the clouds until you are at the top of the lightening strike and out in the stars. ...

{[Tingian myth] At the behest of Lightning, centipede-god Aponitolau climbed a rock, and eventually arrived at a town which "was surrounded by a bank which reached almost to the sky" (PhFT "GA").}

p. 55

Stepping off the lightening, you find yourself walking along

a tunnel of stars

1. (DCT, p. 156) Dedicate one's self to the "Interplanetary Fellowship".

until you come to an entrance into complete darkness. ... You step out into the darkness and find yourself stepping into a cave ... .

{[Tingian myth] "a dark cave" (PhFT "M") fled into by MAgSAWi (a name cognate with Hopi /MASAWu/?).}

You are drawn to walk down the dark passageway where you come to a wall of fire. You know you must walk through it as you step into it,

you find yourself unable to move forward.

1. (DCT, p. 156) "frozen" {(4th) "Icy Wind" -- "IW")}

Things ... illnesses ..., all lifted from you, ... are stood on a filter. Stepping out, you feel very different ... .

{(5th) "PWhSFF"} {cf. flags with skull-headed deity in CBM, p. 45, centre. Do these flags denote fatal sicknesses, from which a soul is cured by death?}

As you walk on you see a wall of water before you and you know it is another filter. You step in and find yourself being washed of ... pain, sorrow ... all washed from you ... . ...

2. (DCT, p. 158) "a great milk bottle" {cf. vat of milk being churned in CBM, p. 45, right centre ; and pool of water (with human in it) in CBM, p. 45, left centre}

Stepping forward you walk further into the passage and see a wall of falling sand that you must walk through -- yet another filter to prepare you for meeting the {Baraqi>el}. ... The sand pours over you ... . {"cf. the Chinese "River of Golden Sands" (Jin-s^a -- "YR"} ...

3. (DCT, p. 159) "Consciously direct ... down ..., stopping at each chakra area to flood that chakra with Golden Light". {and, because the flint of arrowheads is constituted of the same mineral as sand, cf. (6th) "RAPS"}

You find yourself trapped in a tornado which pulls words out of you, and shows you the power of those words. Your breath takes on form ... and the form stands before you --

3. (DCT, p. 160) "this circular winding of white energy -- in tornado-like fashion -- flows .. whirling ... all around you. ... Now you are a swirling vortex".

the Word that is God and that is humanity ... as you begin to see the power of recitation.

4. (DCT, p. 161) "that my Holy Christ Self flow forth into my human mind".

p. 56

Looking back you see that four angels

4. (DCT, p. 161) "I invoke ... the Angels".

stood in the passageway ... .

4. (DCT, p. 162) "Form a large tube or tunnel and picture the other person appearing at the other end of it".

They have prepared your ... mind ... . {The word for 'mind' (/hsin/) also hath the meaning 'heart', in Chinese.}

5. (DCT, p. 162) "listen to ... your heartbeat". {cf. (7th) "WBDHH" hearts}

A hand is placed upon your shoulder ... .

5. (DCT, p. 163) "the sound of slapping hands"

You are led down the passageway into a large circular hall with thirteen beings stood in a circle. ...

{Some groups of exorcist-pracitioners (in, e.g., the Holy Order of MANS) arrange themselves by sets of 13.}

The floor beneath you vanishes and you find yourself falling ... . One of the Barakiel {Baraqi>el} falls with you in the form of a shooting star and you fall together towards the earth."

{Falling star (meteor) = Fallen Angel. "As noted in The Book of Jubilees, ... Baraqijal, now a demon ..., is a teacher of astrology. In Enoch I he is described as a leader (one of the "chiefs of ten") of a troop of fallen angels." ("B")} {H.no^k 8:3} {[Tingian myth] deities temporarily became "many stars falling from the sky" (PhFT "SG")}

{Baraijal's emblem is lightning in a pentagram ("FA3"), praesumably an indication of the 5-pronged vajra of Vajra-yana.}

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p. 58 "angelic beings ... are not needed for hauntings, parasite possessions ..., and faery infestations."


Josephine McCarthy (with Peter McCarthy) : The Exorcist's Handbook. Golem Media, Berkeley (CA), 2010.