Exorcist's Handbook, 4-5



Beings Thou Mayest Encountre

60 to 77

pp. 61-2 medical doctors' (psychiatrists') alleged ability correctly to diagnose "mental illness"

p. 61

"certain mental illnesses, which is why an exorcist has to first ensure the victim undergoes medical assessment. ... .

{Absurd! Psychiatrists in governmental "insane asyla" (a.k.a. "mental hospitals") always designate every victim ("patient") of theirs as "schizophrenic", even if that victim is displaying no symptoms of anything whatsoever (mental or otherwise). The authoress of this book would very definitely be categorized as "schizophrenic, paranoid type" by every governmental psychiatrist in the country (and in the world), and be forcibly drugged with mind-benumbing drugs, if she were ever to be so accused.}

p. 62

... that it is not an illness, ... it would be wise to always have a doctor present when dealing with this level of being."

{Governmental psychiatrists are no more to be trusted than are any other ruling-class (capitalist-class) hireling-stooges -- they are all mendacious deceivers intent in wreaking the maximum possible harm.}

pp. 62-3, 65 daimones who praeside over, and intentionally overdo, oppressive social classes

p. 62

"The further down the Abyss ... the demonic beings are, the bigger and more dangerous they become. These beings tend not to inhabit single people ..., but tend to work through larger collections of humans. ...

{Such "collections of humans" as are controlled by dangerous daimones tend to be capitalist, and monotheist, institutions.}

p. 63

These beings are very dangerous ... to groups and socieities in general.

It is not something you would tackle alone as an exorcist, but is something that a focussed group would work on over a generation."

{Such a "focussed group" would be a subversive insurrectionist one.}

"some of these larger demonic beings ... are often doing an important job : aiding in the breaking down of a structure that is decaying. This is what ... the natural function of a demonic being is : to assist in an end to something corrupt. ... . ... if a demonic being is aiding and accelerating an unhealthy situation to facilitate its demise, then that being is doing a service.

{The "unhealthy situations" are capitalism and monotheism, both of which are aiming at a prompt demise for themselves.}

But if you are a part of that situation and you don't want it to end, then the demonic being becomes an adversary".

{The "you" referred to here is the capitalist-stooge politician and the monotheist-stooge preacher.}

p. 65

"Large, deep, and ancient demonic beings that express themselves through society, government ..., or large groups of people, ... basically drive the lemmings over the cliff. They will manoeuvre a large number of people to behave in an extreme way that will end in war".

{The "lemmings" here are (1) the exploited working class, and (2) the dupes of the monotheist preachers.}

p. 64 safety-nets protecting mortals from daimones

"And when you summon such a being out ..., by inviting it, you disengage a whole host of intertwined protections ... and safety nets ... . When a human invites a demon, it releases the protective net that stops the demon rising out of the Abyss."

{Because these daimones are located below (in the Abyss), therefore these safety-nets are located above the daimones (as is the net over the bleeding-haimerrhoid divinity in CBM, p. 45, lower centre).}

pp. 65-7 whence come the daimones

p. 65

"For us in today's world I would say that the demonic beings that are in our world have been pulled, coaxed, and invited out of their world by a variety of human acts and that activity is accelerating. It might also be that there is a natural order in place and we are in a time of decay which is facilitating more beings to 'leak' through into our world. ...

p. 66

If humans have aided them in breaking through, then humans have to put them back, in which case you need to know where to put them.

The other very sad door opener that is bringing more ... demons into our world is the fairly recent aggressive attempts by certain American evangelical Christian groups to cleanse the Abyss (which they see as Hell) through prayer, trance, visions, and ritual. It is rather rude to stomp into someone else's house ... trying to evict them from their own home. The direct result of this work is that doorways into certain realms of the Abyss are being opened and the traffic is two-way."

{In the extent to which these "doorways" are to the realms of the "larger demonic beings", to the "Large, deep, and ancient demonic beings that express themselves through ... government", however, it may well be that the opening of such doorways will "assist in an end to something corrupt" (namely, assist in putting an end to capitalism and to monotheism).}

"Energy created from magic {delusive magic, such as Christian exorcism} and religion {false religion, such as Christianity} are the two biggest door openers for such beings and they will search out the nearest host who will then be 'encouraged' to open the door wider ... through actions that

p. 67

create large energy boosts ... . Mass murder is one of those energy-boosting actions."

{Such mass-murder would be either wars (such as those perpetrated by the U.S. Army and by armies of other Christian countries) or genocides (also perpetrated by the U.S. Army and by armies of other Christian countries).}

p. 69 symptoms of daimonic obsession of a person

"Certain minerals burn up very quickly in the system. (... My theory is that the being needs the energy of certain sustances to continue inhabiting the body.) ...

The body stance begins to change and certain tremors, fits, muscle cramps and contortions happen ... . The facial features will often slightly distort and for exorcists with inner sight, at this point you will be able to see the being looking out of their eyes."

pp. 70-1 social effects of daimonic obsession

p. 70

"They are dangerous but usually in a manipulative way : they are paranoid, controlling, aggressive, and addictive."

{This is an apt description of the typical capitalist and capitalist-stooge.}

"The very large demonic beings usually express themselves through groups, organisations, and families. ... To see how they operate, just look back through history ... . They will

{Throughout history, the capitalist domination of society hath been maintained by such "very large demonic beings".}

p. 71

often begin with one person who is very psychic, and therefore a good doorway, and build from there. These large beings are hive beings, so they infect many people".

{Sometimes a "person who is very psychic" hath performed favors for some ruling-class institution without proper safeguards.}

p. 71 parasites accompanying daimones

"when you have a demonic consciousness operating through someone or a group, parasites are often in there with them ... . This has to be taken into account when you are pulling a demon out -- there will most likely be a whole host of large and small parasites hanging on in there that need removing."

p. 72 healers' parasite-daimones

"these ... work through healers so that when the healer puts hands upon the patient, the being plugs in and drains off the patients' deeper energy."

p. 74 "parasites" which sustain the life of dying persons

"Another type of parasite ... is the type ... that targets elderly persons or those who have a terminal illness. ... They will operate to keep the body alive so that they can get as much time as they can. ... What tends to happen is an ill, dying, or very old sick person will seem to drag on without being able to let go into death. ... In those circumstances, taking the being out will often kill the host in that, without the being keeping her alive, her body finally lets go. In a coma patient, which is a very common condition that attracts parasites, she will often die within 48 hours of the parasite removal, even if she has been in a coma for a very long time.

If you are taking the responsibility for taking out a parasite then you must also take the responsibility of doing the death vision for the patient ... either silently while you hold her hand, or out loud to her if she is open to that."

p. 75 hauntings by parasites impersonating ghosts, or by ghosts infested with parasites

"Another type of common haunting happens where a person ... has died ... but his self-structure or personality is taken over by a parasite that steps into the image of the person and uses the image of the personality ... . ...

{As described, this would apparently be a variety of alien "walk-in".}

The easiest way to tell if it is a parasite or not is by its actions : if it is doing things that fall into parasite activity, i.e., getting into dreams ..., etc., then chances are it is a parasite ... .

Sometimes you get a mix, where the original ghost is still there but is driven by a parasite. ... In such a combination, the parasite will give the ghost strength and skills it shouldn't have".

pp. 75-6 true hauntings by veritable ghosts

p. 75

"A real haunting that is just a dead human usually works through the dreams and thoughts of the victims ... .

p. 76

They can also ... follow her around the house, often in an attempt to communicate. Most real hauntings are about communication attempts, or clinging onto ... relationships, etc. They will try to stop the living from moving on ... . With such hauntings, banishments, etc., are a complete waste of time as they slowly tend to creep back. The ghost has to be approached from a visionary point of view, usually by the living going in vision into death and talking to them on their own 'turf.' Once the person has been escorted through death, they do not come back and everything tends to settle down."

pp. 76-7 praeternatural (or divine) guardians of particular plots of sacred land

p. 76

"In some countries that have raw {never as yet used for saecular purposes?} land power that has not been deadened {by having been used for saecular purposes?} ..., there are pockets of land power that create doors for beings to flow into our world ... . Some [such] American hauntings, like the famous Tennessee Bell Witch for example, are incidents of [involving] beings, akin to faery beings, that are often hostile to humanity and dislike the intrusion of civilisation ... . In such a situation I would suggest that the [mortal] people just move -- it cannot be resolved easily if at all .. . Such clashes with these beings can ... be ... in reality, the house is on their land or burial grounds and they want it back. Those sites are often very powerful and hold burials that can date back a couple of thousand years or more as the native people will have recognized such an entrance to the underworld. Sometimes the attacking being is a guardian and is just doing their job. ... I have tried quite a few times to work on clearing such 'hauntings' and have failed miserably each time ... .

p. 77

I learned to communicate to an extent with such beings, but they are often very ancient, very hostile, and very powerful. They are immune to bargaining, have no sense of humor and ... If you come up with such a haunting, I would suggest you back out quietly while telling the people to sell up."

p. 77 unknown varieties of praeternatural entities

"Finally there are poltergeists, of which I ... have no idea how to get rid of ... . My theory is that they are faery-type beings with a warped sense of humour and a really good aim."

"The more you can watch and listen to a being in action, the more you will learn about it and be able to know where it has come from. If you cannot figure out what it is and where it came from, you can always ask it. I have done that ... and got straight useful answers which surprised ... me."



Assessing a Potential

78 to 94

pp. 80, 84 the authoress of this book

p. 80

"I have had people asking me my ... relationship details, everything."

p. 84

"I lucked out in that I married someone who is as mad as I am and we work together on this path."

p. 80 who readers of this book are

"I am assuming most people reading this are adept initiates, and/or religious/spiritual priests or priestesses."

p. 82 countreproductive effect of antidepressant drugs

"A lot of medications, like antidepressants, lower the human's ability to fight the being, so it digs deeper and the host has no power to stop it."

{The commonplace use of such drug is a cause for widespread infestations of human populations is "civilized" countries with malign spirits.}

pp. 82-3 weird shoulder-dislocation experienced by the authoress in the course of her combination of exorcism-work & Netherworld-excursions

p. 82

"after a job I did in NY to de-possess {de-obsess} someone. ...

{"Haides the gigantic had to endure with the rest the flying arrow when this self-same man, the son of Zeus of the aigis struck him among the dead men at Pylos, and gave him to agony; but he went up to the house of Zeus and to tall Olympos heavy at heart, stabbed through and through with pain, for the arrow was driven into his heavy shoulder" (Iliad 5:382 sq -- "H:H&H:H&SP"). [This is surely a mythic description of what our authoress (JMcC) suffered -- the term "heavy shoulder" would indicate the "burden of so many people" upon her shoulder.]}

p. 83

I then went into teaching that evening ... . I took 20 people, mostly beginners, into the underworld, and on the way back I began to struggle under the burden of so many people who could not carry their own weight. My shoulder ... popped out literally -- it dislocated under the inner pressure. To this day I have terrible pain and problems with that shoulder".

{Later on in her book (chapter "Long Term Management"), the authoress writeth that exorcism-work ought to be discontinued (retired from) when the exorcist resolveth upon teaching the exorcism-technique. The combination of doing both at the same time (on the same day) is perhaps what directly caused this effect (dislocation) in her own case.}

"H:H&H:H&SP" = "Haides : Hades & Herakles : Herakles and the siege" http://www.theoi.com/Khthonios/Haides.html#Herakles

p. 83 praeparing the environs of room for sleeping in by exorcist while praeparing for doing exorcism

"make sure you sleep with a lit candle in the room that has been tuned in to whatever stream you are working with and have a demon trap in the room with you."

pp. 84-6 vision of the Abyss

p. 84

"With your eyes closed, see yourself stepping through the flame and into the void ... . Spend a little time there ... feeling yourself expand in the nothingness. ... focus on the intent to go to the Abyss and

p. 85

with that step out of the void and yourself walking across a flat desert. You will see beings in the distance bound up as they sleep and wait. Pass by them ... . In the distance you will see a faint glow over the land and as you get closer you come to a large crack in the earth which seems to go down and down forever, and out of which is a faint glow of light -- this is the Abyss that flows through all worlds. As you stand on the edge of the Abyss, you become aware of the beings below and above in the Abyss, and of Divinity across the Abyss hidden in the mists that cloak the other side. Call for the keeper of the Abyss and out of the depths will rise a large being of human shape but monstrous size that stands within the Abyss and looks down to you.

Hold out your hand to him and whatever appears in your hand, you give as a gift. ...

{With this gift to the enormous Keeper, cf. the golden apples handed to the enormous Titan Atlas by his own daughers (GM 133.e).}

Ask the keeper to take you to an order of beings that would be willing to work with you as a guardian while you work in service. Tell the keeper the type of work you are doing {i.e., exorcizing} and the being will hold out his hand. Step onto the hand and the keeper will

lift you to a place higher up the Abyss than the human level

{so, there must apparently be (unlike in the Grand Canyon and similar features in the material planet Earth) a series of mesas within the Abyss which rise to levels higher than that of the circumambient desert-plateau whereon one hath walked to the edge of the Abyss}

to the place where there is an order of angelic beings that would be willing to work with you.

The keeper will place you on a ledge that juts out from a long dark tunnel. Out of that tunnel will come a being that will be willing to work with you. Commune with that being, tell it what you are trying to achieve, and ask it formally if it is willing to work with you. ... When you have come to an agreement, the keeper will lift you both down back to the edge of the Abyss and the two of you walk away from the Abyss and towards the desert.

As you walk along with this being, you notice things ahead of you that you recognize from ... your home. One thing in particular draws you ... that is in or near your home. You

p. 86

realize as you walk towards it that the being is looking into your mind to see a possible threshold that it can use to access you. ... The being comes back with you and tells you that the threshold that you just used will now be an access point for that being to use when you call upon it."

p. 86 to shield the divination-cards

"The best way to shield is to work within a ... tuned space with a working candle, and using spiralled cloth to lay the cards out on."

pp. 87-8 recorded sounds useful for exorcism

p. 87

"A ... pretty effective way to ... loosen a being is to play certain types of Tibetan chants.

I have an old CD that is a ritual cleansing and

p. 88

... I found out one day, quite by accident, that the sounds on the CD made it very difficult for demonic beings to be around. ... I work in vision with the music, reaching through the chants to connect with spirits that work with the music, and I have them guide me to take things out the host or the building."

p. 88 odors symptomatic of daimonic praesence

"The human body often reacts to possession by ... giving off ... rotten eggs/sulphur smell

{obsession, not possession! African spirit-possession caerimonies do not seem to report any such strange odors on the part of possessing-spirits.}

as the body struggles to expel the intruder.

{Struggle against an intruder is a feature of spirit-obsession, and not of spirit-possession.}

Some hosts develop a musty scent".

pp. 89-90 procedures to diagnose daimonic obsesssion

p. 89

"Lighting a candle and silently opening the gateways to death or the Abyss."

p. 90

"Putting a small effigy that is empowered with an angelic or destroying deity near the host."

p. 91 haunted houses

"the poeple who live there ... often report ... nightmares and sleep disturbances, uneasy feelings, etc. If the occupants have any natural inner sight, they will report seeing fleeting shadow-like movements, noises, voices, things moving, strange smells, doors refusing to open, doors or windows opening, lights turning on or off, things falling ... .

The most common intruders in houses are ghosts, faery beings, land spirits, parasites, and thought forms. ... They are usually drawn to a house by natural vortexes {vortices} on the land site or ancient power sites near by. They can also be drawn in by ritual ... demonic images or statuary".

pp. 91-3 instances of spirits abiding in African traditional religious artefacts

p. 91

"in California. The family had trouble with nightmares, personality changes in all the occupants, ... and fleeting shadow-type beings moving around [inside] the house. ... When I got upstairs I noticed an extensive collection of African masks, nail fetishes, and statues. As soon as I got close to them a being appeared and threatened me. ...

p. 92

So I went back to the house and talked to the beings in the collection. They were very angry and insulted to be where they were, and they felt they were being used in a disrespectful way. They wanted to be where people would interact with them, feed them, and work with them. ... In the end I contacted a friend of mine who was a Nigerian priest. ... His advice was to send the objects back to the country they had come from. Arrangements were made with people in Africa and the pieces were shipped back to Africa to be housed with someone who could deal with them properly."

p. 93

"I was once called out to a place where someone was being magically attacked quite badly. ... So I went in vision around [inside] the house and found a very aggressive being ... bound into a Barbie doll that the owner had been given upon leaving their house in Haiti. It had ... a being tied into it."


Josephine McCarthy (with Peter McCarthy) : The Exorcist's Handbook. Golem Media, Berkeley (CA), 2010.