Exorcist's Handbook, 6-8



Working with Dead People

95 to 107

p. 95 other book by authoress

"The work with a dying person, a coma patient, or a very recent death is addressed in my book The Initiates Companion Book". {unpublished?}

pp. 101-2 dealing with a parasitized haunting

p. 101

"remove the parasite before you try to deal with the dead spirit. ... . The removal of a parasite from a dead spirit can be real fun. ... In such a case, ... blessing the body {corpse} ... will usually get rid of the parasite, leaving the way forward to walk the dead spirit into death. If, however, the body has been cremated, you have to work purely in the inner worlds to remove the parasite from the spirit ... . There are two ways this can be approached and it is best to use both :

through the spirit image that exists in the inner pattern of the building,

and through the death vision itself.

To attempt the first part of this method of clearing, work in the building as is -- don't try to clear the space first because that will cause the spirit to become flattened to the periphery of the space which will make it much harder to deal with. ... Using inner vision, pass into the void first ... and then return into the space as the priest/ess. ... Once they are in your range, the parasite will be more visible than the spirit (... the spirit looking

p. 102

out of the eyes of the parasite,

{"can literally see through the eyes of any wraiths around her" ("N")}

which is the reverse of a living infestation whereby the parasite looks out of the eyes of the living). Treat it from this point like an ordinary parasite ... .

The spirit then needs immediate attention to take it into the death vision before another parasite can move in. ... You might have to do the death vision a couple of times ... just to make sure that the spirit has indeed gone into death and that there is no pattern left behind."

"N" = "Necromancy". http://www.angelfire.com/sc2/santacarla/necromancy.html

pp. 102-4 performing the death-vision

p. 102

"close your eyes. See ... with your inner vision ... the flame fall down into the earth and you are drawn to follow it. You and the flame fall down and down, deep into the underworld, leaving the surface world behind.

You land in a cave, landing on soft sand ... . In the cave is a river that flows in the darkness and you call out in the darkness for the boatman. A light appears on the river in the darkness and

a slow boat appears with an old man rowing it. A small lamp holds a flame at the head of the boat and he rows towards you.

{Cf. the "Afterdeath Ferry" (OFGuNR, p. 51).}

Once he pulls over to you, put your hand in your pocket and pull out a coin which you give to him. He helps you into the boat and rows off down

{The fare-coin (paid to ferryman Kharon) is an "obolos" (a word cognate with /apple/).}

p. 103

the river, which passes through dark tunnels that run deep in the underworld.

Sunlight appears ahead and the boat emerges out in

a landscape with mountains to your left and a desert to your right.

{similar to the course of the river Idigna/Tigris, traveling downstream}

He pulls over to the right hand side of the river bank and waits for you to get out. As you get out you become aware of people walking towards the river from the desert and of people sat {seated} beside the river. ... Stand among them and call the name of the dead person that you seek. ... Once you have him, look him over to ensure that no parasites are attached to him, and if they are, remove them and put them in the river. Once he is clean, turn him to face the river and show him a bridge that spans it. The bridge is usually guarded by two angels with swords. Walk him to the bridge and tell him that he must cross the bridge and walk into death. ... . ... angelic beings ... come to help, ... they change their appearance -- ... dressing in a way that the dead person expects them to look, and

may appear as a relative

{The real relative, of course, had by then returned to the material plane to redincarnate there.}

or religious figure. ... Once he has crossed the bridge, walk him to the mountains ... . ... As you approach the mountain, look for a pathway up the side of it that you can both walk. ...

p. 104

The higher you climb, the quieter the voices will become until you reach the top and it is silent. Angelic beings will be waiting at the top and they will ask the dead person to lie down ... . He will lie down and

the angelic beings begin to sing him to sleep and stroke him.

{In Hellenic mythology, sleep is induced (GM 64.2) by the moon-goddess Selene.}

The soul and spirit become disconnected at this point

{According to Meso-Platonic and Neo-Platonic psychology, the psukhe ('soul') separateth from the noos ('mind') at the sphaire of the moon.}

and the soul takes rest and renewal before tumbling back into life.

At this point your job is now done ... . Look beyond the angelic beings and you see a deep mist. ... Stepping through the mist you find yourself in ... the void ... and you will pass out of the void and find yourself stepping through the flame back into ... where you started."

OFGuNR = Kurt Leland : Otherwhere : a Field Guide to Nonphysical Reality for the Out-of-Body Traveler. Hampton Roads Publ, Charlottesville, 2001.

p. 105 exorcizing a house

"a well inside or under the house ... is like having a tunnel to the underworld right in the house. If there is such a thing in the structure, then it needs to be properly capped both physically and ritually -- a swirled and protected seal with the seal on the underside as well as the outer side ... . ... Feng shui can be useful in such circumstances ... . ... . ... use demon traps, swirls, hole stones".

pp. 106-7 haunted houses at burial-sites

p. 106

"Some ancient burial sites ... are guarded by large beings ... that can present as a haunting. In such a case ... the house is trespassing and the occupants are in the wrong by being there. In that sort of scenario, ... see if the people are able to spiritually interact with the site (i.e., become guardians themselves by tending to the dead, singing to the ancestral spirits, honouring their burials, etc).

Other than that the best advice ... is to move the house."

"The other thing that can happen on such a site is that an ancestral collective ... tries to move in to the living and the recent dead -- a sort of possession of both the living and the dead. ... This ... is a dangerous and difficult situation to attend to. ...

p. 107

I worked on such a situation once that was a burial site by the Trail of Tears in the U.S.A. The focus of the collective ... was a small lake by the burial site out of which beings would come and suck people's energy ... in their sleep and all the houses of the area were badly haunted. ...

I paid a very heavy price ... (the endocrine system is a big impact taker in such work) and I was very ill for a long time after.

{That could be a natural result of not having become sufficiently knowledgeable on the traditional religion of the Cherokee before undertaking occult work in the context of their religion.}

In hindsight I was arrogant in thinking I could handle it alone and it was in fact a job that needed a group of people working over a period of time."

{Furthermore, such "group of people" would needs consist of Cherokee traditional-religion practitioners.}



Removal of Daimonic Beings

108 to 123

pp. 110, 112 praeliminaries for performing an exorcism; positioning the obsessed person about to be exorcized

p. 110

"make sure that you are wearing a talisman that is designed only to protect you from death ... . ... Take out all images that are not sacred to their religion : remove all ... dolls, photos, ... stuffed animals, etc. -- anything that has a ... face can become influenced ... . It is not unknown for a demon to leave a human and take up residence in soft toy. Anything ... that can be identified with a life form is suspect ... . ... mirrors ... place ... propped ... facing the chair that the {obsessed} will sit ... in. Place a chair behind the {obsessed} person's chair which will be for you to sit in. ... Put a line of salt across the corner of the floor in each cross quarter, draw the curtains and hang/stick a swirl cloth on the back of the door. Put a small bowl of consecrated salt under the chair that the {obsessed} will sit in and a small bowl of consecrated salt and water {salty water} under your chair."

p. 112

"No one should be stood directly in front of the victim : such positioning will put a person at real risk ... . ... . ... sit behind the victim".

pp. 112-3 summon divine allies; don armour; and commence hand-to-hand combat with devils

p. 112

"close your eyes ... . Call upon the Angel of the Air {Prince of the Power of the Air?} to come to work with you and ... a very large angelic being ... appears in a whirlwind with many eyes {Argos Pan-optes?}, swords, and long hair. Step into the being, and smaller versions of the being will come to you to give you weapons and dress you in armour. ... it is really, really important to make sure you have good angelic armour on with no cracks or missing bits. ... .

p. 113

... be very careful. I was once working deep in the Abyss and a demonic being grabbed my foot. The armour that I had on was in layers and the [armour for the] foot came off like a sock. ... I had to fight with [the assistance of] angelic beings to get loose. ...

Once you are armoured, step out of the void ... in vision with the angelic being all around you like a suit. ... With the angelic being around you, look at the victim and you will immediately see the demonic being in and around them. ... Quickly grab the demonic being and ask if it is willing to leave with you of its own accord. ... If it does not, using the power of the angelic being around you, cut

the umbilical cord that connects it to the victim

{similar to the "silver cord" in astral-projection?}

and immediately bind it with ropes given to you by the Sandalphon. Sometimes this phase ... is an all out battle. ... If you get hit in vision by a demon, you will sustain a physical injury. I know -- I have ... battle wounds from such interactions ... . ... If the demonic being is of angelic content, then it might need to be bound in the desert and left there with a guardian. The Sandalphon will advise you if that is the case. If it is a substance-based demonic [being], which most are ... then it belongs in the Abyss."

pp. 114-5 taking entities into the Abyss

p. 114

"With your eyes closed, ... yourself holding the being along with the Sandalphon, step through the flame with focus on the intent to go to the Abyss, and with that step out through the flame, finding yourself walking across a flat desert. ... . ... you will come to a large crack in the earth ... . ... This is the Abyss ... . ... . Because the demomic beings tend to come from great depths in the Abyss, the Sandalphon may cloth[e] you in sand ... until you look like a rock. You call for the keeper of the Abyss ... . He will hold out his hand for you to step onto. All of you, angelic beings, you and the demon will be taken down the Abyss by the keeper ... . He will hold out his hand at a ledge that goes back into a tunnel that will lead to the area where the demon comes from. Go down the tunnel until it opens out into an area where others of that type of being are. ... Ask one of the angelic beings to hold the demon while you and a Sandalphon look into the back of the area for a crack or opening (that leads into the physical world) that would have enabled the demon to pass into our world. If you find the crack, seal it up using part of ... the 'filler' that he [the Sandalpo^n] gives you. Once it is filled, release the demon and leave the area. Once you are out of the tunnel and on the ledge, call the keeper who will be near by and have him take you back to the desert.

p. 115

Once you are back at the desert, ask the Sandalphon to take off the ... sand cover that was on you and walk towards the mist before you. Step through the mist into the void and drop your armour, step out of the angelic being that has been hosting you ... before stepping out of the void back into ... where you are working."

p. 115 the 'inner landscape'

"The inner landscape is a filter that facilitates the soul to express itself in the physical realm. ... When a human being becomes infested with parasites ..., it will often appear in the inner landscape. ... The being will then begin to assimilate itself into the landscape in an attempt to become 'part' of the human so that it can affect, control, and feed off the interactions of the human in everyday life."

pp. 116-7 working in the Inner Landscape

p. 116

"Go into the void ... and ask any attendant beings for the tools and protection to do your job. ... . Step back from the void ... passing into the body of the victim and travelling up his spine into his brain. Once in the deepest part of the brain, focus your intent on finding the inner landscape and a door will appear ... . Go through the doors and you will find yourself in a landscape.

Look around : take note of ... the nature growth {vegetation} or lack [there]of, the weather, any waterways, mountains, meadows, etc. There should be ... in the landscape ... the human himself. If the human appears younger than he really is, it can be a sign of what age the {obsession} really began : he becomes frozen in time. ... If a human appears, look to see if he has any umbilical cords attached to him, or something stuck to him. ... Just disconnect, take up what is attached to him and stick it in your sack ready for dumping. ...

Look around carefully, look for platonic solids (angelic beings that shouldn't be there), thought forms or constructs, parasites, demonic beings, etc. ... Gather up anything weird that you find and stick it in your sack. Once you are finished, gather up your sack and go

p. 117

through the void from the landscape ... and out into the desert : hand the sack to the keeper of the Abyss. Go back to the landscape and look around one more time. If you have removed something you should see the weather start to pick up and flowers start to appear -- this is the soul beginning to re[-]assert itself in the landscape. Once you have finished, go back out of the doors and close them behind you. Place your hands upon the door and call for

the two guardians (angelic) [of the doors] to pass through you into the door. This is where you have to bridge ... . ...

{With these two angels cf. the "two angels" guarding the "bridge" (supra p. 103).}

The guardians will appear in or around the door : take note of what they look like ... . That, in turn, will tell you ... how the infestation got in originally. (The need dictates the cure.)

Once all is done, step back into the void and let your tools go ... . Don't forget to drop your tools : they are, in reality ... used for specific actions ... and are not designed to be carried around".

pp. 118-9 exorcism of the substance

p. 118

"The next step is to exorcise the remnants from the physical body of the host, to ensure that no doorways, connections, or echoes remain in the victim. ... If not taken out the imprint will affect the health one way or another, and can ... lead to cancerous conditions.

A version that was used ... in an adjusted form in the early Golden Dawn, is effective and straightforward. ...

p. 119

The first part of the recitation calls upon an angelic threshold ... to intercede, then it calls upon the windows of Divinity".

pp. 120-1 cleansing events after the exorcism

p. 120

"Wash the mirror that was used ... and then wrap it in a swirl cloth. (The mirror will need to be put out in nature for a while just in case any residue was caught in it. ...)"

p. 121

"the victim ... is ... to put a bowl of consecrated water under the bed each night and pour it away each morning for at least a week, to mop up any psychic resonance."

pp. 121-2 recorded audio to be played for a recently-exorcized person

p. 121

"ensure that sacred music or recitation is played for a couple of hours each day. The sounds resonate in a

p. 122

way that makes return for a being very difficult : it makes the inner pattern of the building 'slippery' to beings trying to get a way into the house."



Non-Daimonic Beings

124 to 140

pp. 126-7 entry into the abode of the great goddess of the Netherworld {different place from Abyss}

p. 126

"see the flame with your inner vision and as you watch it, the flame falls down into the earth and you follow. You fall deep into the earth, falling through roots ... and caves, falling down and down in the darkness ... . As you fall, you hear voices, whispers, and find that you are falling through generations. All the ancestors of the land are around you as you fall, watching you, and calling out to you as you pass by. You fall into a pool of water, and as you climb out you see columns around the pool -- tall, ancient, and intricately carved columns designed to look like giant trees. ... You realize that you are in a massive underground space, and the floor beneath you is tiled with carved stones that look like faces and strange beings. In the distance you see flames and you walk towards them. As you get closer you see that it is an opening in the ground that fire is coming out of and its light reveals the space around you.

The roof is so high it vanishes into the darkness, and the cave is so expansive that you cannot see the walls in any direction.

{If they cannot be seen, how, then, can it be determined that there is any roof or any walls; that the location is not in the open countryside of whatever world it may be in?}

It is then that you see the feet : a little ahead of you is a giant pair of feet seemingly made of polished black stone. ... As you get closer, you see that they are attached to a colossal

p. 127

statue that is seated before the fire : the statue is of a goddess who is part lioness and part human.

Her black skin glows in the firelight and

{Eres^-ki-gal "the supreme goddess of the underworld" : "When angered, ... her lips grow black." ("A&ChD")}

her eyes watch you ... . The eyes move and you realize that what is before you is not a statue -- it is the great Goddess herself, deep in the Underworld.

She is seated upon a throne of volcanic rock and

{Eres^-ki-gal hath "a throne upon which she is to sit and give judgment." ("A&ChD")}

between her feet is a pair of golden doors that seem to lead to a chamber under her throne. Put your hand in your pocket and take out whatever you find there. Place it at her feet as a gift. ... Take note of what you give her ... .

The doors open as you look and priests come out to stand before you. ...

{Eres^-ki-gal's husband Erra "can open the doorposts to the underworld to allow the passage of a soul." ("A&ChD")}

Tell them who you are, what you do, and that you need specific skills to work with. The priests will look into you to see what you need and to see if you are capable of wielding the skills ... . If they see what you need, they will either hand you tools or put skills/tools into you. The Goddess then reaches down and picks you up

in her paw.

{cf. An-zu "with lion paws" ("A&ChD")}

She looks deeply into you until she has reached the depths of your soul. She will challenge you to vows, usually having to do with working with the tools ... . When she has finished, she will lift you high as she stands up. You will be lifted higher and higher until you reach the surface world. You will emerge out of a spring or pool of water and she will place you carefully on th earth before vanishing before vanishing back deep into the Underworld. Bathe in the spring and drink from it. It will give you strength and understanding."

"A&ChD" = "Anunnaki and other chthonic deities" http://www.voodoocan.com/anunnaki.htm

pp. 128-31 entry into the Hall of Elders

p. 128

"Go into the void and ... step out with the intent to go into the desert of the Abyss. Stepping out on to the desert, you walk towards the glow of the Abyss, observing the many beings that are bound ... in the desert until the allotted time of their release. Many of these are bound angels of destruction, held until the end ... . ... To the right of you, on the threshold of the Abyss, is a partially collapsed step pyramid ... . Moving closer, you see a child with golden hair sitting on a stone at the foot of the pyramid ... . He greets you as you reach the pyramid and puts out a hand ... . As you both touch, you feel his ancient power and he feels your intent. He points to

a stone staircase carved up the front of the step pyramid ... .

{thus resembling s Sumerian ziqqurat}

He tells you to climb the stairs ... . ... Climbing the large stone blocks you begin to feel strange. You smell very old smells from you childhood ... .

p. 129

Halfway up, ... The step is actually a flat path ... and you see an entrance to the pyramid before you and the path leading to the doors. ... You walk to the doors and put your hands upon them. The door moves under your hand and you realize the door is a being : an angelic keeper of doors to the Mysteries. The door keeper challenges you by appearing before you as a being with many eyes that look into all aspects of you. The keeper ... sees your compassion, wisdom, and love. ... The keeper then tells you how going into the Hall will affect the imbalances, and the rebalancing actions it will initiate in you life. ... If you are willing, then say so, and the doors will swing open to reveal a dark tunnel beyond. In the shadows ... you see

terrifying demons painted on the walls all around you

{thus resembling the painted walls of chambers within the antient pyramid at Cholula}

as you pass through the semi darkness towards the chamber up ahead. ... you come to a second set of doors and you hear talking beyond. ... . ... touch it, and the doors swing open revealing the hall beyond.

p. 130

The hall is circular and ... you step into it ... . In the brightness, around the edges of the hall stand a variety of elders, male and female ... . They are the ancient priests and priestesses ... . As you look closer around the hall you will see many magical symbols ... carved and painted upon the walls ... . ... They readily communicate with you and begin to merge into you ... . ... One of the human elders comes ... and begins to explain to you that ... they are preparing to leave the pattern of the human world and will soon be beyond reach. ... The elder touches your forehead and your chest,

another elder comes and touches your throat and the top of your head,

another touches your abdomen and your hands,

another touches your genitals and ribs,

another touches your feet and hair.

You feel line upon line {"line upon line" (Ys^a<yah 28:10 & 13)}

of magic, knowledge, wisdom, and energy flow through every part of your body. ...

p. 131

The act of communion with the sigil takes you very deep into the light of being and you fall and fall through light, spinning through all the worlds as you tumble through creation and power."

pp. 132-3 how to de-parasitize victims of spirit-parasites

p. 132

"Go in vision into the void ... . When you come out, as you cross the threshold, ask for the Sandalphon to work with you and they will appear beside you as you come out of the void. ... Once you are out of the void and stood in vision before the infected person, look into their body. Parasites ... appear as beings inside the body, often with tentacles or tendrils, and they tend to gravitate to the C[entral]N[ervous]S[ystem], the brain, the spine ... . If you see them, slowly detach them and put them in a sack. ... You can ... put them down into the Underworld, or take them into the void. ... Once you have cleared the beings out of the body, go back and look for eggs -- they seed themselves, and they tend to drop their eggs in the brain and down the spine. Take them all out and dump them over the Abyss -- they will go where they belong and where they are not considered parasitical."

p. 133

"But if the parasite has lodged deeply into her [internal] landscape you might need to get it out. ... You will also need to find what its physical manifestation is -- if it is that embedded in the landscape [of the body], then it ... means illness. Unfortunately, the most common manifestation is cancer".

pp. 134, 136 potentially long-term possession by a deity

p. 134

"It is extremely rare to find a person possessed [long-term] by a deity, but I have come across it and it is a weird one.

I am not talking about ... the short term possession of a spirit/deity that is so common in Voodoo and related traditions."

p. 136

"If you are presented with a true [long-term] deity possession, the human and the deity will be vocal and aware in the body. The host will be aware of what is going on and the deity will usually be right to the point about why it is here. If the reason for the possession is reasonable and something you can help with, then the best way forward is to [help that deity to] get the job done and the deity will go. ...

If there is no apparent reason for the deity possession, ... As a priest/priestess go in vision into the void and come back into the room -- you will immediately see the deity in person. ... place a hand upon the image and a hand upon the host. Ask the deity to pass through you and into the image so that it can have a place out in the world ... . Once the deity has passed in, you withdraw and come out of vision."

{In order to seem attractive to a deity, the image (painting or statue) would have to be one intended to be publicly worshipped in regular temple-based worship-services.}

p. 137 actually permanent possession by a deity

"If a deity does not go and pass into an image, then the host is basically stuck with it ... . He could turn it to his advantage ...; they beings are bridges to many worlds ... -- therefore there is much to be learned from them that would be useful in our world. It can be ... an ... online god-college."

pp. 137-8 how to verify possession by a deity

p. 137

"If you wish, as an exorcist, to verify that it is truly a deity possession, ... The person ... will have very impressive nature tricks depending on his areas of speciality (i.e., affect lightning, bring on storms, rain, sun, etc). ... . ... light a fire and sit and talk with

p. 138

him, and watch what the weather does as you touch on power topics. It will happen naturally, no need for commanding the wind or anything."

p. 138 "walk ins"

"There is a weirder and rarer type of possession that ... does happen ... . This type of possession is where a living human is invaded by the spirit of another living being who takes over the host to try to live through her."

pp. 139-40 "push ins"

p. 139

energy-victimization : "everything that was once owned by a person has a trail of her energy in it which is like a key to her 'house.' ... In vision, the exorcist must go and retrieve the object, take the energy imprint out of it, and take it into the void. ... Then, stepping out of the void and working with Sandalphon to shield and blend with the rocks ..., go to the territory/house ... . As you go around the house (going down the chimney ..., ... going up through the drains), look for the energy signature of the victim ... . Once you find the object/s, take the energy out of it and hold it within yourself. Cover the whole building and ... look for ... magical filters on altars to hide things."

p. 140

[concerning energy-intrusion :] "If it becomes intense and repeated, then it is possible that the sorcerer has bound angelic beings to operate on his behalf to facilitate the intrusion. If that is the case, then the beings will need to be unchained".


Josephine McCarthy (with Peter McCarthy) : The Exorcist's Handbook. Golem Media, Berkeley (CA), 2010.