"Physical bases for paranormal events"


pp. 53-95 Evan Harris Walker : "The Compleat Quantum Mechanical Anthropologist."

p. 56, fn. * (pp. 91, n. 6) by Walker, "a detailed theory to connect consciousness, brain functions, and quantum mechanics" :-

"The Nature of Consciousness." MATHEMATICAL BIOSCIENCES 7 (1970), pp. 131-78.

p. 61 report (p. 92, n. 12) on psychokinetic effects

Ingo Swann : To Kiss Earth Good-bye. NY : Hawthorn, 1975.

remarks by author (Walker)




In the state-vector of quantum-mechanics, "all events are robed in the attire of the "paranormal.""


"members of both camps concerned with the measurement problem in quantum mechanics have become interested in psi-phenomena and have expressed the opinion that a relationship may exist between quantum mechanics and parapsychology."


psychokinesis & extra-sensory perception : "PK does not involve any force. The nature of the phenomenon lies in the allowed quantum mechanical states of the system ... As in the case of ESP, control of the ci variables makes possible the control of the [object’s] path."


difference between practitioners of psychokinesis & of extra-sensory perception : "since there exists an asymmetry ... between the PK "encoding" and the ESP "decoding," differences in the distribution of ESP and PK ability may be detected."


difference between extra-sensory perception and communication : "ESP is not strictly speaking a communication process. ... the process giving rise to ESP is quite distinct from such".


materialistic physical science as a superstition : "the anthropologist who constructs a belief system to perpetuate 19th-century physical concepts does not build tomorrow’s science, but yesterday’s superstition."

remarks by editor (Long)




"Consciousness is a non-physical entity. ... establishing that consciousness is present requires measurement procedures that are topologically distinct from and more sophisticated than ordinary physical measures. In these ways, consciousness and psi have common properties".


"an entirely new view of psi, in contrast to the old energy-like model, namely that we may "choose" our realities and thus, by choosing, create them. (However, ... any reality-option model would be limited by energy-conservation constraints. ...)"

95, n. 58

{telepathically-transmitted} ""will," W" of the tester, imposed by "subliminal" mechanism upon the respondent : "we might suppose that one explanation for correct hits in clairvoyance experiments is the respondent’s failure to randomize agreements with the tester." [so, in accurate clairvoyance the tester is in telepathic control of the respondent, who hath failed to achieve independence of will.]


pp. 96-125 James B. Beal : "The Formerly "Supernatural"."

remarks by editor (Long)

pp. 97-8

pp. 122-5

p. 97 "Groff (1972) has shown that in the thousands of cases he has treated ..., many transpersonal experiences exhibited apparent psi characteristics suggesting that true psi may play an active role in many cases commonly labeled psychosis.

p. 122 S. Grof : "Varieties of transpersonal experiences." J. OF TRANSPERSONAL PSYCHOLOGY vol. 4 (1), pp. 45-80.

Van Dusen (1968) goes so far as to suggest that real psi entities may be present in so-called psychosis, and he claims a number of successful treatments based on this concept."

pp. 124-5 W. Van Deusen : "The presence of spirits in madness." In :- Fadiman & Kewman (eds.) : Exploring Madness. Monterey (CA) : Wadsworth.

p. 98 "Pearce (1971 : 2-3, 104, 111) has shown how the anthropologist may replicate ... psi."

p. 123 J. C. Pearce : The Crack in the Cosmic Egg. NY : Julian.

pp. 103-108 explained perception of unusual atmosphaeric electric effects



perception of it


"An earthquake causes a buildup in pressure in surrounding rocks ... crystalline in nature, the piezoelectric effect ... of ... which may be ... released just before an earthquake. In Japan "earthquake lightning" can occur in a cloudless sky. {"the lightning had come from a clear sky (... 73)." This was immediately succeeded by an action on behalf of Poseidon, god of earthquakes (B, p. 383)} In Tashkent, ... a "sky glow" preceded a quake by several hours. ... The ionosphere above Hawaii ... long-wave radio reflecting layer ... absorbed all signals, and the Navy’s Omega navigational system ... drifting uncontrollably. ...

the animals sense a sudden change in the ... low-frequency and ES field background. ... Animals have the same reaction to radiated energy of hurricanes and tornadoes."


"countries suffer from ... dry winds containing an excess of positive ions. Italy has the sirocco, ... France has the mistral and the United States has the Chinook and Santa Ana winds. ...

Older persons become fatigued, apathetic, depressed, and sometimes faint."


"Approaching storm-fronts appear to have a local E-field variation ...

Reaction time delay, headaches ... occur".

B = Richard C. Jebb : Bacchylides. Cambridge U Pr, 1095.

pp. 108-113 unexplained perceptive abilities




"The ability of many individuals to hear radar microwave as "buzzing like bees," is well documented, as are ... reports of "hearing" aurora displays and meteors passing."


"Dowsing or water-witching, pipe-locating, and radiesthesia are all related ... and unexplained. ... Rocard wonders if nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) can be the physical



" "Psychotronic machines" ... (Abram’s Box, the de la Warr Radionic Diagnostic Instrument, and the Pavlita Psychotronic Generators) ... seem to require the man-machine relationship, where the human being is part of the detector circuit ... Persons using this equipment appear to act as receivers of subliminal information."

pp. 113-114 human aura




" "Aura" may ... be ... a type of ... biological field radiation, like the thermal radiation patterns ... on the body ...

the Kirlian phenomena ...


have been covered extensively (Krippner and Rubin [(eds.) : Galaxies of Life – the Human Aura. NY : Gordon & Breach,] 1973)".


"Fire-walking" : "An altered state of consciousness is required; ... An ES field created by properly placed high-voltage ... probes can cause red-hot metal objects within the field to cool perceptibly. ... PK phenomena often are accompanied by a cooling effect. Crookes reported this in his investigations of D. Hume in the 19th century."

"In some of the psychokinesis (PK) experiments with Alla Vinogradova in Moscow, in which she moves various objects about on a dielectric surface without touching them, there is sufficient ES energy around the object to light a small neon glow tube ... This is ... not via our familiar space-time laws which would indicate that there should be energy manifestations ... all the way from the operator to the object."

pp. 115-116 telepathy in Russia




"1 Several research centers have been established specializing in biological radio communication (telepathy) ...

2 Teams of scientists ... have been organized to investigate telepathy ...

3 Experiments involving long-range thought transference have been conducted – Leningrad to Moscow ... and Moscow to Tomsk ..."


"in telecommunication, normally only qualitative symptoms eliciting some kind of sensation (shape, color, hardness, etc.) are perceived".

pp. 116-117 sorcerer’s apprentice




"Extrasensory perception is an ability, like talent in any area, which should be improved with use and training. Teaching machines and biofeedback equipment are now being used with some success as ESP training aids (Tart [(ed.) : Altered States of Consciousness. NY : John Wiley,] 1969)."


"This equipment can also be used in telepathy experiments. ... It is apparent that through the history of ESP investigations, subjects who get no reinforcement in the testing procedure deteriorate in their ESP performance; those who receive reinforcement improve."

"In experiments combining the observation of brainwave activity with a measurement of ESP ability, it has been found that the subject’s best performance on ESP tests often occurs at those times when their alpha performance is the greatest. It therefore seems desirable to combine the use of alpha feedback with the use of ESP teaching machines".

p. 118 antient geophysical orientation

"a number of ancient cultures knew about the vectorial relationship existing between the EM field direction and the neuraxis, and that the geomagnetic field appeared to affect the functioning of higher neuronal centers. ... the ancient Chinese, for example, ... felt that beneficial health, mental, and spiritual qualities could be obtained by proper geophysical orientation of homes and religious shrines in relation to earth’s magnetic poles, subterranean steams, geology, and topology. Thus, the reappraisal of ... ancient literature in myths, ... religious systems, and philosophies, where applicable in the field of psychic phenomena, is warranted."

pp. 119-120 further comments by editor (Long)




"the danger is that anthropologists will work more and more in a vacuum and will drop out of the forefront ...


without ever contributing anything new. ...

The task at hand is to reexamine primitive beliefs in conjunction with modern technology [fn. * = Beals : "New Advances in Parapsychology", feature-session of the 1974 Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers’ International Convention Technical Papers] and determine what evidence exists for their validity or in what ways concepts of these diverse systems support one another."


Joseph K. Long (ed.) : Extrasensory Ecology. The Scarecrow Pr, Metuchen (NJ), 1977. pp. 52-125.