"Psi & archaeological reconstructions"


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"One must become accustomed to the realization that, in terms of Jung’s "synchronicity" and "meaningful coincidences" (Koestler 1973), a pattern emerges which suggests that the research program is being "led" or "directed.""

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pp. 305-312 Zbigniew W. Wolkowski : "Magdalenian Paragnostics."

pp. 305-306 comments by editor (Long)




"His interest in psi ... originated from his observation about the effects of heat on ... an iron object which then lost its psi properties for psychometric analysis". {just as magnetized iron will lose its magnetism if heated}


"because of the vastness of Ossowiecki’s work, because of the unanswered questions about the Upper Paleolithic, and because of the radical shifts of accepted archeological opinions over the past ... years, ... a thorough archeological examination of Ossowiecki’s and Re’ant’s paragnostics is in order."

pp. 306-310 Stefan Ossowiecki




"Born to a Polish family in 1877, Stefan ... was extensively studied by such eminent researchers as Richet and Geley of the French Institut Me’tapsychique International, who experimented with him repeatedly in Warsaw and Paris. Similarly, he attracted the attention of von Schrenk-Notzing of Germany, Mackenzie of Italy, and Dingwall of Britain."


"On August 5, 1944, he himself was ... massacred with many others in the headquarters of the Gestapo in Warsaw."


"I visited Mr. Swida, Stefan’s stepson, in Chicago, where ... I discovered a number of unpublished materials, above all, a unique manuscript, Parapsychological Probing of Prehistorical Cultures : Experiments with Stefan Ossowiecki, from 1937 to 1941. This ... document contains over 400 pages and 200 drawing describing a wide range of European settlements of Solutrean, Pre-Mousterian, Magdalenian, Kentian, and Aurignacian cultures. Stefan worked on these experiments with ... Stanislas Poniatowski, professor of prehistory and ethnography at the University of Warsaw. ...


Chapter 29 of the unpublished manuscript on the Magdalenian culture, ... in ... the use of body painting ... In another section, on the Asturian culture, there is a very precise description of a unicorn ... of a myth extant at the time".


"Raymond Re’ant is being studied currently in relationship to ... parapsychological problems ... which relate to archeology. ...


Some of Re’ant’s archeological work involves paranormal abilities of primitive peoples, but the most ... have ... bearing on UFOs."


pp. 313-329 Jeffrey D. Goodman : "Psychic Archeology."

comments by editor (Long)




"With the help of a trance sensitive in Oregon who worked on various maps ..., Goodman pinpointed a location".


"I am informed that archeological dowsing is commonly used in Europe, ... without mention of the dowsing in published site reports."

"Weiant ([: "Parapsychology and anthropology." MANAS 13 (15)] 1960 : 1-8) utilized it in ... excavation of Tres Zapotes in Mexico."


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