From Birth to Rebirth, 15-20

[information retrieved from hypnotized subjects by hypnotist-author]






Evolution of Awareness



Subject # 1



Subject # 2



Subject # 3



Subject # 4



Life on Lost Continents












Future-Life Progression



Observations of the Future



Life Changes



Colonization on Centauri



Extraterrestrials Adapt



Extra-ordinary Future Life



Life on Other Planets



In the Pink



The Watchers



City Beneath the Sea



Utopian Incarnation



Past-Life Regression


pp. 141-3 15.1 Evolution of Awareness, # 1

p. 141

[F] "I then took her to her death experience. ...

[statement by subject # 1 :] "I sensed that my 'soul' was not complete, that it was only an essence of my nature ... . ... . ... I was part of a plasma of feeble consciousness, joining others like me who have died, so as to move toward what eventually may become a soul. ...

p. 142

One of the Master Spirits plucked me out of a group of essences, held me up and smiled. ... I first became conscious of being ... . ... I felt closer to the light than I have {read : "had"?} ever been. ...

I died ... and went to the light to a special place, where there were no animals .. . There were Masters there, who ... told us when and where to incarnate."

I advanced her to the next incarnation ... . ...

p. 143

As a young woman she began to experience a heightened awareness of divine light. ... She was killed ... . As her spirit rose to the light, she was greeted by those ... who had died before her. ... She felt there are many levels within the spirit plane. ... She also was aware that other planes existed above and below these levels."

pp. 143-5 15.2 Evolution of Awareness, # 2

p. 143

[F] "Advanced to the last day of life, this ... subject now seemed to move upward toward a bright light that seemed to be far away. As the light became brighter, she felt ... the presence of someone who was trying to communicate with her. Then she felt the sensation of being scooped up and almost immediately sensed that she was ... swimming upstream, only to see once again the bright light. She kept

p. 144

moving upwards into the whiteness and this time she saw figures moving about, as she felt herself again picked up by one of these figures. He was a large spirit with a white beard and hair. He stroked her and told her telepathically that she was going back. She now felt darkness all around her ... . ... Responding to my request ..., she replied, "I'm a human female ... . ... I live in a cave, where we have drawn pictures of animals on the walls." When advanced to being a young woman she described the very primitive ... tribe ...; sex[ual intercourse] was indiscriminate. ... Another tribe ... took many of the women away, including her. She described her remaining life as a virtual sex slave, being raped many times a day. ... She soon died, and as she did, she sensed that she was floating toward a beautiful light ...

p. 145

and recognized the tall white-haired Master Spirit ... . ... She then said, "... The Masters are now giving me instructions and I must go ... I have no choice." The subject entered darkness again and found herself in a new lifetime on Earth. ... Later in that lifetime ... she was killed. This time, as she entered the light, she immediately felt healing energy and knew intuitively that she was a complete soul."

"this subject had been regressed to her first human life ... several months earlier [in her current lifetime]. During that session she recalled the same ... life she had experienced in this session. The lives were identical in every detail. In my experience, ... when a subject is asked to return to a life that has already been previously recalled ..., the details of both lifetimes are identical, regardless of the time that has passed between recollections."

p. 146 15.3 Evolution of Awareness, # 3

[F] "Upon death, she entered what she described as a bright light ... . She soon reincarnated on Earth as a primitive female, where she soon learned how to share with others."

pp. 146-8 15.4 Evolution of Awareness, # 4

p. 146

[F] "The subject responded, "I died ... . ... . ... I now felt myself rising. It became brighter as I rose higher, until I was totally surrounded by light. ..." ...

p. 147

I advanced the subject to the next incarnation. ...

"There are no [pictorial] drawings. We do not have fire ... . ... There are other creatures like us, but they are bigger ... . ... They communicte better among themselves than we do ... . ..." ...

After being advanced to the death experience, the subject again spoke. "One night I died in my sleep ... . I saw a bright light ... . ... I then saw trees and birds ... . ... I was greeted by spirits ... .

p. 148

... I could hear the Masters speaking in my mind ... they are saying that they need to see what they are working with ... the foundation of my soul ... . ... There are three Masters; I'm only able to see their faces ... white beards ... . I have no choice now; I will incarnate as they instruct me to. ...""

p. 151 16.1 Lemuria -- "from 60,000 B.C. to 30,000 B.C." ("as described by several subjects under deep hypnosis")

"Lemuria as having multiple dimensions and no physical location. The inhabitants, many of whom were originally from other galaxies, existed in spirit form, and their etheric appearance took on the color of their energy. The Lemurians communicated telepathically and would be tuned into frequencies originating from human beings ... . With the intention of helping those Earthlings ..., individual Lemurians would instantly travel to specific locations by just thinking themselves there. ... If they chose ..., they would ... enter as a walk-in, which would require an agreement with a particular soul who is leaving. (A walk-in is ... a spiritual entity who makes an agreement with an existing soul which is occupying a physical body for the purpose of exchanging places.)"

pp. 152-3 16.2 Atlantis -- "from 23,000 B.C. to 11,000 B.C." (likewise as described by "Several subjects")

p. 152

"the "rejuvenation chambers" ... were located inside a special pyramid that contained ... a rather large crystal that served as a generator. The power of this crystal generator was modulated and shielded by the design of the pyramid ... . Other crystals inside the pyramid were placed in precise locations for the purpose of ... the use of specific sound wave energy. These crystals were aligned in such a way so as to activate other crystals to gain the maximum amoutn of energy needed to effect healing or longevity. ...

p. 153

These pyramids were used to concentrate crystal energy for ... interdimensional travel".

p. 154 16.3 destruction of Atlantis

"Some of the ruins of these huge crystal generator plants are submerged in the area of the Bermuda Triangle".

p. 155 17.1 observations of vehicles in the future, by future-life progressions

by Chr.E.



"vehicles could hover."


"these same vehicles could not only hover, they ... were automatically progammed with a set course and destination."

p. 156 17.2 life changes observed of the future, by future-life progressions

by Chr.E.



"Contact with extraterrestrials had become commonplace."


"homes ... could be suspended in the air ..., up to 60 stories {storeys} high {tall?}."


"communication was mostly telepathic, and humans could travel with or without the physical body."


"extraterrestrials ... were very useful on long trips throughout the cosmos, while humans remained in suspended animation."


"cities found it necessary to be enclosed in a 'protective bubble', ... because of the harsh environmental conditions."

{I once (decades ago) dreamt of seeing a city having a transparent dome over it; curved-winged aircraft were flying into and out from it by way of an aperture in the dome's apex.}

p. 157 17.3 colonization on Centauri {Kentauroio ('of Kentauros' [-- is this intended as the Centurion Longinus, whose spear pierced the body of the crucified Christ?]}

[F] "the seventh subject ... was progressed ... . She and a contingent ... boarded a spaceship and left Earth ... . They eventually arrived on another planet to colonize and survive ...

on this planet called Centauri."

{In the constellation Centaurus is located the "Great Attractor" (unexplained centre-of-gravity) of our group of galaxies.}

pp. 157-9 17.4 extraterrestrials adapt

p. 157

[F] "I'm wearing a white and silver reflective covering over my entire body ... . ...

p. 158

Ours is a number language, the numbers having meaning. We speak rapidly in a high-pitched, monotone voice. ... Everyone is very thin with exaggerated arms and hands. Our faces are flat and wide, and we have big eyes, with a small mouth. ...

p. 159

When we cook, we eat by breathing it in".

p. 161 18 part-machine

[F] "she found herself in the future in the year 4586 A.D. ... "I see us as hybirds ... part human, part machine. ... We share consciousness. ... I'm telepathic and adaptable. ...""

pp. 163-4 19.1 in the pink

p. 163

[F] "Everything is pink ... our skin and the atmosphere. ... There are no teeth or ears, and only holes for the nose. Language is like a vibration from our small mouth. ... There is no day or night. Everything is pink all the time, like a {tropical} sunset. ...

p. 164

There are no tides and no boats in the ocean. We walk or fly with our bodies. ...

There are different types of beings here, some taller, and some with a blue or green color. ...

When we feel the time has come, we make a decision to die. Our body is left in the house until it ... evaporates, leaving only

the head, which is then placed in the ocean."

{Mainad women "tore Orpheus limb from limb. His head they threw into the river ..., but it floated, still singing, down to the sea" (GM 28.d).}

GM = Robert Graves : The Greek Myths. 1955.

pp. 164-5 19.2 the Watchers

p. 164

[F] "was regressed to being a male on a warm planet, very close to the sun. He is a "watcher" of a path leading to a fortress. He has a long metal rod with a crystal at the top, which reflects the sun ... .

He watches ... the wristbands

{The "Watcher" <azaz->el ""Taught ... the workmanship of bracelets" ("NW").}

and necklaces worn by all the inhabitants. The color of these bands represents their status. His is red and amber, the status of a "watcher." The inhabitants are ... tall, around 7', with burgundy eyes ... . Their skin is gray ... . No one eats meat ... . The inhabitants thrive on light

p. 165

reflected in crystals. They whisper, touch, and understand through this light. ... When the inhabitants get old, they ... eventually die but ... immediately

turn into dust.

{"from ashes to ashes, from dust to dust"}

The subject was taken through the death experience and went to the light ... of a purple color.

In his book, Saving Lost Souls, William Baldwin states that in the afterlife light that aliens return to following death varies in color".

"NW" = "Names of the Watchers";wap2

pp. 165-7 19.3 city beneath the sea

p. 165

[M] "a life as Rolo on a planet called Ur. Rolo began by stating that he was under water in an enclosed transparent vehicle heading towards a city lying at the bottom of an ocean. ... As Rolo approached the city, he described it as enormous and enclosed within a gigantic 'bubble'. ... As his tiny vehicle passed through this ... shimering

p. 166

wall of energy, he could see the tall buildings and the vast multitude of inhabitants flying about as

they held on to saucer-shaped discs

{cf. the discus grasped by Acyuta Kr.s.n.a, a hero whose city Dvaraka is likewise said to lie sunken underwater, offshore from Gurjara-Suras.t.ra}

which he said are automatically programmed to go to a destination by telepathically tapping in to the passenger's thoughts.

... Rolo ... stated that his skin

was covered with soft scales that appeared iridescent, reflecting multiple colors.

{Likewise, the "rainbow anaconda" in the river Amazon is covered with iridescent scales.}

He and other inhabitants looked extremely similar ..., with very wide ears. Their eyes were large; the nose appeared as two openings above rather full lips.

Male genitalia were tucked into the body and would protrude only when necessary.

{This is likewise true of most mammalian species. It is, for male humans, achievable by meditation-techniques. (I achieved it once, in Ch., IL.)}

Sex[ual intercourse] was indiscriminate. Everybody, males and females, had multiple partners; there was no such thing as marriage ... . Males controlled the production of their sperm with their mind ... .

Children were cared for by the government ... . ... .

{as in the Politeia (Republic) of Platon.}

... religion was not practiced, as everyone thought life was perfect.

{This would not be a viable reason for not practicing any religion. Not only is the usual motive for practicing a religion, to maintain continuation of the already-praevalent mode of life; but also religious contemplation and ritual would be continuously necessary in order both to acquire and to maintain the ability of telepathy, which is not a natural characteristic of souls of mortals, but is a power extended to mortals from the aeternal deities by grace, due to those deities being sufficiently gratified by the mortals' worship-services.}

p. 167

Individuals communicated telepathically and created their own entertainment in the same fashion".

pp. 167-8 19.4 utopian incarnation

p. 167

[M] "His Spirit Guide was extremely helpful in assisting me ... . ...

p. 168

He described Quasar as a large Jupiter-sized planet that was located in another galaxy. It was surrounded by three suns and five moons and was populated by five billion inhabitants ... . One exception was ... having three stomachs and two hearts. There were no separate nationalities or countries; however, facial differences were unmistakable."

pp. 170-1 20 past-life regression

p. 170

"Dr. Jeffrey Mishlove ... his tenacious adherence to William James's psychogenic illnesses [supra p. 123] was very much out of the ordinary

p. 171

boundaries of my experience. When I questioned Carol Ann Dryer, a well-known psychic, regarding this unique series of events, her response was that such occurrences served as a form of validation of Jeffrey Mishlove's past life as William James."

Charles V. Tramont : From Birth to Rebirth : Gnostic Healing ... . Swan Raven (an imprint of Granite Publ), Columbus (NC), 2009.