From Birth to Rebirth, 21-22

[information retrieved from hypnotized subjects by hypnotist-author]



Contact with Extraterrestrials



Material Channeled



Alien Influence



Communication with Spirit-Guides



Spirit-Guide Experiment



Spirit-Guide # 1



Spirit-Guide # 2



Spirit-Guide # 3



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Spirit-Guide # 5



Spirit-Guide # 6



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Insights from Spirit-Guides



Subject # 1



Subject # 2



Subject # 3



Subject # 4



Admonishment by Spirit-Guides : 1 & 2



Spirit-Guide Explaineth "Walk-Through"



Speaking to the 'Elders' : 1, 2, & 3


pp. 173-4 21.1 material channeled (i.e., true spirit-possession)

p. 173

[F] ""I am an essence that has taken on bodily form. My mission is to promote peace. ... I want people on Earth to cooperate with one another. ...

I can stay in bodily form for a lifetime, but I can go ... beyond the stars that we can see. My name is Adari." ...

p. 174

The channeling stopped as mysteriously as it had begun, and the subject remained very quiet. I woke her up slowly. What she had to say confirmed ... this being a true channeled conversation with an extraterrestrial. She said that the words spoken had 'originated beyond her'".

pp. 174-5 21.2 alien influence

p. 174

[F] "In a dream state, she had seen herself in a dome-shaped area, being programmed ... to remember symbols ... . ... Under deep hypnosis, I was able to bring this ... subject up to her Higher Self and had her call forth her Spirit Guide. Once the Spirit Guide was present, ... I then questioned the Spirit Guide ... .

p. 175

... "On the count ..., please help ... go back to an alien culture that he lived in ... ."

[She] began to speak, "I'm looking at a power plant. I'm living on

the planet Moldec;

{This planet's name is usually written /Maldek/.}

it's close to Mars ... . ...

{Usually, the asteroids are asigned to Maldek.}

I am in a group of reptilians. ... I am one of them; I hear their voices telepathically. They are making guttural, hissing, and gurgling sounds. ... They can control people's minds here on Earth ... . ... They make contact with me through my mind and physically through my dreams when they take me out of body to their ship.""

pp. 178-81 22.1 spirit-guide experiment

p. 178

"After taking subjects to their Higher Self hypnotically, I would ask them to silently call for their their Spirit Guide or Guides and inform me of their presence when they would see, hear, or otherwise sense the presence ... of these spiritual beings. The subjects would report their presence ... and would ... relay a vivid description of their Guide, along with his {or her} name.

I would then ask their Spirit Guide ... questions ... . ... The spiritual entity would telepathically communicate the answers to my subject who would then impart this information to me verbally. ...

{I have often carried out such a process of quaestioning a spirit through a person who was hearing that spirit's voice.}

What the Spirit Guides had to say was often profound, illuminating, and laden with wisdom. ...

p. 179

Out of curiosity I decided to ask the Guides if they could see and describe my Spirit Guide. ... The responses were ... consistent ... . ...

p. 180

As if this were not impressive enough, the patient also exhibited xenoglossy, the ability to speak a language not learned. ... That evening I informed my wife of this ..., and in her usual psychic manner, she proceeded to tell me that in her mind's eye she could see my coat of arms on a flag. ...

p. 181

The following [pp. 182-4] contain ... excerpts of dialogue from the .... Spirit Guides with whom I had made contact".

pp. 182-4 22.2-10 purported descriptions of author's own personal spirit-guide {These descriptions, which are all in terms of military combat, are so far removed from the author's own non-military inclinations as to be quite inappropriate. Evidently, these descriptions were sarcastically dubbed in by the spirits speaking through the hypnotized subjects, in order to ridicule (and thus admonish) the author on account of the author's excessive reading of political history when the author ought to have been more strictly reading only spiritual (esoteric occult metaphysical) topics.}






"Your Spirit Guide was with you ... . ... His shield was red, black, and gold, and shaped like a diamond {lozenge, trapezoid}."


"I see your Spirit Guide ... . His shield is of a red, black, and gold metal design and is diamond shaped."



"Your Spirit Guide is very strong ..., and is stoic."


"Your Spirit Guide ... carries a shield, which is mostly red. ... Your colors were red with black, and your castle was in France, by a mountain, overlooking the ocean."


"Your Spirit Guide is in a white robe. ... Your heraldry involved orange and red colors, with a silver cross and a lion. Your castle is on the coast of France."


"I see someone in armor waving."



"I see a silver cross on black with red. ... I see a cat with no hair and an open mouth."


"I see an image of a man. He's wearing something shiny and red".


"Your Spirit Guide is a well-built male, with very dense energy."

pp. 185-9 22.11.1 insights from spirit-guides : subject # 1

p. 185

"parallel lives" : "The soul ... splits... . ... There are many souls that split ... they attain a different perspective of the same situation."

"pyramids" : "They are found on other planets as well as Earth. ... Extraterrestrials built the pyramids ... they chose the stones used in the construction for their resonating ability. ... Souls that incarnate as walk-ins

p. 186

on Earth use them for transfer of consciousness into a physical human being."

pp. 186-7 22.11.2 insights from spirit-guides : subject # 2 [F]

p. 186

"pyramids" : "They are used for healing and longevity and as a rejuvenation area, with crystals amplifying the healing patterns. Essences and sounds assist the spirit in leaving the body so that the body can be worked on; later the spirit returns. ... The pyramids would be aligned with portals to allow intergalactic and interdimensional travel."

p. 187

"Extraterrestrials ... travel faster than thought".

"qualities ... humans possess in order to access other realms" : "Pure intention."

"extraterrestrials from many different realms" : "they have a much higher vibrational frequency and use many portals to travel to many galaxies. They travel with an intention before the thought is even formed. ... It's instantaneous."

"intelligent beings residing deep inside the Earth" : "They are now working with core magnetics and magnetic energy of the universe."

pp. 187-9 22.11.3 insights from spirit-guides : subject # 3

p. 187

"There are as many souls as stars in the sky".

p. 188

"Spirit Guides are assigned to specific souls to render them help in many ways. They help in dreams or in the waking state."

"religion and moral conduct ... are warped by people seeking power."

"parallel lives" : "If there is a need to ... learn the lesson from a different perspective, the soul splits and occupies two bodies. The soul can split more and occupy more bodies, but ...

p. 189

the soul often limits itself to two bodies at the same time, or at overlapping times in one's life. Both parts of the soul contain the Higher Self. This splitting of the soul allows it to see both sides of a situation at the same time or within a period of time; thus information is exchanged between Higher Selves ... . This information can also be transferred to others in those lifetimes who are receptive."

pp. 189-90 22.11.4 insights from spirit-guides : subject # 4

p. 189

"the gap between thoughts" : "It's peace and love; it's where we are complete and create. ... It's where we find our true self and know who we are."

"There are no such things as evil souls, just dark souls who don't go to the light. ... Darkness surrounds these dark souls, and it is necessary for them to shed the darkness before they can see the light. ... Eventually all discarnate souls go to the light, even the dark discarnate souls."

p. 190

"pyramids" : "They were made by extraterrestrials. They were used ... as beacons for interdimensional travel."

pp. 190-1 22.12.1 admonishment by spirit-guides : # 1 (insights from spirit-guides : subject # 5 [F])

p. 190

"this particular subject (Subject Five) informed me that she's resistant to a particular life that we were about to regress her back to. She had the feeling that she should not know about this lifetime ... . She said she was being told this by a higher power. ... The session continued, and I now had the subject recall a different life, a medieval life ... . Midway through the regression, the subject's female Spirit Guide interrupted by telling the subject that this is what she doesn't want ... . The Spirit Guide explained to her that she is trying to ease the subject to where she needs to go ... this way is too forceful. According to her

p. 191

Guide, it was all about timing, and the subject was not finished with what she needed to do in her present lifetime. ... The Spirit Guide made it clear to me that she wanted more time to work with the subject before we accessed more lives and expanded her awareness any further. ... Making known to the Spirit Guide that I would be most happy to comply with her wishes, ... I returned the subject to the present time and gave her ample time to communicate further with her Spirit Guide ... . ... Her Spirit Guide ... then said that the subject has one mission, to prepare for the future, and I'm diverting energy from its proper place."

p. 192 22.12.2 admonishment by spirit-guides : # 2 (insights from spirit-guides : subject # 6 [F])

"In an attempt to take Subject Six back to a parallel life with her [male] Spirit Guide, ... Before the subject could recount that lifetime, the Spirit Guide opened the dialogue with,

"... The time came when she left me. There are things she must experience ... don't disturb her! Let her go, she has to find her own way. I am with her but now I am in spirit and cannot help. We were happy then, but there was a thirst for knowledge, and we both decided that she should leave. I was many lives with her, but that is not my reality now that I am in spirit. ... You are interfering with some lifetimes. Parallel lives are usually in a different reality ... I warn you ... leave her alone! ... Most people are not open to these realities. ... It is the journey that matters, the evolution of our soul. ... We can have many parallel lives at one time. ... When we have a multiplicity of lives, we can travel from one to the other. Those who are aware of their psychic gifts and have the proper intention can do this. ... You are being guided.""

pp. 193-4 22.13 spirit-guide explaineth "walk-through" (insights from spirit-guides : subject # 7)

p. 193

"Indirectly channeling through a subject's Spirit Guide, I decided to pose this question : When a person is regressed to a past life, is that past life his {or hers}, or has that individual somehow tapped into the akashic records and relieved another's lifetime as if it were his own?

The spiritual entity responded authoritatively, ... "The akashic records are very orderly. Every incarnation has been tracked and everyone has access to nit collectively, so that each soul can access any portion of other lifetimes before he incarnates. Thus a soul may make an agreement with another soul to temporarily occupy the same body, and with this permission, physically visit that lifetime. ... It is similar to a 'walk-in', wherein a bodiless soul makes an agreement with the host soul that resides within a person with the express purpose of exchanging places permanently. The visitation is similar in that it requires permission of the occupying soul, but it is different in that it is temporary, requiring a specific amount of Earth-time for the visiting soul to complete its lesson. Think of the visitation as a 'walk-through'; the soul in charge is allowing another soul to 'walk-through', so that this other soul may also experience that being." ...

p. 194

It immediately dawned on me that this so-called "walk-through" phenomenon

could explain why in some cases I have only been able to validate a portion of certain past lifetimes and not the entire lifetime. ... This ... information from the spiritual realm was indeed ... just what I needed to encourage and shore up my belief system about the entire process of reincarnation ... . Thinking this through further, I wondered if this so-called "walk-through" could also be considered a form of a parallel life, a situation that occurs when a soul splits so it may occupy two bodies at the same time for the purpose of learning lessons from differet perspectives. At this moment, words I had heard from this Spirit Guide ... : "A shared aspect of a soul ..." ... could easily be referring to both a soul dividing so as to occupy two physical beings (a parallel life) or to two souls sharing the physical experience of a particular human being (a walk-through)."

pp. 195-6 22.14.1 speaking to the Masters {and Mistresses} (also known as 'Elders') : # 1

p. 195

"This subject (Subject Five) had one particular Master, by the name of


{/RO>eh/ 'seer' (Strong's 7203) + /H.LO^M/ 'dreamer' (Strong's 2472) + /<ANan/ 'soothsayer' (Strong's 6049)}

who would comunicate with her from the spirit plane. ... A fews days later, while working with another subject who was aware of several Masters being present, I asked if I could communicate directly with a Master Spirit by the name of Roholoman. I was told no. ... Once again I communicated with him, and he started off the conversation by saying, "... You asked to speak to me through another." ... During the same session, Roholoman volunteers information about Spirit Guides in general. "Of the Guides' many responsibilities, helping individuals know themselves and protecting them are primary. Knowing thyself is knowing thy soul. ... Have faith ... ."

p. 196

Having completed her tenth regression and gone through the death experience, Subject Five found herself in the afterlife, listening intently to what Roholoman, her favorite Master spirit, was saying to her. The Master was telling her to really ... apply ... the regression experience. "... You can make a big jump in enlightenment ... . ..."

The Master thanked me and said that the subject was very close to making that leap."

Strong's Hebrew & Aramaic Dictionary of Bible Words.

p. 196 22.14.2 speaking to the 'elders' : # 2

"Following a death experience, this ... female subject (Subject Eight) regressed into the afterlife and carried out a dialogue with an entity she described as an Elder. I requested that she ask him if he would please speak to me. ... The words of the Elder immediately followed, with the subject's voice changing to a rather eloquent and authoritative tone, saying, "The meaning of existence is to learn to be open {to novel and unwonted ways of understanding?}; and in doing so, you will be free {jivan-mukta}.""

pp. 196-7 22.14.3 speaking to the 'elders' : # 3

p. 196

"This particular session with an advanced female subject (Subject Nine) yielded a rather unique situation. Attempting to progress her into a future life, ... This subject ... described seeing nothing but blackness. ... this is what I would usually hear

p. 197

from a subject when I am unaware of his {or her} impending death and attempt to advance him beyond the time of his death. I ... decided to ask her Spirit Guide for help. Her Guide informed me that the subject was in spirit form. ... I then asked if the subject was going to reincarnate soon. "No. ... She is doesn't ... incarnate ... she doesn't need to ... she is a Master {sic! read : "Mistress"} Spirit and has something to say to you {in the afterlife after the author's forthcoming death?}."

Charles V. Tramont : From Birth to Rebirth : Gnostic Healing ... . Swan Raven (an imprint of Granite Publ), Columbus (NC), 2009.