From Birth to Rebirth, 23-24

[information retrieved from hypnotized subjects by hypnotist-author]



Between Lives, as a Discarnate Spirit



Case # 1



Case # 2



Case # 3



Remaining Attachments



My Baptism with Fire



Close Encountres of a New Kind



Releasing More Uninvited "Guests"



Case # 1



Case # 2



Case # 3



Addressing Issues of Responsibility


pp. 198-201 23.1 between lives, as a discarnate spirit, case # 1 {N.B. The so-called "astral projection" described was not really that (for she did not sense exiting a material body, nor view as vacated that material body) : it is, instead, a mode of waking dream.}

p. 198

"a young woman ... possessed several psychic abilities, one of which had to do with seeing spirits of deceased individuals.

She had this psychic gift since childhood and had the support of several family members, several of whom also possessed psychic powers. ...

{It is quite usual that the ability to see spirits of the dead (or of their occult doubles) is with the psychic since childhood [as it hath been with me], and that in such cases other family-membres (such as siblings) also possess psychic powers [as likewise with the case of mine].}

As this subject was nearing the end of her death experience, I decided to ask her if she could astrally project herself ... . ... She replied, "I'm looking at a map." ...

{Once (in the late 1970s, while in a suburb, T.P., of Washington, DC), I saw (in a dream) a series of maps of the route from where I was (physically) to my destination, before

p. 199

Following the session the subject described what occurred when I had requested that she attempt astral projection ... . Following this, she saw herself over a globe of the world ... . Within seconds of seeing this image, she was there".

arriving within seconds thereat (to hover bodilessly about 1000 miles over Sarandip/Ceylon, to view it far below, easily seeing the curve of the globe of the world). [On another occasion years later in B, GA, I while awake was viewing a big globe of the Earth in my living room.]}

Her "third regression was most memorable experience for it was within this lifetime that the stage was set for an individual soul to allow itself to remain on Earth following death. ...

{This is the process of becoming an "earthly immortal" (in Taoist nomenclature). It is usually achieved (in the Taoist method) by voluntarily ingesting consecrated deadly poison. [In the early 1930s, my father's father voluntarily ingested (at the behest of my father's mother) the deadly powdered glass (my father witnessing this); and upon thus dying atttained the vampire-status (Transylvanian nomenclature for an "earthly immortal"); so that I viewed his spirit form nigh the staircase in her house (in Manhattan, in the early 1950s).]}

Unlike most death experiences, this soul resisted being drawn to the light of the afterlife. ...

p. 200

Following her death in that lifetime, she began to experience exceptional signs of fear and torment as she approached the light. She recounted in great detail the daunting feelings ... which now haunted her spirit at the crossroads of her departure from this Earth. These ... caused her to hesitate at the entrance to the light and not to cross into it. ... This truly was an unprecedented glimpse into the very private ... consciousness of a tortured soul who was about to make a momentous decision that would clearly affect it ... in this timeless realm. ... The following account of her death experience and what follows gives a strikingly real picture of the ... processes that pervaded this soul ... . ...

I rose her above his scene. "Everything is white. ... Everything is understood. ... I don't want to go there. There's a spirit observing me;

p. 201

they are waiting for me to pass through the light. I'm afraid I will lose who I am {i.e., lose all ongoing memory from past life?} if I pass through. I'm being pulled by a bubble. ... I can't see what's on the other side. ... I'd rather stay ..., but I know I cannot return to the same body, and I know I must go through the light before incarnating again. ... The light is leaving. ... The spirit observing me is leaving. ... My body is dead ... my daughter won't let go of the arm. ... I can walk inside the room, but when I'm outside, I can only float above the people. ... I even pass through some people. ... Outside the room I have no form. I can see through walls ... . ... Others can't see me, but in the room I have a form like my body. ... All of the sudden, everything became light, and I became engulfed in it ...

like a fog ... . I became part of it."

{cf. after one's death, one's psukhe's becoming a fog in the atmosphaire of the moon (according to Neo-Platonic metaphysics)}

pp. 202-3 23.2 between lives, as a discarnate spirit, case # 2

p. 202

"a ... female subject who was easily regressed on her first visit and recalled a life as a young French knight during the Crusades. During a battle for Constantinople ... he once more raced his horse toward the enemy [designated "Moslems" on p. 203]. ... The siege settled into a stalemate ... .

{This narrative is thoroughly and utterly unhistorical. The only occasion when a Frankish (French) army gave battle at any seige of Constantinopolis was in the 4th Crusade -- "the Fourth Crusade ... . Essentially, it was a French enterprise" ("SC") -- , when the Franks seized Constantinopolis from [not "Moslems" but] fellow-Christians of the Byzantine (Hellenic Orthodox) rite.}

"I go to brothels, where beautiful women dance ... .

"a certain harlot ... sat in the patriarch's seat, singing an obscene song and dancing frequently." (Niketas Khroniates, "4C" in "Translations", p. 16)

My friend Pierre and I refuse to have sex with the women. ... As I looked around, I could see that some of the infidels had more of a connection to the light than

{"Women, even nuns, were raped by the crusading army" ("CC--SC").}

{"women of all ages were raped as the crusaders ruthlessly despoiled the metropolis. The great cathedral of the Hagia Sophia was stripped of its priceless relics and the hundreds of churches ... of Constantinople were pillaged." ("4C&SC")}

p. 203

I had. How wrong it is to kill each other. ... I felt tricked.""

"SC" = "Sack of Constantinople"

"4C" = "The Fourth Crusade". In :- Dana Carlton Munro (ed. and tr.) : Translations and Reprints from the Original Sources in European History. vol. III, no. 1. U of PA Pr, 1907.

"CC--SC" = "Conquest of Constantinople -- Sack of Constantinople"

"4C&SC" = "Fourth Crusade and the Sack of Constantinople"

pp. 203-5 23.3 between lives, as a discarnate spirit, case # 3

p. 203

"Following a ... death, her spirit was greeted and led to the light by Peter, her Spirit Guide, who[m] she immediately recognized ... . ...

p. 204

As the spirit separated from her lifeless body, she ... rose toward the light ... . ... She was not about to ... enter the light. Thus the decision to remain in the astral plane was made. ... Obviously Peter, her Guide, ...

p. 205

remained in the astral plane with [her]. ...

When Spirit Guides are assigned to watch over an individual's soul, they show their unconditional love for that soul in many ways."

pp. 208-10 24.1 my baptism with fire

p. 208

"Here I was, carrying on a form of channeling with an attached spirit ... . ...

p. 209

I then called for the Spirit Guide and Master spirit assistance to help release this discarnate spirit ... and help him to seek the light, where he will be elevated in awareness ... . ... I then surrounded [the male client] with a visualization of protective light that encompassed his mind, body, and spirit. I suggested that this protective light woould render him impervious tol further ... intrusions in the future by spiritual entities with their own agenda."

"This was to be my baptism of fire with regard to attached entities. ... Making good on a vow I [had] made to myself, I immediately purchased Spirit Releasement Therapy and Healing Lost Souls by William Baldwin ... . I soon came to the realization that being able to discover and safely release these entities was a requirement for anyone who intends to heal individuals with past-life regression therapy. ... Since I had already made it a routine to take subjects up to their Higher Self and have them call forth their Spirit Guides, I would now in addition ask the Spirit Guide about foreign energy ...

p. 210

being present in the subject. If I receive an affirmative answer I would inquire as to what kind ... . Following this, I would then carry on a dialogue withthe entity or entities and proceed with the appropriate releasement therapy for that type of entity.

Once I have been given confirmation from the Spirit Guide ... that the entity or entities ... have left, I utilize Dr. Baldwin's Sealing Light Meditation, ... which ... protects the subject from further intrusions."

p. 210 24.2 close encountres of a new kind

"I came upon several cases of ... extraterrestrial attachments, there for the purpose of experimentation. As Dr. Baldwin's experience dictated, these entities were reasonable and agreed to leave once they understood that being discovered negated the validity of their experiments."

pp. 210-3 24.3 releasing more uninvited "guests"






"The first case involved a man with ... the frequent use of obscenities and an addiction to pronography. Six Earthbound entities were discovered, and two of them admitted to being responsible for these particular problems. Dr. Baldwin's terminology regarding this number of attached entities is the "pancaking effect." In this particular case, I released all of the entities into

the light as a group."



"The second case involved a discarnate spirit who was attached to a ... woman with sexual intimacy problems with her husband. ... As the dialogue continued with this Earthbound discarnate spirit, it became clear that he loved the subject and was not about to leave her. At this point the source of the subject's intimacy problem with her husband became evident, since this attached entity was ... interfering during the couple's intimate moments. ... The subject then reported that three spirits had arrived to help guide this ... Earthbound being to the light. Peter, however, held his ground and refused to depart. Having exhausted what I recalled of Dr. Baldwin's releasement techniques, ... I blurted out in a very firm voice,

"I invoke the help of Michael the Archangel to please guide Peter to the light." After several minutes the subject said softly, "He's gone.""

{Quite possibly the divine spirit was departed on account of the defiling effect of Christendom, and on account of being so very disgusted with the woman's failure to rebuke the author for the blasphemy of calling on the contaminating effect of Christian intolerances (Michael the Archangel being -- to Christians at any rate -- a persecuting figure employed by murderous Inquisitors in torturing to death their victims).}


"The third case ..., ... in a young woman ..., turned complex in a rather unexpected way during this ... hypnotic session.


... The subject was rather metaphysical in her thinking; and ... I decided to work within the vestibule of her spirituality, namely the Higher Mind. While there, I had her summon her Spirit Guide ... . I then ... asked to speak to her Spirit Guide and inquired about the presence of foreign energies or attachments. The answer I received was, "There are many." ... As the dialogue commenced, it became obvious that the discarnate spirit of the subject's mother did not want to leave her daughter ... . ... While conducting this dialogue with the deceased's mother's Earthbound spirit in an effort to convince her to leave her daughter's body and go into the light, the subject's voice rang out ..., "I don't want my mother to leave. I'll be all alone!" ...


I was told that guiding spirits appeared. ... The subject ... said, "She's leaving." Following this episode ..., I once again filled the void with the Sealing Light meditation".

pp. 213-6 24.4 non-physical intruders into one's soul (quoted from Baldwin 2003, pp. 16-22 :)

p. 213

"Following death, the Earthbound soul maintains its personality structure ... .

The attached entity (or entities -- rarely is there just one) uses the energy of the host.

p. 214

The host is usually unaware of the presence of attached Earthbounds.

Thoughts ... of an attached entity are experienced as a person's own thoughts ... . ...

An attached Earthbound can influence the choice of marriage partners or the desire to have an extramarital affair.

A newly-attached entity who dislikes the [marriage-]partner can drive a couple to divorce ... . ...

Although it seems to be a violation of free will, spirit attachment does not require the permission of the host. This appears to refute the popular belief that each person is responsible for creating his or her own reality ... . ...

Few people refuse permission to these non-physical intruders. They simply pay no attention. ... With limited knowledge and distorted perceptions of the spirit world, many people leave themselves open, creating their own vulnerability as part of creating their own reality."

Baldwin 2003 = William Baldwin : Healing Lost Souls. Hampton Roads Publ, Charlottesville (VA).

pp. 215-6 24.4 addressing issues of responsibility

p. 215

"when a spirit attachment is 'calling the shots' by overprinting its thought ... upon an individual soul host, that individual soul cannot be held totally accountable for the karmic outcome. ... This rather unique situation is initiated by an unwarranted invasion of a living person by the Earthbound soul of a deceased person. Once that intruder has somehow attached to the living human host, ... the living human host is unable to create his own reality and becomes something he {or she} should never be, a victim. ...

What makes one culpable is a choice to be vulnerable to a spiritual intrusion. Such a choice could only occur if someone were completely enlightened ... . Without such enlightenment, the choice would be spurious and completely invalid. ...

p. 216

If an individual soul gave permission for a spirit to attach or is somehow aware of its presence or suspects an intrusion, he or she is much more responsible for the karma created and should seek appropriate therapy."

Charles V. Tramont : From Birth to Rebirth : Gnostic Healing ... . Swan Raven (an imprint of Granite Publ), Columbus (NC), 2009.