From Birth to Rebirth, 25-28

[information retrieved from hypnotized subjects by hypnotist-author]



Dissertation on Death



Visions of the Afterlife



The Training-World



Spiritual Warriors & Warrioresses



A Particular Spiritual Warrioress



A Rough-Rideress



Spiritual Warriors Generally


pp. 217-20 25 dissertation on death

p. 217

"I have found that during many regressionexperiences the subject will often expound on extremely esoteric themes

which are totally excluded from conscious memory following regression, regardless of suggestions to remember everything that has occurred. I am convinced that ... the profound information that comes through the subject is originating in his {or her} Superconscious or Higher Mind

{In African traditional religion, speech uttered by the speaker's mouth without being remembrable by the speaker's mind is ascribed to possession of the body by a traditional deity (existent independent of any particular mortal), and not to any hypothetical component (such as Superconscious or Higher Mind) of the mortal speaker. Indeed, there is little reason to conjecture that any such component of ordinary persons is at all existent, nor any reason for denying the transcendent existence of independent divine entities.}

and is bypassing the subconscious and conscious mind. ...

p. 218

The experiences of many who have been regressed to the afterlife or who have nearly died tell us that the emotions embroiled within one who is dying can carry over through the death experience and

p. 219

continue to smolder during and following the transition into spirit ... . I have personally witnessed many such scenarios during regressions. ...

Many of us ... just look to our faith for answers ... about ... eventually dying. When we do this, we find that we easily slip into a cloak of complacency, which some may interpret as a suit of armor which will shield them from any harm after death,

if they follow specific rules. ...

{Among the most reasonable and consistent of such rules are : regularly reading religious literature, regularly praying, etc.}

p. 220

If we are lucky ..., we pick up on more subtle, synchronistic events that present themselves. Such occurrences allow us to methodically ... and slowly become seekers of truth. By making the choice to pay attention to these synchronistic events that help put us back on our intended life path,

we begin to see the folly of looking outside ourselves for answers and, as a result, we turn our thoughts inward.

{Synchronistic events are essentially always of the nature of omens, which tend to originate from outside ourselves. Therefore, synchronistic events actually tend to shew the folly of not looking outside ourselves for answers; and, consequently, we turn our thoughts outward (to the divine world, which is outside of our personal experience).}

By doing this we begin to listen to our intuition, the voice of our soul, and seek answers there. ...

{Actually, intuition is the voice, not of our own mortal mind, but of the divine world (which is very capable of relaying its wisdom to us).}

In this way, we determine that we are that suit of armor;

{This kavaca (coat-of-mail) is not of ourselves; it is constituted, instead, of the deities themselves.}

we are indestructible beings that last forever."

{Yea : but only insofar as we continue to co-operate closely with the communality of divine immortals.}

pp. 221-7 26 visions of the afterlife : "varied descriptions of the afterlife as envisioned by my subjects under deep hypnosis during the regession experience following the death of the individual in that past life"

p. 221

.1 "I see gray and white outlines, some brighter than others ... looks like glass ... so many lights. See different pathways going far away. I see Masters or Elders; they're white, older, and larger. They are in the background, speaking telepathically."

.2 [F] "I'm going higher and higher. The view is getting smaller. ... It's white all around ... . I see occasional fleeting spirits ... . I asked where I was ... I heard the word, 'transition.'"

.3 [F] "I'm now in the white light. I'm even made out of light; others appear as beings of different colors with no body... . I'm communicating telepathically. I see 'Elders'; they're big, have form ... shaped life a tall, caped figure made out of light. ...

p. 222

The Elders are now telling me that I'll stay a while and then return to Earth to complete my mission. ...

The Mountainous ones ... are bigger. We can't see them; only the Elders can see or speak to them."

{On one occasion, when I entred the dreaming-state from the waking-state without losing consciousness, I viewed, beyond a lake, a gigantic woman (goddess), she being naked, who was hundreds of feet tall.}

.4 [F] "I hung out and helped those souls in transition. ["In the light, she was greeted by angels, archangels, and cherubs {krubi^m}, and could hear a choir."] ...

p. 223

The soul can rise above any experience ... it can resonate at the highest frequency ... . ... You can rise above all ... and create ... healing by spreading the light."

.5 "Your level of vibration determines the level of afterlife that you go to. Souls gravitate to be with souls of the same vibration. The light intensity of the afterlife depends on the soul's level of vibration".

.6 [F] "I see many souls in white tunics. The Elders are large spirits with white hair and beards and big foreheads; they sit in

marble chairs. ...

{Once (while in TP suburb of Washington, DC), in a vision not located in physical space, I saw marble furnishings. These were, however, Hellenic-style pilastres.}

The biggest spirit smiled and said he will tell me when it's my turn to incarnate. ...

p. 224

["The following is another ... afterlife experience by the same subject, following her death as an old American Indian woman ... . ... The cave became bright as she floated above her body. Everything appeared beautiful as she continued to float toward the bright light.] "... A beautiful woman is greeting me; ... she is giving me a big hug ... . She's asking me if I want to stay or go. I feel and look young again. ... I want to stay here ... the light is getting brighter; I'm walking toward it. The lady is smiling ... I'm being sucked into a bright tunnel ... I'm falling through it. It's getting darker. ... I'm in a beautiful place; others are here ... . ... Some are leaving through a door to a new life ... I see two and three leaving at a time. Some one is speaking to me with his mind ... . Look, there are animals, doves, dogs, cats, all white. I see trees and flowers ... . It's an inside garden with pillar so tall I cannot see the top. There's a building far away, a large marble building. ... Those who are being guided into it are older-looking. ... There are double doors leading to other lives. I'm moving through the doorway and going down white stairs, everything is white. ... The stairs are turning pink; they're changing colors as you go down.

p. 225

Now they're blue. ... I see an ocean ... I'm underwater, I'm swimming, but there are no fish ... it's so warm; I'm floating. ... I hear a drum beating. ... I'm a baby, something is squeezing me ... I'm getting pushed out! ... I don't want to leave here ...! I'm OK now; someone is holding me, it's my mother.""

.7 [F] ["The subject ... regressed to a past life in which she died in childbirth ... . As the spirit left her body, she felt extremely light, ... floating upwards. She entered and felt completely immersed in a bright light".]

.8 [F] ["Immediately following death she was greeted by a loving soul ... . As she entered the light, she loudly uttered,] "It's beautiful ... so bright ... . I'm bright with energy. I hear a musical, energetic hum, as love would sound. There are other souls here ... it's alive with them. ...""

p. 226

.10 [F] ["As ... spirits headed for the light, which they described as white with many sparkling colors, the subject said,] "I feel enveloped and embraced by the light, as if I'm becoming one with the light.""

p. 227

.11 [F] ["This ... very advanced subject began her session from the spirit plane as she greeted souls arriving in the afterlife.] "... Welcome to the Hall of Souls. ... The lighter is brighter; the order of sanctity is stronger there, in the Hall of Saints. ...""

pp. 228-30 27 The Training-World

p. 228

"On several occasions I have encountered a regression that was rather bizarre, both in location and substance. ... At first I was baffled ...; that is, until I heard, "We created this world." It then occurred nto me that they were referring to a so-called "training world." ...

This concept of training worlds was explored and discussed in depth by Dr. Michael Newton in his very original and brilliant work, The Journey of Souls. In Chapter 10 he describes four so-called "training worlds," three of which are non-dimensional spheres of attention, or mental worlds, each for a different purpose. The fourth world, the world of creation and non-creation, is a three-dimensional world ..., where individual souls

p. 229

learn and practice creating on a small scale, using only their own energy. ... Traning worlds are initially created collectively by the Master Spirits. Newton's ... fourth world has many parallels with the very usual world that my subject found herself in. Later in the regression she referred to it as a "training world." I have feeling that there are many such worlds created collectively by the Masters {& Mistresses} for many purposes.

One of the mental worlds mentioned in Michael Newton's book is the so-called 'World of Altered Time', where souls may carry on transient planetary study. Dr. Newton comments [1994, p. 168], "It is a timeless, mental world that is true reality, while all else is illusion created for various benefits." He had been told by subjects that souls could blend their energy into animate and inanimate objects ... . Dr Newton further stated, "Some subjects tell of being mystical spirits of nature ..., such as elves, giants, and mermaids."

He also felt that some our legends ... originated as memories of souls who came to Earth from other places."

{Some myths derive from this (such "memories" being located in non-physical memory-space); other myths from waking observation of praeternatural immaterial beings located in physical space; while still other myths from dreaming observation of praeternatural immaterial beings located in non-physical dream-space.}

"This very unusual lifetime was recalled by an extremely enlightened woman who I feel tapped into this "World of Altered Time" to which Newton referred. ...

"I am a mystical fairy in the forest. I'm both ethereal and physical. I am small and strong but not visible, and I'm here to inspire man,

p. 230

even though he's not aware of my presence. I live in the the forest, where I am befriended by animals and plants and

nourished by the dew.

{Being nourished by dew is a Taoist divine trait.}

I nourish those who are oppressed ... . They hear my silent song ... . I am harmony. I come from a tree. ... I can soothe the soul of mankind without making a conscious effort. ... I feel men's emotions and soothe their fears ... . I see people come to the forest and talk to the trees. I listen to them and bring them comfort. In doing so I help them think more clearly and see more good; this ... allows their love to come forth. I don't guide their thoughts; I just calm their soul through the use of the plants and trees. ... I am the soul of these plants and trees ... . I am but a wisp, but I am Spirit; and it is my task to see ... humans who seek solitude and peace in the forest by nourishing their ... souls ... . I am the mythical fairy of the forest.""

Newton 1994 = Michael Newton : The Journey of Souls. Llewellyn, St Paul (MN).

pp. 231-4 28.1 a particular Spiritual Warrioress

p. 231

"A remarkable case centered around Samantha, an attractive young woman who was referred to me for a better understanding of ... her ... past lives. ... I was able to guide her into a deep state of hypnosis. She immediately began seeing ... "globes of energy." She felt that these entities ... appeared to be waiting for a task to be assigned to them. This ... led ... into the afterlife. ... Deciding on a different ... pathway to reenter into that lifetime, I had her return ... to the day she was born. ...

p. 232

[Her brother in that lifetime] committed suicide. As his spirit rose from his body, he felt himself going through a tunnel and getting stuck. ... he could see only slits of light in the tunnel. ... the slits of light became globes of energy, the same globes of energy that were encountered in the early moments of the session. Once again, these spiritual entities were patiently awaiting an assignment to be given to them by the elders. ... She had no choice; she had to accept the assignment, which had been contrived for her by the "Knowing [Ones]," who[m] she described as much larger, very advanced spirits in the hierarchy of the spirit world. Below the "Knowing" were the Elders, who gave out the assignments. Samantha then portrayed herself as of of this special group ... who, she said, resembled globes of lights that looked like tips of a flame {i.e., of flickering luminosity?}. ... She now began ... "... The Elders give us our assignments. They decide when we incarnate and when we die. Others like me want to do the work because they enjoy it; I can feel their anticipation. ... I know ...

p. 233

I don't want to keep coming back over and over for this purpose. ... This is not the usual place that souls gather, and there is no division of souls here. It is a very special place, high in the echelon of the afterlife. ... I know the reason why I and these other souls are chosen ... . ... We belong to a team of Spiritual Warriors [including also Spiritual Warrioresses]. We fight the misdirected energies of souls with and without bodies and help them vibrate at a higher level."

This was the first time I had heard the term, "Spiritual Warrior." I ... now ... felt very fortunate to be regressing this very special soul. I was being allowed to delve into this inner circle of very special beings of the spirit world and ... how they function. Michael Newton made no mention of such spiritual entities in his extraordinary afterlife work, Journey of Souls. I was beginning to feel an excitement, ... similar to what Brian Weiss ... experienced when he first came across the Masters in Many Lives, Many Masters. ... Samantha relayed to me what the Elders were telling her. They made it very clear that she was not to return to me [i.e., undergo no more such sessions under hypnosis by the same hypnotist]. ...

p. 234

She awakened spontaneously and then began to relate a strange story to me, one that had occurred several years ago.

While she was on a trip to the Orient, an American stranger walked up to her ... in a town square. ... That day the stranger {probably an extraterrestrial walk-in} ... told her that she was part of a special spiritual force, and as a Spiritual Warrior she needed to begin and consistently carry out her assignment. Samantha thought he may have been one of a panel of Elders that she had previously come across.

Following this unusual and moving encounter, Samantha began accomplishing these

good works both in her dream state

{Dream-work and dream-workers are described in, e.g., LDG.}

and her waking state. She related stories of

transforming into another body ... .

{praesumably in dreams}

She healed souls with and without bodies ... . By 1994 Samantha felt that her Spiritual Warrior[ess] work was becoming surreal. ...

Samantha ended the session by saying she knew where this man [viz., the "American stranger"] lived and that she needed to contact him so that she may once again begin the work of a Spiritual Warrior[ess]."

LDG = Robert Waggoner : Lucid Dreaming : Gateway ... . Moment Point Pr, Needham (MA), 2009.

pp. 234-5 28.2 a rough-rideress

p. 234

"Another subject ... was an older woman ... . ... No one came to greet her as her spirit rose from her body. ... she was going to a special place and described it as

light being all around her. She then felt everything becoming darker as she

[cf. supra p. 224 "the light is getting brighter; ... It's getting darker."]

p. 235

returned to another life on Earth and commented, "This is going to be another rough ride." She incarnated in China ... and was a fisherman who assisted the monks in preserving manuscripts and keeping them hidden from the ruling dynasty. Drowning ... at sea, ... her spirit went to a special place, and there she was to wait for another assignment."

p. 235 28.3 Spiritual Warriors generally

"after learning about Spiritual Warriors, I would like to relay what yet another subject brought out when ... I ... asked her about Spiritual Warriors. She answered, "Spiritual Warriors ... do battle on an energy level, usually without coming into the third dimension; but when they do, they are born into an Earth life and usually remember who they are. They can now help people while in physical form, but they can also do this on other levels and higher dimensions due to a more advanced state of being."

Charles V. Tramont : From Birth to Rebirth : Gnostic Healing ... . Swan Raven (an imprint of Granite Publ), Columbus (NC), 2009.

{[Similar to the title of this book From Birth to Rebirth,] Theodotos the Valentinian (as quoted by Clement of Alexandria) : "What is birth, what rebirth?" (Jan Helderman : "A Christian Gnostic Text : the Gospel of Truth", p. 54. In :- Roelef van den Broek & Wouter J. Hanegraaff (edd.) : Gnosis and Hermeticism from Antiquity to Modern Times. State U of NY Pr, 1998. )}