From Birth to Rebirth, 4-14

[information retrieved from hypnotized subjects by hypnotist-author]






Transition to Transcendence



Dicovering the Power of Hypnosis



Past-Life Regression Hypnotherapy



Redincarnation & Karman






Retirement Redefined



Cause of Emotional Problems



Cause of Physical Problems









Explaining De'ja` Vu



Subjects Sharing the Same Life



the Workplace



the Convent



Extra-ordinary Lifetimes



High-Profile Incarnations



Parallel Lives






Patterns in Relationships



Patterns in Circumstances


p. 37 4.1 commonplace misconceptions about hypnosis


refutation of it

"The subject will lose control.

Absolutely not!"

"Will I be asleep?

No ... . The ... mind is fully awake".

"The subject can be made to do anything.


What if the subject can't awaken?

It won't happen".

"Strong-willed subjects cannot be hypnotized.

... Good subjects are ... strong-willed".

"There may be dangers invoved in hypnosis.

This is never true as long as the subject is not a threat to himself {or herself} originally."

"Unpleasant experiences may occur during regression.

This in not the case, since I invoke suggestions ... that help the subject".

"A person can be hypnotized against his {or her} will.

No. A subject's cooperation is necessary".

"The subject's will power will be weakened.

... Hypnosis intends to help the individual".

pp. 39, 46-9 4.2 past-life-regression hypnotherapy; Gnosticism

p. 39

"our soul ... carries ... memory with it into the spiritual realm when we experience physical death, thus allowing the soul to carry out its life review. ... The ... memories of the soul become "knowing" as the soul's energy takes on full expression, unlike its "compressed" status in the physical body."

p. 46

"The soul ... exists at a a higher vibration in the spiritual plane without the confines of the physical body. This vibration is further increased as the soul advances ... in ... wisdom. ... During human existence an individual must ... be curious enough to ask himself {or herself}, "Who am I, really? Why am I here? Where did I come from? Where do I go when I leave this Earth?" ... One must be interested enough to seriously ponder the meaning of the soul ... .

When this occurs, the individual will find that he {or she} is experiencing frustration and disappointment as he {or she} seeks answers from others, from books, and from

{The individual will not feel frustration nor disappointment as he or she seeketh answers from authorities and books of Qabbalah, Hermetism, Rosicrucianism, or Theosophy. Only conventional Christianity (which is actually an organized blasphemy, and not a religion in any sense of the term) is disappointing and frustrating.}

p. 47

organized religion."

"This account of my observations and conclusions regarding the use of hypnotic past-life regression therapy strikes an uncanny parallel to ... Gnosticism ... . ...

{Gnosticism derived (largely plagiarized), historically, from Neo-Platonism, whence also developed (more legitimately), successively, Hermetism, Rosicrucianism, and Theosophy -- all of which are as yet in quite active existence.}

p. 48

The Gnostic movement became so popular by the 3rd century that the orthodox Christian church leaders {at the enforced behest by the Roman imperial government!} declared it a heresy and .. the Gnostics ... became practically extinct".

p. 49

"In his ... The Seat of the Soul, Gary Zukov speaks of man going ... to attain ... "a multisensory perception," especially in regard to understanding his soul and its influence".

pp. 50-2 4.3 redincarnation & karman

p. 50

"Karma ... is justice in the truest sense ... : we are responsible for our actions. ... "What goes around, comes around."

p. 51

... However, we can change ... the intention behind the action, and the attitude and thoughts that led to the intention. ...

p. 52

One must remember that it is one's thoughts and intentions that actually create the karma."

pp. 56-7 Irish physician

p. 56 "Dr. Edmund Healy, ... aboard an Irish ship, the Morning Glory ... while attending ..., a French sailor ... shot him ..., killing him."

p. 57 "the United Irishmen ... for rebellion ... sought the support of revolutionary France, which between 1796 and 1798 dispatched a series of naval expeditions to Ireland ... . ... . ... an Irish warship by the name of Morning Glory was involved in the rebellious activities of 1798."

{N.B. Do note the extreme contradiction between this hypnotic-regression account and actual history : according to the hypnotic-regression account the Morning Glory and the French were mutual enemies; whereas according to authentic history the Morning Glory and the French were mutual allies!}

pp. 63-5 4.5 commencement of the author's career as a hypnotist, after retirement from serving as medical doctor (of obstetrics)

p. 63

"The move to Las Vegas was long and arduous, but I didn't even notice, since my mind was totally absorbed on ...

p. 64

what I had been accomplishing with hypnosis. Once we were entrenched in our new location, I became certified by the American Board of Hypnotherapy ... . ... Within a few months of arriving in Las Vegas, I became aware of Dr. Raymond Moody's presence at UNLV (University of Nevada at Las Vegas) ... . I had read several books of his regarding near-death experiences and had telephoned him ... . In spite of the fact that the phone call was made twenty-six years earlier, Dr. Moody remembered me and the telephone call. ... Shortly after learning about my research on hypnotic past-life regression, he invited me to ... ask for volunteers ... on hypnotic regression. The response was overwhelming ... . ...

I found that Dick Sutphen's idea [1983] of taking a subject up to his Higher Self and calling for his Spirit Guide was quite ingenious. Using this technique, I decided to take it a step further and carry on a channeling of sorts with the Spirit Guides, asking them an assortment of questions ... such ... as whether the subject [had] lived ... on other planets, and whether the subject had parallel lives or lives with his Spirit Guide ... . Becoming more creative at this, I started asking a variety of esoteric questions ... .

p. 65

"The insights gained from that activity eventually led to a noticeable change in my thinking and how I perceived reality."

Sutphen 1983 = Dick Sutphen & Lauren Leigh Taylor : Past Life Therapy in Action. Valley of the Sun Publ, Malibu (CA).

pp. 67-8 5.1 "help me"

p. 67

"She was still having a sort of panic reaction and repeating the words "Help me."

This time .. an earthquake ... had taken place in Atlantis. ...

{The earthquake may have occurred, instead, in Poseidoneis ( the isle of earthquake-god Poseidon).}

At the time of the tremor, the Earth shook mercilessly as the building began to disintegrate. The subject in that lifetime tried in vain to hold things together using her own energy field, and then attempted this using the collective energy fields of her family and friends. ...

At her following session one month later, ... I once again invoked her Spirit Guide ... . He then came forward with a dissertation on the mission of Spirit Guides ... . I ... ask about the mission of Spiritual Warriors. ...

p. 68

[She] immediately began to cry, ... "Help me! ...

God ... Why have You left me? ...

{"My God, My God! Why hast Thou forsaken me?"}

The people want to burn me. ... I can heal ... they don't understand ... .""

{It is absolutely typical of Christian fanatics to torture to death all true holy saints.}

pp. 75-6 5.7 a past life as a walk-in

p. 75

[F] "I was abandoned {marooned} on Earth. ... I came from a higher realm, a higher vibration ... Lemuria.

p. 76

... . ... I came into a physical form as a walk-in, when the host body was seventeen years old."

pp. 79-80 6.2 head-aches & neck-pain

p. 79

"This ... white female has had a problem with chronic daily headaches associated with neck pain for many years. When taken back to the source of this problem, the subject was thrust into a lifetme in the 1800s as a Sakatchewan Indian woman ... . ...

Still under deep hypnosis and working with her Higher Mind, I ... asked the subject if she could ...

p. 80

rise about this karma, knowing that wisdom erases karma and the law of grace supercedes the law of karma. ... Through such awareness ..., this subject was able to relieve herself of the chronic headaches and neck pain".

pp. 81-2 6.3 fibromyalgia

p. 81

"in Atlantis around 15030 B.C. The subject was a priestess named Rolana, who carried out healing inside a pyramid. Rolana was androgynous, being both male and female ..., but

this genetic makeup was especially helpful in her healing efforts. ...

{perhaps because the herbs (most of which are themselves androgynous) would natually sympathize with a person similar to themselves gendre-wise}

p. 82

She conducted healing sessions telepathically or through touch ... . ... Also, the white-light energy that entered through the center of the top of the pyramid would aid in the healing process. ...

Rolana replied, "I don't die ... . I see myself as etheric; I can go from spirit form to physical form at will. ...""

p. 97 7.5 Alan Lee (according to Ormand 2001, p. 644)

"Alan Lee, a Caucasian man born in Philadelphia May 4, 1942, ... never had learned any other language besides English. In research conducted at Maryland ..., 1974, Alan was regressed to sixteen previous lives by professinal hypnotist Irvin Mordes. All of the sessions were witnessed by the physicians and researchers ... . With each previously life regression came an uncanny ability to speak and write in the language of whatever period of history he was reexperiencing. ... He was regressed back each time and requested to write ... in the manner of the writing of the time."

pp. 98-9 8.2 soul-recognition

p. 98

"From my ... subjects who have died in past lives, I have found that ...

p. 99

their recognition of another soul in the afterlife is based on ... what the subject sees in his {or her} mind's eye, and this is usually an etheric version of another soul's physical appearance when last seen on Earth, but often younger. ... In addition, the telepathic communication that is carried on between souls seems to complete the identification."

pp. 102-7 9 explaining de'ja` vu

p. 102

"The following case is that of ... a middle-aged woman who experienced de'ja` vu on two occasions while visiting Segovia, Spain. ...

p. 103

[This female client] was an avid pupil of Dr. Raymond Moody's Consciousness Studies program at UNLV and had become exceptionally metaphysical in her approach to life. ...

The third session resulted in a state of deep hypnosis; however, ... she ... described ..., "... I'm wearing a hood over my head." ... Having encountered no situation like this before, ... I ... simply said, "Then take off the hood!" ...

p. 104

"Well, ... it worked." ... Unfortunately, these psychic gifts were looked upon as the work of the devil by ... the local townspeople. ...

p. 105

Then a shimmering vibration of energy in the form of a golden aura surrounded Marciela. ... She did much healing with her hands but would always put her finger to her lips, so that people would not speak of it. ... .

p. 106

... Marciela began to bleed from her hands and feet ... stigmata ... . ... The visions continued to occur ... . ... At one point, Queen Isabella summoned Marciela to question her about her visions ... . ...

As she was dying, ... In the light, ... She now heard her name sung ... . The song was welcoming her. ...

p. 107

This particular regression experience was very rich in detail and fully explained why the de'ja` vu had such a powerful impact upon this subject."

pp. 108, 110 10.1-2 clients who were mutually acquainted in a past lifetime

p. 108


"Occasionally and sometimes synchronistically I come across a regression situation that automatically validates a particular lifetime ... . ... On ... occasions I regressed a subject back to a lifetime whereupon she recognized an individual ... currently living in her present life. Following this I was fortunate enough ... to regress the person who was recognized. In doing this I was careful to only instruct them to return to a life with the original subject ... . ... the details of the prior lifetime together were not made known to the second subject before that individual was regressed into that sane life. ...

p. 110


Dr. Brian Weiss and other pioneers in the regression field have written about similar occurrences wherein two or more people living in the present day were found to have experienced a past life together and could describe events common to both of them in identical detail."

p. 115 11.2 Barbarian Warrior

"battle ... on horseback; he galloped ..., so he had his men double-up on one horse, both of them together wielding the same sword".

{In those times, cavalrymen used lances, not swords. For more than one to ride the same steed, or to wield the same sword in such a position, would have been cumbresome and ineffective.}

pp. 116-7, 119-123 12.1 William James

p. 116

"It was my good fortune to come to know and befriend Jeffrey Mishlove, a well-known author who has written The Roots of Consciousness and The PK Man. He holds the only doctoral diploma in parapsychology to be awarded by an accredited American university and has hosted the national public television series, "Thinking Allowed", for some fifteen years. Currently, he is president of the Intuition Network, an organization of recognized professional psychics ... . In 1999, while hosting the Wisdom Radio program, Dr. Mishlove conducted an interview with Dr. Walter Semkiw, ... who was in the process of gathering research material for an upcoming book on reincarnation, entitled, Return of the Revolutionaries. Soon after the interview, Dr. Semkiw observed that Jeffrey Mishlove had created a website dedicated to William James, one of America's most prominent psychologists and psychical researchers of his time. This discernment, plus an uncanny likeness in similarity of professional pursuits, led Dr. Semkiw to suspect that Jeffrey Mishlove was the reincarnated embodiment of William James. ...

p. 117

Over a year and a half later, Walter Semkiw again approached Jeffrey Mishlove in regard to Jeffrey's ... past-life match-up with William James, but this time he had a confirmation from Ahtun Re through the trance-medium Kevin Ryerson. Jeffrey knew and respected Kevin, who had served on the Board of Directors of the Intuition Network. ... Thus Walter Semkiw made the convincing case that Jeffrey Mishlove was indeed William James reincarnated".

p. 119

"William ... remained a professor at Harvard for 35 years, teaching psychology, ... and eventually philosophy. ...

Jeffrey proved to be an excellent subject and was easily able to attain a deep state of hypnosis. When directed to go back to a life in the 1800s ..., he immediately found himself in a lifetime as William James ... . Re-inducing him ..., he regressed

to a time when William James was in ... Florence, Italy ... . ...

p. 120

During his second regression ..., Jeffrey once again returned to William James' life ... . ... His wife, Alice, and the three children were present. ...

p. 121

During the third session I ... tuned into William James' life during his early years as a professor. ... He lamented ..., saying, "Parchment, that's all it is. The whole MD thing is a sham. ..." ...

p. 122

I opened the fourth session by instructing him to return to a life that would be beneficial to explore. He promptly returned ... to a life as William James in the year 1902. He spoke in a somber mood as he was departing from a funeral for one of his colleagues. ...

In Jeffrey's fifth session, he recalled a life as Seneca, a statesman in ancient Rome; and following this, a life as a Druid teacher. ...

The sixth session once again brought him back to the life of William James ... . It was during this session that he expressed his inner thoughts regarding a book entitled, Remnants from Ages Past ... . ...

p. 123

Jeffrey was ... in that lifetime ... experiencing the subtle, daily physical discomforts that William James ... had. ... . ... William James' ailments were primarily psychosomatic."

pp. 131-2 12.6 a woman's past life as Joan of Arc

p. 131

"This subject is not only an extremely advanced soul but is psychically gifted and ... she has had contact with extraterrestrials since she was three years old. ... This past lifetime also involves the use of out-of-body astral projection, which she has mastered in her present life. Under deep hypnosis, ... She went back in time to a life as Joan of Arc ... . ... As she knelt in prayer she saw ... beings representative of many dimensions, galaxies and universes. ...

p. 132

While still under hypnosis, the subject ... responded by saying, "Speaking to spirits is one of my gifts in my present lifetime. ... I am proficient at leaving my body at will, especially during physical pain, much like Joan of Arc did. After I surround myself in a protective white light, I work myself into an energy frequency which feels as if my body were paralyzed; I then hear a buzzing sound as the pressure builds up, and my spirit then leaves my body through my crown chakra at the top of my head. ... ."

pp. 133-4 12.6 the author's explanation of parallel lives

p. 133

"When I posed a question to a Spirit Guide whom I considered quite advanced, the answer ... was astonishing. ... The Spirit Guide called this type of temporary incarnation, which was for a limited period of Earth time, a "walk-though" phenomenon. ... (See Chapter 22, Spirit Guide explains "walk-though" phenomenon) ... Of note is the fact that other very advanced Spirit Guides have confirmed that such a phenomenon exists and is commonplace. ...

p. 134

This phenomenon ... provides an explanation as to why some people are able to be regressed to the high-profile person and be aware of verifiable details of that lifetime, but only up to a certain period of time during that life."

pp. 135-6 13 parallel lives

p. 135

"Parallel lives are believed to occur when the soul divides and occupies two or more bodies ... . ... Parallel lives are not rare. I have come across them many times; however, a current parallel life is not often seen. When a current parallel life is discovered, it presents a wonderful opportunity for validation. Such was the case with Vanessa Jackson. ... Guiding her up to her Higher Self under deep hypnosis, I asked her to make contact with her Spirit Guide and made several inquiries, including whether Vanessa had any parallel lives. ... "Currently?" ... the answer was yes. ... "It's a man, and he's presently in the United States. ... I'm with him now. ...

p. 136

It seems that his home by the ocean is in Oceanside, California. ... He is presently an attorney ... ." The subject named the firm and its location. ... . ... I had Vanessa read me his address, and ... his phone number."

pp. 137-9 14.1-2 life-patterns

p. 137


"Reincarnation into lifetimes with a group of souls, each with karmic agendas, lends itself to observing patterns of behavior that repeat themselves ... . ... Voluminous examples ... were encountered in many subjects and were seen to occur most often in close family relationships."

p. 138


"Another form of pattern that can occur in several lifetimes ... may strictly involve events or circumstances ... . ...

A case in point was a ... woman ... . ... Under deep hypnosis the subject was taken to her Higher Self and her Spirit Guide summoned. When directed to go back to the cause ..., the subject immediately regressed back in time to a life as a nun in the 16th century, where she was obliged to take an oath {vow} of poverty."

Charles V. Tramont : From Birth to Rebirth : Gnostic Healing ... . Swan Raven (an imprint of Granite Publ), Columbus (NC), 2009.