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3. pp. 16-46 "The Possibility of Life after Death".

p. 42 recommended books

Aldous Huxley : The Perennial Philosophy. 1944.

William James : The Varieties of Religious Experience.

p. 45 systems of psychology








4. pp. 47-74 "Sources and Means Used for this Book".

p. 49 entities channeled in spirit-mediumship

"nonphysical spirits or entities who have never been human (including nonhumans portrayed as non-physically-based extraterrestrials);

"Ascended Masters" and members of the "Spiritual Hierarchy";

angels or gods;

groups beings;

plant devas ..;


animal spirits".

p. 57 near-death experiences (according to :- Kenneth Ring : Heading toward Omega. 1984.)

"In his numerous studies, Ring found a remarkable consensus of NDErs’ descriptions ... . These often involve reports of floating away from one’s body and having a sense of extreme peace and well-being. ...

It is also common to hear of moving toward a tunnel and approaching a transcendental light ... . ... A kind of universal knowledge may be imparted, and a sense of communication may take place with this wonderful transcendental presence and light. Many ... report hearing ethereal music and seeing glimpses of what seems to be paradise or heaven.

A common reaction to this is the desire to remain in this all-knowing, all-containing, all-loving light. However, ... NDErs are told by someone or something in this realm that they must return to their physical body, back to their earthly existence for the remainder of their time here."

pp. 58-9 sequential stages (according to :- Raymond Moody : Life after Life. 1975.)

p. 58

"Hearing ... from other present that one ... has just died."


"The dark tunnel."


"Meeting with others ... who may be loved ones already dead".


"A being of light (... a personal being with ... knowingness)."


"The review (where one is rapidly and yet comprehensively and in great detail able to experience his or her entire earthly life ...)."


"The border or limit – a point after which one cannot, or is not allowed to, proceed further into the afterlife realm."


"Come back to one’s physical body".

p. 59

"Corroboration (where the NDEr is able to provide verifiable information about things that took place ... when he or she was clinically dead, very often with no electrical brain activity present)."

p. 63 past-life regressions

"International Association for Regression Research and Therapies, or IARRT (previously known as the Association for Past-Life Research and Therapy)."


Brian L. Weiss : Many Lives, Many Masters. NY : Fireside, 1988.

pp. 65-7 Anthony Borgia : Life in the World Unseen. Corgi Bks, 1966.

p. 65

"a mediumistically conveyed depiction of the heavenly, yet rather earthly sounding, Summerland. {"Summerland" is a translation of the Cymry term for ‘Heaven’; but Borgia’s immediate source will have been the writings of Andrew Jackson Davis.} This afterlife existence takes place on ... "the astral plane," which is depicted as adjacent to our physical realm ... . ...

p. 66

This book ... is an account of the afterlife experienced by Monsignor Robert Hugh Benson after his death as communicated through the mediumship of Anthony Borgia. As Benson died, we was ... able to look down from above and see his now lifeless body lying on his bed. ... He was net in this new spirit realm by someone he recognized as a former colleague ..., a priest who had died years before him. ... Through the medium Borgia, Benson describes Summerland as being infused with a light that come from a divine source. [LWU, p. 19] ... Benson (through Borgia) describes the nature of water – as well as everything else in the spirit realm – as being living substance, essentially spiritual, not material. This animate water "...

p. 67

extended its heavenly influence individually to all who came within it." [LWU, p. 34] {cf. the [Maori] Water-of-Life of Tane to vivify souls of the dead in the afterlife.} Benson also reports that "it is impossible to sink in the water. ..." ... He is then taken to see the lowest realms in the afterlife, passing through mist".

pp. 71-2 Emanuel Swedenborg

p. 71

"Swedenborg describes a kind of telepathic communication within the spirit world whereby thoughts are directly shared. ... Swedenborg also speaks of how many of those who move into the spirit world are unaware they ... are now dead. ..

Swedenborg felt that many (though not all) souls go through three distinct states after death before completing their transitions ... . In the first stage, which he said usually lasts for anywhere from a few days to up a year ...,

p. 72

friends in the spirit realm show the newly dead around and explain things. ... This stage comes to an end when the nature of the newly dead is examined {triage}... by "good spirits" to determine where they should go next. ... In this stage ..., souls begin to act according to their true, inner nature. ... They may ... move back and forth between the first and second states as a way of better recognizing their own natures. In Swedenborg’s third and final state before entering heaven, souls undergo instruction by angels. [H&H, p. 389]"

H&H = Swedenborg : Heaven and Hell.

pp. 73-4 Bruce Moen : Voyage to Curiosity’s Father. Hampton Roads Publ Co, 2001.

p. 73

"souls are grouped with others who are similar to themselves. ... . .. the newly dead are magnetically attracted to those with similar energy patterns, which

p. 74

were formed or maintained during their most recent lifetime. ... Their changed energy allows them to be magnetically attracted to worlds more like heaven."


5. pp. 79-86 "Entering the Afterlife".

pp. 80-1 channeled spirits

p. 80

"Jozef Rulof, from the Netherlands, channeled the spirit Lanthos, who remained tied to his body as it decomposed, and was aware ... the bones were showing through his corpse." [CS, pp. 121-5]

p. 81

"Another message, by way of the nineteenth-century British medium Robert James Lees, using the process of automatic writing, came from a spirit called APHRAAR. [LE, p. 65]"

CS = Jozef Rulof (transl. by M. Briggs-Feenstra) : The Cycle of the Soul. Apeldoorn : Wayti Publ, 1998.

LE = Robert James Lees : The Life Elysian. Leicester, 1905.


6. pp. 87-91 "Recognizing Death".

p. 88 "passport" for the dead

"Franklin Loehr was told that this recognition and acceptance of death is almost like a passport, required to move anywhere else." [DD, p. 28]

{In like manner, recognition that one is dreaming is like a passport enabling one to move about freely amongst the dream-worlds.}

DD = Franklin Loehr : Diary after Death. Grand Island (FL) : Religious Research Pr, 1986,

pp. 88-9 difficulties of the dead in realizing that they are dead

p. 88

Carl Wickland, who spake to many souls of the dead "through the mediumship of his wife, also often noted ... they complained at length ... that no one answered them when they talked." [ThYD]


"In some cases, the deceased may be placed in groups in order to aid their understanding Sometimes guides will mix together souls who realize they are dead with those who have not figured it out yet. This may be particularly advantageous when the souls involved are part of a group that is suspicious of outsiders ... Trio notes".

p. 89

"Hiroshi Motoyama found that most people who die are ignorant of their new condition. ... The spirit will only be able to move on after accepting that it is dead." [K&R, pp. 23-4]


The "Islamic Book of the Dead notes ... "it is not unusual for the newly dead person to fail to grasp that they have in fact passed from the body-stage."" [IBD, p. 137]

ThYD = Carl A. Wickland : Thirty Years among the Dead. Hollywood : Newcastle Publ Co, 1974.

K&R = Hiroshi Motoyama (transl. by Rande Brown Ouchi) : Karma and Reincarnation. NY : Avon Bks, 1992.

IBD = Qadi : Islamic Book of the Dead. San Francisco : Diwan Pr, 1977.


7. pp. 92-5 "Separating from the Body".

p. 92 exit from the body

"the soul must leave the body. Often ... they do this by rising and leaving the physical form through the head. [TH, p. 170] ...

It is likely that guides (the spirit who surround a person even before he or she dies) assist souls in letting go of their bodies." [SL, p. 240]

TH = James van Praagh : Talking to Heaven. NY : Signet, 1999.

SL = Anne Puryear : Stephen Lives! Scottsdale (AZ) : New Paradigm Pr, 1993.

pp. 92-3 life-review

p. 92

"many people experience a ... life-review as they shed their bodies. ... . ... this ... clear record of their lives ... often passes before their eyes as a procession of images".

p. 93

"When asked why this is, the guides known collectively as Trio said that it is due to a combination of a soul’s expectations and limitation ... . Trio describes the life-review at this point as being the result of a lack of a radiation of energy or a kind of containment."

pp. 93-4 silver cord

p. 93

"Robert Crookall has collected number of messages about a "silver cord" that connects the soul to the body. [SA, pp. 62-3] ... Nonetheless, Crookall believes ... that for most people the cord breaks immediately after they die – or at least

p. 94

within a few minutes or hours. ...

Anne Puryear likewise describes ... spirits looking down on a body and not quite being able to take in that it is theirs." [SL, p. 255]

SA = Robert Crookall : The Supreme Adventure. 2nd edn. Cambridge : James Clarke & Co, 1974.


8. pp. 96-101 "Meeting Spirit-Helpers".

pp. 96, 98 spirit-greeters

p. 96

"The first group, which may involve anywhere form one to a small handful, appear to be present before or during a person’s death. ...

p. 98

These first spirit greeters also tend to accompany those who died to their next stop ... . ... Spirit greeters typically remain with the dead until they have moved through whatever vibrational planes are required to reach their final level, at which point a second wave of spirit greeters appears."

p. 99 disguises worn by spirit-greeters

"Guides do not have to show their true images. {Their true images would be as deities of the Antarabhava.} They may variously appear to the newly dead as animals, friends, family, angels, holy men, or {in cases of souls of dead Catholics, who may have expected to see heaven being operated by monks and nuns (who are virgins)} virgins."

p. 99 spirit-greeters as animals

"Anderson has also channeled a number of souls that speak of being greeted by animals.

In one case the first spirit to greet the soul was of a beloved family pet. [LL, p. 146].

In another case, a woman was greeted by a dog, which was a welcoming and comforting sight for her." [WDD, p. 144]

LL = George Anderson & Andrew Barone : Lessons from the Light. NY : Berkley Bks, 2000.

WDD = Joel Martin & Patricia Romanowski : We Don’t Die. NY : Berkley Bks, 1989.

p. 101 volunteer & specialist spirit-greeters

"Anderson believes that spirit greeters don’t typically show up until after the newly arrived souls have moved through the lowest levels of the astral realm via a tunnel to the third or fourth plane ... ." [WDD, pp. 240-1]

"this first set of spirit helpers are volunteers. ... Some guides are specialists in helping those who have crossed over through a particular type or manner of death".


9. pp. 102-10 "Moving through Levels".

pp. 105-6 planes of existence closest to the earth

p. 105

"hells are the planes of existence closest to the earth." [TGR, vol. 2, pp. 284-5]


"some souls are stuck in levels close to the earth because their astral body remains attracted to physical sensations." [LHR, letter 17]

p. 106

"the lower astral plane is the place described by the Bible as hell." [SCh, pp. 147-8]

TGR = James E. Padgett : True Gospel Revealed. Washington : Church of the New Birth.

LHR = Letters of Helena Roerich : 1935-1939. Vol. 2. 1967. http://www.agniyoga.org/ay_loHR2.html

SCh = Suzane Northrop : Second Chance. San Diego : Jodere Group, 2002.

p. 107 refusal, after death, to accept aid from spirit-greeters

"Remaining in low vibrational levels near the earth can sometimes involve being unable to let go of ... believe patterns. This issue can manifest as an initial refusal to go into the tunnel of light or accept the aid of spirit greeters".

p. 107 life-blueprint

"channeled literature speaks of two related terms :

the "life blueprint" and

an "allotted time."

... lifetimes don’t just happen in a random way, but are planned out before a soul takes a body. This plan or "blueprint" may involve things such as

where you want to be born,

which souls you want to come into contact with,

what kind of lessons you wan to learn,

how long you will live, and

the manner and time of your death."


10. pp. 111- 3 "Reuniting".

p. 113 new phase

"The reunion phase tends to mark the completion of a soul’s transition to the afterlife. ... Perhaps more importantly, the reunion can mean the beginning of a new phase of existence, one that involves ... living among other souls and interacting with them in harmonious ways."


11. pp. 114-22 "Recovering".

p. 114 recuperation of health by souls of the dead

"souls ... recovering ... tends to involve a combination of


isolation ...,

time spent in healthy places, and

the active restoration of their energy by others

pp. 115-6 sleep of souls of the dead

p. 115

"Robert Crookall says ... that those who die from illness or old age ... need sleep to recover from their exhaustion ... . On the other hand, Crookall believes that those who died suddenly through violence can wake up almost immediately after coming into the afterlife." [SA, p. 66]

p. 116

"For example, one man who ... in Moscow ... was resuscitated ... spoke of finding himself in a landscape or extraordinary beauty before falling asleep there." [GB, p. 125-6]

GB = Jean-Baptiste Delacour (transl. by E. B. Garside) : Glimpses of the Beyond. NY : Delacorte Pr, 1974.

p. 116 isolation : idyllic setting; reposing

"Many souls speak of spending time alone in an idyllic setting, ... inhabited only by small, gentle animals.

"They float as if they are resting, but their thought projections come from them. It would seem to them as if they were thinking."

p. 118 healing places for souls of the dead

[remarks by the soul of a dead woman (quoted from TL, p. 27) :] "I am recuperating from the illness which brought disintegration to my physical body. ... Souls ... brought here from earth and from other places ... are "nursed" and taken care of, as I am."

TL = Helen Greaves : Testimony of Light. 1969.

p. 120 restoration of energy

[re-energization of souls of the dead] "energy we put into their essence ... like a sound and they feel it in their bodies, It goes down from the top of the body down what you would call the spinal column. It vibrates the body."

"An ethereal body being adjusted with light fiber network all around ... . ... They continue to help align the light body and rebalance spiritual energy. As I tune into this, I am hearing quite a bit of sound and music all attached. It’s sort of a multisensory synesthesia response that is heard, felt, experienced, seen, all in the same moment."


12. pp. 123-7 "Visiting the Living".

p. 123 revenant soul of the dead as poltergeist

"In some cases, a soul’s emotional state o mind at being unable to communicate with those left behind can lead to mind-over-matter events. ...

The spirit of Jim Pike Jr. stopped clocks, cut bangs of hair, moved books, opened windows, unclasped safety pins, and moved clothing. [OS, pp. 103-4] His family even watched in amazement as a silver piece slid on its own off a shelf!" {I likewise have seen a metal piece slide on its own, in a prison (were the prisoners invoking poltergeists?).}

OS = James Pike & Diane Kennedy : The Other Side. Garden City (NY) : Doubleday, 1969.

pp. 124-5 attendance by souls of the dead at their own funerals

p. 124

"Many of the recently dead go to their own funerals, usually (if not always) accompanied by their guides. ...

However, there can be several reasons why they choose not to go. They may need to rest and recover more ... . ... Franklin Loehr was told that, although it is a choice, not all souls go to their own funerals. [DD, p. 17]

p. 125

"many of the newly dead want to go to their funerals, and are encouraged to do so." [SL, p. 240]

p. 126 visits in dreams

"the soul may wish to pass on messages ... to the living as a way of spiritual work. Often these visits occur in dreams."


13. pp. 128-39 "Reviewing and Judging the Lifetime".

p. 130 life-review

"souls are shown every deed, act, and thought in their memory, along with the circumstances."

p. 134 judgement

According to channeled messages form spirit-guides, "each soul must review, and judge, its own life." [FST, cap. 13]

{This is the Platonic doctrine, in the Republic.}

FST = Sheila Jones : Four Spirit Teachers. London, 1994. http://freespace.virgin.net/Byrne.John/fst


14. pp. 140-4 "Doing Spiritual Work".

p. 141 responsible spiritual work

"Frances Bird questioned spirits and received answers through automatic writing. She was told that spirits are not condemned or punished, regardless of what they have done. Furthermore, ... the soul itself is responsible for its own ... spiritual work. In her words, "... The work is his to do, alone, for it is done within himself."" [TE, p. 42]

TE = Frances Bird : The Transition, Explained. Oakland : LC Publ Co, 1988.

p. 143 methods of spiritual work

"Spiritual work ... may involve visiting in dreams to pass on ... information, or spending time as a guide for still-living friends ... . ...

One method ... is for spirits to communicate their stories to the living."


15. pp. 145-56 "Re-incarnating".

p. 151 soul’s "imprint"; place memory

"The group being Alexander sys that souls let go of their individual personalities after death and reintegrate with the higher self. [SW, pp. 225-5] However, ... a "new offshoot," ... is tied to the imprint left by the soul. Such an imprint might be rather like the "place memory" referred to by parapsychologists, which is essentially information that has been recorded or stored in the environment". [p. 214 "Place memory : A record or imprint of the energy of the living upon the inanimate physical world (including objects, building, and the environment), which can be perceived by those sensitive to it as impressions of past events and feelings."]

SW = Ramo`n Stevens : Spirit Wisdom. Ojai (CA) : Pepperwood Pr, 1995.

p. 151 oversoul’s blueprint

"some time after the life review and judgement phase, souls ... put together blueprints for their next incarnations. A soul told the contemporary medium Tam Mossman : "When a personality decides to become flesh, certain lessons are to be learned {in the forthcoming life} and ... ‘topics’ are selected in advance before the actual incarnation begins. ... There are no surprises. Nothing ... that the Oversoul did not willingly choose in the first place."" [AGS, p. 183]

AGS = Tam Mossman (ed.) : Answers from a Grander Self. Cave Creek (AZ) : Tiger Maple Pr, 1993.

p. 153 difficulties

"people who die accidental, tragic death have a difficult time reincarnating". [K&R, p. 107]


16. pp. 157-66 "Adjustment Problems".

pp. 157, 161-3 problematic beliefs

p. 157

"doubts about whether it is possible for consciousness to survive without a body can create a lot of confusion at the time of death. Tightly held fundamentalist beliefs about the afterlife ... are equally problematic."

p. 161

"if you are anticipating an angel with a gold harp and wings, you may not be able to accept someone who looks like an ordinary person. Guides try to forestall this problem by meeting the expectations of the recently dead. ... Those soul expecting to see Gabriel blowing his trumpet and angels with big white wings playing harps will be met by them."

p. 162

"It’s not what they expected. And what they need to hear is not what they wanted to hear ... . ... They just have to be willing to pay attention."

p. 163

"Ruth Montgomery received a message in automatic writing saying that the soul of a ... narrow-minded woman ... became disappointed and felt she was in the wrong place. [WB, p. 12] She was looking for the angels, harps, and palaces that she had been led to expect."

WB = Ruth Montgomery : A World Beyond. NY : Coward, McCann & Geoghegan, 1971.


17. pp. 167-72 "Harm to the Living".

p. 167 sensations to the living from spirit-apparitions

"we can be surprised – or even frightened – by the sudden or continual appearance of an apparition. ...

An apparition telepathically connecting with us can provide us with the perception of being touched".


18. pp. 177-80 "How the Living Can Aid the Dead".

pp. 178-80 prayer

p. 178

"Channeled messages from spirits asking for prayers have been common since at least the nineteenth century. Some requests have come during se’ances." [HP, p. 327]

p. 179

"Elsie Sechrist ... feels prayer is helpful for all souls and has often heard the dead request it." [DDNPU, p. 227]

p. 180

"P. M. H. Atwater, who is well-known for her work on NDEs, says that she has often been told that prayer is seen by those in the afterlife as "beams of radiant golden or rainbow light" with "vertical color bands with brilliant light on either end" that extends to the recipient no matter how far away they are." [WLF, pp. 131-2]

HP = F. W. H. Myers : Human Personality and Its Survival of Bodily Death.

DDNPU = Elsie Sechrist : Death Does Not Part Us. Virginia Beach : A.R.E. Pr, 1992.

WLF = P. M. H. Atwater : We Live Forever. Virginia Beach : A.R.E. Pr, 2004.


19. pp. 181-93 "Moving Spirits On".

p. 182 a self-protection ritual


"Surround yourself with white light for protection. This must be a complete sphere that goes all the way around you, including above and below, without any holes or gaps."


"Mentally state the intention that this shield can maintain itself without any effort from you."


"Visualize ... a gold cord that goes from your root chakra (or the base of your spine) to the center of the Earth and a silver cord from your crown chakra (or top of your head) that goes to the highest source of inspiration for good."

pp. 183-5 exorcism of haunting-spirits






"As them to leave, explaining they are dead and it is time to move on."



"Tell them to go."



"Ask their guides (or yours) to move the spirit for you."



"Make the place they’re haunting unpleasant to be around."



"Embarrass them out of the house."



"Use ritual banishing objects, such as candles or incense."



"Change the energy of the location. ... You can place strong magnets around the location".

pp. 186-8 quaestions






"Why is the spirit stuck? ... Rarely, souls may want to wait for a loved one who is about to die, so that they can complete the journey to the afterlife together. ... Sometimes spirits want mediums to pass messages on their behalf ... . ...



A much better alternative is to suggest that the spirit visit the living in dreams and pass on their own messages firsthand."



What would make the spirit comfortable to go? ... This can be solved by asking a spirit guide to come from the higher realms in the form of a priest to give the spirit its last rites and absolution."



Can you make leaving a happy and enjoyable experience for the spirit? ... . ... for adults, use whatever vehicle they most enjoyed – whether a surrey, a Model T ... ."

p. 188 moving entire groups of spirits

"When dealing with large numbers of spirits, it is useful to ask for something like a train to come from the Light with spirit conductors (guides) and other attendants. When the train stops in front of the group you wish to move on, these guides can come out and assist passengers onto the train ... . ... If one train is not enough, you can always bring in another."

pp. 189-90 forcibly removing haunting-spirits






"Ask for angels/guides to come from the Light and forcibly move the spirits on. ... If necessary, they [the haunting-spirits] can be wrapped up in chains {as is done, in Bodish rites, to the "linga"} of white light before being forcibly removed."



"Visualize a sphere of white light encasing the spirit like an impenetrable bubble, then image the bubble, spirit and all, floating into the Light. ...



It doesn’t have to be a bubble. It could be a bell jar".



"Surround and encase the being with love, then bundle them up in white light and hand them over to angels/guides to be transported into the Light. Focus on sending the entity ... love ... around them like a thick pink blanket."


20. pp. 194-202 "Making Contact".

p. 194 dreams

"the living visit with those in the spirit during dreams, meditation, and other states of consciousness." [SL, p. 267]

p. 197 recommended books on states of conscious

Charles Tart : States of Conscious. 1975.

Charles Tart : Altered States of Conscious.

John White (ed.) : The Highest State of Conscious. 1972.

pp. 198-9 channeling : tuned "psycho-energetic system"

p. 198

"You are asking for this tuned bridge between your earthly world and the afterlife, which is said to exist at higher a frequency than our world."

p. 199

"A spirit explains : "The collective consciousness ... vibrates with ... this particular vibration, ... of one particular song, on one particular level of harmony."" [SCh, pp. 41, 43]

SCh = Associations of the Morning Light : Season of Changes. Virginia Beach : Heritage Publ, 1975.

p. 200 automatic writing

"In automatic writing, a person places pen to paper (or sits at a keyboard) ... allowing the hand and fingers to move on their own. ... This is an interesting technique with which ... the information is channeled from ... a disincarnate spirit".

pp. 200-1 Direct Voice Communication

p. 200

"Direct Voice Phenomena (DVP), where the dead are heard in real time in the voices they used while still alive. This has variously been reported as occurring in se’ance parlors, over the telephone ... ."

p. 201

recommended book :- Scott Rogo & Raymond Bayless : Phone Calls from the Dead. 1979.


Pamela Heath & Jon Klimo : Handbook to the Afterlife. North Atlantic Bks, Berkeley, 2010.