"Illusion of Gravity"

The so-called "Illusion of Gravity" by Juan Maldecena is not, despite it title, any description of gravity :-

gravity is not a matter of a hurled object (including light) always returning in the same length of time regardless of the force wherewith it is hurled.

Nor is it a description of any manner whatsoever of physical force, known or conjectured.

What this is, instead, is a description of the standard functioning of an ethical force, which must always return, in an invariable length of time, upon the doer that which the doer had inflicted upon others.

Its boundary condition (of influence, set at an infinite distance and yet minutely controlling with deterministic rigor, the entire physical universe) is not compatible with any physical conditions, known or conjectured, whatsoever (physical conditions typically requiring substantial diminution of force with distance – quarks are the only conjectured exception, and this conjecture may fail at sufficient separations).

The boundary condition – a 2-dimensional construct – is, instead, a description of mental perception; for we perceive in polar co-ordinates (the sphaeric angles being definite but the radius being a deduction and possibly figmental).

"The Illusion of Gravity" http://www.sns.ias.edu/~malda/illusiongravity.pdf