Pyramids of Montauk

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by Peter Moon

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by Preston B. Nichols

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Antient Wisdom






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{Some of these (and other) occultists are misleadingly described as "military-intelligence officers". The fact of the matter is that many occultists volunteer to serve in some inconsequential occult-oriented experiments conducted by military-intelligence outfits, doing so merely in order to evade later possible accusations of being disloyal -- "a security risk by the military industrial complex." (p. 210)}

pp. 9 & 15 the "Philadelphia Experiment" & Aleister Crowley

p. 9

"The origin of the Montauk Project dates back to 1943 when radar invisibilty was being researched about the

USS Eldridge ... at the

{selected so as to allude to (1) the goddess Eld who in U`t-gard victoriously wrestled To`rr, and (2) the Latin expression translated '7 ridges (/arvu-m/ 'ridge') from Creation til Doom'}

Philadelphia Navy Yard, ...

{selected so as to allude to (Apokalupsis of Ioannes 3:7) the "key of Dawid [patron of Cymru]" : and, by implication, that of Petros ho Apostolos}

commonly ... referred to as the "Philadelphia Experiment". ... The ship became invisible".

p. 15

"Amado Crowley ... an illegitimate son of Aleister Crowley ... gave a spectacular account of his father's whereabouts on August 12, 1943 (the day of the Philadelphia Experiment). Aleister ... at

Men-an-Tol in Cornwall, ...

{'stone pierced with hole' : "the Cornish to^l is the same as the Welsh twll, or hole" (RD 11 (Jan-Jun 1887):86)}

According to Amado [SAC], ... put him through the hole in the rock whereupon ... the book Montauk Revisted ends."

RD = RED DRAGON. Cardiff.

SAC = Amado Crowley : Secrets of Aleister Crowley. Diamond Bks, 1991.

pp. 13-14 sexual magick

p. 13

"According to reports, Crowley himself had used the practice of sexual magick in order to manipulate time itself, communicate with disembodied entities and travel interdimensionally. It was even suggested that the interdimensional nature of the Philadelphia

p. 14

Experiment could have been the outward expression of Crowley's magical operations."

"Jack Parsons ... and Crowley ... Together ... had paticipated in an interdimensional activity known as Babalon Working (a ceremonial act which included sex magick ...)."

pp. 45-6, 52 pyramids

p. 45

"Titled Historic Long Island by Rufus

p. 46

Rockwell Wilson, the book ... listed "The Pyramids -- Montauk" ... to page 317 ... a picture of a pyramid ... appeared ... . In the distance, ... one can see two other such ... . ... The book was published in 1911". "There was also a very famous Pharoah from the Montauks".

p. 52

"the pyramid mounds were razed [by] ... The military (probably around [during] World War I {the Great War})".

["I believe in 1941, Montauk Point was scraped flat. This project was apparently what obliterated the old Indian pyramids" (MT, p. 157).]

MT = Preston Nichols : The Music of Time. Sky Bks, Westbury (NY), 2000.

p. 49 vril

p. 49

"the tongue the Montauks spoke was known as Vril ... . ... it was a later version of ... Enochian {^k}, the language of the angels {mal>aki^m}."

p. 49, fn. *

"Vril is more commonly known as a form of psychic energy or force. According to Madame Blavatsky,

the Atlanteans called it MASH-MAK.

/If Samskr.ta, this may be /mas`a-Makha/, i.e., /mas`a/ 'humming' + /Makha/ (the name of the god whose decapitated head became the sun).} {According to the Popol Vuh, the decapitated heads of Hun Hunahpu and Vucub Hunahpu became sun and moon, and also a fruits on a paradise-tree. Cf. the fig-fruits described in Skt. as "mas`aka-udumbara", viz., 'figs fertilized by humming gnats'.}

The earliest reference to vril ...

{Skt. /vrid.a/ (or /vrila-/) 'modesty, bashfuness'}

is in Bulwer Lytton's Coming Race".

p. 55 Qahira

"a book entitled CAIRO Biography of a City, by James Aldridge {cf. /Eldridge/?} ... explained ... that Cairo, whose real name is Al-


{actually, /Qahira/, named for /Qahirawan/ in Tunisia} {An older city in Tunisia was Qarta-Hadas^t 'City New', whose name may allude to that of Kainis 'New', parent of (GM 78.a) Koronos 'Raven' (or 'Crow').}

means Mars. ... To everyone's surprise,

{"surprised" (GM 78.1)}

a raven ... rang the bell."

{Is there a connection between Edgar Allan Poe's two poe:ms, Raven and Bells?}

GM = Robert Graves : The Greek Myths. 1955.

p. 56 MNTW{

"Montu, also known as Monthu-Re {/MNTW-R</},

{This name may be /MN/ 'comb'[-biliteral] + /TW/ 'mummy' -- is this an allusion to Izanagi's throwing his hair-comb toward his pursuing animate-corpse wife Izanami?}

was God of War in Egypt and a temple was built for him in Karnak."

p. 56 Camp Hero

"Camp Hero ... the Montauk Air Force station was constructed on sacred Native American ground!"

{Is this /Camp Hero/ named for the heroine Heroi of Sestos? (/Sesto-s/ is 'Sifter'; and archaiologists routinely sift the soil with a sieve when they excavate a site.)}


pp. 62-4 intermarriage

p. 62

"about the Montauks ... there had been a systematic ... "forcing" them to intermarry with blacks."

{Other AmerIndians tribes (notably the Yemassee of South Carolina and Georgia) intermarried extensively with Negroes.}

p. 63

"in Sedona, Arizona ...

{town of headquarters of the Ashtar Command}

he knew he Montauk Indian case ... the courts wouldn't recognize them due to the "black blood" factor. ... .

p. 64

... the Montauks were "made white men" by court ruling."

{a ruling made so as to deprive them of any right to have their own reservation?}

p. 65 tribes in Long Island

"there were originally thirteen main tribes. ... They ruled the Poggatacut Indians, the Montauks, the Shinnecocks and the Corchaugs".

p. 72 instance of similar numbers

"deeds were signed for the property ... on ... 1661.

... the deed of ownership for the land ... can be found ... ending on page 161".

p. 75 tribes (of the Leni Lenape confoederation) in Long Island & their totem-animals


its location

its totem


western LI & parts of NJ



Brooklyn & Manhattan



eastern LI


pp. 81-3 the 7-color torus

p. 81

"Appendix F of The Montauk Project , the entire universe can be likened to the shape of ... a torus ... . ... Once you have an actual colored torus ..., a line marking the seven color boundaries will unfold from the center in a vortex ... ."

p. 82, Fig. 3

"torus showing a seven color map ... after the style of Arthur Young in "The Reflexive Universe"".

p. 83, Fig. 4

"rendition of the "vortex" ... that manifests when the seven color torus is rotated in upon itself. ... by Stan Tenen [of the Meru Foundation]".

p. 93 communication with the dead

"for burial mounds ... bones contain the crystalline structure of the entity who used them and this establishes a link to the being's life information that has been stored within the energy grid. This permits communication with the dead".

p. 96 beliefs control the future

"the number of people subscribing to each belief system or particular prophecy will have much to do with engineering the final outcome in the future. This is largely influenced by the power of thought feeding the grid."

pp. 100-2 Morphogenetic Grid & telepathy

p. 100

"The Morphogenetic Grid can be understood as the conduit through which ... evolutionary programs are conducted."

p. 101

"The energy between the species and the grid is interchangeable with the grid acting as ... storehouse of information. ... Because we are all plugged into the grid, this highway

p. 102

allows for direct communication to occur between species and it is in this respect that an "Awakened Telepath" can read your thoughts. ... Thought is the amplified response or action of the various energy bodies that make up an individual. These energy bodies are termed Vital (physical), Emotional, Astral, Mental and Subtle Energy light bodies. ...

As a species, we create a matrix of energy known as the "Human Wave Form" ... fed ... by the "... Collective Unconscious". ... And, on a deeper level, it is the Morphogenetic Grid which feeds the "... Collective Unconscious"."

p. 104 Scottish Cameron as mentioned by Crowley

"in Aleister Crowley's autobiography, The Confessions of Aleister Crowley.

On page 361, he mentions a Ludovic Cameron who is also known as "Duncombe" ... and wants to revive the Celtic nations ... .

On page 366, he is referring to "Duncan Cameron" again when he ... quotes a [Shakespeare] passage, "Wake Duncan ...? ...""

p. 104 legendary beginning of the Scots

"MacBeth : High King of Scotland by Peter Ellis.

... the Celts had originated in India and

{According to Iolo Morgannwg, the folk immigrated, led by Hu Gadarn, out of Defrobani = ["SIH"] Taprobane {Tamra-parn.a 'Dark Wing'}, to "'Ynys y Mel' (Island of Honey)" ["HG"], which might be Krete the isle of "honey" (GM 90.d).} {Howbeit, "these blessed giants in the islands of Taprobane" are otherwise sometimes conjectured ["MOGu"] to have immigrated to the Canary and Madeira Islands.}

had migrated to Egypt under the leadership of Niul.

{This name would appear to be the same as that of the Neileus mentioned by (DCM, s.v. "Nileus") Diodoros Sikelos.}

He married the Pharaoh's daughter, Scota,

{"Scotia ('dark one')" (GM 18.4)}

who bore a son named Gaidheal Glas."

"SIH" = "Some Information on Hu"

"HG" = "Hu Gadarn"

"MOGu" = "Mysterious Origin of the Guanches"

DCM = Pierre Grimal (transl. by Maxwell-Hyslop) : Dictionary of Classical Mythology.

p. 104-5 MacBeth & the Scottish witches

p. 104

"The name "Beth" is derived from the Hebrew "bet" which is the first {actually, the 2nd of the Hebrew} letter of their alphabet".

{No so! The name /Beth/ is in Irish 'Birch', and cognate with Latin /betula/ or /betulla/ 'birch'; it is identical in its meaning to that of the first Old English rune, /Beorc/.}

p. 105

"MacBeth and King Duncan were first cousins who were both influenced by the witches of the day. The homeland of the witches was the Isle of Skye."

p. 108 mag-

""great" is derived from the Greek and Persian words (magos and maz respectively) for magic."

{Hellenic /mago-/ and Persian /maz/ would reconstruct to /maz^/ (/maj^/); whereas Hellenic 'great' is /meGALo-/ (Old English /myCEL/), likely cognate with Sumerian /GAL/ 'great'.}

pp. 113-6 Kemetic god D.h.o^ti^

p. 113

"Usually portrayed as an ibis, if not ... an ape, Tahuti

{The correct transliteration of this name is /Dh.o^ti^/ or /D.h.o^ti^/.}

was ... the inventor of numbers, ... best known as the scribe of the gods."

p. 114

"Tahuti is credited with the creation of the tetrahedron ... . He built ... a [vibrational] resonance with the grid of the Earth".

{"The tetrahedron was the shape of fire." ("PS") Fire is the most flickering of the elements; and /d.ah.d.ah.a/ 'to vibrate, flicker (mirage)' [DMWA, p. 626b] is apparently the etymon of this god's name.}

p. 115

"the four letters of the Tetragrammaton ... link it the to tetrahedron".

p. 116

"Crowley ... was a patron of Tahuti and dedicated mot of his last years to finishing one of his better books which is entitled The Book of Thoth. ...

"The Ordo Templi Orientis or OTO has a Tahuti Lodge which meets out at Montauk."

"PS" = "Platonic Solids".

DMWA = Cowan : Dictionary of Modern Written Arabic. 4th edn.

pp. 122 & 124 occult knowledge of planet Mars

p. 122

"Consciousness of Mars was so strong in 1924 that the ... Director of the U.S. Army Signal Corps sent dispatches to their stations to maintain radio silence while Mars was at its closest opposition (to Earth) of this century. ... . ... Jules Verne ... wrote about the two moons of

p. 124

Mars before they were officially discovered in 1877 by Asaph Hall. ... Looking earlier in history, we find that in 1726 Jonathan Swift mentioned the two moons of Mars in his classic book Gulliver's Travels."

p. 125 observation of canals on Mars, due to magnification by aquatic lens [MAL; MB]

"ancient historians noted ... that Mars came frighteningly close every 108 years. ... This included the observation of canals. The reason for this close observation of the planet Mars was, according to at least one source, a dome of water that covered the atmosphere of Earth. This resulted in a magnification of ... Mars ... . ... Eventually, during one of these close fly-bys, ... other factors may have involved ... Beth-horun {Be^t-H.o^ro^n} from the Book of Joshua {Yho^-s^u<a}, where there is the Longest Day".

MAL = Mark Washburn : Mars At Last! 1977.

MB = John Noble Wilford : Mars Beckons. 1980.

pp. 128-9 Martian nychthemeron

p. 128

"According to the book GENESET by David Wood and Ian Campbell (published by Bellevue Books in England [in 1994]), ...

p. 129

After a period of time ..., the body clocks which control all the autonomous nervous systems all returned to a cycle of 24 hours and forty minutes. This is the length of a Martian day! If this is the case, then

maybe our entire genetics originated from Mars".

{Or rather, is somehow currently being praeternaturally controlled or influenced by planet Mars, without having proprely "originated" there.}

p. 129 Mars City

p. 129

"The Grail movement peaked with the legends ... of the Round Table. ... Their kingdom was known as Camelot which itself means Martian City or City of Mars."

p. 129, fn. *

"Camelot derives from ... Camelo[-]dunum ... . Cumhul = Gaulish Celtic god whom the Romans called Mars."

pp. 131-3 history of Mars, according to George Hunt Williamson

p. 131

"George Hunt Williamson ... was a professor of archaeology. ...

{Although he was never a university-professor, he was an editor, and did publish articles on Chippewa contacts with “Flying Wheels” and with “Flying Boats” ("USLMGHW").}

p. 132

"the word "HU" ... stood for ... "... God"."

{possibly Hu Gadarn, whose name may in turn be a play on the name Huhu Gandharva}

p. 133

"According to Williamson's account, the Elohim had colonized Mars before Earth and had left behind a written history of ... that planet ..., hence a decision was made to transmigrate off the planet. Those who had evolved spiritually were able to shift their modality of existence and stayed in the locale of Mars except that they were in another dimension, not unlike the Martians in Ray Bradbury's Martian Chronicles. Those who could not had to rely on ... space craft and moving to Earth in a physical form. It would include those who reincarnated from a Martian body to an Earth body."

"USLMGHW" = "Unraveling the Secret Life of the Mysterious George Hunt Williamson".

p. 134 pyramids in S^en-si

"At Shensi, there are ten major pyramids, three smaller ones and three types of sphinxes {sphinges}."

{These are imperial tombs of the Western (Former) Han dynasty.}

p. 135 allegations {These speculations are of relatively recent provenience, no earlier than the Renaissance : they may be specifically Rosicrucian.}

"there is an actual inverted pyramid constructed underneath the Great Pyramid at Giza.

{not actually true}

... the Sphinx ... is approximately 39,000 years old". [p. 140 : 3 cycles of 13,000 years each, "with the last period being the final destruction of Atlantis 13,000 years ago."]

{historically false}

p. 136 the 13 levels

Because his body was cut into thirteen pieces, Osiris assumed the role of lord of the undeworld because there are thirteen [concentric] spheres below the plane surface.

{cf. name of Maya god "13 Death", ruler of the Netherworld.}

Horus found the fourteenth piece of his father's body and accordingly assumed the throne of the outer world."

p. 143 Phree

""Phree" is a French word for light. This means that the Phrees identified themselves as light builders or Freemasons."

{According to Max Heindel ("F&C"), /Free-Mason/ is derived from "Egyptian" (Coptic) /Phree-Messen/ 'child of light'.}

"F&C" = "Freemasonry and Catholicism".

p. 149 Napoleon Buonaparte

"Napoleon ... was eventually poisoned on the island of St. Helena ... . Arsenic was discovered in a hair analysis [of his corpse] and his death was probably caused to keep him quiet."

{Napoleon Buonaparte is generally believed to have been poisoned by the English government. The motives for this are likely, however, to have been more extreme the the trivial ones usually proposed. He was born an Italian-speaker in a family, society, and culture which hated everything French. So, after he was made dictator of France, he deliberately brought about severe losses to it (in the expedition into Russia, and at Waterloo). By the time he was transferred to St. Helena Island, he may have been boasting privately about his deliberate betrayal of France : if so, the government of England, in order to keep him from telling the world how it was fostering traitors everywhere (such as Napoleon himself in France), would naturally have had him killed. [written Apr 28 2014]}

p. 150 Jacobites in Scotland

"regrouped in Scotland ... The Jacobites had originated in Asia Minor and were

Gnostic in their orientation."

{These "Gnostics" were (and are) usually known as "Freemasons". Scottish Jacobites were especially allied with Swedish-Rite Freemasons.}

p. 154 transition of intelligence-service

"the Allies inherited the Nazi ... intelligence service. ... This transition of power ... eventually became the Central Intelligence Agency."

pp. 156-60 Karl Haushofer

p. 156

"Haushofer ... spent considerable time in Tibet where he became a member of the Bon priesthood. ...

p. 156, fn. *

"The Bons are specifically identified ... as Yellow Caps, however there are many books on the Bons which identify them as Red Caps."

{Neither of these characterizations is particularly accurate. Bon is usually known as the "Black Cap" denomination.}

p. 156, fn. **

"According to The Occult Conspiracy by Michael Howard, Destiny Books, Haushofer met the famous occultist ... G. I. Gurdjieff ... . Gurdjieff ... was known as Dorjieff to some (see Dusty Sklar's The Nazis and the Occult, Dorset Press) during this period".

p. 156

"After World War I, Haushofer ... gathered other occultists ... and formed two societies : the Thule Society and the Vril Society. ...

p. 157

The Thule Society ... was headed by Rudolph Steiner, a famous occultist ... . ...

At the same time that the Thule Society was being formed, Haushofer established the Vril Society which was concerned with establishing the ancient Atlantean culture ... . ... Two particular psychics were employed by Haushofer who did readings and eventually made contacts with alien forces ... . ... Many of their secrets were kept

p. 158

from Hitler and other top Nazis.

Once the Thule and Vril Societies were set up and operating, Karl Haushofer continued to operate behind the scenes but also became a college professor at the University of Munich. ...

p. 159

According to Maia Shamayyim of the Star of Isis Mystery School, there was a massive time travel experiment ... involved ... . Maya channels ... Thoth and was told that the time rift ... did ... begin ... in 1923 when key members of the Thule Society collaborated with Aleister Crowley's Lodge, the Astrum Argentinum (Order of the Silver Star Illuminati) and a hybrid project was created that was called the Phisummum. This project and the entire purpose of the secret order who controlled it was time travel. This secret order was known as the Order of the Black Sun. ...

p. 160

In Project Phisummum, the Order of the Black Sun wanted to retrieve the Holy Grail from a past century and put into into the hands of the groomer of the Antichrist. This was ... to ... create a transdimensional consciousness. As part of this magical process, Aleister Crowley and other magicians ...

created a rift in time which extended to Philadelphia in 1943, Montauk in 1634, Bannock Hill in the time of Merlin".

{"This set off a series of events, including Bannock Hill in Merlin[']s time, as well as the 1634 Montauk rift." ("KM&ITT")}

"Dr Karl Obermeyer stole a core chamber that housed certain crystals which were crucial to the project."

{"Dr. Karl Obermeyer, stole the core chamber of dio-X crystals. ... These dio-X crystals ... were the chargers of the whole system." ("KM&ITT")}

"KM&ITT" = William Buehler : "KOALA, Montauk, and Inter-Dimensional Time Travel".

p. 161 Moonchild, Pleiadians etc.

"These secret societies saw ... a Moonchild ... that could ... rebuild the Tower of Babylon ... . ... According to legends in the UFO community, the Pleiadians had close ties to the Thule Society ... in the form of Foo Fighters witnessed across the European theater World War II."

"the name of the aliens who contacted the Vril society were Aldeberans {Al-debaran, or Al-Dabaran}."

pp. 162-3 pro-Yhudi resistance

p. 162

"Haushofer had ... interest in ... the Jews. As matter of fact, he deeply appreciated their religion and his wife and son were part Jewish. I have even read ... that

he himself was one quarter Jewish. ...

{The same is true of Schickelgruber/Hitler : Adolph Hitler's father's father was a practicing Yhudi.}

In fact, he was not the only high ranking Nazi to befriend the Jews. Hermann Goering ... was reportedly renowned for letting Jews out of concentration camps ... . He was a soft touch and had no racial axe to grind".

p. 163

"Once Hitler began his conquest ..., ... this disgusted Haushofer to no end."

pp. 163-4 Rudolph Hess & Albrecht Haushofer

p. 163

"Haushofer ... used ... Vatican passports and met Ian Fleming in Lisbon, Portugal. ... Fleming is ... famous for authoring the James Bond novels ... . Haushofer sought the occult help of Crowley and told his plan to Fleming who also knew the master magician. Eventually, Haushofer made his way to England and met briefly with Crowley. What they decided to do would have a profound effect ... . The plan was to utilize Haushofer's old pupil, Rudolph Hess, to fly to Scotland and make peace with the British. Hess was in awe of both Haushofer and Crowley and respected them both. ...

p. 164

In a feat of extraordinary aviation, Hess parachuted into Scotland and approached his old acquaintance, the Duke of Hamilton, in an effort to make peace between the warring nations.

Churchill refused to meet with Hess and had no intention toward peace himself ... . In fact, Gary Allen in None Dare Call it Conspiracy says that Churchill had a financial interest in certain armament factories in Germany ... . ... Haushofer ...

planned an assassination attempt against Hitler that was to be physically carried out by his son Albrecht. The attempt failed ... . ...

{Such would have been, even if "successful", utterly futile. Hitler was ("HP") merely a puppet completely controlled (and kept terrorized) by the Thyssen family, who would readily have found another puppet to replace him.}

Just before Hitler was reported to have died in the bunker, Heinrich Himmler ordered the execution of Albrecht Haushofer to be carried out. Himmler himself ... was apparently afraid that

Albrecht might implicate Himmler {to Hitler} in the assassination attempt."

{Perhaps Albrecht had jokingly said that he would do so.}

"HP" = "The Hitler Project". Chapter 2 of The Unauthorized Biography ... .

{Not only was Churchill a fanatic warmonger hostile to every overture for peace (taking any potential peacemakers hostage and holding them incommunicado so that no news-reporter would discover the truth); but the same was true also of Roosevelt. Many times Himmler besought peace (even on humiliating terms for the German government) from Roosevelt, but was always rebuffed [-- there is a recent book on this].}

pp. 167-8 unknown brother

p. 167

"In August of 1964, Ian Fleming was planning to ... meet ... Ivan T. Sanderson. Sanderson ... embraced the paranormal ... . ... One day, Ivan startled Al by asking him about his brother Duncan. Al ... didn't know what he was talking about. ...

p. 168

Of course, Al would find his brother more than twenty years later. ...

{It is implied that Sanderson had known by some paranormal means.}

Key information concerning the Philadelphia Experiment was to be imparted to Sanderson ... . Then, on August

12th (the twenty-first

{These two numbers (of digit-reversal) are related by being ordinals of primes of (likewise of digit-reversal), namely 37 and 73 : as is traditionally emphasized in Chinese numerology.}

anniversary of the Philadelphia Experiment), Fleming died ... ."

pp. 169-70 /Montauk/, /Mantak/, /Mintaka/

p. 169

"Mantak Chia ... told me that the name "Mantak" ... is a Tibetan word for "good virtue".

{Cf. also the place-name Go-mantaka (Goa)?}

p. 170

"Muyaw, the Hopi word for sun is the Tibetan word for moon.

Tiawa, the Hopi word for moon is the Tibetan word for sun."


pp. 173-4 anniversary

p. 173

"Crowley's Montauk connection ... begins with his marriage to Rose Kelly on August 12, 1903. ...

p. 174

Consequently their anniversary date is celebrated every year when the various lodges of the Ordo Templi Orientis hold a feast. ...

She ... soon dragged him to the Boulak. There, ... She showed him ... the Stele ... of ... the Priest of Menthu. The stele's museum display number was "666" which was the number Crowley identified himself with. This experience ... initiated ... the Babalon Working (... believed to be the fourth book of Book of the Law -- Crowley's work consisted of three books.)"

pp. 174-6 epoch of Aiwass

p. 174

"On midnight on March 19th, Crowley declared that the

p. 175

Equinox of the Gods had arrived and a new epoch of human history had begun. ... April ... of the year 1904 he dictated a message from Aiwass whom he identified as his own guardian angel. ... Aiwass ... reveals himself as "the speaker-forth of Menthu." ...

p. 176

After the ... revelation about choosing an island, Aiwass ... says

"I am the ... Lord of the Forties : the Eighties cower before me ... .""

{These may be references to degrees on the map, usable for locating the island : 40s East and the 80s North is located the principal of the Franz Josef (Fridjof Nansen) Islands. [written Apr 30 2014]}

p. 177 the phoiniks-bird

"a deeper sense ... begins to be understood when we recognize Crowley's ... secret name within the OTO was Phoenix. ...

In Egyptian mythology, the phoenix was a big bird that erected its own funeral pyre every 666

(or 500

{This would be aequal to the Pachacutec cycle of 500 years.}

depending which version you read) years and would renew itself".

p. 179 authorized format for The Book of the Law

"according to the book itself, there is only one format that is correct : a red cover with golden letters {on that cover}."

pp. 184-5 Charles Stansfield Jones

p. 184

""the one who cometh after him who shall discover the key of it all" ... Crowley ... believed was Charles Stansfield Jones, ... who ...

p. 185

wrote an unpublished book entitled Liber XXI."

p. 188 Seirians & Argenteum Astrum

"the Sirians settled Mars ... . ...

Crowley was not only ... in the OTO but was also a member of ... the A.A. (Argenteum Astrum) or the Order of the Silver Star. The "silver star" referred to is Sirius itself, ... the chief star in the ancient constellation "Phoenix"."

p. 190 Yazid

"the shepherd kings ... were called the Yezidi.

{worshippers of the peafowl-angel, known (in Bharata) as the vehicle of god Skanda (Murugan)}

Their prophet was Yezid and Crowley discovered that he was a reincarnation of him."

p. 194 construction of the word /cunt/

"uninhibited breeding practices ... known as "catting". This is the derivation of the word word "cunt", common slang for the vagina".

{The /cun-/ (of /cunt/) must surely be from the /cunn-/ of Latin /cunnus/; while the final /-t/ (of /cunt/) is more likely taken from a pun on /cut/ ('slit' of a slut) than from /catting/.}

p. 198 S`

"The Egyptians identified Set as An which ... evolved into Satan who ruled hell".

{Nay! /Set/ is a poor transcription for /SWTH/, which is unrelated to /Satan/ (or /Sathanas/), which is itself a very bad transcription for /S`}

p. 199 calling-birds (French hens)

"to call ... derives from the Old Norse word kalla. Only hypothetical derivations are offered for the word kalla".

{CALLing-birds as GALLic (Gaulish) French-hens (Latin /GALL-/) are not so "hypothetical"; and neither is Old-Church-Slavonic /GLa-GoLu/ 'word'.} {The author (P.M.) never bothered to study comparative linguistics, or he would have understood the Germanic sound-shifts.}

p. 204 Amalantrah Working

"In 1918, Crowley began a sexual magick operation with a lady in New York by the name of Roddie Minor. It was known as the Amalantrah Working ... . ...

The entity contacted was LAM".

pp. 206-7, 210 Babalon Working

p. 206

"Jack Parsons ... in 1946 ... conducted a sexual magick experiment ... in conjunction with ... Marjorie Cameron and L. Ron Hubbard ... called the Babalon Working".

p. 207

"When Jack conducted the Babalon Working in 1946, he invoked the goddess Babalon and sought to bring an to the tyranny which had dominated mankind during the dark yuga. ... The yantra that was used for the Babalon Working was the seven pointed star".

p. 210

"Hubbard eventually accessed incredible genius and ... this was channeled into the Dianetics and Scientology movement."

Preston B. Nichols & Peter Moon : Pyramids of Montauk : explorations in consciousness. Sky Bks, Westbury (NY), 1995.

A later (1996) book by the same authors and publisher is Encounter in the Pleiades, on-line at