Seriously Strange, 5



New Scientific Paradigm

Diane Hennacy Powell


p. 127 synaisthesia & psi

"Synesthesia is a psi-conductive condition

in which people experience idiosyncratic links ... between information and symbols. Seeing auras is considered to be a form of synesthesia, and

{These statements are, when conjoined, quite misleading. Whereas synaisthesia is indeed idiosyncratic (colors differing from person-to-person, and even for the same person over periods of a lifetime), colors of auras are exceedingly stable in regard to the emotional states denoted by the colors, which can be uniformly interpreted by standard code (red for love, blue for peace, etc.).}

many psychics report that they see information about someone in that person's aura. Psi is also reported more often during dreaming, in autistic savants, in famous psychics, in survivors of near-death experiences, and in people who have frequent out-of-body experiences (OBEs)."

p. 128 conversion-experience : how the authoress was converted, by a redeeming grace, from incredulous materialism to faith in psychic powers

"she looked at me and told me that she was getting psychic information from my aura. ... . ... very specific details ... included my number of siblings, their gender, my birth order, my husband's profession ... . She was 100 per cent accurate. None of my colleagues ... knew these things. ... I ... inquired about the city we would move to ... . ... she chose San Diego. ... A few weeks later my husband chose the position in Diego ... . ... she told me ... how many children I would have, along with their gender. That prediction came true within a few years. ... . ... each statement about my future came true".

p. 129 so-called "neuroscience" cannot actually be designated a science because it is hypothesis [not well-enough worked-out to dignity with the term /theory/]-driven instead of fact-driven

"Psi is impossible in the standard neuroscientist's model. ...

Most neuroscientists are theory-driven rather than fact-driven. They make the common error of disregarding anything that does not fit their model of consciousness. ... And they do this despite abundant evidence ... . They do not see ... clues to a new model ... . ... Their model does not even explain ... the experience of free will, the mind-body interaction, or the savant syndrome."

{All these features of "neuroscience" are capitalist-created propaganda : to deny free-will is to deny the workers any freedom of self-determination; to deny control of the body by the mind is to deny the workers any right to consider their own bodily well-being; and to deny existent of savants is to deny that any wisdom could exist greater than that of the ploutokrat ruling-class. Such are the strictures of capitalist-originated atheist-materialism.}

pp. 130, 132 apparently paradoxical projector-and-screen description of perceptive consciousness

p. 130

"The physical world needs to be represented in our consciousness for us to interact with it. In daily life, ... what we really interact with is its reconstruction ... . ... But where does that reconstruction take place? In other words, ... what and where is the projector and the screen?"

{To her discussion (on pp. 139-141) of the analogy of holograms with the mind, would apply similarly invalidating quaestions : where is the holograph-film (similar to a slide-projector's film) and where is its projector?}

p. 132

"During an out-of-body experience, someone can accurately see an external reality that is impossible from the perspective of that person's body.

It is as though one's projector and screen are moved."

{Another variant of perspectivity is given in the Platonic "Myth of the Cave", wherein likewise a projector (the Divine Illumination) and a screen (the wall of the Cave, repraesenting a perceptible Universe) are similarly designated.}

{Indeed, the very fact of projection of the astral body (or, mutatis mutandis, the fact of remote-viewing) is an indication that the material body (including the material brain) is unnecessary for, and therefore irrelevant to, the description and explanation existence, and functioning, of consciousness. But the authoress hath failed to make this self-evident deduction, and continueth to prattle on with page after page of attempts to explain various aspects of consciousness in terms of a material brain. This is the main gist of her discussions, indeed, even despite her having acknowledged (on p. 129) that "Neuroscientists ... cannot explain how something as immaterial as consciousness could arise from a material brain."}

p. 133 Thomas Young's confirmation (in physics of luminance-energy) of participation of consciousness in influencing the material universe : an aspect of telekinesia

"quantum physics ... is ... to regard the physical world ... from our conscious impact upon it. This conclusion came from the famous ... double-slit experiment. ...

If photons were observed, they acted like particles and formed patches ...; unobserved, they acted like waves that created interference patterns with each other.

{This would, of course, indicate that (in regard to conscious choices by luminance-itself) the wave-form is the secret guise of illumination, which that illumination will shyly not disclose to any ordinary mortal forthrightly observing it.}

Because of this effect of observation on the quantum system, the physicist John Wheeler ... proposed to use the word 'participator' because we cannot observe something in the quantum world without altering it."

{The likelihood is that, just as plants read the mind of persons who are thinking about them (whether or not in their vicinity), so likewise luminance is reading the reading the minds of persons thinking about them (whether or not in their vicinity). [written Oct 2 2015]}

p. 133 Dean Radin's experiment, employing unusual persons having the power of extradordinary visualization

"Experienced meditators

{This terminology would imply extra-ordinary persons possessing peculiar power of unusually vivid visualizing of "targets", a power similar to, and praerequisite for, remote-viewing.}

were asked to


{a technical term for "to visualize mentally with a clarity comparable to viewing with eyesight" (a feat well-known to Bodish practitioners)}

focusing their attention on a light beam isolated [separated by a wall] from them in a [different] chamber.

They essentially functioned as remote human photon[-] ... detectors.

{Yea; and this must consist of a divinity (praesent at the site of the remotely-viewed object) sensing and projecting that sensing into a mortal's mind).}

The patterns formed by the light beam were compared [by comparing photographs of the scene] between those formed when the meditators were observing and not observing the beam psychically.

{Yea; that which was being tested was whether using a divinity's perception as an intermediary between the mortal and the object observed would make a detectible difference.}

The result of nine sessions showed the influence ... to be similar to ... in Young's experiment. Light acted as if it was {read /were/} made of particles when they were observing remotely and like waves when they weren't."

{Was result caused by the visual nature of the experiment? : for, ordinarily, when there be detection only of an auditory nature, in ordinary radio transmission-and-reception, the waves remain being waves, and never become particles. Or was the particle-aspect produced by the closeness of human observation of the process (which is not closely observed within a radio-set)? [written Mar 15 2016]}

{This is a more definite confirmation that [some aspect of the] luminance is, perhaps, reading the minds of persons thinking about them (even when when at some distance from, and not in the vicinity of, that luminance); that the luminance, is its aspect of an observer, is employing non-materalistic means for discovering that the mortals are contemplating them. This is a mode of praevalence of immortal mind (that of the luminance) over mortal mind (that of the mortal human involved). Further experimentation (to be carried during dreaming) could determine whether such praevalence of immortal mind over mortal mind is also persistent during dreaming : and also further experimentation (to be carried during se`ance involving spirit-mediumship in connection with the dead) could [perhaps, dependent on certain other factors] determine whether whether such praevalence of immortal mind over mortal mind is persistent during post-mortem transition (Antara-bhava) betwixt lives. [written Oct 2 2015]} {Incidentally, the anomalous (unworldly, unearthly, manifesting becoming- controlled-by-alien-minds) effect of such experimentation is apparently the very means whereby persons who become "psychics" (and "psychic-pneumatics") acquire, in the initial instance, their anomalous "powers" -- which are simply instances of co-operation (with those psychics) by alien, "outer-space-intelligence" minds who have been attracted by such sorts of expecially-curious "thought-experiments" excogitated by the persons who therewith become psychics. [written Oct 2 2015]}

p. 135 the authoress's erroneous notion of consciousness as a "force-field" analogous with the force-fields of materialist physics

"[The word] Psychokinesis (PK) ... refers consciousness acting on matter that is usually remote from our bodies. This would be consistent with consciousness{'s} being a force ... . There is a physical distance between magnets and the filings affected by them. ... So PK would be understandable if consciousness is a force field that can operate outside our bodies."

{Wrong! The force-fields of physics, such as magnetic force and electrostatic force, decrease rapidly with distance, and cannot be concentrated as a beam into a particular direction. On the other hand, luminance (which is not a force-field, but an energy), can be directed as a beam and therefore need not diminish rapidly with distance; and is therefore more nearly analogous with the mind (which can, similarly to energy, be concentrated and directed).}

p. 136 the authoress's erroneous allegation matter and energy are interconvertible

"at the quantum level the distinctions between energy, matter, and fields are no longer relevant. {UNTRUE!} Energy and matter ... can be converted back and forth. {UTTERLY FALSE!} ... At the subatomic level, ... dualism no longer applies. {FALSE, if the dualism referred to be the distinction between matter and energy, a distinction which always must remain.}"

{Wrong! Energy (in any amount within a certain limit) can be (under various circumstances) stored within matter, but cannot be converted into it -- instead, stored energy can be released, and (under certain conditions) be redabsorbed. On the other hand, force-fields are essential inhaerent in certain arrangements of elementary particles in molecules, usually within atoms (e.g., by magnetizing iron molecules through arranging their atoms to face a particular direction, in regard to electrons relative relative to nuclei, for chemical bonds); so that this is very different from energy.}

p. 136 but did Jung himself really believe in so-called "archetypes"?

"Jung saw that ... there are archetypes ... that are expressed universally in dreams ... ."

{FALSE! What Carl G. Jung actually witnessed in his own dreams were beings proclaiming themselves to be deities : he knew that in Protestant Switzerland, that to confess witnessing deities would cause one's self to be locked away for life in a state-operated madhouse ("insane asylum"), as he privately admitted to intimate friends, but hid his written records of these dream-experiences in his secret Red Book, altering his public publications to, instead, the extremely vague term /archetypes/ (instead of the praecisely meaningful /deities/).}

p. 137 telepathy during dreaming

[quoted from "Carl G. Jung, 'The Practical Use of Dream Analysis' ... : The Practice of Psychotherapy, p. 505."] "Another dream-determinant ... is telepathy. ... I {Jung} have found by experience that telepathy {of persons known personally to Jung} does in fact influence dreams, as has been asserted since ancient times."

p. 137 the migration-circuit of monarch-butterflies is accomplished over a period of several generations of theirs

[quoted from "Robert Sheldrake, Dogs Who Know When Their Owners Are Coming Home : And Other Unexplained Powers of Animals, 1999, Three Rivers Press, New York."] "Monarchs born in Canada ... consistently travel south ... in order to winter in Mexico. They die on their way back in Texas ... . Their offspring continue the journey back to the original location in Canada. ... Although no single monarch ever does the entire cycle, the migration route varies little from season to season."

p. 140 mappings of the whole body onto portions of the body

"the acupuncture points on the ear ... correspond to parts of the body. In fact, the chart looks like a minute ... person ... on an ear.

Similarly, the brain has ... areas involved in processing physical sensations and the control of our muscles. These areas are called homunculi and ... mapped ... look like little humans, but with large hand and head {with the lips occupying much of the head, to indicate sensitivity of lips in kissing etc.} because those body parts have more input and output connections with the brain."

pp. 140-1 use of coronal-discharge patterns in diagnosis of bodily locations of ailments

p. 140

"Other evidence ... comes from research by Konstantin Korotkov, director of the

p. 141

St Petersburg Research Centre on Medical and Biological Engineering. He invented a Gas Discharge Visualization (GDV) instrument that uses ... the coronal discharge. ... GDV impulses are sent ... to generate colourful ... light around the person's body. Korotkov's research has found associations between certain aberrations in the coronal discharge pattern and specific disease states."

and specific disease states."

{There are shamans who can not only see diseases within the human body, but can also instantly (with divine assistance) cure those diseases by extracting them from the same body.}

pp. 142-3 the 3 types of personal memory; extra-ordinary memory

p. 142

"Friedrich Nietzsche raised a good point about memory when he said, 'The existence of forgetting has never been proved ... .' The answer {as} to whether memory is ever lost depends on

where and how memory is stored."

{that is, as to whether and how one may understand that memory is stored in the Akas`ik Record}

"Personal memory consists of three basic types. Declarative memory is what we use for factual material, such as language ... . Episodic memory is for events of our life [such as of an emotive type].

It stays with us if it was ... emotionally charged ... .

{This is helpful for our incarnational-sequence plan only if it be of the nature of compassion on all intelligent beings who suffer from the evils imposed by capitalistic greed-mongering.}

And motor memory is for coordinated [bodily] actions ... ."

"the Russian psychologist, A. R. Luria, wrote a book called The Mind of a Mnemonist [p. 289, n. 8 : Harvard Univ Pr, Cambridge (MA), 1968)]. It was about a man with synesthesia and a limitless

p. 143

memory ...,

including {of} mundane events such as ... on a date years before."

{I was acquainted (decades ago, in C., GA) with a man of this nature (he having been born in the same month of the same year as myself) : besides remembring what had happened day-by-day throughout his life, he could also at all times see divine light in his visual field.}

{The main (or perhaps only) memories worth conserving (especially from-lifespan-to-lifespan over one's incarnation-sequence) are those which pertain to metaphysical theory, such as description of the interrelationship of hierarchies of committees of deities in regard to their planning-out of one's lifespan-sequence plans for participation in the divine plan for liberalizing of politics and of oikonomics on the planets of one's incarnations, with intent on thoroughly defeating (by divine entities' intervention) capitalism on each planet.}

p. 144 the Akas`ik Record

"Edgar Cayce ... accessed psychic information from the 'Akashic records'. Cayce chose that word to suggest that information about everything is stored in some kind of alternate space." [p. 289, n. 11 {mis-numbered : it ought be "10"} : Kevin J. Todeschi : Edgar Cayce on Akashic Records : The Book of Life. 1998. A.R.E. Press, Virg[i]nia Beach, Virginia."]

{He did not merely by himself choose that word : he adopted it from litterature of the Theosophical Society, which had received it from traditional sources (in occult litterature of India).}

pp. 146-7 DMT (N,N-dimethyltryptamine)

p. 146

"We store large amounts of DMT in our brain's pineal gland ... as a third eye. ... in the Western fence lizard (Sceloporus occidentalis) ..., opening on top of its skull, one can see the upper half of the pineal, which has an optical lens, cornea, and retina. ... Two major states of consciousness within which people receive psychic information are both linked to DMT : dreaming and OBEs. ...

p. 147

The small amount of DMT released from the pineal gland during dreams contributes to their vividness, but ... also ... extraordinary psychic dreams. When people come close to death, ... the massive release of DMT can lead to a near-death experience that includes an OBE. ... Hence many survivors of near-death report an increased experience of psychic phenomena."

p. 149 upper-half-of-one's-body's becoming invisible

"The angular gyrus ... in Geneva, Switzerland, inadvertently triggered an OBE in a woman ... . ... stimulus at full intensity in her right angular gyrus led the patient to report, 'I see myself lying in bed, from above, but I only see my legs and lower trunk.'" [p. 290, n. 20 {should have been "19"} : Olaf Blanke; Stephanie Ortigue; Theodore Landis; & Margitta Seeck : "Stimulating Own-Body Perceptions". NATURE, issue 419 (2002), pp. 269-70.]

{I myself have witnessed the upper half of another person's body (the woman with me in B, L Co, GA, with whom I shared noticing approach to us of flying saucers and of their disembarked, spacesuit-wearing crew, from consorting with whom she obtaining additional powers) be invisible while the lower half remained visible as she walked about in the room where (on another occasion) we experienced a 12-hour time loss (sudden shift from sunset to sunrise, as she remarked on that occasion without my even mentioning to her that I noticed it).}

pp. 149-51 angular gyrus of brain

p. 149

"The angular gyrus is strategically located at the crossroads of areas specialized for processing touch, hearing and vision. It is the area identified ... as being responsible for synesthesia. Many autistic savants and psychics have synesthesia, and ... people with synesthesia report psi abilities. The primary function of the angular gyrus is the symbolic representation of the world. ... The right angular gyrus

p. 150

is associated with visual-spatial processing and the orientation of the body in space. The angular gyrus is also one of the cortical areas still active during dreaming. ...

p. 151

The angular gyrus may also be involved in the psi associated with DMT ... released from the pineal gland. ... DMT activates the limbic system, which would activate the angular gyrus during these mystical states, just as it does during dreaming."

{It may be added that DMT in ayawaska is wont to induce vision of a color-swirl [Latin /gyrus/, Hellenic /guros/ being 'vortex, spiral'], which is the primary aspect of the cakra-s of Kun.d.alini yoga.}


Sudhir Kakar & Jeffrey J. Kripal (edd.) : Seriously Strange : Thinking Anew about Psychical Experiences. Penguin Bks India, New Delhi, 2012.