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Basic Magic







p. 13 innate psychic abilities

"Training psychic gifts ... began out of the sheer need ... to understand what was happening to me as my own very strong gift of empathy developed. ... I didn't have a choice -- I was born with it, and it only got stronger with age. Those born with the proclivity for certain psychic talents find the world a far different place than {from} those who are ... psi-null.

To an empath ..., the world is ... conflicting emotions ... .

To the telepath, it is a ... confusion of noise that never stops.

And to the seer, it is a confusing whir of color and images, ... possibilities and potentialities".

pp. 13-14 maltreatment of natural psychics by political-state-sanctioned psychiatrists

p. 13

"teaching students to use and control their psi-talents, I am thoroughly

p. 14

convinced that ... people on psychiatric medications and even those who

are institutionalized

{are being held prisoner against their will in "insane asyla" by state-governments at the repressive behest of the ploutokratic ruling-class}

would benefit from this type of training. ... students who came to me ... had tried going to a ... psychiatrist for help, only to find that the "help" provided did no good at all, whereas learning to actively use and control their gifts did. ... Unfortunately, even when they do seek out help from a mental health professional, ... most professionals are unprepared to credit their experiences with any degree of truth and therefore are unable to provide effective help.

We simply don't live in a culture that understands these things.

{The "culture" is controlled by its ruling class, which in the case of deception-fostering ploutokrats, is deceitfully intent on promoting strong public disbelief against the existence of a universally-accessible divine world.}

They [psychics] are regarded as ... dangerous."

{They are indeed dangerous to the vicious conspiracy of the greed-maddened capitalist class.}

p. 14 another sense?

"Whereas most people experience the world through a sensorium comprised solely of sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch, those with psi-gifts have ... at least one additional sense".

{False. Actually, psychics have the merely the same identical 5 senses as have hylics (non-psychics); the difference resideth not in the senses themselves, but in application of those senses to the non-material, i.e. subtle, planes-of-existence (such as, astral, mental, etc.).}

{N.B. Because the authoress hath started provided such effectively misleading disinformation so very early in this book, it can be expected that most of the residue of this book will proceed likewise.}

pp. 14-15 need to rely on antiquated literature for advice about training psychic abilities

p. 14

"Now these [psychic] talents can be immensely valuable to the individual him- or herself and, in some cases, to his or her community. They have the potential to enhance one's life, but if and only if they're properly trained. ...

I was fortunate : I stumbled upon

a series of novels that dealt fairly accurately with the gifts,

{The "novels" referred to would be Rosicrucian writings, such as Zanoni, etc. These are really instruction-manuals disguised as novels.}

as well as some occult literature from the early 20th century that offered solid, practical

p. 15

suggestions for basic training exercises -- works such as those of Dion Fortune, Denning and Phillips, and Israel Regardi."

{These all were membres of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn.}

"To make make matters ... worse, the current literature on anything approaching psychic self-defense all too often provides inaccurate ... information (white light ... is not a cure-all)."

p. 15 non-egalitarian?

"Whether or not one has a specific talent [including psychic talents] depends far more on genetics than [on] personal worthiness.

{Besides inheriting from one's own ancestors and other kinfolk, one may also be gifted with such abilities by other persons already in possession of them.}

There's nothing egalitarian about it".

{Actually, it is egalitarian in its own way. Psychics (and especially pneumatics) tend to have little socio-organizational ability, and have need of persons with such ability (as well as yet other abilities) to assist them in accomplishing their mission of socio-political liberalizing and radicalizing of the oikonomic basis (technocracy) of human society.}

pp. 16-17 essentials

p. 16

"The exercises that I present here are essential ... to learning effective, ethical, and safe energy-work. ... Many of the basic exercises aid in stilling the mind and learning to sense energy, including the energy of a Deity's presence. ... Exercises given in this book are ...

p. 17

indispensible for the occultist or practicing magician, and for the Pagan or Heathen wishing to develop either ritual skills or a devotional practice."






Centring & Grounding






Quick-Fix Grounding-Techniques



Cakras & How to Cleanse Them



Advanced Grounding-Techniques


1.1 pp. 21-2, 25-8 centring & grounding

p. 21

"The two most important exercises one can do, whether to develop one's [psychic] gifts ..., or begin devotional practice, are centering and grounding. These two exercises go hand-in-hand and ... bring an inner stillness that allows one to hear the voice of the Gods. They also ... help lay the foundation for effective psychic and energy shields. ...

p. 22

I tend to start people off with breathing exercises. The most common of these tend to involve visualizations ... . ...

I was taught that centering should be done before grounding.

[p. 197, n. 1:1 : "I've ... met other energy-workers who were told exactly the opposite. ... I would suggest trying both".]

Centering basically means making sure that your physical, etheric/astral, and auric bodies all occupy the same space."

[p. 197, n. 1:2 : "It can be extremely disorienting ... when this is not the case".] {The only time (except at death) when these do not occupy the same space is while the subtle body is projected out of the physical body -- a circumstance very highly orienting.}

1.1 p. 24 the reason why we are incarnated

"We're incarnated for a reason. Our bodies are an important part of the spiritual process :

they are the conduit through which we experience everything." {Untrue : not "everything"! We experience dreams through an immaterial dream-body; the astral plane through an astral body; etc. etc.}

{More pertinently to the reason why the deities would care to incarnate us into material bodies is that those immaterial deities can sense (experience) the material plane-of-existence only through souls of such mortals (as ourselves) as they (the deities) deliberately occupy our material bodies.}

1.1 p. 25 grounding via double conduit

"[Grounding] provides both a stabilizing system of energetic "roots," and ...

{"As the tree grows higher, the roots spread more ... . ... Remember that you are a great tree with deep roots." (T>ChPW).}

a "tap root" through which one can replenish one's energies when they run low. ...

{"In practice, T'ai Chi Ch'uan is rooted ... so firmly that one feels oneself rooted in the ground like a tree with a single tap-root." (T>ChCh>SM, p. 16)}

Grounding ... entails feeling a cord of energy extending from your root chakra down into the earth ... . What most people won't tell you is that the cord should be a double conduit : one half allows you to send energy down, while the other allows you to draw energy up."

{"The term grounding has become a buzzword among New Age healers and thinkers ... (and especially in T’ai Chi)" ("GR").} {T>ai C^i is of Mongol provenience : "Chang San Feng, a ... sage of the Yuan Dynasty (13th century), created t'ai chi in his dreams." ("P&ST>ChCh>")}

T>ChPW = Linda Myoki Lehrhaupt : T'ai Chi as a Path of Wisdom. Shambhala, 2001. http://books.google.com/books?id=ePJXKOGQzqYC&pg=PA11-IA1&lpg=PA11-IA1&dq=

T>ChCh>SM = Cheng Man-ch>ing (Manqing Zheng) : T'ai Chi Ch'uan: A Simplified Method of Calisthenics for Health & Self Defence. North Atlantic Bks, 1981. http://books.google.com/books?id=OYwPKBcXe1AC&pg=PA16&lpg=PA16&dq=

"GR" = Dwight Johnson : "Grounding Revealed". QUEST MAG 90.5 (Sept-Oct 2002):182-3. http://www.theosophical.org/publications/1600

"P&ST>ChCh>" = "Practice and Spirit of T'ai Chi Ch'uan" http://www.taichimania.com/taichi_article.html

1.1 p. 26 golden cord connecting a subtle body with the material body

"I usually visualize this energy as a gold cord and a network of ... flexible golden roots."

{If the cord be golden, then the subtle body involved (a tree-body) would needs be mental or else causal.}

1.1 p. 28 clan Tas^lin

"Clan Tashlin taught me a specific grounding ... as ... an ant." {The emblem Clan Tashlin is a tree ("CT").}

{Aiakos "kissed the tree-trunk and the earth beneath it. That night, in a dream, he saw a shower of ants" (GM 66.e).}

"CT" = "Clan Tashlin" http://darkodyssey.com/winterfireDevelop2/bio_detail.php?presenterID=74

1.2 pp. 31-2 reaction-sickness

p. 31

"One of the reasons that grounding and centering are so important to psychics, energy-workers, and magicians is that they prevent and protect against something called reaction sickness. This is caused by one of three things :

overworking oneself in ... energy-work ...;

suddenly being bombarded with too much energy too quickly; or

expending too much energy too quickly ... .

Reaction sickness is a sign that the {aitheric?} body's energy channels have been completely overloaded. It can result in terrible headaches (even migraines), nausea, ... and ... shock. ...

If you are dealing with someone in the throes of reaction sickness, or if you have fallen prey to it yourself ..., ... Walk barefoot or sit directly on the ground or with your back against a tree. ...

p. 32

Take the aspirin. Get a massage ... . Hold or wear heavy grounding stones."

1.3 pp. 32-3 "quick-fix grounding techniques"






"Have a full meal".



"Have someone pour a gallon of cold water over your head."


"change clothes."


"Have a more experienced person ground you. ... . ... certainly any psi-vamp (psychic vampire), should be able to do this effectively."

[pp. 198-9, n. 1:7 : "You extend ... into the other person's energy field and give it a push, focusing on creating a spiraling whirlpool, then you [p. 199] gently guide the energy down into the ground ... . ... If you're a psi-vamp (see Chapter 2), you just eat the ungrounded energy."] {With this controll of the grounding-tree by a whirlpool, cf. "the tall fig-tree" situated above the whirlpool of "dread Charybdis" (Odusseia 12).}


"Some people find sex[ual intercourse] very grounding; ... for others it has the opposite effect."

{Those pesons who find sexual intercourse "very grounding" may have an affinity for the sexualities of rooted plants. If so, their nahual (praeternatural countrepart) may be a plant-species.}


"Some people find flogging {being flogged} ... very grounding ... .

{Such persons may well have as their nahual a large plant -specieswith flexible branches which are often whiplashed by a high wind.}

Again, for others it has the opposite effect."

Odussei:s 12 http://www.theoi.com/Text/HomerOdyssey12.html

1.4 pp. 35-6 & 38 (supposed aspects of cakra-s)

{The qualities assigned [by Galina Krasskova] are mainly pertinent to life in a material body. But the cakra-s are not in, or of, the material plane-of-existence; therefore these assignations are mostly inapplicable. The column entitled "Element" is the exception : but this ought properly to read "Elemental", for is is the affinity with (communication-centre for) categories of Elemental Spirits (subsisting in the causal plane-of-existence).}

1.4 p. 39 "specific things you can do while working on a specific chakra"




"qi gong"


"massage {which is a mainly Taoist sexual technique : vide "WR&Y", p. 109; "White Tigress Massage" in "WhT", p. 5; TSM}; ... Tantric work" [p. 199, n. 1:8 : "I recommend The Essence of Sexuality and Tantra for Erotic Empowerment, both by Mark Michaels and Patricia Johnson."]

"Solar plexus"

"pilates (which focuses on strengthening one's core muscles)"


"Tong[-]len meditation" {"PT", "TI", "3ST"}



"Third eye"

"the fundamental exercises in this chapter" (namely, centring and grounding)

{That Ajn~a is to be treated as "fundamental" (i.e., praeliminary to attaining the other cakra-s) is in agreement with esoteric yoga-tradition.}


"regular devotional work to a Deity or Deities; prayer"

{Because the authoress's techniques are mainly Chinese, it would have made better sense for her to have employed the Taoist names of the cakra-s.}

"WR&Y" = Gil Raz : "The Way of the Yellow and the Red". NAN NU: 10(2008):86-120.

"WhT" = Hsi Lai : "White Tigress". http://www.jungleking.biz/WTArticle.pdf

TSM = Stephen Russell : The Tao of Sexual Massage. Simon & Schuster, 2008.

"PT" = "Practice of Tonglen" http://www.shambhala.org/teachers/pema/tonglen1.php

"TI" = Tonglen Instruction" http://www.shambhala.org/teachers/pema/tonglen2.php

"3ST" = "Three Stages of Tonglen" http://www.shambhala.org/teachers/pema/tonglen3.php

1.5 pp. 41-2 advanced grounding techniques; energy-backlash

p. 41

"When I was initially taught to ground, I was told that one's ground is a two-way channel, in which you can pull energy up just as easily as you can send energy down. ...

p. 42

It's actually best to have a ground into which you can "root" energy down and another, separate channel through which you can draw energy up. ... If you suddenly need to dump energy and your ground is already occupied with drawing energy up, you're in trouble.

Energy backlash is a nasty thing. It can lead to electrolyte disruption, nausea, migraines, , fainting, and even shock."

1.5 p. 43 recommended books

"Exploring the Northern Tradition by Galina Krasskova,

Pathwalkers Guide to the Nine Worlds by Raven Kaldera, and

Essential Asatru by Diana Paxson."


Sophie Reicher : Spiritual Protection : a Safety Manual for Energy Workers, Healers, and Psychics. New Page Bks (a division of Career Pr Inc), Pompton Plains (NJ), 2010.