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Miscellaneous Talents






Psychic Vampires






2.0 p. 48 energy-work

"To act as an energy-worker is to become a bridge, a conduit for power (that is, energy) ... . ... Most energy-workers tread a fine line between purposefully directing energy and relying on some sort of Higher Power to take care of the results."

2.0 p. 49 the 2 links

"magic (and its related Art of alchemy) is the link between science and religion,

and general energy-work is the link between magic and healing."

2.0 p. 50 persons of same type of psychic ability

"For some it's very comforting to be around people who are like them.

I have found this to be so with empaths, as it adds a whole new dimension to communication.

However, for others, especially telepaths, it can be very jarring to be with their own kind."

{Close spatial vicinity is unnecessary in the case of telepathy, and if forced unnecessarily, it is likely to result in excessive noticing (in the way of involuntary telepathic communications) thoughts about all manner of trivia of daily chores of the part of the respondent.}














2.1.1 pp. 52-4 telepathy

p. 52

"telepathy ... is generally described as the ability to hear other people's thoughts, especially the surface thoughts. It is most commonly seen in action between family members or close friends. ... Those with a stronger ability can read the surface thoughts of strangers and, with practice, can learn to probe quite deeply. ...

This gift can also manifest as an ability to send thoughts, which can sometimes enable the telepath to strongly influence another person. Animal telepathy is similar except that the gift is attuned to the frequency of animals rather than that of people. ...

{It is also possible to send telepathic messages to plants, as well as to animals, such that responses on their parts are in evidence.}

p. 53

Most telepaths are able to strike a comfortable balance between shielding and swimming in the tide of incoming thoughts. ...

Any effort on the telepath's part to to probe another psyche requires a very deft touch. ... the telepath who does this sort of thing needs to be aware of "mind traps." If you visualize the psyche

as a landscape or building that can be traversed or explored,

{The landscape involved (viewed as associated with another person's "psyche") will be that of the dream-world wherein such person will be dreaming during sleep. It can [according to the authoress's observation] be perhaps viewed as readily (if not more readily) by being probed when the person is awake as when asleep.}

a mind trap is like a room with a door which suddenly slams shut, a pool of quicksand from which one must struggle to escape."

{If this be the other person's dream-world, then the "traps" may be mechanisms whereby dream-deities hindre exploring of their world by a non-dreaming prober.}

"Interestingly, telepathy is not language-dependent; the other person's thoughts will translate automatically into the native language of the telepath."

{This is possible because the deities who manage the human-to-human telepathy-connections have automatic language-translation devices (computers), which they put into operation on mortals' behalves.}

"To really develop the gift of telepathy, one not only has to accurately read thoughts and the truth of those thoughts, but the attendant emotions as well.

p. 54

A telepath reads emotions in a far more detached manner than an empath does. For the telepath, emotion is observed rather than directly experienced".

"Shielding one's telepathic gift is best done by visualizing a wall within one's mind that nothing can breach. The wall ... must be envisioned as insurmountable and impenetrable, completely protecting the mind and the channel for telepathy."

{While one is imagining such a fictitious wall, one's guardian angel/spirit (by observing the imagination of the wall) will recognize one's intent, and will contruct a functioning subtle-plane wall to protect one's telepathic power.}

{Mortal-to-mortal telepathy done only in waking-life in the material world and only between individuals beings in close spatial proximity, is the least significant, and the least useful, of any of the numerous categories of telepathy. By far more significant, and useful, are, e.g., telepathies performed with immortals during dreaming in non-material planes-of-existence with entities (perhaps at vast cosmic distances) arrayed in cosmic-governmental formations.}

2.1.2 pp. 54-7empathy

p. 54

"Empathy is usually defined as the ability to feel another person's emotions, to experience them directly and intimately as though they are one's own.

p. 55

This gift usually twins with some degree of healing, though it is considered ... a gift of communication. ...

[p. 201, n. 2:6 : "Empaths are often extraordinarily sensitive to energy blockages and stagnant or diseased energies in the body."] {Stagnant c^>i (energy) is commonly considered a cause of disease in Chinese medical literature.}

Although empaths experience a rich tapestry of emotions from others, that same gift can effectively cut them off from their own. ... Indeed, it is difficult to shield the gift when there is any physical contact at all ... . ... It is very easy for an empath, even a well-trained one, to become lost in ... others' emotions. ...

p. 56

One of the most devastating combinations of talents is empathy twinned with an extremely strong gift of mediumship. ...

{This combination could result in the psychic's knowing about, and mimicking, a client excessively.}

The ancient maxim "know thyself" {gnothi se-auton} is ... an absolute necessity for empaths. If you don't know where you end and the other person begins (on every level -- psychologically, physically, and spiritually), you'll drown in the morass of your own gift."

"once an empath starts working with any type of {psychic} energy, the gift can radically strengthen. It ... usually ... indicates the gift of either physical healing or mind healing. In the case of physical healing, the empath is able to accurately sense energy blockages ... within the body; with mind healing, he or she is able to sense, read, and/or heal the very fabric of a traumatized or

p. 57

unbalanced mind.

Depending on the strength of the gift and the skill of the empath, he or she can even journey directly into a person's inner landscape."

{This would be a shamanic traveling into the otherworldly (netherworld of ailment-spirits) landscape where spirit-denizens may hold aspects of the client's personality (such as, health) imprisoned.}

2.1.3 p. 57 psychometry

"Psychometry is the ability to acquire information, read feelings, and occasionally receive [mental] images by touching something. ...

Just as most empaths are shy about touching people because of the nature of their gift,

{This could easily be mistaken for an unsociable attitude.}

those with psychometry will have the same hesitation about touching objects, because objects absorb and retain residual energies, especially emotional energies, of those who have held them."














2.2.1 p. 58 mind-healing

"Mind healing ... is the ability to manipulate the threads of a person's psyche to bring about positive healing, and is almost always empathy-based. A gifted mind healer can actually "rewire" a person's psyche. ... The study of any or all of these modalities can only enhance one's ability to use this gift."

2.2.2 p. 58 land-healing

"Those with a talent for land healing have a combination of two gifts :

a sensitiviy to or awareness (through empathy or [psychic] sight) of the levels of power, currents of energy, and the thread of ley lines that run through the land;

and an ability to purposefully manipulate that energy."

2.2.3 p. 58 gift-catalysts

"A gift catalyst ... consciously or unconsciously uses telepathy, empathy, or mind-healing to open and unlock someone's {someone else's} natural, latent gifts. Gift catalysts ... are also the best at identifying gifts, even latent ones, in others."














2.3.0 p. 59 physical-manifestation talents

"These gifts are rare. When they do manifest, usually unexpectedly,

the negative reactions of those around the gifted person may traumatize him or her to the point that he/she refuses to develop or use it again."

{In such a case, that which hath actually occurred is that the deity enacting the "gift" (for, all miraculous abilities are the doings of deities -- the mortal's spirit-helpers --, never directly of the the mortals who outwardly appear to perform them) was insulted (by those " negative reactions") and therefore declined to perform further such "gift"-miracle in the praesence of the mortals involved.}

2.3.1 pp. 59-60 telekinesis

p. 59

"Telekinesis the ability to move objects with the mind. ...

{Not quite : it is, instead, the ability of a deity to move an object at a mortal's wish or praeference. (I myself have worked with this power, having a deity miraculously move a material object : turn a lock, opening the door of my cell at gaol.)}

p. 60

Those with this gift learn to purposefully manipulate the electromagnetic fields of things around them."

{Basicly false! Manipulating electromagnetic fields could magnetize or electrify objects (neither of which is done in telekinesis), but could not move them.}

2.3.2 pp. 60-1 pyrokinesis

p. 60

"Pyrokinesis is the ability to control ... fire with the mind. ...

{Not quite : it is, instead, the ability of a deity to ignite and to incinerate a combustible substance at a mortal's wish or praeference. In this case, the deity involved may be Sumerian G~ibil (Qibil) / Vaidik Agni in conjunction with a salamandre (fire-elemental spirit).}

p. 61

No shielding techniques are particularly useful against gifts of this category."

{Pyrokinetic powers are known in Taoism and in Reiki. http://cassiopaea.org/forum/index.php?topic=7200.0 }

















2.4.1 pp. 62-4 praecognition

p. 62

"1. Simple intuition : a feeling ... . ...

2. The ability to read the threads of Wyrd, seeing ... possibilities ... often overlaid upon normal vision.

3. Strong visions of what is to come, usually ... surrounded by strong emotions.

4. Dreams of future occurrences. ...

p. 63

With a very strong gift ..., these visions can be total sensory experiences ... . ...

p. 64

There are also people in the world who are so open to ... precognition that ... These people are Wyrd channels".

p. 201, n. 2:10 "What the pre-cog will pick up is the most likely outcome based on a variety of factors, including past behavior, past choices, and ... behavior in relationships. {Nay. These factors would not result in any specific outcome, and would be effectively useless. Usually, what the so-called knowledge of the "future" is, is actually the secret plan (often a secret conspiracy) of a few influential persons (generally ploutokrats, in the case of oikonomic-political events; otherwise concerned persons, in the case of other events) to bring about certain conditions at a specific time in the future. Their secret plans are known to deities, who thereupon disclose the likely effects of such plans to chosen mortal devotees of those deities.}

2.4.2 pp. 64-5 postcognition

p. 64

"Postcognition ... . With this gift, one may receive {mental} images of the past and be able to read the past deeds of others, especially via ... certain locales. ... Again, the consciousness will be

p. 65

drawn to incidents that are accompanied by extreme emotion, which leaves a psychic imprint."

2.4.3 pp. 65-6 remote-viewing

p. 65

"Remote viewing (... "far sight") is the abiity to see events in real time that are occurring far away from the viewer. ... Astral projection is very easy for those with even a hint of this gift, as is lucid dreaming."

p. 66

"Go on a liquid fast ... . ... During your fast, practice the following breathing pattern ... :" [inhale through one nostril only (while the other is blocked); exhale through the other nostril (while blocking the remaining one)].

2.4.4 p. 67 energy-sight

"Energy sight ... is the ability to see ... auras, elementals, non-corporeal beings, Vaettir ... . ... If someone with energy sight has another gift, their sight will influence their perceptions of the energy resonances of that gift".



Miscellaneous Spiritual Talents














2.5.1 pp. 67-9 spirit-mediumship

p. 67

"mediums naturally lack a strong grip on the physical world. They are so loosely anchored in their physical bodies ...".

{False. If they were not "anchored in their physical bodies", they would all be continually performing projection of the astral body. However, projection of the astral body is rather uncommon in a spirit-medium, indicating that the spirit-medium is indeed usually firmly anchored in the material body.}

p. 68

"most beneficent spirits will make an effort to change their appearance when they are told

that their present incarnation

{Using the term "incarnation" to refer to an immaterial spectral body is peculiar; more usually the term "incarnation" is used in a spirit-possession context to indicate temporary occupancy by a deity of a mortal's material body.}

is disturbing."

"One of the most profound experiences -- and duties -- of the medium is to aid the soul in its passage to the other side. Often mediums will find themselves strongly called by Deities of the

{In some tribes in Siberia, this is a duty of the shaman, who must accompany (in dreaming) the souls of the dead as far as the praeternatural river separating the abode of the living from the abode for souls of the dead.}

p. 69

underworld just for this purpose."

"I actually find that mediums make very poor vessels for Divine possession. For some reason, despite the fact that they seem the same, the two talents are actually quite different; in fact, they are often mutually exclusive, though I have no idea why."

{A more clear statement would be that there are a great many different categories of divinities and of deities, belonging to (residing in) many different planes-and-subplanes-of-existence, so distinct from each other, and so unaccustomed to direct intercommunication with one another, that their mortal media or possession-availabilities are not directly compatible, but rather mutually exclusive.}

"sometimes, when a Deity feels it necessary, He/She will temporarily give someone the ability to experience a gift that the person doesn't normally have. ... This occasionally can leave a person with a newly-opened gift-channel."

p. 202, n. 2:13 "I don't ... consider the ability to be possessed by the Gods mediumship. ... The majority of people I know who are able to handle Deity possession are not mediums." {By thusly excluding immortals, this would restrict "mediumship" to communication with other mortals. This designation would be problematic, however, because it is unclear by this standard whether communication with such divinities as who deal primarily with mortals (including those divinities who enable spirit-mediumship) -- such as guardian-angels, spirit-guides, and spirit-helpers -- would also be in some way excluded, and if so, to what extent. Most (or all) so-called "communication with the dead" is actually communication with some former guardian-angel, or former spirit-guide, of the dead person, speaking (through a spirit-medium) on the dead person's behalf.}

2.5.2 p. 70 flukes

"Flukes are people ... who are naturally resistant to the influence of the gifts of others. ... Although they are not purposefully shielding, they are almost totally unreadable. Sometimes they are extremely gifted people who have developed iron-clad shields as a survival mechanism.

Gifts simply will not work in the presence of one of these people. Flukes are also usually very disturbed by sensitives."

{The reason why psychic "Gifts simply will not work in the presence of one of these people" (and why they are likewise "disturbed") is that "these people" are making use of deities the modes and mechanisms of whose planes-of-existence are incompatible with those of the abilities instigated by the deity-familiars of "sensitives".}

2.5.3 pp. 70-1 tapping

p. 70

"Tapping ... . ... Someone with this gift is able to link energy with another person, thereby allowing that person to temporarily commandeer the tapper's own psi-gift(s) and/or augment his or her own gift(s).

I've also seen it used to

{This would be accomplished by activating the senses in a subtle body, without separating the subtle body from the material body.}

p. 71

temporarily grant a physical sense to someone who lacked it. ...

I believe that tapping is related to being a catalyst, ... the two people I knew who possessed tapping were also gift catalysts."

2.5.4 pp. 71-2 generators

p. 71

"Some people are born with the ability to amp[lify] up other gifts or channel a great deal of energy into a working. ... they're psychic ... generators. ... They also tend to attract a great deal of unwelcome and occasionally dangerous attention ... . ... If you are lucky, you might find an ethical ... magician who is willing to provide protection ... . I have seen this kind of protection negotiated in

p. 72

exchange for the magician having access to the generator's gift to augment the power of the magician's workings."





2.6 p. 72 "magician's gift"

"there is a specific psi-gift, a very specific mind-channel, that enables one to sense, internalize, and actively manipulate high levels of energy. I call it the "magician's gift," as it enables the ... magician to develop ... skill ... . It also enables the magician to tap into higher levels of power without the risk ... that an ordinary energy-worker would incur."



Psychic Vampires


2.7 pp. 72-3 psychic-vampires

p. 72

"A psychic vampire is a person genetically wired to require prana {pran.a}, or life energy ... .

{Or (more likely) are familiar-spirits (imps) of the mortal "vampire" requiring that life-energy be drained out of other mortals for their (the imps') own use? (A mortal would have no need for another mortal's life-energy, but an imp very well could.)}

There is evidence that this talent is genetic, as it tends to run in families just as other psychic gifts do.

{The talent may be inherited through household-divinities, who tend to remain with the same familial soul-lineage of mortals. Neither this, nor any other psychic power, is dependent on material-plane genes of material-plane biochemistry.}

There are two basic types of psychic vampires : primary vampires, who are

p. 73

born that way; and secondary vampires, who either learn the skill ... or who are purposefully modified via energy-work.

The best book ... on this particular talent ... is The Ethical Psychic Vampire by Raven Kaldera. ...

A skilled psi-vamp can suck pain, depression, anger, and sorrow out of people, gaining sustenance from the negative emotions while helping the person they "feed" on."


Sophie Reicher : Spiritual Protection : a Safety Manual for Energy Workers, Healers, and Psychics. New Page Bks (a division of Career Pr Inc), Pompton Plains (NJ), 2010.