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Personal Shields









Elemental Shields



Layering of Shields




Personal Shields


pp. 75-6 magical shielding

p. 75

"a ward is a protection placed on a place or thing,

whereas a shield is a protection placed on a person".

p. 76

"Walking around unshielded ... To someone {else} who is psi-talented, it can feel as though you are walking into a room screaming at full volume and wielding a sledge hammer. ...

Learning to shield is a matter not only of common sense but also of simple psychic courtesy. For those ... shielding, ... it will help to think of it ... as ... shielding oneself in {so as not to annoy others (other psychics) with one's own bothersome materially-oriented but psychicly-detectible emanations}."

pp. 76-7 a psychic sensitive must hindre overstimulation of the psychic senses

p. 76

"personal shields ... are shields that ... make the world bearable and overstimulation of the {psychic-detection} senses and the {psychic-overstimulation} sickness that can come along with that. They are absolutely essential for persons with certain talents, especially empathy and telepathy. Good shielding keeps us from being influenced by the ... emotions of those around us".

p. 77

"there are two necessary types of shields : psychic shields and energetic shields.

Psychic shields are constructed within the mind {within one's own mind, with the assistance of cosmic mind} to shield {one's own} specific {psychic} gifts {from being obtrusively annoying to other psychic sensitives},

whereas energetic shields are constructed to shield against external energies {undesired mental emanations from other persons} ... .

Psychic shields ... make it far more comfortable {for a psychic person other than one's self, such as} for an empath or telepath to be around you.

Energetic shields, on the other hand, ... prevent unwanted energy {from harmful persons} from attaching to your aura or entering the sphere of your astral/etheric body and doing it harm.

Ideally, you should develop both types of shields independently from each other. ... At advanced levels, someone can have various layers of interlocking shields supporting and complementing each other. The idea (particularly with energetic shields) is to construct a layered matrix that can withstand repeated battering without ever collapsing".

pp. 77-8 detection (by hostiles) of one's psychic shielding

p. 77

"the more complex the shield matrix, the easier it is for someone with a strong psi-gift or magic to tell that you know what you're doing. In many cases it advertises that you're someone with a strong gift and that you know how to use it. ... .

As this isn't always desirable, it's useful to learn

{This is not desirable when the advertisement is told about to the ploutokrat-warmongers' stooge-hirelings who are dedicated in exterminating known psychics.}

p. 78

how to camouflage your shields."

{Psychic abilities must be kept concealed from murderer-thugs hired by the vicious ruling-class.}

p. 78 need for psychic shielding

"many people are unable to adequately protect their gift(s).

Conversely, those who lack a particular gift are not also able to effective protect themselves from that gift.

{Psychic} Sight calls into the first category, and

telekinesis, the latter.

Psychic shields, or psi-shields, are most important for empaths and telepaths, both of whom may find it very difficult to function socially without them.

[Spirit-]Mediums require a combination of heavily grounded mental and energetic shielding. ... "

The most common type of psychic shield involves imagining a wall ... and

then mentally "constructing" it through intense concentration.

{This wall-constructing could be accomplished with assistance from a variant of divine wall-buider Svadilfari, who may be contacted "through intense concentration".}

This wall blocks off or filters incoming thoughts and emotions ... . Although creating and maintaining one takes constant attention at first, in time it becomes second nature. A skilled telepath or empath can create complex and layered psychic shields that filter, protect, and misdirect."

p. 79 the nature of empaths

"empaths, if they realize what {psychic power-gift} they have, are extremely self-aware where their emotions are concerned.

While most people are hardly aware of or able to admit what they're feeling at a given time,

{They are unwilling to admit that they despise capitalism and Christianity, lest they persecuted on account of such admission.}

the average empath is always exquisitely aware of his or her emotional state -- and usually everyone else's in his or her general vicinity, as well -- and can tease out individual threads and shades of meaning from what most people would identify as a single emotion.

{The typical empath in unconcerned with major societal factors, and therefore in lacking in any subversive attitudes to have reason to conceal.}

The empath can read subtleties.

{not the subtleties of the immaterial planes-of-existence, but mere trifles within the capitalist-dominated world of materialism}

When an empath converses with another empath, simple touch can provide a conduit for images or feelings".

pp. 80-1 shielding capable of maintaining itself

p. 80

"It's possible to set shields so that they are self-feeding and more or less self-maintaining, save for the inevitable cleaning and repairs should they ever come under attack. The more

p. 81

energy-sensitive one is, the easier it is to tailor shields to one's personal specification".

pp. 81-2 shielding constructed out of ley-lines

p. 81

"Most people {most psychic-energy trainees} are taught to first draw energy from the earth, from the core, or from one of the many lines of power that crisscross beneath the surface. These are called ley lines {"In the USA, leys were energy lines" ("EL")}, and the place where multiple lines meet is called a node. ...

p. 82

Once you are properly centered and grounded, extend your senses into the earth, reaching down with a tendril of consciousness ... until you touch a ley line. You will feel a little jolt of power, a sense of a key fitting into a lock that tells you you've reached a ley line. Draw energy up carefully, allowing it to flow around you and shape itself to your aura."

{Ley-lines are based in ("L1960s") "the Chinese system of landscape divination called Feng shui."}

"EL" = "Energy Lines". In :- Paul Devereux : "Leys / Ley Lines". http://www.pauldevereux.co.uk/html/body_leylines.html#Energy lines

"L1960s" = "Leys for the 1960s". In :- Paul Devereux : "Leys / Ley Lines". http://www.pauldevereux.co.uk/html/body_leylines.html#Leys for the 1960s





pp. 82-3 basic shield

p. 82

"This ... very basic shield ... can be ... permeable enough to filter energy as through a delicate net. ...

{Ingo Swann hath described the human aura as a net of microscopic mesh. Perhaps a wider mesh is needed in order for the net to serve as more of a filter.}

p. 83

This is a nice shield for an empath to maintain on a regular basis ... . A bubble shield won't block telepathy, though."

p. 83 constructing a bubble

"To construct a bubble shield, use the part of your grounding channel that allows you to draw energy up into you. Draw up the necessary energy and bring it up and around you in the the form of a bubble (... that completely encompasses you). ... Ideally, you want the shield to feel bouncy, as though anything thrown at it would bounce off. ...

Particularly if it's drawn from the earth, I usually see the energy as a golden color."

{So, is the earth-energy (of gnomes?) operant mainly in the causal plane (the golden-cord connecting with the mental body)?}





pp. 83-4 constructing the mirror-shield

p. 83

"this is a harder, sharper, and more difficult shield to manipulate ... . Shape the energy into a shield, making sure that it sits close to your aura ... . ... See ... it becoming ... reflective."

p. 84

"I've occasionally slapped a mirror shield on students who couldn't control their gifts, except in these cases I created the shield with the mirror on the inside so that everything they inadvertently projected was reflected immediately right back in their faces."

{This mirror could thereupon serve as their personal psychic shield, shielding other psychics from their unintentionally-emanating thoughts.}

{instance of category of energetic mirror-shielding :"One of Feng-shui's basic tenets is that houses and tombs should not be built on straight lines in the landscape. Such features include roads, ridges, river courses, lines of trees, fences and such like. They all facilitated the passage of troublesome spirits, so if a tomb or building was on the course of such an "arrow" in the land, then preventative measures had to be taken. These included the erection of physical barriers to mask the entrance to the building, placing fearsome "door guardian" effigies either side of the door, or placing a special mirror at the entrance so that any horrible spirits would scare themselves off by their own reflections." ("PW")}

"PW" = "Parting of the Ways". In :- Paul Devereux : "Leys / Ley Lines". http://www.pauldevereux.co.uk/html/body_leylines.html#Parting of the ways



Elemental Shields





















Spinning Vortex






Force-Field Disrupting






For Spirit-Media











3.3.0 p. 84 power

"[Elemental shields] are particularly powerful shields that are good for layering. Elemental shields are rarely static, as mirror shields are ... . Additionally, if they are crafted correctly, they partake of the essence and power of the element they're drawn from."

3.3.1 pp. 85-6 wind

p. 85

"the elements are alive ... . The elements have consciousness and sentience, though it's very different from human sentience."

{More accurately stated, this would be :-The elemental-spirits are alive ... . The elemental-spirits have consciousness and sentience in their own plane-of-existence.}

"a tornado or a raging hurricane ... is the power you want to infuse your shield with. ...

{Among Amerindian shamans, it is usually understood that supernatural power from tornados must be acquired from tornados witnessed in the immaterial dream-world; and that furthermore such power can be transmuted into control of tornados in the material waking-world.}

A good wind shield should have at least two layers that move in different directions."

p. 86

"don't just set a shield and forget about it. Look in on it and check it for energy leaks or holes. Do what you need in order to keep it in good working order."

3.3.2 pp. 86-7 fire

p. 86

"This is an easy shield to maintain ... . ... This is also a fairly comfortable shield for others to be around. ... It can also look like part of your aura, which makes it relatively easy to camouflage. ...

p. 87

If you have a good working relationship with Fire, then you should be able to tie this shield into Muspelheim, the world of Fire ... . ... For information on {other}world traveling, I suggest Raven Kaldera's book Pathwalkers' Guide to the Nine Worlds."

3.3.3 p. 87 water

"Layer this shield by letting one layer ... moving in a circular motion around your auric body from one direction, and then raising a second shield to do the same but from another direction {i.e., rotating around one's body in the opposite direction}. ...

{The "circular motion" would indicate whirlpools as the constituents of this shield, just as the "wind shield" consisted of tornados.}

The perpetual motion of the water comprises the shield."

3.3.4 p. 88 ice

"I draw upon the energies of the Norse world of ice, Niflheim. ... In this way, the shield devours all incoming energy."

3.3.5 p. 88 earth

"The first earth shield ... I call the "sandstorm." Just as with the wind and water shields, this shield raises a swirling cone of energy around the auric body. ... This is a very corrosive shield".

{In <arabia a sand-uplifting whirlwind in considered to be a jann.}

3.3.6 p. 89 spinning-vortex

"The benefit {advantage} of this shield is that it doesn't require any elemental affinity. ... A major drawback is that it takes concentration and a great deal of energy to maintain."

3.3.7 pp. 89-90 under-the-skin

p. 89

"[An under-the-skin shield] can ... be the last line of defense against magical attacks that include leech spells ... and elfshot ... .

p. 90

... Then charge it to be a densely packed, crackling energy field ... . I recommend setting this particular shield to remain latent until something hits your outer shield, at which point it can become active and "awake." ...

It is also possible to create an emergency shield by changing the nature of your aura. ... if you come under attack, you can actually harden your aura so that it repels incoming energy. This won't hold but a few seconds ... .

Another useful trick is to make the aura so viscous that it traps incoming energy and then sheds it ... . This can be uncomfortable, but the aura will replenish itself."

3.3.8 p. 91 force-field

"The energy of electricity or lightening, or even energy from the Void ... can all work very well for this.

(Use energy from the Void only if you are an experienced magician. It can kill you otherwise.)

{Likely, by "Void" the Jaina "8 Black Voids" or "kr.s.n.arajis (eight "black fields")" ("CM", p. 376, Fig. 16.33) -- abode of "lokantika gods" ("SSI", p. 48) -- are intended : they can be dangerous sites.}

This is a very thin, light shield that will disrupt the frequency of any incoming energy,

thus dispersing its power.

{Actually, disruption of frequency would eliminate any modulation on an electromagnetic signal, but would not diminish its power.}

I personally like to use this as my second layer of shields, right beneath my concealment {camouflage? cloaking?} shield, which is the most external layer."

"CM" = Joseph E. Schwartzberg : "Cosmographical Mapping". Chapter 16 of History of Cartography, vol. 2, bk. 1. U of Chicago Pr. http://www.press.uchicago.edu/books/HOC/HOC_V2_B1/HOC_VOLUME2_Book1_chapter16.pdf

"SSI" = Robert J. Del Bonta` : "Samgrahan.i-Sutra Illustrations". SOAS NEWSL OF THE CENTRE OF JAINA STUDIES 8 (Mar 2013):47-50. http://www.soas.ac.uk/jainastudies/newsletter/file83045.pdf

3.3.9 pp. 91-2 auric cleansing; varieties of psychic shields

p. 91

"based on ... Denning and Phillip in their book, The Art of Psychic Self Defense, ... visualize and feel a glowing sphere of

p. 92

steel-blue light spinning above your crown. ... This force field should extend three or four feet above and below you and {a vertical cylindre's radius of} at least two feet away from you.

Once you have this field securely set, visualize the interior being flooded with protective white light, light that washes away any stagnant or inhospitable energy."

"Shields ... can be latent, set to activate only when incoming threat is detected;

they can be active, always up and ready;

or they can be tricky, and include traps to capture and drain energy and tag the sender. They can be purely defensive ... .

Ideally, a good shield matrix is a combination of all of these things."

3.3.10 pp. 93-4 for spirit-media

p. 93

"mediums ... are not strongly connected to their physical bodies. This makes it easy for entities to come in."

{Irrelevant and false. According to reputable authorities (approved by the author of this book), such as the book Drawing Down the Spirits, the soul of a possessee remaineth (though somewhat compacted) within the material body during a deity-possession episode.}

"call regularly upon your ancestors. Set up an ancestral altar and work with it regularly. On it, place pictures of them, objects that belonged to them, a copy of your genealogy".

p. 94

"Most mediums, when they interact with spirits, can usually feel a spirit attempting to enter their body at a particular place at the back of the head."

{Curiously, the back of the head, at the location known as Id.a, is also where a successful sequence of Kun.d.alini yoga must commence.}

3.3.11 p. 94 camouflaging

"There are a number of reasons to camouflage a shield.

... it's a walking advertisement ... . Therefore it can attract unwanted, annoying, or even dangerous attention from discarnate entities, elementals ... . A shield can also make people around you uncomfortable ... . ... Those with {psychic} sight are able to see shields; they can even deduce from its construction just how ... skilled you are."

3.3.12 pp. 94-5 chameleon

p. 94

"It should pick up on and assume the frequency of your surroundings. In essence, the external skin of the shield becomes like a

p. 95

movie screen, playing an image of whatever you're doing and wherever you are.

A similar effect can be achieved by setting the shield to be faceted like dozens of reflective prisms."

3.3.13 p. 95 notice-me-nots

"You want to make people's eyes glance over {overlook} and off you. They literally will not see you. The shield should be set to perpetually "broadcast" this "notice-me-not" directive".



Layering of Shields


p. 96 complementary

"A good shield matrix is comprised of at least two layers. It's important to make sure that the layers are complementary and that they work well together."


Sophie Reicher : Spiritual Protection : a Safety Manual for Energy Workers, Healers, and Psychics. New Page Bks (a division of Career Pr Inc), Pompton Plains (NJ), 2010.