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Herbs, Camphor, Vinegar



The Threshhold



Windows & Mirrors









Lesser Banishing-Pentagram









pp. 100-1 requirements by types of practitioners


a __

may require __



"a working space that is well-warded against ... spirits of the [p. 101] dead"


"working magician"

" the security of heavy, multilayered wards"

p. 102 house-spirits

"your house spirits. In Norse Tradition, these are Vaettir (singular : vaet; also, wight in Anglo-Saxon writings).

{Protective house-spirits are, however, more prominent in Slavic, than in Norse, culture.}





pp. 103-5 stones as wardens

p. 103

"I use a piece of tiger's eye (... stone ...) ... for my house

p. 104

wards. This stone occupies a ... central spot ... . In every room, there is also a smaller piece of tiger's eye ... . ...

I personally draw my house wards from several of the nine Norse {mythic} worlds, from which I have permission to draw. ...

p. 105

If I intend to tie more than one layer of shielding into the focus stone, I repeat ..., making sure every layer is compatible with the next."

p. 105 wardens' shields' energy-source

"I also tell my shields what other types of energy they can feed upon in addition to their power source -- for example, storms ... .

There is one important caveat here : a house ward should never be set to draw energy continuously from the person who creates it."



Herbs, Camphor, Vinegar


p. 106 camphor for dreaming

"I suggest putting a camphor square in every corner of your bedroom. [p. 207, n. 4:5 : "If you are having ... dreams ..., I would first try camphor."] ... .

... do not do this in the room that holds your ancestral altar ... .

{The correct place for employing camphor in connection with souls of the dead is within the cemetery itself.}

Camphor evaporates, so you will have to change the squares monthly. If you can't find camphor squares, use moth balls. I ... do this ... only in my bedroom. ...

I find that the dreaming state is very strongly connected to the astral plane. When we dream, sometimes we travel to that energy plane and that {travel} can open doors that allow us to be influenced by ... certain types of Vaettir."

{The word /camphor/ is derived from Malay /KaPuR/ (the camphor tree being indigenous to Indonesia). Would the word /KaPaR/ (Strong's 3722 : 'to appease, forgive, pardon') indicate that divine forgiveness can be acquired by means of camphor smelled between worlds in dreaming?}

pp. 106-7 vinegar

p. 106

"it can be very beneficial to place small cups of red vinegar in each room of your house ... placing the small containers ... above head height (on the tops of cupboards ...)

p. 107

... . I recommend changing them every week."

p. 107 music & art

"Music can change the ambience of a room, and changing the ambience changes the energy. In addition, some people are very sensitive to color and respond well to color therapy.

My teacher used this knowledge in decorating her house ... and then carefully selected artwork ... . I did much the same thing".

{Music is especially useful in dreams. Supernatural dreaming is about (GM 83.b) Huperboreia; and one "Hyperborean poet and musician" is ("DD", p. 121, fn. 33) Olen, associated with horse-scarer Tarax-[h]ippos (cf. the horseshoe, p. 109 infra).}

pp. 107-8 herbs

p. 107 "Two herbs in particular --


{Marjoram is the herb identified ("BPH") with the "hyssop" of the TNaK. Hyssop was taken with "vinegar" (CE"H") : cf. "vinegar" on pp. 106-7 supra. Hyssop is added to ("AIMI") absinthe, "the GREAT STAR" which fell to earth as a "torch (Apokalupsis of Ioannes 8:10-11).}

and basil

{Basil is named for ("B&B") the basilisk, which was hatched from an egg which (PE"B") "was laid during the days of the Dog Star, Sirius." As "the Greater dog" (SN&ThM, p. 120 -- "HSD-S"), Seirios is the only star having "great" as part of its name; its constellation being described as a "torch" (in Manilius : Astronomica). Iakkhos, "depicted in art as ... carrying a torch" (DCM, s.v. "Iacchus"), may be identified with (K:D, p. 77 -- "IGS") Seirios.}

-- are excellent for bringing peace to a home, ... and for making it inhospitable to negative influences. ...

I often travel ..., and ... take a container of basil with me. I ... put it in the four corners of my hotel [p. 108] room".

"BPH" = R. K. Harrion : "The Biblical Problem of Hyssop". EVANGELICAL QUARTERLY 26.4 (1954):218-24. http://www.biblicalstudies.org.uk/pdf/eq/hyssop_harrison.pdf

CE"H" = CATHOLIC ENCYCLOPEDIA article "Hyssop" http://www.newadvent.org/cathen/07612a.htm

"AIMI" = "How Absinthe is Made I" https://web.archive.org/web/20120517200053/http://www.oxygenee.com/absinthe-distill/cultivation.html

Apokalupsis of Ioannes 8:10-11 http://www.sacred-texts.com/chr/tbr/tbr039.htm

"B&B" = "Of Basil and Basilisks" http://katherinebarber.blogspot.com/2013/06/of-basil-and-basilisks.html

PE"B" = http://www.paranormal-encyclopedia.com/b/basilisk/

SN&ThM = Richard Hinckley Allen : Star-Names and Their Meanings. 1889.

"HSD-S" =http://www.constellationsofwords.com/stars/Sirius.html "The history of Sirius the Dog-star"

K:D = Carl Kere`nyi : Dionysos : Archetypal Image of Indestructible Life.

"IGS" = "Iakchos, the Great Star" http://rebeccalochlann.wordpress.com/category/iakchos/



The Threshhold


p. 109 iron metal

"You could hang something made of iron over your door.

I have an old horse shoe. Their folkloric propensity for bringing good luck stems ... from the shape of the iron."

{Is this horseshoe intended as the praeventive for when (according to the 2nd Merseberg Charm) "Balder's foal sprained its foot" ("MCh")? The name of /PhoL/ is cognate with that of horse /BaLios/ (GM 163.m) of foot-injured Akhilleus, whose spurious name (GM 160.j) /Purrha/ is that of the Purrhos who is Olen the brother of ("DD", p. 121) dream-god Oneiros -- cf. the "English "nightmare"" ("DD", p. 121, fn. 34).}

"MCh" = "The Merseberg Charms" http://www.germanicmythology.com/works/merseburgcharms.html

"DD" = Joseph Fontenrose : "Daulis in Delphi". In :- CALIFORNIA STUDIES IN CLASSICAL ANTIQUITY 2 (1969):107-44. http://books.google.com/books?id=udC7YvK9-AsC&pg=PA121&lpg=PA121&dq=

pp. 109-10 door; feeding & repeating

p. 109

"a Lukumi protection chain ... Hang ... over the lintel of your front door on the inside. ... Originally Ogoun would have been called for this charm" {because He, Ogun, is God of iron}.

p. 110

"Regularly asperse the door and the threshold itself with ... colognes, such as Kolonia Sandalo, or Kolonia 1800 ... .

Keep salt regularly sprinkled across the outside threshold of your door, as well.

Regularly do the pentacle warding charm ... on the inside of the front door."

"some of the wards (the threshold chain, for instance) will have to be "fed" regularly; others will need to be repeated often. ... The pentacle warding charm should be repeated at least monthly, if not weekly."

pp. 110-1 camouflage of the wardens

p. 110

"Wards should not attract attention, so it's best to camouflage them ... .

... if you have facility at working Wyrd ...,

p. 111

you can grab the fabric of the Wyrd-plane and pull it over ... . ... If done correctly, it will render your wards invisible. ... Camouflage shields, particularly the prism shield ...[3.3.12 p. 95 supra], will also work very well for concealing a house ward."



Windows & Mirrors



Entry Points?














4.4.0 p. 111 entry points?

"Unwarded windows and

mirrors ... can provide entry points for unwanted negative magic. ...

{According to various oneironauts, in dream-worlds mirrors can be employed as entry-points for the dreamer so as to travel therethrough (quite positive dream-magic) into other worlds.}

In my opinion, mirror are more problematic than windows."

{In Taoist caerimonial magic, ritual mirrors are consistently employed to repell deleterious external magic.}

{The authoress hath, as usual, managed to imagine harmfulness in the most innocent and protective of traditional caerimonial-magic devices. Instead, she seeketh out the most inauspicious of implements, such as the sword (knife), heedless of the warning in the Tao Te C^>in : "Sharp weapons are none-the-less ill-omened things".}

4.4.1 pp. 112-3 pentacle-warding-charm ("based on the work of Dion Fortune")

p. 112

"Pour some of the oil onto your fingers. You are going to be drawing a pentacle, a five pointed star. ...

p. 113

Do this on your door ... . ...

You could also hang a blessing charm over each window and over the door."

4.4.2 pp. 113-4 blessing-charm

p. 113

"put ... in a green pouch ... the following ingredients : ...

1 cross stone (for ... stability) ...

1 tonka bean (for pleasant relationships ...)

1 garnet (for protection)

p. 114

1 black tourmaline (for ... shunting negative energy away ...)

a piece of turquoise (to ward off evil)"

"Hang it up and do not open it ... .

Should the time come when you need to discard it, take it down, and scatter the contents ..., tossing them over your shoulder at a crossroads (intersection)".

4.4.3 pp. 114-8 witch-bottles

p. 114

"Witch's bottles date back to at least the early 18th century ... found buried in the foundations of houses ... in both England and the United. ...

p. 115

In the jar combine ... the following ingredients ... :

Red and black pepper

Cayenne pepper ...

Whitethorn (hawthorn)


Dragon's blood

Jalap root ...

Now urinate in the bottle. ... Pour black candle wax over the top of the jar ..., sealing it ... .

p. 116

We use these substances because they have specific energy resonances or attributions comparable to the purpose of the charm. ...

p. 117

Should you ever move, you have a quandary -- should you leave the bottle? If not, how do you safely dispose ...? Above all else, do not open the bottle. I suggest wrapping it in silk. [p. 205, n. 4:13 : "Faux silk works".] ... Put it in a bowl and fill that bowl with salt. ... Then, take the bottle out and ... throw it into running water. (Ask permission from the ... water spirits first. ...)"

p. 118

"Witch bottles are often found stashed inside the foundations of homes or between their walls."

4.4.4 pp. 118-9 window-bottles

p. 118

"window bottles ... function as conduits : energy is drawn in ... .

p. 119

... Acquire a few pretty bottles in various colors. ... Pu the following ingredients in each jar :

A thin coil of copper wire

Tangled red thread

Bent pins

Then ..., seal them, and hang them in your windows. ... Again, you do not want to open these bottles once they've been sealed.

In the event that one explodes,

{Concerning magically explosive witching-pots, vide TC, p. 20.}

it means it has taken a powerful incoming attack for you. If this happens, you may want to increase and strengthen your house wards and take the necessary steps to ward off attack."

TC = Jane Holden Kelley & William Curry Holden : The Tall Candle : the Personal Chronicle of a Yaqui Indian. U of NE Pr, Lincoln, 1971.





pp. 119-20 floor-wash

p. 119

"War water is a floor wash. You're going to be washing any hardwood, tile, or linoleum floors in your home ... with this mixture. ... First, take ... a cup of ammonia. Then blend the following ingredients ... :

p. 120

Pinch of salt

1 tsp. of saltpeter ...

Handful of crushed mint

3 pinches of dragon's blood".





pp. 120-1 charm

p. 120

"This is something I like to do every new moon. It is a traditional uncrossing charm that will banish ... mal[-]ochia {an Italian word}, or the evil eye. ... For this charm, you will need the following ingredients :

p. 121

A large grey candle that can be removed from its glass (a "seven-day candle")

A nail to carve the sigil into the candle with ...

Dragon's blood powder".

p. 121 sigil

"Carve this sigil on the candle. [Depicted as 8 arrows radiating from a centre, with 2 sets of chevrons and 2 sets of Xs also radiating from the centre.] ... Rub the carvings and the wick with dragon's blood powder. ... Now light the candle and allow it to burn down all the way. If the candle is in a glass holder, you can put the whole thing in a metal pot of water when you're not in the house. That way, if the glass cracks, the water will put out the flame."



Lesser Banishing-Pentagram


pp. 122-4 rite (Qabbalistic)

p. 122

"As you stand facing east, ... Extend your right hand, palm up, out in front of you above your forehead. ... See and feel gathering there a glowing, golden sphere. ... Cross your arms over your chest ... . This seals the aura.

p. 123

Next, draw the pentagrams. ... (I actually go from the floor to as high as I can reach ... doing the LBP ... . ...) Then point to the center of the star and

intone the sacred name : [/YHWH/].

Turn south ..., intoning : "Adonai."

Turn west ..., intoning : "Eheieh."

Turn north ..., intoning : "Agla."

... the last is a contraction of a Hebrew phrase that means "Thou are mighty forever, ... Lord." ...

Next, turn east again and call upon the archangels. Extend your arms out in a cross and intone :

"Before me stands Raphael,

Behind he stands Gabriel,

On my right hand stands Michael,

On my left hand stands Uriel.

Above and below me shine the six-pointed star,

And around me flame the pentacles. ..."

p. 124

... When one is just starting out, it's a good idea to do some sort of protective rite, such as the LBP, every night. When these rituals are done with proper focus, their protective power will accrue, building up a reservoir in your home."

{Of course, billions of persons would praefer a protective rite from India or from China, however -- as versus a scant few persons who would consent to the authoress's choice (Yhudi^m, Christians, and Muslims having such an historic reputation for violence as to disgust any well-intended worshipper).}





p. 124 transportation-vehicle

"it's even more important to have good protections on a car than on a house, because there is more of a chance of an accident while driving. The easiest way to do this is to cast ... ward exactly as you would on your home ... . ...

Take a pieceof horse tail and braid it around a metal ring. Affix to it a small pouch of comfrey and a small piece of tiger's eye. ... keep it in your glove box. Call upon the God or Goddess ...

(I usually prefer Gna, the messenger Goddess of the Norse ...) to empower it.

{The Hellenic aequivalent may be Irid- the messengeress-goddess.}

You may also petition your Gods to send a protective spirit to inhabit your vehicle. Ask the spirit for its name and talk to it. Work with it and develop a relationship with it. ... . ... you have to believe in [the protective spirit] or

you'll be unraveling your work from within."

{similarly as Penelope used to unravel her weaving every night (GM 171.b)}


Sophie Reicher : Spiritual Protection : a Safety Manual for Energy Workers, Healers, and Psychics. New Page Bks (a division of Career Pr Inc), Pompton Plains (NJ), 2010.