Spiritual Protection, 6.9-6.10



Being Subjected to Magical Attack


pp. 176-7 subconscious or not

p. 176

"In most cases, the "attack" will be completely unconscious. ... most people aren't aware that their emotions have

p. 177

power. They aren't aware of their own internal energies, and they have sloppy control over their will.

In some cases, however, the attack can be the work of a trained practitioner."

{The most likely "legitimate" evil-minded "trained practitioner" would be a hireling of a reactionary ("conservative", i.e., anti-civil-rights, pro-slavery) political or "religious" group.}

pp. 177-8 conscious

p. 177

In the case of a legitimate attack, at least three of the following symptoms will be present : ...

Unexplained bad luck ... in every aspect of your life : relationships, work, finances, health.

Close calls that could have easily resulted in fatality. ...

Nightmares. ...

Conflict in personal and professional relationships for no apparent reason. ...

p. 178

Things breaking down in your general vicinity, particularly electronic equipment. ...

Unusual and unpleasant smells in your home or office for no logical reason."

pp. 178-9 measures to take in order to thwart a magical attack

p. 178

"Examine all your wards and personal shields. Make sure they are in top working order."

"Examine your aura and make sure there are no holes or tears."

"If possible, take a vacation. Get away from your regular environment."

p. 179

"make offerings to your God(s) and engage in a daily, regular prayer practice."

"Make offerings to your ancestors ... . Explain what is happening and ask for their direct and active protection."

"Perform whatever uncrossings or banishing rituals you have in your arsenal."

"Schedule an appointment with a good diviner. Obtain a full reading on the situation. ... get a second opinion and ... call in back-up.

Don't go to a store-front psychic.

{Because a store-front may likely lack any means of discovery in the case of a magical attack.}

Ideally, you should seek out a spirit-worker or shaman."



Laws of Magic


pp. 180-1 the 3 principal laws {All these are actually performed (at the magician's suggestion) by deities, who are inconspicuously observing the magician's suggestions.}

p. 180

law of sympathy : "You can also use the lesser object in place of the greater and the greater will respond according to how you treat the lesser. Thus, whatever you do to a poppet (effigy or voodoo doll), a picture of someone, or a clipping of someone's hair will affect the person that the object represents."

law of contagion : "many spells call for personal concerns ... . It provides a powerful line right through a person's shields ... . ... Working magic with someone and performing energy-work on someone also create etheric cords."

law of negative rebound : "if an object of an attack is too well-shielded for the attack to find its mark, it will hit the weakest point closest to the target. ...

p. 181

Sometimes, if you are wearing magically protective jewelry, the jewelry can suddenly break if it absorbs an attack."

{An instance of such a jewelry-breaking magical attack is provided in QD, p. 199.}

p. 179 "The whole Wiccan idea of "three-fold return" has no basis in magical fact."

QD = Heather Valencia : Queen of Dreams. Simon & Schuster, NY, 1991.

p. 182 emphases on Otherworldly entities in mystical groups

"Many groups ... focus on communicating with otherworldly beings, beings which are clearly not Deities.

{Although such "otherworldly beings" may not themselves be true deities, they may yet be in some measure in comunication with veritable deities, and therefore by being venerated (by mortals) able to bring divine benefits to mortals.}

While his can be done effectively and safely, I have yet to see it in any public groups. ...

{Numerous well-known public groups (including all major religions) may focus on working with "otherworldly beings" (such as archangels, angels, etc.).}

Therefore, you should avoid any group that emphasizes the following activities :

{Just the reverse : one ought not to associate with any religion lacking in the following :}

Communicating with compassionate, benevolent beings who ... have only one's good intentions and spiritual growth in mind.

{This would exclude Mahayana on account of its compassionate bodhisattva-s and its good intentions in the form of vows to lead all beings to enlightenment.}

Focusing on "Ascended Masters."

{"Ascended Masters" are dead saints who have ascended to heavenly communion with the angels. This would exclude Christianity, Islam, and most other other traditional religions.}

Working with beings devoted solely to universal goodwill".

{This would exclude Unitarian Universalists and many other ethics-based religions.}

p. 183 ho Agathos Hypsistos ('the Highest Good')

"any serious occultist or energy-worker is going to start twitching when people start oozing platitudes about the "highest good."

{Recommendation of the Highest Good is characteristic of Platonism, and, indeed, of metaphysical religions generally.}

Throughout history, uncountable atrocities have been committed in the name of the highest good."

{False! Atrocities have always been committed for the sake of oppressive (largely capitalist) ruling-classes, and never for a universalist Highest Good.}

{N.B. The authoress is quite lacking (in this book, anyway) in any recommendation in favor of public social ethics, and is aequally lacking in any exposure of the vicious natural of ruling-classes.}

pp. 184-5 respect non-Deities (or not!)?

p. 184

[quoted from G.K.'s blog :] "just because it isn't what you might call a "God," doesn't mean it isn't worthy of courtesy and respect."

{This could appear to be in possible contradiction to the authoress's tirade (on p. 182) against "otherworldly beings, beings which are clearly not Deities."}

p. 185

Be respectful, but know when to hold your own.

{when to make firm requaests of a supernatural entity}

Having a patron Deity or family of Deities to which one can turn for protection and guidance is something to consider.

{Would such "patron Deity" be identical with a shaman's "spirit-guide" (who can recruit "helper-spirits" for the shaman's ongoing assistance)?

... this ... requires the work of building an ongoing relationship with said God(s) or Goddess(es)."

{A shaman's spirit-guide is initially found during a shaman's dream, and will thereafter appear in the shaman's subsequent dreams whenever needed.}

G.K.'s blog http://Krasskova.weebly.com/blog.html

p. 185 finding a teacher

"If you are looking to find a teacher in psi-work or energy-work, I would look at trained occultists and magicians. ... If possible, I would recommend finding someone experienced in both magic and shamanism or some form of spirit-work."

pp. 188 -9 apprentices

p. 188

""an apprentice is learning to wield a significant amount of {praeternatural} power. ... It is the master's responsibility to ensure that the wstudent develops a certain sense of

ethics, discipline, and control; that he or she is not unbalanced by the training or the power;

{Ethics, discipline, and self-control are all dependent on, and subordinate to, a dedication to insurrectionary communism, which must also be the purpose and goal of all training in praeternatural powers.}

and that he/she understands the costs as well as the differences between lawful and unlawful action."

{National laws are usually in direct conflict against universal (or divine) laws, and must therefore be resisted by all the forces in our arsenal. This we must accomplish at all costs, knowing the vast rewards that await us after death.}

p. 189

"The magician is responsible for protecting the student or apprentice, for training him or her, her helping him/her develop his[/her] gifts, and, in some cases (... live-in apprentices ...), of providing room and board."

p. 192 pets

"One of the reasons that many magicians traditionally had pet familiars is that they served as an early warning system that someone was trying to attack the magician magically. Familiars will absorb attacks meant for the magician ... . [p. 208, n. 6:7 : "these animals serve ... as ... the first line of defense."] This protects the magician and gives warning that counter-measures must be taken.

It's one of the fundamental purposes of a familiar."

{A different (and more productive) reason for retaining a pet-animal is that animal pets may assist us in locating talking animals in our dreams; such talking animals being able to become our spirit-helpers in future dreamwork.}





p. 195 hybris

"Those who choose to focus on magic and energy-work first and foremost must always be on guard against arrogance and hubris. ...

{cf. "BVAP"}

Above all else, seek humility in all things."

{/Arrogance/ is from the verb /arrogate/, Latin /ad-rogare/, from /rogare/ of Rogation Days of humble begging.}

{The commonest meaning of /hubris/ is "wanton violence". http://www.perseus.tufts.edu/hopper/text?doc=Perseus%3Atext%3A1999.04.0057%3Aentry%3Du(%2Fbris1 }

"BVAP" = "Bible Verses About Pride" http://www.kingjamesbibleonline.org/Bible-Verses-About-Pride/

p. 196 self-transformation

"Committing to working with one's psi-talents or learning energy-work or magic ... is ... not a process that stops. ... It is a process of ongoing transformation most essentially of the spirit, the psyche, and the self."

pp. 209-11 bibliography

p. 209

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p. 213 WebBlogs & Other WebSites






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