Synthesis of Science and Spirituality, 10-11





p. 328 clairvoyantly-observed thought-forms in minds of other persons

"Thought-forms occupy two planes or "implicate orders" : the astral and the lower mental (the rupic {rupik} subplane). ... Our prominent personal thought-forms can be clairvoyantly observed hovering around us in our energy field(s).

Talbot recorded some fascinating clairvoyant observations in The Holographic Universe."

Michael Talbot : The Holographic Universe. HarperCollins 1996.

p. 330 prati-aya [literally 'towards-going']

"In the yogic systems thought-forms are referred to as pratyaya ... . For someone in the ordinary waking state working through their mental body, the pratyaya in their case will be the mental image in their mind. Anyone with clairvoyance operating at the appropriate level can see this mental image [in another person's mind] and gain knowledge of that mind ("mind reading")." (Taimni, p. 281)

"Bruce states that astral matter reacts to thought just as physical matter responds to force."

{This would be a case of mental matter acting upon astral matter.}

"thought-forms are ... referred to in theosophical doctrine as "elemental," a "strange semi-intelligent life" (to use Powell's terminology) that surrounds us."

{This definition of 'Elemental' would seem to be contrary to the traditional description of Elemental Spirits (as mentioned in the Epistle to the Galatians, in the literature of the Rosicrucians, etc. etc.). Elemental Spirits are fully-intelligent divinities who occupy a realm composed of some particular element (earth, air, fire, or water) in a subtle plane-of-existence (Otherworld), such as is arrived at (whether in dream or in trance) via the cakra-s.} {This never "surrounds us" in the non-dream, non-trance, state of consciousness; but may be shamanically traveled to and arrived at in dream, in dreamless-sleep, or in deepest trance.}

Taimni = I. K. Taimni : The Science of Yoga. Theosophical Publ House.

p. 331 thought-vibrations

"The vibration set up in and radiating from the mental body tends to produce its own frequency in any mental body on which it impacts ... .

{"thought-forms are phase-coupled dynamic systems, or at least the product of some type of phase-coupling. Phase-coupling is a process in which two vibrating objects are set in contact in such a way that each's vibration affects the other" (BPh, p. 241).}

The radiating vibration carries, not the subject of the thought, but the [ethical] character. Thoughts of selfless devotion, for example, can create corresponding vibrations" (Powell 1927a, cap. 7).

BPh = Donald J. DeGracia : Beyond the Physical.

p. 332 determinations (according to Powell 1927a, cap. 7)


quality of visualization

is determined by __ of thought








clearness of outline





p. 333 UFOs visible in infra-red and in ultra-violet

[quoting David Sereda :] "they have video cameras aboard the Space Shuttles and aboard satellites that can see ... the infrared and the near ultraviolet. I confirmed the wavelengths of the shuttles' video cameras with NASA scientists ... . They were looking where human eyes could not see and that is where the UFOs were showing up. ... It is here that our ET encounters can be found hidden from our eyes."

Sereda =

pp. 335-6 photographing residual subtle occult traces of former existence in a cemetery

p. 335

"Working in a cemetery with his imaging system, Oldfield captured not only discarnate presences, but the presence of a mausoleum and a stone monument in the background that were no longer standing, which belonged to an earlier

p. 336

century (probably some 200 years ago, around the time the time of the Napoleonic wars ...)."

{This mention of "the Napoleonic" may been intended as an allusion to the fact that Napoleon Buonaparte deliberately had a great many tombs (e.g., in Padania) demolished at his command.}

p. 336 magical illusions mediated by a mortal practitioner (quoted from Panchadasi 1916, lesson XV)

"the Hindu Mango Trick ... . ... Western visitors have sought to obtain photographs of these feats of the Hindu magicians, but their plates and films invariably show nothing ... . This is as might be expected, for the picture exists only in the astral, and is perceived only by the awakened astral senses of those present,

which have been stimulated into activity by the power of the magician".

{Actually, no mere mortal can directly "stimulate into activity" any awakening of astral senses : this can be done only by a deity (who may, however, be so performing at the requaest of a mortal prote'ge').}

Panchadasi 1916 = Swami Panchadasi : Clairvoyance and Occult Powers.

pp. 347-9 nature-of-mind; thought

p. 347

"Tibetan Buddhists have explained that it is in the gap between each thought that the nature of mind (Rigpa) can be revealed." (Sogyal 2002, p. 78)

p. 348

"ideas seem to originate from a superposition state ... when ... a singular experiential reality in space-time has been extracted, decoded or "cohered" out of the ... multiple possibilities in time-space/aether/implicate order.

Physicist F. David Peat agrees with Seife and others that thought itself has a "complex, overlaid quality which demands complementary viewpoints, including what could be loosely termed 'non-local,'" and has suggested that "our

p. 349

experience of time, events and processes cannot be described by any single viewpoint, rather some form of complementarity is demanded which would include some sort of non-locality as one of its aspects."

{Socially, sharing of viewpoints and complementarity are features of communalism, while non-locality is a feature of internationalism. (A Communist International is thus a desideratum.)}

[quoted from J. B. S. Haldane :] "Not only is the universe queerer than we imagine. It is queerer than anything we can imagine."

{In actuality, that which is queerer that we imagine, and queerer than we can imagine, is the divine world of the cosmic deities who continuously re-organize the structure of the material world in accordance with the principles of communalist universalism.}

Sogyal 2002 = Sogyal Rinpoche : The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying. Rider Bks.

Peat = F. David Peat : "Non-locality in Nature and Cognition".





p. 351 several authors who have mentioned instances of telepathy

"Even during the writing of her book Beyond the Five Senses in the mid-1940s, L. Margery Bazette could not escape reports apparently attributable to to telepathy."

"in 1915, Aldous Huxley described a mind-reading test with a friend, Gilbert Murray, who was considered one of the best telepathists of his day."

"Self-styled "urban mystic" Stuart Wilde shares an example of his own telepathic activity in Sixth Sense."

p. 352 influencing other's minds

"Crowley sought to ... cause ... to stumble. ...

The Soviets, who trained subjects in this exact method ... to cause another to stumble, called this technique "bio-rapport." Ostrander and Schroeder [1997, p. 354] have reported that influence at a distance by muscle motion has a long history in Soviet psi.

The power of influencing others' minds is a vibhuti (yogic power) mentioned in Patanjali's Yoga Sutras, which explains it as a result of "universal sympathy"".

{Of course, it may always be a divinity who is performing the influencing (for only a divinity could be expected to exercise any "universal sympathy"), although this be done at the requaest by a mortal.}

pp. 353-4 19th-century interest in telepathy in England

p. 353

"The term "telepathy" was coined

{or, rather, translated from Samskr.ta?}

in 1882 by Frederick W. H. Myers, a founding member of the London Society for Psychical Research (SPR). ...

The first studies

{originally inspired by centuries-older practices in India?}

were based on collections of spontaneous experiences, with 1886 seeing the publication of ... Phantasms of the Living, by the British scholars Edmund Gurney, Frederick Myers, and Frank Podmore ... .

Over a decade later, Sir William Crookes spoke on telepathy before the Royal Society at Bristol, England, in 1898."

p. 354

"In 1888 Professor Henry Sidgwick, the first President of the Society for Psychical Research, declared his belief in "an important body of evidence -- tending prima facie to establish the independence of soul or spirit ... .''" (Conway 2002, p. 117)

Conway 2002 = David Conway : Secret Wisdom : the Occult Universe Revealed. Vega.

{A reason for concealing the India-based source of this interest in telepathy could have been its main location in the southern provinces of that country, amongst dark-skinned natives, whom the official English-governmental viciously racist attitudes strictly praecluded from being mentioned in any respectful way in England (dominated as England is by a fanatically genocidal capitalist-stooge Protestant government).}

pp. 369-71 telepathy of humans to plants

p. 369

"The "Backster effect" demonstrates that plants are very well attuned to the energetic vibrations within their environment -- including the consciousness of nearby humans. ...

p. 370

Occultism has long held that plants are quick to respond to loving care and are distinctly affected by man's feelings toward them. "They delight in and respond to admiration : they are capable of individual attachments {love} ...," stated Powell [1927, cap. 4] ... .

Modern scientific research is building a body of evidence in support of this occult tenet ... . Luther Burbank discovered that by talking to cacti, he could ... cause them to cease growing thorns. He reassured them that they need not do so; they were safe and he would protect them."

p. 371

"Marcel Vogel (of the Vogel Luminescence corporation) studied plant consciousness and vegetative intelligent for many years. In one experiment, he and a group of psychologists tried concentrating on sexual imagery while the plant was wired up with a polygraph. ... the plant's polygraph registered excitement." (Wilson 1977, pt. 1)

Wilson 1977 = Robert Anton Wilson : The Cosmic Trigger. New Falcon Publ.

pp. 371-2 plants' sensitivity to the emotions of other living beings

p. 371

"Backster also found that his plants were particularly sensitive to the death of bacteria in the immediate environment, registering strong reactions when they were killed with boiling water".

"When the brine shrimp died, the plants reacted ...,

p. 372

but it was only when humans were absent ..., as the human biological presence appears to "distract" the plants from ... the brine shrimp."

pp. 375-6 accumulation of "knowledge" by animal species?

p. 375

"animals do indeed belong to a collective consciousness ... . ... the

{A "collective consciousness" would imply a high degree of social so-operation, which animals generally conspicuously lack (but which humans are involved everywhere in quite deeply and intricately).}

p. 376

animal ... adds its new knowledge to the total ... knowledge of that species ... .

{Animals are generally woefully incapable of obtaining new "knowledge" of any significance, and certainly have neither inclination nor capacity to add such to that of their species (although humans are quite adept at both acquiring useful new knowledge and at adding it to the general store of human knowledge).}

The individual's morphic field is apparently a series of ... torsion/scalar fields ... . ... This is ... ultimately where memory resides.

{Torsions (such as whirlpools, whirlwinds, and their electronic aequivalents) are too instable and impermanent to be useful as information-storages. Stable structures (whether composed of physical material of or the aequivalents in other planes-of-existence) are required for such storages.}

In this sense, we have a way of further explaining the "hundredth monkey syndrome" and similar phenomena of the animal kingdom."

{The "hundredth monkey" tale is not accurate ("HMPh").}

"HMPh" = "hundredth monkey phenomenon"

p. 376 animals lack a causal body : consequences thereof

"because humans are individuated (individual personalities), that individual essence remains (in the causal body),

{Humans are not so much "individuated" as social (and therefore collectivist) beings.}

while in the case of the animal, this is not so ... (lacking a causal vehicle to express through) ... ."

{The causal body, being of the highest level, is the vehicle for telepathy (such as is the means whereby the deities maintain mutual communication, and therewith communal control of the universe) : this telepathy is by nature collective (communalist, co-operative). If animals lack the causal body, then the animals must perforce essentially lack the collectivizing, co-operative element of behaviour and of consciousness. [written Sept 2 2013]}

{It is highly evident that the author (B.D.M.) was misled (into imagining that individualism -- i.e., lack of meaningful social co-operation -- is and ought to be supreme) by apologists for capitalism. This (the author's viewpoint, and capitalism itself) is a system and attitude which, if persisted in, must lead to war, world-war, planetwide cataclysm, and ultimate self-destruction.}

p. 378 outmoded worldviews

"In 1923 Charles Richert (1850-1935) published On the Frequency of Monitions in which ... he concluded that if the reader could not concede that [psychic] monitions existed after carefully studying the material, then "all observational and historical science must be rejected." [Schoch & Yonavjak 2008, pp. 89-91] ...

Nonlocal correlations between people have long since been established as fact by any reasonable scientific standard. It is not science that prevents acceptance of these facts,

but the outdated worldviews of certain scientists and lay people who are stuck in old models of the universe which are based on flawed assumptions."

{Actually, neither scientists nor ordinary layfolk participate in establishing worldviews; this is done instead by (and usually quite forcibly so) governments, which are entirely controlled and operated by ploutokrats (often a single tyrannical family, or a close concert of very few families) who effectively brook no dissidence.} {To admit that nonlocal correlations exist among people, would be to admit (and thus encourage) telepathic conspiracy for the overthrow of capitalism's system of oppressing and exploiting the working-class; and in order to hindre this consequence from resulting, the capitalist ploutokrats simply deny the existence of such telepathically-organized nonlocal correlations. [written Sept 2, 2013]}

Schoch & Yonavjak 2008 = Robert M. Schoch & Logan Yonavjak : The Parapsychology Revolution. Jeremy P. Tarcher.

p. 378 heart-strings

"Using magnifying clairvoyance, Brennan observes that there are also bioplasmic energy "cords" connecting the mother's heart chakra to her egg, and from the father's heart chakra to his sperm. Thus, when the egg and sperm merge, ... the parents' energies ... are then both linked by these cords to the child.

The parents are linked to their own parents' fields in the same way and so on through the generations" (Brennan 1993, pp. 184-5).

{But could these cords penetrate through interstellar and intergalactic space to the distant planets where ancestors are (as most usually) redincarnate after death of their material body? Perhaps unlikely, in ordinary cases. (If Brennan observed anything whatsoever of this nature, it was surely between persons as yet alive on the same planet -- a matter of only some two or three generations.)}

Brennan 1993 = Barbara Ann Brennan : Light Emerging. Bantam Bks.

pp. 379-80 high intelligence of primitive living beings, including their purposive genetic mutation

p. 379

"In January 2008, a team of Japanese researchers reported that

single-celled slime molds

{Actually, although slime-molds are too primitive [prokaryotic] to have cell-walls, yet nevertheless each organism containeth numerous nuclei (which is aequivalent to being multi-celled -- not "single-celled" -- in living beings having cell-walls [eukaryotic]).}

had shown the ability to memorize and anticipate repeated local environmental events. A "primitive version of brain function" was revealed" ("SMShSDI").

"In the late 19th century ..., Cienkowsky observed the feeding habits of the amoeba Colpadella pugnax and found them so ... indicative of intelligence that he remarked that "one is ... inclined to see in them consciously acting beings!"

Engelman commented similarly after studying the behaviour of the unicellular Aracella. [Blavatsky 1887-91]

[concerning "active/directed/beneficial mutation", quoted from Lipton & Bhaerman 2009, p. 229 :] "The recent discovery of somatic hypermutation mechanisms reveals a process by which cells purposely mutate

p. 380

their genes to actively engage in evolution"".

"SMShSDI" = "Slime Molds Show a Surprising Degree of Intelligence". DISCOVER MAGAZINE January 2009.

Lipton & Bhaerman 2009 = Bruce Lipton & Steve Bhaerman : Spontaneous Evolution. Hay House, Carlsbad (NM).

p. 380 pet animals and domestic plants who know when their human caretakers are returning home

"The Scottish poet Hugh MacDiarmid confided to Colin Wilson that this wife always knew when he was returning from long journeys ... because his dog would go and sit at the end of the lane ... before he would arrive home." (Wilson 2004, p. 125)

"Likewise, by charting the electrical activity of his electroded plants, Backster discovered what when he was out of his lab ... his plants knew instantly when he had decided to return -- especially if the decision was made spontaneously." (Backster 2003, pp. 31-3)

Wilson 2004 = Colin Wilson : The Occult. Watkins Publ.

Backster 2003 = Cleve Backster : Primary Perception : Biocommunication with Plants. White Rose Millennium Pr.

pp. 380-1 animals who solve arithmetic-problems; telepathy between human and animals

p. 380

"in his ... 1919 study Modern Psychical Phenomena, Carrington detailed rigorous experiments on a group of ... horses which were capable of carrying out complex mental arithmetic".

"In collaboration with a well-known circus performer, Vladimir L. Durov, Bekhterev reported that Durov's trained dogs successfully solved arithmetic problems ... . ... .

p. 381

... Bekhterev's work with Durov showed that telepathy can be used to communicate constructively with animals -- it can be made operational" (Ostrander & Schroeder 1970 & 1997).

p. 381 animals who are obedient to telepathic suggestions from psychic-saints (Grosso)

"Pio reputedly also had the ability to direct the behavior of animals telepathically. ...

Similarly, linnets and lambs, hares and songbirds were said to obey the commands of Joseph of Copertino (1603-63), another Franciscan friar."

Michael Grosso : "Padre Pio, Paranormal Man". NEW DAWN, Special Issue No. 9.

pp. 381-2 sleeping on books in order to acquire knowledge from them

p. 381

"Richard Bartlett [2009, Introduction] mentions an illiterate man who would go to a library and check out books ... . Rather than read them conventionally, he would put them under his pillow as he slept at night and awaken in the morning to find that he would somehow know what was in the book. The greater the number of people who had previously read the book, the greater access he had to the information in it. The less {fewer} people who had read it, the sketchier the details would become in scope and quality. ...

Leadbeater [1922, p. 309] states that every time a manuscript is read by anyone "an addition is made to that thought aura, and if it be carefully studied the addition is naturally large and valuable."

"Why does this particular phenomenon -- a form of psychometry -- occur during sleep? ... .

p. 382

... we know that sleep opens us lesser mortals up to much "paranormal" phenomena ... . During sleep, our locus of consciousness shifts into the astral time-space realms, and is thereby able ... to access "quantum" information fields normally to subtle to perceive".

{Sleep openeth us mortals unto powers of great immortals. During sleep, our soul shifteth into divine dream-realms, and is thereby enabled to access supernatural informational fields normally to sacred to perceive.}

Bartlett 2009 = Richard Bartlett : The Physics of Miracles. Beyond Words / Atria Bks.

Leadbeater 1922 = Charles Webster Leadbeater : The Inner Life. Theosophical Pr, Chicago.

pp. 383-4 raja-yoga to enable telepathy

p. 383

"the Russian Popov group in the 1960s ... used Karl Nikolaiev, ... who had trained himself to be psychic using the breathing exercises

{"practicing advanced forms of pranayama (breath control) ... George King’s remarkably disciplined approach to various forms of yoga ... enabled him to develop the capacity to be telepathically contacted by higher intelligences from other worlds." ("AeS-R")}

p. 384

of Raja Yoga, and his friend ..., who together ... proved their ability to communicate telepathically ... .

Nikolaiev (stationed in Leningrad {St. Petersburg}) would act as the receiver, and Kamensky (in Moscow, 400 miles away) the sender. ... A strobe light flashing at Kamensky entrained ... into an alpha frequency, and when the two men felt they were in contact it was found that their brainwaves perfectly synchronized. Every time the frequency flashing at Kamensky changed, Nikolaiev's frequency altered instantly to match it" (Ostrander & Schroeder 1970, cap. 3).

"AeS-R" = "The Aetherius Society -- a response to criticism"

Ostrander & Schroeder 1970 = Sheila Ostrander & Lynn Schroeder : Psychic Discoveries Behind the Iron Curtain. Bantam Bks.


Brendan D. Murphy : The Grand Illusion, Bk 1 : a Synthesis of Science and Spirituality. Balboa Pr (a division of Hay House), Bloomington (IN), 2012.