Synthesis of Science and Spirituality, 12





p. 390 a statement by Max Planck

"I regard consciousness as fundamental. I regard matter as derivative from consciousness. We cannot get behind consciousness. Everything that we talk about ..., postulates consciousness."

p. 391 definitions

"Retrocognition : seeing the past."

"Micro-psi : perceiving tiny objects beyond the capabilities of the eyes to do so (per Leadbeater and Besant in Occult Chemistry)."

"Psychometry : seeing the past through close contrast with a specfic object or place".

"Clairsentience : "clear feeling," ... empathy that might allow the intuitive to ... sense ... the emotions of another. ... supernormal empathy".

"Remote clairvoyance (also known as travelling clairvoyance) : "seeing at a distance" includes phenomena such as remote viewing".

"Future memory : ... we think of ... Atwater's ... book of the same name."

P. M. H. Atwater : Future Memory. Hampton Roads Publ, 1999.

pp. 394, 396-7 praemonition & praesentiment

p. 394

"Larry Dossey has said, "There are now hundreds of experiments that confirm premonitions, which have been replicated by researchers all over the world.""

p. 396

"Abraham Lincoln dreamed of his own assassination ten days before it occurred."

p. 397

"Indeed, according to Edgar Cayce, dream states open ... up to information from past lives." (Todeschi 1999)

Todeschi 1999 = Kevin J. Todeschi : Edgar Cayce on the Akashic Records. Assn. for Research and Enlightenment Pr.

pp. 397-9 praecognition proven by lie-detector machines

p. 397

"In a series of experiments conducted at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, ... responses to future events were explored by Radin and his colleagues, using lie detectors."

p. 398

"Thus Radin proved, using empirical scientific method, that ... "bodily recognition," or, "presentiment," truly does exist ... . (For information on successful replication [of the experiment], see Radin's Entangled Minds[, p. 176].)"

p. 399

"so impressive were Radin's results that Dr. Kary Mullis, a Nobel Prize-winning chemist, volunteered to be hooked up to Radin's equipment ... . "It's spooky," he says. "I could see about three seconds into the future." Other scientists around the world -- including Edinburgh University and Cornell ... -- scrambled to replicate Radin's experiment ... -- and got similar results.

Professor Dick Bierman decided to pursue this research, looking inside the brains of volunteers using a hospital MRI scanner while he repeated Radin's experiments. ... As of 2007, Bierman had run these ... experiments twice with ... volunteers, replicating Radin's effects." [p. 535, n. 12:18 : "See also Radin, The Conscious Universe, Ch. 7, for Bierman's replications, as well as Bierman and Scholte."]

Dean Radin : Entangled Minds. Paraview Pocket Bks, 2006.

Bierman & Scholte =Dick J. Bierman & Steven Scholte : "Anomalous Anticipatory Brain Activation Preceding Exposure of Emotional ... Pictures".

{Our explanation of this "knowledge of the future" (involving emotional reactions to pictures to be shewn to the subject a few second later) would be that the experimenter always knew what pictures were about to be shewn, and that that experimenter's mind was being read by the subject's guardian-angel, who then impelled the appropriate emotional response into the subject's mind-and-body seconds before the pictures were shewn to the subject.}

p. 401 a reason for the relative infrequency of precognition

"we might consider Leadbeater's lament that cases of conscious foreknowledge would be even more numerous were it not for the high density and unresponsiveness of the lower vehicles (presumably that includes the physical body)".

{Another (and more realistic) reason (for the relative infrequency of precognition) is that the deities, who impart praecognition to us, realize that imparting too much praecognition would excessively engross the subjects' minds in too much irrelevant speculation about insignificant trivialities (about specific future events), distracting the subjects from their main goal of achieving stable telepathic communication with divine worlds.}

p. 408 remote-viewing of planets Jupiter and Mercury

"Swann remotely viewed Jupiter and perceived it had a ring around it before it was actually known to mainstream science as having a ring around it ... . ... As well as the ring, Swann correctly observed ... magnetic and electromagnetic auroras ... .

Swann also achieved a similarly impressive RV of Mercury ... before the Mariner 10 flyby was due to occur. Swann correctly identified ... the helium trail streaming out from the planet away from the sun. These (correct) observations stood in direct contradiction to the scientific thinking of the time." (Marrs 2007)

Marrs 2007 = Jim Marrs : PSI Spies. New Page Bks.

pp. 409-10 remote-viewing of the Earth according to map-coo:rdinates

p. 409

"Swann would be presented with a set of randomly generated latitude and longitude coordinates that were also meaningless to the other researchers and report what he saw. His descriptions would be compared to a world atlas".

p. 410

"a man ... can ... find without difficulty any place pointed out upon a map, without either any previous knowledge of the spot or any object to establish a connection with it." (Leadbeater 1899, cap. 4)

Leadbeater 1899 = C. W. Leadbeater : Clairvoyance. Theosophical Publ House, Adyar, Madras.

pp. 410-1 Grill Flame & Stargate

p. 410

"In the late 1970s, the US Army set up its own RV program ... . It would become known as Grill Flame .... . ... Six people, including Mel Riley and Joe McMoneagle, were recruited for Grill Flame . This unit was based in Fort Meade, Maryland, and undertook RV ... .

p. 411

... On leaving Stargate in 1984, McMoneagle was "awarded a Legion of Merit for providing information on 150 targets that was unavailable from other sources."" (Rifat 1999 , p. 54)

Rifat 1999 : Tim Rifat : Remote Viewing. Century.

pp. 412, 414 Pat Price

p. 412

"(While he was a police commissioner, Price had used his psi abilities -- the "blue sense" as it's known to police ... . [Targ & Puthoff 2005, p. 47]) ...

Price responded instead with a detailed description of a US military underground base -- a secret installation. ...

p. 414

Price was perhaps too talented for his own good, as he was apparently murdered in 1975." (Targ 1996)

{He was perhaps murdered by the C.I.A on account of his aptitude for spying on secret U.S. military installations. [At one point, Ingo Swann discovered that he himself was in danger of being murdered by the C.I.A for the same reason.]}

Targ & Puthoff 2005 = Targ & Puthoff : Mind-Reach : Scientists Look at Psychic Abilities. Hampton Roads Publ.

Targ 1996 = Russel Targ : "Remote Viewing at Stanford Research Institute in the 1970s". J OF SCIENTIFIC EXPLORATION 10(1):77-88.

p. 416 governmental funding

"According to Swann's estimates, the Russians were {Russian government was} funding remote viewing and related research to the tune of $500 million a year, as far back as the late 1960s" ("SHB").

"SHB" = Ingo Swann : "Superpowers of the Human Biomind".

p. 416 ineffectivement of shielding around the remote viewer

"Experiments have been conducted in which remote viewers try to look at distant locations from shielded rooms which block out all electromagnetic radiation (... Faraday rooms). These rooms offer no impediment, indicating that remote viewing is nor fundamentally dependent on the energies of the E[lectro]M[agnetic] spectrum."

pp. 416, 417 antispying : effectual shielding around the target-object

p. 416

"The two countries' [U.S.S.R.'s and U.S.A.'s] research yielded such undeniable results in the field f remote viewing that both nations have reported installed anti-psychic spying devices in their secret locations." (Rifat 1999, p. 20)

p. 417

"Further tests by Persinger on Swann revealed that when his target images in sealed envelopes were bathed in magnetic fields his accuracy nosedived. Different signal waveforms of varying phases were the most disruptive." (McTaggart 2007, pp. 106-9)

McTaggart 2007 = Lynne McTaggart : The Intention Experiment : Using ... Thoughts to Change ... the World. Free Pr.

p. 416 effects on another person : losing consciousness; becoming stressed

"Russian scientists discovered that if a remote viewer could mimic a pulsed ELF (extremely low frequency) oscillation in his or her body, and then mentally superimpose it on another person, that person would lose consciousness. [Rifat 1999, pp. 19-20] ... .

... research conducted in the USA on the sense of being stared at. If the "watchee" grows accustomed to being observed, they {he or she} can become stressed when the watcher is removed, even when they are not aware that they have ceased being watched." (Sheldrake 2005)

Sheldrake 2005 = Rupert Sheldrake : "The Sense of Being Stared At". J OF CONSCIOUSNESS STUDIES 12(6):10-31.

pp. 418-9 synchronization with the Schumann resonance

p. 418

"Robert Beck researched the the brainwave activity of healers from all cultures and ...

p. 419

found that ... they exhibited virtually identical EEG signatures during their healing moments ... which was phase-and-frequency-synchronized with the Schumann resonance, Earth's own electric micropulsations. ["DMIE&ES"] ...

Dr. John Zimmerman, founder of the Bio-Electro-Magnetics Institute of Reno, Nevada, found that once healers coupled with the Schumann frequency, the left and right brain hemispheres became balanced with each other ... . During hands-on healing, the brainwaves of recipient eventually synchronize with the healer's" (Brennan 1993, p. 18).

"DMIE&ES" = Lian Sidorov : "Distant Mental Interactions, Entanglement and Energy Signatures".

Brennan 1993 = Barbara Ann Brennan : Light Emerging. Bantam Bks.

p. 419 deBroglie waves' entanglement by remote-viewers

"Ed Dames has confirmed that ... remote viewers operate ... operate de Broglie waves ... entangled with the target's, allowing for information extraction and download to the remote viewer" (Rifat 1999, p. 95).

Rifat 1999 = Tim Rifat : Remote Viewing. Century.

p. 420 remote-viewers' psychic perception of each other : RVTGI 2

"Remote viewers can perceive each other as ghost-like translucent humanoids during group sessions".

p. 421 mirror-like left-right reversal of the sides of one's astral body in one's projection of the subtle body

"Robert Monroe, for instance, found that upon exiting his physical body for an OBE, everything about his "physicality" was reversed, "like a mirror image." ... "There is a possibility that the Second [Subtle] Body is a direct reversal of the physical," he mused. [Monroe 1971]

Alfred explains that this reversal of parity is due to

the "physical-etheric" universe being ... also an upside-down world,

{"the feet of the dead, who must walk upside down, touch those of the living, who stand upright" (ANP, p. 12)}

revealing a double-parity reversal!" (Alfred 2006, p. 29)

{"Unless you make what on the right hand as what is on the left and what is on the left hand as what is on the right and what is above as what is below and what is behind as what is before -- you will not have knowledge {gnosis}... of the Kingdom." (AP, quoted in "BUDRU?", p. 154)}

Monroe 1971 = Robert Monroe : Journeys Out of the Body. Garden City (N.Y.), Doubleday.

ANP =Richard Bradley : An Archaeology of Natural Places. Routledge, Oxford, 2000.

Alfred 2006 = Jay Alfred : Between the Moon and Earth : a Scientific Exploration of Earth-Based Heavens and Hells. Trafford Publ.

AP = Acts of Peter (translated in :- James : Apocryphal New Testament. pp. 334 sq)

"BUDRU?" = Jonathan Z. Smith : "Birth Rightside Up or Upside Down?" In :- Map Is Not Territory. U of Chicago Pr, 1993. pp. 147-71.

p. 422 radioactivity (from atomic-nucleus fission) can be astrally traced by psychics retrocognitively into the radioactive isotopes' geographic/geologic past

"Psi Spies in the USA were capable of routinely tracking ... samples of uranium isotopes from their location/s in Russia ..., back through its production stages and finally to the mine where the ore originated."

pp. 423-4 psychically probing the minds of others

p. 423

"Courtney Brown is an associate professor of political science at Emory University in Atlanta, and is the founder and director of the Farsight Institute where scientific remote viewing continues to be developed ... . ... Brown and his fellow explorers ... not only remote-view distant places and sentient beings, but also carry out what they call "Deep Mind Probe" : the viewer enters the mind of a person and obtains thoughts and personal character information. Brown states [1999, p. 65] that the subspace (subconscious) mind of

p. 424

anyone being remote-viewed will be aware of this activity ... .

Lyn Buchanan has written [2003] in The Seventh Sense of how merging with the minds of others during RV produced lingering ... effects ... . The target's thought patterns can be acquired temporarily."

Brown 1999 : Courtney Brown : Cosmic Explorers. Dutton Bks.

Buchanan 2003 = Lyn Buchanan : The Seventh Sense : the Secrets of Remote Viewing as Told by a "Psychic Spy" for the US Military. Paraview Pocket Bks.

p. 425 souls waiting to incarnate

"Brown and his fellow subspace explorers have even been able to identify "subspace beings" (a.k.a. "spirits") waiting for an opportunity to incarnate into certain places -- ... a valued entry point into our world. [Brown 1999, p. 89]

So, while the official Russian and American RV research effectively proved ... survival of death, Brown's data supports ... reincarnation and ... that

we can and do indeed choose not just to be born, but when and where."

{For this reason, souls who incarnate are designated"volunteers" by Dolores Cannon and other researchers in hypnotic-regression into past-lives.}

pp. 425-6 psychometry of intuitive archaiology

p. 425

"Psychometry, a term coined Dr. J. R. Buchanan in 1842, meaning literally, "measuring the soul ...," is essentially the ability to employ the siddhis to ascertain information relating to an object or place by "reading" its information ... . Typically, the information gleaned relates to the past or simply to some point ... that is physically remote. ... The late professor J. N. Emerson (who passed away in 1978), formerly of the University of Toronto's department of anthropology, pioneered "Intuitive

p. 426

Archeology" by ... the assistance of psychics in archeological fieldwork. The psychic George McMullen was a friend and a research subject of Emerson's who showed high-level abiities in psychometrizing artifacts and obtaining accurate information about their history and surrounding circumstances. Merely by walking over a site before excavation began, McMullen could identify its age, and its former inhabitants, ... and their social behaviour. ...

According to Mishlove [1993, p. 245], Emerson obtained even better accuracy levels by using teams consisting of several psychics and then assessing their reports based on a majority-vote technique."

Mishlove 1993 = Jeffrey Mishlove : The Roots of Consciousness. revised edn. New York : Marlowe & Co., 1993.

pp. 426-7 conduit into the Akas`ik Records

p. 426

"Arthur Powell stated ... in [cap. 28 of] The Mental Body (which was ... a ... synthesis of Leadbeater and Besant's many works on the subject), that every particle bears ... within in the ... "impress" of every event ... within its vicinity. As such, it could act as a sort of conduit between the Akashic {Akas`ik} records and anyone with the faculties to access them. ...

p. 427

Some psychometers experience not mere images in their mind's eye of the past, but full-blown 3D reveries that engulf them and draw them into the scene, suggestive of the Akashic {Akas`ik} records' ... nature."

p. 428 magic may be regarded as a "hard science"

"Collin Wilson [2004, p. 153] argued that if the universe cannot be explained in purely mechanical terms as science had long ago promised, then magic's case had been built on the most solid of foundations."

p. 429 effect of vodun-dolls

"Dean Radin also found through his own experimenting that voodoo dolls could be used as an instrument of ... intention : the prayers directed at them turned out to have demonstrable effects on the prayee." (McTaggart 2007, p. 158)

pp. 432-3 geological psychometry

p. 432

"the psychometer {psychometrix} described Stonehenge and ... she then seemed to see scenes from its early history ... . ... Thus the psychometer {psychometrix} "remembered" the scenes from the records" (cf. Leadbeater 1899).

p. 433

"Mrs. Denton sometimes seemed to experience in the first person the "lives" of geological speciments as they passed through the ages." (Waite 1971, cap. 31)

Waite 1971 = Margaret Waite : The Mystic Sciences. Apollo Bks.


Brendan D. Murphy : The Grand Illusion, Bk 1 : a Synthesis of Science and Spirituality. Balboa Pr (a division of Hay House), Bloomington (IN), 2012.