Synthesis of Science and Spirituality, 13-14





p. 436 voluntary muscular movement as "psychokinesis"

"But as Watson points out in Supernature, simply moving your limbs is a demonstration of psychokinesis. Every voluntary

and involuntary

{Perhaps the involuntary (or else the voluntary?) ought not to be deemed as proceeding from the psyche (of psycho-kinesis)?}

movement of body is a feat of "mind over matter.""

{But is psyche (as in psychokinesis) identical (or even co-operative) with "mind"?}

p. 436 arbitrariness of terminology

"There is nothing abnormal, mysterious, or spooky about psychokinesis.

{Not only psychokinesis, but also aisthetics, sentiments, emotions, feelings, etc. (because not any of them is any part of the material universe) all can ad libitem be freely labeled "abnormal, mysterious, or spooky".}

We are connected to and part of everything that exists, all part of the same system."

{If so, then surely we must be connected with (inter alia) [the system of] the "abnormal, mysterious, or spooky"!} {The term translated 'mysterious' is one of the most frequent words in Taoist religious scriptures. Perhaps the author's rampant dogmatic atheism cannot permit him to recognize the freaky and inscrutable ("mysterious, or spooky") nature of the divine world.}

pp. 440-1 feats by Nina Kulagina

p. 440

"Sergeyev had conducted several years of intensive lab research on Nina Kulagina, the outstanding PK psychic in Leningrad {Petrograd}."

[quoted from Encyclopedia of Occultism & Parapsychology, vol 1, p. 881 :] "Tested by Vasiliev in the 1960s, Kulagina caused a compass needle to spin by holding her hand a few inches above it ... . She was filmed demonstrating her ability to move small objects ... without contact. ... American parapsychologists who tested her, including Montague Ullman and J. G. Pratt, considered her a most successful subject with respect to producing PK regularly on demand."

"Kulagina was versatile in her PK experiments, managing to move bowls, clock pendulums {pendula} ..., and more."

p. 441

"In other experiments, Kulagina imprinted images on unexposed film sealed in black envelopes."

p. 442 feats by Gabrielle Moler and by Marie Sonnett

"A Convulsionaire for several years from the age of 12, Moler could resist physical damage of any kind. In addition to being impervious to the powerful thrusts of pointed rods and swords, heavy mallets, and fiece blows delivered by a sharp-edged shovel, she could stick her head into a fire and hold it there without consequence, never singeing so much as a hair. ...

The requests of the Convulsionaires for the vicious yet futile attacks ... occurred at the burial site of St. Medard in Paris. Marie Sonnett was another who demonstrated fire immunity during her convulsions" (Owen 1864).

Owen 1864 = Robert Dale Owen : "The Convulsionists of St. Me'dard". ATLANTIC MONTHLY, vol. XIII.

p. 442 fire-walking

"It is interesting to note that of those who participate in organized fire walking, the people who expect the coals to burn them get burned, while those who do not, don't." (Lipton & Bhaerman 2009, p. 10)

{Those who expect not to be burned, expect to be divinely protected : by grace (of the deity) through faith (in the deity) they are saved.}

pp. 443-5 rhythmic pulsations etc. by Nina Kulagina (according to the Defence Intelligence Agency, Controlled Offensive Behaviour. 1972.)

p. 443

"Kulagina was subjected to a number of physiological measuring devices ... during her PK demonstrations. The Soviets found that the moment an object began to move, all of Kulagina's body processes sped up dramatically. Her heartbeat, breathing, brain activity, and the EM fields around her body all began to pulsate in rhythm as well.

At the onset of her "activated" state, she ... tasted iron or copper in her mouth ... . ...

Russian scientist Dr. Victor Grebennikov, who discovered the " ... effect" created by bees' nests ..., experienced an inexplicable metallic taste in his mouth when he was standing over the nests."

{This effect, therefore, may have been caused by deities who praeside over bees. (Maya bee-deities are named in the Book of Chilam Balam, and by Diego de Landa.)} {"Metal" is the element assigned in Chinese cosmography to the direction praesided over by the "White Tigress" goddess, who may be compared with the "young lion" in whose corpse S^ims^o^n found "a swarm of bees" (S^apa.ti^m 14:8).}

"Other aspects of Kulagina's phenomena were listed in the ... report ... :

She can exert no effect on an object situated in a vacuum ... .

Electrostatic screening has no effect on her powers ..., but she is unsuccessful

p. 444

during storms ... when there is a greater than normal amount of electricity in the air. She cannot ... exert an influence on an electroscope.

She can cause luminescence of crystal lumiphores and produce changes in the spectrum of visible light absorbed by liquid crystals."

p. 445

"Nina Kulagina, who was tested by over 40 top scientists, including two Nobel laureates. During successful PK tests, Sergeyev found her to have

50 times more voltage being generated at the back of her head than at the front.

{In conjuration of the spirit-powers of the letters of the alphabet, numbering 50 : Id.a at the rear of the head is first employed (instead of Pingala at the forehead, which is employed only afterwards) for the arousal of indwelling goddess Kun.d.alini.}

Among other impressive feats performed under controlled conditions, Kulagina succeeded in mentally separating an egg yolk from the white ... 6 feet from her ... . ... During this 39-minute test, Kulagina lost 2 pounds in weight, was weakened and temporarily blinded by the end" (Watson 1974, 139-40).

p. 444 rhythmic pulsations etc. by Alla Vinogradova (according to the Defence Intelligence Agency, Controlled Offensive Behaviour. 1972.)

"Adamenko found that Alla Vinogradova could produce effects similar to those of Kulagina ... . In some of his experiments with her in Moscow, during which she moved a variety of objects about on a dielectric surface, a great deal of electrostatic energy was measured around the objects (... enough to light a small neon glow tube), increasing with proximity.

The measurements detected field pulsations which were synchronous with Vinogradova's respiration rate, heartbeat, and brain alpha rhythm pulses; but the region between Vinogradova and the object contained no detectable energy fields or frequencies."

pp. 445-6 Stubblebine

p. 445

"In was 1983, and Major General Albert Stubblebine, III, was the Commanding General of INSCOM, the US Army Intelligence and Security Command. At an intelligence school in Fort Huachuca, Arizona, Stubblebine gave ... a ... talk. ...

p. 446

Paul Smith, a retired Major in the US Army and former remote viewer, recalls ... : [Smith 2005, p. 21] ... . ... Stubblebine's warped silverware ... featured spoons buckled and twisted into tight spirals, and forks the tines of which had also been twisted and curled ... . ... Then ... Stubblebine announced that his ... silverware had been bent by him and his staff -- using nothing but the power of the mind. He then insisted that anyone could learn how to do it".

Smith 2005 = Paul H. Smith : Inside Star Gate, America's Psychic Espionage Program. Forge Bk (Tom Doherty Associates), NY.

pp. 446-9 French psychic metal-bending; the Hutchinson Effect; Ermolaev; Uri Geller

p. 446

"a French research report translated and edited by the Eyring Research Institute appeared ..., detailing some of the significant PK effects documented (and filmed) under rigorously controlled conditions. They included deformations of target samples (some metallic), transformations and remotely inflicted events." (Yurth 1997, pp. 225-6)

p. 447

"The "Hutchinson Effect" is actually a range of phenomena discovered accidentally by John Hutchinson when he was researching Tesla's longitudinal waves back in 1979. "The Hutchinson Effect occurs as the result of radio wave interferences in a zone of spatial volume encompassed by high-voltage sources usually a Van de Graff generator, and two or more Tesla coils," Mark Solis informs us."

p. 448

"Dr. Venyamin Pushkin confirmed in tests the ability of one Boris Ermolaev to suspend small objects ... in the air for a number of seconds using intense mental intention. Pushkin ... concluded that Ermolaev could generate a gravitational field for suspending the objects." (Ostrander & Schroeder 1997, pp. 322-3)

"Kirlian images taken of ... Geller's finger during a PK experiment conducted by James L. Hickman. ... The resulting image reveals a striking "kindling" of his bioenergy" (Bearden 1988, p. 114).

p. 449

"Geller has been found to mysteriously and irreversibly alter the crystalline structure of nitinol, an alloy of nickel and titanium, warping its shape".

Yurth 1997 = David G. Yurth : Seeing Past the Edge.

Solis = Mark A. Solis : "The Hutchinson Effect".

Bearden 1988 = Tom Bearden : Excalibur Briefing. 2nd edn. Sydney.

p. 450 "in and out of existence"??

"Lyall Watson's encounter in Indonesia with a girl [who] ... demonstrated the ability to cause an entire grove of kenari trees to vanish in broad daylight [and immediately afterwards] ... caused the trees to "blink back into existence".

{This was a temporary "cloaking effect" (cf. that mentioned for spaceships in Star Trek), caused by praeternatural entities (divinities) on behalf of their human prote'ge'.} {I have myself witnessed such temporary praeternatural effects, repeatedly performed by a woman having psychic abilities.}

pp. 450-1 Z^ao Bao-s^en

p. 450

"One of China's top psi subjects is Zhang Baosheng (born in 1958) ... . ... Baosheng has been recorded

p. 451

moving small objects in and out of sealed containers".

{When the spectators are in a praeternaturally-induced brief cataleptic trance, the containers are praeternaturally unsealed, the objects praeternaturally moved (in or out), and the containers praeternaturally resealed. This is performed for the human by the human's familiar-spirit imp.}

p. 454 swifter movement through time-itself?

"the one that is spinning will travel higher, fall faster {more swiftly}, and move farther overall than its non-spinning counterpart. ["SBE"]

... the fact that the rotating ball also falls faster suggest, as Wilcock observes, that it is moving faster in time."

{This could be more reasonably be explained as enhancement of any external force upon an object by means of its rotation. [If time-itself were actually speeded so that the object were to move forward in time, then it could send messages from the future!! This is not occurring. (Einstein's relativity-theory, implying such, is utterly absurd.)]}

"SBE" = &

p. 455 rotational electrostatic levitation

"inventor Thomas Townsend Brown demonstrated in the late 1950s that powerful electrostatic fields could induce an antigravity effect (levitation) in a {rotating?} disk-shaped apparatus" (LaViolette 2004).

{Just as rotation of a magnet can produce an electromagnetic force, so likewise rotation of a electrostatically charged object in can induce magnetism, of which like polarities are mutually repulsive; hence the observable levitation.}

LaViolette 2004 = Paul A. LaViolette : Genesis of the Cosmos. Bear & Co.

p. 455 human levitation

William Crookes wrote : "There are at least a hundred recorded instances of Mr. Home's rising from the ground, in the presence of as many separate persons. ... The accumulated testimony establishing Mr. Home's levitations is overwhelming." (Jung 1977, p. 117)

{Rotation of the astral body within the material body will commonly cause it to rise out of the material body. If restrained from separating from the material body, it may cause the material body to rise in levitation.}

Jung 1977 = Carl Jung : Psychology and the Occult. Princeton U Pr.

p. 460 telepathic communication between electronic machines

"Tiller [2007] ... discovered than than intention-imprinted electronic device (IIED) would "leak" information to an unimprinted electronic device (UED) ... -- even though they were both switched off! After four or five days the UED became "converted" to an effective IIED --

through a non-electronic form of information transfer."

{thus similar to the non-electronic nature of telepathy betwixt humans (despite the fact that the human brain itself is dependent on electric nerve-current for routine functioning)}

Tiller 2007 = William Tiller : Psychoenergetic Science. Pavior Publ

p. 463 laboratory-equipment's praeternatural failure-proneness : the "Pauli Effect"

"The "Pauli Effect" was named in dubious homage to physicist Wolfgang Pauli, who became infamous for apparently causing laboratory apparatus to fall, break, shatter, or burn merely by walking into a lab -- or even by passing by in a train at the precise moment of a mishap! ["PE"]...

{It is easy to surmise that the cause of this effect was his keeping secret his belief in the divine nature of reality, while praetending outwardly to be a materialist. The spiritual entities (gremlins), then, were saluting his secretly pious attitude by causing the material equipment which they indwelt to fail, in sympathetic solidarity with his secretly anti-materialist attitude. [written Sept 9 2013]}

Drunvalo Melchizedek {Melki-s.edeq} has said in his Flower of Life books that the merkaba, the conscious, interlaced tetrahedral field interpenetrating the body, can be responsible for such phenomena in persons who have "activated" it".

{If so, then the merkabah and/or the tetrahedral form of divinity may be associated with (protecting?) a victim of an officially-enforced praetense of materialism.}

"PE" = Bob & Trish MacGregor : "The Pauli Effect".

{The physicists (university professors, whether currently employed by the university, or retired) with whom we are acquainted personally, confess privately to being secret believers in the divine order of the universe, though required to praetend otherwise officially in all connections with the university.}

pp. 463-4 a psychic's psychic powers are affected by other persons contiguous

p. 463

"Soviet research into psychokinesis involving Nina Kulagina demonstrated qualitatively that a skeptic's mere presence does have an effect {a deleterious effect} on a psychic's ability to function properly.

Hence, with a skeptic (or several) in the room or otherwise involved in the experiment, the psychic is more likely to "fail," thus "proving" the CMS right (at least in his own narrow reality tunnel). It is merely a case of self-fulfilling prophecy.

{The reason by an irrational doubter would have such an effect, it that the psychic's spirit-helpers (imps) are so disgusted with the doubter's fanatic impiety that they decline to assist the mortal psychic in performing to requaested task.}

p. 464

... Hunt's research in Infinite Mind showed a correlation between auric frequencies and the "level" of consciousness occupied by the individual.

[Faith-]Healers, [spirit-]mediums and mystics showed higher frequencies than others not of those categories, illustrating that those possessed of "higher" consciousness are ... literally "on a higher frequency."

{Spirit-media and mystics are kept surrounded by higher-plane vibrational frequencies emanated out of the deities (invisible to hylic mortals) who constantly surround them.}

Those fixated on or believing solely in "material [so-called] reality" exhibited lower dominant frequencies and were bereft of the higher.

{Those impious unbelievers fixated on materialism are bereft of divine emanations and have only the low-level vibes of mortal-mind.}

For Wilcock, all the above explains why Nina Kulagina's PK abilities "worked better in an atmosphere of friendly mutual trust and belief" ... . ... Hostile skeptics have something of an innate psi- or consciousness-damping effect; they literally operated at a lower frequency."

"Emma Hardinge Britten said, "experience has shown that the conditions under which spiritual phenomena are produced through mediums are ... helped or hindered ... by the will ... and mental states of those who surround them." [Vishita 1919, p. 141]

... similar observations have been made by researchers such as Amit Goswami [2001, p. 40] and Russel Targ."

Vishita 1919 = Swami Bhakta Vishita : Genuine Mediumship; or, the Invisible Powers. Advanced Thought Publ Co.

Goswami 2001 = Amit Goswami : Physics of the Soul : the Quantum Book of ... Reincarnation and Immortality. Hampton Roads Publ.

p. 466 mental-and-intellectual disfunctionality of ignoramus doubters and of impious unbelievers

"Sherman had noted [Wilkins & Sherman 1942, p. xxi] ... that while it is possible to receive thought impressions from a skeptic, it is extremely difficult for someone of that mindset to act as a receiver. ...

Ingo Swann weighs in ..., stating that ... "Skeptics and disbelievers, of course, very much desired not to be seen as dysfunctional regarding something which they were trying to debunk."" ("GSch")

Wilkins & Sherman 2004 = Sir George Hubert Wilkins & Harold M. Sherman : Thoughts Through Space. NY : Creative Age Pr, 1942.

"GSch" = Ingo Swann : "Dr. Gertrude Schmeidler".





p. 487 "infinite"? immortal?

"We are, both each and collectively,

{Not "we", but rather the deities, are capable of functioning aequally well collectively as individually,

an infinite,

{There can be nothing truly "infinite"; neither the universe nor anything else imaginable. Everything (including the soul etc.) hath its limits, limits which must be well-understood before undertaking pertinent actions.}

immortal being,

{"We" who inhabit material bodies are certainly not any of us "immortal"; though every one of the deities is.}

dreaming "reality" into existence."

{"We" cannot "dream into existence" even the tiniest material object. (In fact, it is quite impossible to bring anything into existence out of sheer nothingness, and virtually impossible even to convert dream-matter into physical matter -- not that there would be any useful function nor purpose in so doing.) But the deities not only continuously impart structure to the dream-world; also they continuously influence the structure of the waking-world.}

p. 488 prospective abolition of capitalism

"Gone will be the days when predatory and consciousless tyrants and their banks, corporations, and corrupt governments rule over a scared, submissive, and/or apathetic humankind."

{Only the deities can accomplish this elimination of capitalism : though we mortals, by co-operating with the deities, can assist them in doing so.}


Brendan D. Murphy : The Grand Illusion, Bk 1 : a Synthesis of Science and Spirituality. Balboa Pr (a division of Hay House), Bloomington (IN), 2012.

{The logically worst feature of this trend (i.e., exemplified by this book) toward atheistic spirituality (which is a "hybrid" variety of metaphysics between the two "pure" metaphysical systems of (1) theistic spirituality and (2) atheistic materialism -- the other possible "hybrid" system being theistic materialism, which is currently very popular in the mainline Christian churches) is that it is determined on completely ignoring (instead of attempting to refute) the arguments for the existence of universe-wide government of a theistic nature, i.e., by immortal indestructible spirit-entities who are in highly-organized universe-wide intercommunication -- a type of metaphysical system propounded by, e.g., Faithism (Oahspe), the Urantia Foundation (the Urantia Book), the Theosophical Society, and the Ashtar Command. Theistic systems are at least potentially effectual at eliminating the trend toward increasingly despotic governments resulting from increasingly concentrated centralization of wealth (and thus of governmental control) in the hands of fewer and fewer ruling-class ploutokratic families; whereas atheistic systems (such as that advocated by author B.D.M. this book) are not capable of any elimination of the current malignant (capitalist-stooge suicidal) societal trend.}