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Cosmic Oneness


p. 49 epiphainomenon

[quoted from “S&QuPh”] “I see matter as an epiphenomenon of soul and consciousness. The material world has evolved from … the soul.”

The Soul and Quantum Physics” (interview with Fred Alan Wolf)

pp. 61-2 roaming through past scenery {A “virtual-reality” aequivalent to the Akas`ik Record? Experienced during a mutual sleep-walking episode? (If so, similar experiences must have occurred to other pairs of sleepwalkers, and might be found in the literature of sleepwalking.)}

p. 61

Anne Moberly, the principal of St. Hugh's College, and Eleanor Jourdain, the vice-principal, were wandering, lost, through the garden of the Petit Trianon at Versailles … . …

p. 62

On subsequent trips to the Petit Trianon gardens the women found to their bafflement that the path they had walked down on their initial visit was now blocked by an old stone wall … . Others no longer existed at all. … Moberly and Jourdain's description of the layout of the gardens and the outbuildings … were later verified by painstaking search and scrutiny of obscure records of Louis XVI's court” (Yurth , pp. 49-50).

Yurth 1997 = David G. Yurth : Seeing Past the Edge.

p. 63 allegedly non-paradoxical time-travel

Novikov applied the “principle of least action” to time travel, and, in what Strieber refers to as a “brilliant feat of mathematics” showed that … the grandfather paradox cannot apply”.

{Because the entire universe is interconnected and mutually interactive [“a web of entanglement connects everything in the universe” (infra p. 68, quoting Kaku 2008, pp. 60-1)], therefore any local actual travel whatsoever “backwards in time” would automatically induce a universe-wide variant of the “grandfather paradox”; and is thus quite impossible, as a more correct application the “principle of least action” would demonstrate.}

Kaku 2008 = Michio Kaku : The Physics of the Impossible. Doubleday.

p. 63 alleged reversal in time-direction for particular objects (over a particular period time)!

As Einstein's relativity showed, the faster something moves {actually, the greater its acceleration, not its velocity}, the slower its subjective time passes, and if it were to break the light speed threshold, it would be traveling backwards in time (time would “reverse”). Author Whitley Strieber asked … if the mind could somehow enable time travel.” (Yurth 1997, p. 88)

{Einstein perhaps intended merely a slowing of physical processes (not of local time itself, which would create a time-lag debt requiring a subsequent hastening of time in order to compensate, and an intermediate period of transmission of signals necessarily backwards in time), and, at that, only under the stress of acceleration or of gravitation. Furthermore, the effect was apparently intended only to affect massive bodies, and massless mental nor psychic energies. If so, the Strieber's & Yurth's deductions would be invalid.}

p. 67 direct access

shamans and occultists are familiar with other planes of existence … because of … their own direct conscious access to these realms. These other realities are … experiential, and can theoretically be accessed by any human and verified through firsthand experience”.

p. 76 mental ray-beam

a ray emanating from the eye … goes back at least as far as Rudolph Steiner. Ernst Lerhs, one of Steiner's students, deals with the visual ray – a ray of biological energy which “carries consciousness outside the body” – in his book Man or Matter (1958). Trevor James Constable [1978, pp. 60-1] develops this notion in his … book …, where he identifies this “ray” as Reich's orgone energy, equivalent to prana {pran.a} or the energy of one's “etheric double.””

a talented clairvoyant” : “She could easily see and and identify … this beam”” (“HWSWhWABS”).

Constable 1978 = Trevor James Constable : Sky Critters : Living UFOs. Pocket Bks.

HWSWhWABS” = “How We Sense When We Are Being Stared At”

p. 87 excerpt from the Mithras Litourgia (quoted from McGuire & Hull 1993, p 434) {“Alien-abductees” often report that they are sucked through a tube into a [disk-shaped] flying saucer. The Kemetic Scorpion goddess (cf. Sumerian and Jain scorpion-constellation) is idolized with twisted neck (with the neck's windpipe cf. the mythic wind-tube), because her poison induceth twisting of the neck : such scorpion's sting tormented the sun-god Re< (until rescued by Ls-t/Isis).}

“ … “Look up at the sun and … you must move your head …, and then you will see the phallus of the sun, and … that's the origin of the wind. ...” …

the German historian, Dieterich, … had dealt with the so-called Mithras Liturgy. … “... you will see how the disk of the sun unfolds, and you will see hanging down from it the tube, the origin of the wind, and when you move your face … it will move there””.

McGuire & Hull 1993 = William McGuire & R. F. C. Hull (edd.) : C. G. Jung Speaking: interviews and encounters. Princeton : Bollingen.

p. 96 mystics

Renee Weber, a philosopher at Rutgers University, … raised the possibility that mysticism may … be more committed to the spirit of scientific exploration than [physical] science itself.” (Radin 1997, p. 305)

In fact, mystics have been described as [LeShan 1974, p. 62] “the most thoroughgoing empiricists in the history of philosophy.””

{The same is likewise often said of shamans.}

Radin 1997 = Dean Radin : The Conscious Universe : the scientific truth of psychic phenomena. HarperOne.

LeShan 1974 = Lawrence LeShan : The Medium, the Mystic and the Physicist. NY : Viking Pr.

p. 96 Divine Intelligence guideth evolution of the biological species

Writing in the 1980s, Francis Crick, the co-(re)discoverer of the DNA molecule, showed the total mathematical implausibility of even a single protein emerging by chance. [Narby 1999, pp. 75-6]

Van der Leeuw [1928, cap. 5] added … a creative Intelligence, directly guiding and directing evolution from within”.

Narby 1999 = Jeremy Narby : The Cosmic Serpent : DNA. Phoenix.

Van der Leeuw 1928 = J. J. van der Leeuw : The Conquest of Illusion. Theosophical Publ House.

p. 98 root & branch of Reality

Frithjof Capra [1982, p. 339] said this, in … reconciling the different approaches taken by mystics and scientists :

Mystics understand the roots but not the branches,

scientists understand the branches but not the roots.”

{cf. the [Confucianist-and-Qabbalist] Heavenly Roots & Earthly Branches.}

What mystics understand the roots of is this : the fundamental nature of reality and the fundamental nature of consciousness (same thing).”

Capra 1982 = Frithjof Capra : The Tao of Physics : … parallels between modern physics and Eastern mysticism. 3rd edn. Flamingo.

p. 102 siddhi-s

the siddhis … comprise clairvoyance, magnification (micro-psi), clairaudience, telepathy, invisibility …, levitation, and other marvels. …

{All these miraculous functions are performed by the immortal deities for their mortal ritual-worshipper devotees, often in order to rescue the devotees from murderous atheists (atheists usually being fanatical materialists).}

Further, regular occultism … is not to be foolishly confused with Satanism … .

{S` is more particularized : it is the testing of the religious piety of the rich (as in the Book of >iyyo^b).}

In fact, occultism … offers a refined value system premised on the idea of service to others.”

{Yes : and the “others” (on service to whom occultism is praemised) are the immortal deities, who are the only knowers of what is truly of benefit to mortals.}

p. 103 Madame Blavatsky on occultism

[quoted from Besant 1898] “H. P. Blavatsky once defined [“occultism”] as … the study of the Universal Mind {Cosmic Mind, one of the 3 divine membres of the Neo-Platonic Holy Trinity}”.

Besant advised that it is Atma-vidya {Atma-vidya ('Self-lore')}, or “knowledge of the Soul,” that is the form of occultism any theosophist who would be wise and unselfish ought to strive after”.

Besant 1898 = Annie Besant : “Occultism, Semi-occultism and Pseudo-occultism”.

p. 106 true science of psi

DeGracia [BPh, p. 89] has actually referred to occultism as “the true science of the phenomena they [“parapsychologists”] purport to study.””

{This quotation is at p. 111 of the current on-line edition of BPh.}

Not only has occultism shown that the psi phenomena parapsychology seeks to prove have already been proven and repeatedly demonstrated …, but it also goes further … in explaining these phenomena …, albeit within its own framework/s. Furthermore, it provides ways of developing psi ability and mastering it”.

BPh = Donald J. DeGracia : Beyond the Physical : a Synthesis of Science and Occultism … . (obsolete weblink, updated there)

N.B. Whereas the author (B.D.M.) is essentially atheistical, DeGracia is polytheistic, denouncing (Beyond the Physical, p. 180) the materialistic parapsychology wherein "there seems little room for the worlds of the Gods, the Demons and the Dead."

p. 107 parapsychology within the AAAS

on December 30, 1969 … the Parapsychological Association, an international scientific society, was accepted as an affiliate member American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS).”



Mystical Experience


pp. 115, 117, 121 a mystical experience by the author

p. 115

I could feel planets and galaxies, in the field of consciousness that I was.

[p. 121 “To physically feel distant galaxies flow through you”.]

{cf. the description of feeling the planets and galaxies as if within one's own body at TASTE 75 (70):14.}

I was … everywhere … . … I knew (as opposed to believed) then that … everything truly is interconnected in ways we cannot directly perceive through the ordinary human senses {of the physico-material body}. …

p. 117

As soon as the human analytical part of my mind

(left brain)

{not really, for cosmic consciousness is a transcendence well-beyond the body (including, of course, a transcending of the brain)}

tried to process this awareness by thinking about it, the experience ended, almost as suddenly as it had begun.”

Thinking only pulls you away from it –

Likewise, thinking about too wondringly the nature of a dream while one is dreaming it, can cause one to awaken.}

it cannot take you there.”

TASTE 75 (70) =

p. 117 Truth

the Truth is not __,

but __”

a concept”

an experiential reality”

words on a page”

a state of being”

an idea”

an awareness”

the Truth is not of this [the material] world or even of this dimension or “level” {plane} of reality”.

p. 117 Time

I did not experience the “passasge of time,” because as infinite {cosmic, not “infinite”; for nothing truly “infinite” can be experienced, nor thought of, nor repraesented} awareness, … a sense of serialied time therefore cannot exist for you.”

{This is not at all true, or is quite defectively stated. If time were not passing for one's self while one were in a state of cosmic consciousness, one could not exit it, for no interval of time could elapse in order to limit its duration. In fact, one is experiencing the passage of time while one is the state of cosmic consciousness, for otherwise (if there were no passage of time to remembre, nor interval of duration fulfilled), there would be nothing to remembre, and one could not remember anything of it whatsover.} {What instead (i.e., as more accurately stated) is actually experienced of cosmic consciousness is the overall changelessness of the universe as a whole (which, because of universewide scale of application of conversation-principles of physics, cannot change as a whole).}

{The author continueth throughout this book his muddled misdescription of the limited and measurable nature of the universe and its contents as allegedly “infinite”. The very term “infinity” (which can be reached mathematically only be the impossible process of division by zero) is well-known to logicians to contain logical absurdities/fallacies.}

p. 119 divine earthquake

[quoted from LeShan, p. 149] “I understood something of the statement in the Zohar : 'God … is an earthquake.'”

{Earthquake-deities are known in many traditional religions (though not in the TNaK, where it is specifically stated that God “was not in the earthquake” – 1st Meleki^m 19:11). For example, the Norse earthquake-god Loki/LOPTr, whose name is etymologically cognate with Hellenic LABDakos, and apparently the same as Pauran.ik LAmBa-uDara, whose name may refer to Strong's 3770 /kres`/ (no relation to Strong's 7164) and to As^s^urian /kars^u/ (AD, vol. 8, p. 223b) and perhaps /karsu/ (“ChH”) which may be “acidic” (“Flora 1”) to be swill for “swine”.}

Lawrence LeShan : : The Medium, the Mystic and the Physicist. Penguin/Arkana, 1995.

1st Meleki^m 19:11

AD = Assyrian Dictionary.

ChH” = “Cherry History”

Flora 1” =

p. 122 a false belief

some people … are operating on the assumption that consciousness is simply generated by the brain. The simple truth is that this belief is false, as the mystical experience clearly reveals to the individual who has it.”

p 123 Andreasson

Betty Andreasson was induced into an out-of-body experience by her “alien” {divine} captors {spirit-guides}, and then ushered into

a “world of light” where she experienced an overwhelming and ineffable sense of joy and “Oneness.”

{cf. the Plotinian metaphor of "the sun" for "the One" (ShATh, p. 569).}

They told her that this was her real “home,”

where the “One was,”

{According to Xenophanes, "the One ... always remains in the same place" (ShATh, p. 50).}

and that everyone would experience this for themselves one day.” (Violette, pp. 172-3)

ShATh = Thomas McEvilley : The Shape of Ancient Thought. Allworth pr, NY, 2002.

John R. Violette : Extra-Dimensional Universe. Hampton Roads, 2001.

p. 124 divine vortex

[quoted from Brown 1999, p. 231] “There was a shape of light that somewhat resembled a spinning cloud or vortex … . The vortex was alive. … As I followed the outwards rush of the being's fragmenting expansion, I … experienced a new joy that nearly overwhelmed me.”

Lucid dreamers have had similar insights, as LaBerge and Rheingold [1990, p. 172] have documented.”

Courtney Brown : Cosmic Explorers. Dutton Bks, 1999.

Stephen LaBerge & Howard Rheingold : Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming. Ballantine Bks.

p. 125 divine hands, divine eye

quoted from Ring, art. 11


she felt that she was “rocketing through layers upon layers of realities, seeming to the heart of the universe itself,” and she … thought she had gone too far … .

48:13-14 "48:13. Elias was indeed covered with the whirlwind,

48:14. ... and after death his body prophesied."

Then : “… I was “picked up” as if by an ENORMOUS pair of hands, and

33:12-13 "33:12. Some of them hath he blessed, and exalted : and some of them hath he sanctified, and set near himself

33:13. ... in his hand".

as I looked up I found myself looking into a gigantic EYE … . … And I was brought into the EYE, and was home.””

11:13 "the eye of God hath looked upon him for good".

Ring, art. 11 = Kenneth Ring : “Near Death and UFO Encounters as Shamanic Initiations”.

Ekklesiastikos =

p. 132 ayahuasca

the plant hallucinogen {entheogen} known in the Quechua language of the Incas as ayahuasca (... meaning “Vine of the Dead” or the “Vine of Souls”) … contains DMT, … that is known to catapult the user into powerful shamanic visions and mystical experiences, and which … Rick Strassman calls the Spirit Molecule. (Ayahuasca also contains the alkaloid harmaline, which lengthens the “trip” … .) …

Under the influence of ayahuasca, … author David Icke found himself … repeating out loud in a voice not his own : “I am everything …, I am infinite possibility.” [Icke 2003, p. 191] … This was accompanied by spontaneous electrical malfunctions in the room … .

Graham Hancock … had his own sessions with ayahuasca and other hallucinogens {entheogens} … .

another ayahuasca session … confirmed the Hermetic axiom {dictum, aphorism}

(as above, so below) …,

{This is likewise true of ordinary dreams : they resemble the material world.}

comparing the worlds of spirit to that of matter. … Due to this interdimensional interpenetration, observable effects in our world may be caused by factors in other worlds.” (Hancock 2007, pp. 5-6)

Icke 2003 = David Icke : Tales from theTime Loop. Bridge of Love Publ.

Hancock 2007 = Graham Hancock : Supernatural. rev. edn. Disinformation Co Ltd.

p. 134 self-referential cosmology

as Australian author[ess] Aletha Warton put it, “We are are a story god tells itself.” …

What is this this universe?” asks Pinchbeck rhetorically in 2012 : The Return of Quetzalcoatl [Pinchbeck 2007, p. 368]. “It is a poem that writes itself. It is a song that sings itself into being. This universe has no origin and no end.” It is a self-reference cosmology.

Or, as the Kalahari Bushmen told Laurens van der Post, “There is a dream dreaming us.”” (HH, p. 139; quoted in SM, November, 1976)

Pinchbeck 2007 = Daniel Pinchbeck : 2012 : the Return of Quetzalcoatl. Jeremy P. Tarcher.

HH = Laurens van der Post : The Heart of the Hunter.



Brendan D. Murphy : The Grand Illusion, Bk 1 : a Synthesis of Science and Spirituality. Balboa Pr (a division of Hay House), Bloomington (IN), 2012.