Synthesis of Science and Spirituality, 6



Occult Aither


p. 136 existence

The reality is that physical existence


{or, rather, continuously ariseth (is emanated)}

from non-material existence ... . – David Thomson”.

p. 136 subatomic particles are investigated through clairvoyance

From 1895 to 1933, Annie Besant (1847-1933) and Charles Leadbeater (1847-1934) conducted clairvoyant investigations into all the known elements … to observe the “fundamental building blocks” that composed them as well as their general structure.

{It is most likely that such clairvoyant investigations had been secretly conducted some centuries prior in India, and that Besant and Leadbeater simply appropriated (with propre permissions) the results of such investigations.}

This involved the apprehension of visual information at micro levels (subquantum in fact) … . The term for this kind of clairvoyant perception today is “micro-psi” (Besant and Leadbeater referred to it as “magnifying clairvoyance”),

{Ingo Swann, e.g., used magnifying clairvoyance to examine the human aura.}

and it rendered accessible to the clairvoyant investigators a world that physics has yet to discover.”

M. G. Hocking : “Praeface to Occult Chemistry”.

p. 137 earliest Theosophical-Society publication on subatomic particles

An article entitled “Occult Chemistry” appeared in Lucifer in 1895 … and was reprinted as a separate pamphlet in in 1905. In it, three chemical elements, hydrogen, nitrogen, and oxygen, were clairvoyantly examined and their analyses presented … to the public by Besant and Leadbeater.

Hydrogen … was seen to consist of six smaller bodies, [each] contained in an egg-like form … . …

The six little bodies are arranged in two sets of three, forming two triangles”.

{The “two triangles” are, of course, two [thus suggesting a deuterium nucleus] sub-atomic particles [surely proton and neutron]; the “sets of three” are evidently sets of three quarks each, each set constituting a sub-atomic particle [a neutron (similarly to a proton) being composed of three quarks].}

pp. 138-9 UPhA

p. 138

Leadbeater and Besant observed that hydrogen … was composed of eighteen smaller units. These smaller units they dubbed an “ultimate physical atom” (UPA), and later took to referring to them as an[.]u … – the Sanskrit term … .

p. 139

the UPA … they found … existed in two varieties : positive and negative (or Yin and Yang). The positive and negative wound around each other in opposite directions

(somewhat like the snakes on the caduceus …),

{more actually, an ouroboric variant of the kerukeion}

forming the UPA. … “It is composed entirely of spirals {actually, of reverted (toroidally) helices (as depicted on p. 141)}, the spiral being in turn composed of spirillae, and these again of minuter spirillae.” …

Oxygen was found to consist of 290 minor atoms {sub-quarks} and nitrogen of 261. … . [290] … divided … by the number of UPAs comprising hydrogen (18), … arrived at 16.11, … the atomic weight of the oxygen atom … .”

{Because the mass of of element's atoms is contained almost entire in their nuclei, consisting of approximately an equal number of neutron as of protons; therefore this is indicative that the “hydrogen” described is deuterium.}

{The description in Fig. 6.1 (p. 138) of deuterium (“hydrogen”) as consisting of two different [and thus contradicting Phillip's allegation of “two [identical] atoms of hydrogen” (p. 147)] nucleons each consisting of three quarks (each quark in consisting of three sub-quarks), may be employed for deducing the structure of the proton-embedded electron (which is embedded into a proton in order to constitute a neutron).}

{possible compositions of the 2 types of bosons; 2 types of leptons; 6 types of quarks (a conjecture of ours, May 24 2013)} {This type of composition would be based on the two principles of : from one to three of the major ingredient; no more than one of the minor ingredient.}

quark categories

sub-quarks [sub-leptons] of one

sub-quarks [sub-leptons] of the other

graviton & antigraviton

yang (+)

yin (-)

photon (is its own antiparticle)


-+ (same as photon)

electron & muon

+ +

- -

up & down

+ + -

- -+

top & bottom

+ + +

- - -

charmed & strange

+ + + -

- - - +

{Various other conjectures hypothesizing the composition/structure of quarks have been attempted, such as :



Terazawa 1980

de Souza 2002

Tousson 2009

Ampel 2012

Bars 1982

Harari - 1983

Marchuk 2002 & 2008 }

pp. 140-1 the two categories of reverted (toroidally) helices

p. 140

Emmanuel Swedenborg taught that matter was made up of a series of particles …, each of which was composed of a closed vortex of energy which spiraled at “infinite” {very great} speeds to give it the appearance of solidity. [Zammit 2006, cap. 2]

The sub-atomic structure of matter was … also well known even to the ancient Hindus.

Two types of UPAs were observed by Besant and Leadbeater …, and they were identical in every way except [quoted from Besant & Leadbeater 1919, cap. 3] “the direction of their whorls and of the force which pours through them.

In the one case force pours in from

p. 141

the 'outside,' from fourth-dimensional space [“aether”], and passing through the atom, pours into the physical world ['male'].

In the second, it pours in from the physical world, and out through the atom into the 'outside' again … .” (This was the “female” UPA.)”

Zammit 2006 = Victor Zammit : A Lawyer Presents a Case for the Afterlife.

Besant & Leadbeater 1919 = Annie Besant & C. W. Leadbeater : Occult Alchemy. rev. edn. Theosolphical Publ House.

p. 142 Fohat = reverted (toroidally) helical structures in the subtle (non-material) planes-of-existence

Leadbeater and Besant … referred to as Fohat, the “life force” being “breathed” by the ... whirl … (vortices in the … koilon) …

(… from Hindu sources …) …?

{Actually, their literary source on this particular detail must have been Chinese : for the term /Fo-hat/ is from a southern Chinese dialect.}

Fohat, the theosophists said,

digs holes” (or vortices) in space, and those holes, being the absence of the aetheric medium,

{Is the implication that while it is being rapidly rotated (within those vortices), the aither (within those vortices) is hindred from functioning as aither, and thus can be regarded as temporary “absence”?}

are what we imagine to be solid matter.”

p. 143 spin? radial pulsation?

Spin was first proposed in physics … by Goudsmit and Uhlenbeck in 1925 and was confirmed in electrons by Phipps and Taylor in 1927.”

{The valence-band electrons are now known to remain (as proposed in “stereochemistry”) at spinless fixed angles; only electrons in the conduction-band are able to spin, and, at that, only when under the influence of an electric current in the praesence of a magnetic field.}

the expansion and contraction (radial pulsation) described by Leadbeater and Besant is still unknown to physicists today”.

{Radial pulsation of sorts (oscillatory movement of all electrons, in a yoyo-like fashion, towards and away from the nucleus), however, hath been long since been confirmed, in orthodox chemistry.} {What “is still unknown to physicists today” is the ongoing pulsating self-expansion and self-contraction of individual particles and sub-particles.}

p. 143 toroidal quanta of consciousness?

In Occult Chemistry Leadbeater refers to the UPA as having a certain level of apparent consciousness.

Wilcock's [2002] model states that the aether is comprised of a “vast sea of [“toroidal”] energy units” unbound by the constraints of space and time, which he refers to as Consciousness Units. Their size can vary from ultra-subatomic to cosmic; … could have a toroidal form.”

{Could these quanta of consciousness be, or engendre, a Klein-bottle-shaped elaboration of the reverted helix?} {The expression “unbound by the constraints of space and time” could even refer to so-called “spooky action at a distance” (for space) and “quantum-entanglement” (for time).}

This idea was also advocated by Bentov [1988].”

the torus, a model employed by … Haramein”.

Wilcock 2002 = David Wilcock : “Shift of the Ages”.

Bentov 1988 = Itzhak Bentov : Stalking the Wild Pendulum : on the mechanics of consciousness. Destiny Bks.

Haramein =

p. 144 hourglass-shaped double vortex

near-death experience researcher P. M. H. Atwater [2007] … encountered … NDEs. Atwater described her vision as

two colossal, rapidly spinning cyclonic vortices, one inverted over the other in an hourglass shape. … This very much captures the form of the toroidal structure.

{Or rather, is captured by the torus : for, the hourglass-shape could fit snugly into the opening through the torus.}

Inside the top cyclone Atwater saw herself – with all her past and future selves superimposed over it, all living their lives simultaneously. Each entity was connected to all the others by [quoted from Atwater 1996, pp. 140-1] “bubbly threads of brilliant light that formed a fabric netting or web.””

Atwater 2007 = P. M. H. Atwater : The Big Book of Near-Death Experiences. Hampton Roads Publ.

Atwater 1996 = P. M. H. Atwater : Future Memory. New York : Carol Publ Group, 1996.

pp. 145, 147 literature expounding occult chemistry

p. 145

Stephen Phillips : The Extra-Sensory Perception of Quarks. 1980.

p. 147, fn.

Jeff Hughes : “Occultism and the Atom”. PHYSICS WORLDS, Sept 2003.

Stephen Phillips : “Extrasensory Perception of Subatomic Particles”. J OF SCIENTIFIC EXPLORATION, 9.4 (1995):489-525.

p. 148 Table 6.1 micro-psi anticipations of quarks etc.

1890s : "sub-quarks ... named {names translated from the Samskr.ta of the Vais`es.ika dars`an.a} by occultists as UPAs."

1990s : "430 scientists confirm the existence of sub-quarks" (Yurth 1997, p. 255)

1908 : "meta neon (... 22.33)"

1912 : "neon-22 discovered"

[1890s :] "Y-shaped configurations ... ending in UPAs"

1975 : "baryons regarded as y-shaped strings with quarks at their ends"

"UPA consists of closed {toroidal} curves"

1982 : "torus studied as a model of compactified space"

1909 : ""illinium" (... 146.66);

1945 : "promethium-147 discovered"

"masurium" (... 100.11)"

1937 : technetium-99 discovered"

1924 : "precessional motion of "hydrogen

triangles" (protons)"

1924 : "spin of nuclei {nucleons?} suggested"

1932 : ""element 85" (... 221.00);

1940 : "astatine-219 discovered"

"element 87" (222.55)"

1939 : "francium-223 discovered"

pp. 151-2 aither-quantum as koilon; matter as bubbles in koilon sea

p. 151

"Leadbeater and Besant actually preempted Einstein {Dirac, not "Einstein"} in speaking of the ... koilon -- an extraordinarily dense substance ... . This koilon filled all of what was typically regarded empty space."

{According to Dirac, the "Dirac Sea" (comprising the aither) is exceedingly dense.}

[quoted from Leadbeater & Besant, "Appendix -- The Aether of Space" :] "what we call matter is ... the absence of koilon ... . ... Emptiness has become solidity and solidity empiness."

{This is now a commonplace of quantum-mechanics : e.g., electrons as "holes" in the "conduction-band".}

p. 152

"The analogy Leadbeater and Besant employed was that matter was like bubbles in water."

Leadbeater & Besant = Leadbeater & Besant : Occult Chemistry.

p. 155 significance of mythology

"LaViolette argues effectively in Genesis of the Cosmos that dynamic, subquantum entities ... were the subjects of various well-known ancient allegorical creation myths".

{Surely, for the most part mythic cosmologies must be understood as mappings of the several planes-of-existence and their sub-planes -- mapping of practical utility to such mortal projectors of their subtle bodies as travel to those supernal realms.} {About the only objects shaped alike to, and thus suggesting, subquarks are the conch-shells (worn by Quetzal-coatl and by Xolotl).}

p. 158 terrestrial grid comprised in overlays of concentric regular Platonic (Pythagorean) solids

"Wilcock identified ... the primary geometric forms encoded within ... Earth as being

a circumscribed octahedron, a circumscribed cube (both of these first identified by ... Bruce Cathie),

two interlaced tetrahedra [fn. : first identified by Melchizedek (1998 & 2000)],

a circumscribed icosahedron (identified initially Ivan P. Sanderson),

a circumscribed dodecahedron (mapped by Nikolai Goncharov ..., Vyacheslav Morozov ..., and Valery Makarov ... . ...). ...

For Wilcock, the Becker/Hagens grid [Childress 1987] finally "cracked the code" of the Platonic solids' positions on Earth." (Wilcock 2002, cap. 12)

Melchizedek 1998 & 2000 = Drunvalo Melchizedek : The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life. Light Technology Publ, Flagstaff (AZ). 2 voll.

Childress 1987 = David Hatcher Childress : Anti-Gravity and the World Grid. Adventures Unlimited Pr.

Wilcock 2002 = David Wilcock : Shift of the Ages. Cap. 12 "Becker/Hagens Global Grid Solution".

pp. 158-9, 161 mappings

p. 158

"Sanderson ..., mostly from anomalous reports declared by hundreds of pilots and mariners, ...

p. 159

initially identified ten common points of anomalous occurrence. Five of them on the ... northern latitude, each ... separated by 72o from the rest. The other five were laid out the same in the southern hemisphere ... . [Wilcock 2002, capp. 11]

In these geometrically spaced “vile vortices,” as Sanderson dubbed them, ... events occurred ..., and when one astute observer pointed out to him that the North and South Poles should be included ..., Sanderson finally had his “twelve Devil's graveyards.”” (Wilcock 2011, pp. 311-2)

p. 161

In 2007, Cassini filmed a large, rotating hexagonal cloud formation … over the north pole of Saturn.” (“GHC”)

Wilcock 2002 = David Wilcock : Shift of the Ages. Cap 11. "Global Grid II".

Wilcock 2011 = David Wilcock : Source Field Investigations. Dutton.

GHC” = Mike Adams : “Giant Hexagon of Clouds”.

p. 164 nucleotides & amino-acids in meteorites

"the nucleotides A, U, G and C have been discovered in meteorites ... . ... adenine and guanine were found in samples of carbon-rich meteorites" ("DCMA").

"DCMA" = "DNA Components Made in Asteroids".

p. 170 kymatica

It was Erst Chladini (1756-1827), a German … musician …, who had developed the precursor to Cymatics (to kyma, the wave; ta kymatika, matters pertaining to waves …) … . “Chladini repeated the pioneering experiments of Robert Hooke of Oxford University who, on July 8, 1680, had observed the nodal patterns associated with the vibrations of glass plates. Hooke ran a violin bow along the edge of a plate covered with flour, and saw the nodal patterns emerge.” In a demonstration … in 1809, Chladini placed sand in a plate … and drew a violin bow around the plate, causing the sand to shift into intricate designs, effectively making sound waves visible.”

pp. 173-5 crystalline formations are enhanced by water's freezing into ice in the praesence of pious thoughts

p. 173

the work of Masaru Emoto … is to illustrate … that emotion and intention have corresponding effects on … a water sample … frozen in a freezer … . … .

{Of course, it would be the divine spirit (an undine) abiding in the water which could cause the water to freeze into more-regular patterns, so as to indicate agreement with sentiments expressed by humans praesent.}

p. 174

water is responsive to consciousness … . … Water consistently responded to positive words by forming beautiful crystals. …

p. 175

It was this principle that Emoto then employed in using the hado water to help treat illness in people.” (Emoto 2005, cap. 2)

Emoto 2005 = Masaru Emoto : The True Power of Water. Atria Bks & Beyond Words Publ.

pp. 175-6 plant-love

p. 175

In The Science of Oneness, David Wilcock speaks … that sending loving thoughts to a plant

{The divine plant-guardian-spirit is able to draw aitheric energy into the plant involved in order to shew gratitude to the mortal for expressing such love.}

p. 176

causes the aetheric energy that the plant draws on … to increase, resulting in more vigorous plant growth.” (Wilcock 2001, cap. 2.6)

Wilcock 2001 = David Wilcock : The Science of Oneness.

p. 179 numbers of notes in musical scales

The three main musical scales … have been based on either

five (pentatonic),

eight (diatonic),

or 13 (chromatic) notes –

all of which are Fibonacci numbers.” (Laszlo & Currivan 2008, p. 48)

Laszlo & Currivan 2008 = Ervin Laszlo & Jude Currivan : CosMos : a Co-creator's Guide to the Whole World. Hay House, Carlsbad (CA).

p. 180, fn. psychic disturbances due to electrical storms (lightning in the sky) {Praesumably the erratic behaviour of the levin was what distorted/disrupted the psychokinetic and similar performances.}

Jourdain's and Moberly's strange episodes at the Petit Trianon occurred during electrical storms … . Electromagnetic disturbances were also known to impede Nina Kulagina's PK abilities as well as interfering with Kozyrev's experiments.”

p. 181 learning how to do telepathy

Kozyrev believed that our thoughts could change the density of time. He believed that in mastering the ability to make time dense at will we would be able to make telepathy occurr at will.” (Ostrander & Schroeder 1970, pp. 160-9)

Ostrander & Schroeder 1970 = Sheila Ostrander & Lynn Schroeder : Psychic Discoveries behind the Iron Curtain. Bantam Bks.

pp. 185-6 torsion-fields

p. 185

Kozyrev … discovered that torsion fields can also propagate through space as torsion waves at tremendous speeds, billions of times the speed of light” (Nowak).

{The velocity of gravitation is known to be yet more swift than this.}

p. 512, n. 6:182

The group velocity of torsion waves has also independently been shown to be at least 1,000,000,000 times the speed of light.” (Yurth)

p. 186

certain effects on the spin structure of matter caused by torsion waves could only be produced by psychics. Furthermore, torsion fields transmit information without transmitting (EM) energy, and while they can pass through physical media without interacting with it …, they can alter the spin state of physical matter.” (Yurth 2000)

Nowak = A. M. Nowak : “Torsion Fields”.

Yurth = David G. Yurth : “Variations on the Maharishi Model”.

Yurth 2000 = David G. Yurth : “Torsion Field Mechanics”. http://www.ClayAndIron/news.jhtml?methd=view&

pp. 190-2 the Akas`ik Record

p. 190

Leadbeater [1899, cap. 7] warns that though the records are … to be read from the akasha, or matter of the mental plane, … the Akashic records are "stored" on a plane ... far removed from normal {ordinary} human awareness. The closest, most accurate shimmering of them comes to those who can function competently on the mental plane”.

p. 191

Thus, the Field is “a kind of shadow of the universe for all time, a mirror image and record of everything that ever was,” as Lynne McTaggart [2003, p. 42] puts it”.

p. 192

Jan Wicherink [2008, cap. 6] relates torsion to ... the Akashic field, stating that over time, torsion waves record the history of the universe, informationally encoding every single thought or action ever made. The resulting interference patterns form a cosmic hologram permeating the whole universe eternally.”

Leadbeater 1899 = C. W. Leadbeater : Clairvoyance. Theosophical Publ House.

McTaggart 2003 = Lynne McTaggart : The Field. Element, Hammersmith.

Wicherink 2008 = Jan Wicherink : Souls of Distortion. 14th edn.

p. 193 ogdoads (quoted from Wilson 1977, pt. 2)

Pythagoras proceeded to create a whole cosmology based on 8s … .

China … produced the eight trigrams of the I Ching … .

In India, Buddha announced … the Noble Eightfold Path … . …

R. Buckminster Fuller, in his Synergetic-Energetic Geometry …, reduces all phenomena to geometric-energetic constructs based on … the octet truss (8-sided) and the coupler (8-faceted …).”

Wilson 1977 = Robert Anton Wilson : Cosmic Trigger. New Falcon Publ.


Brendan D. Murphy : The Grand Illusion, Bk 1 : a Synthesis of Science and Spirituality. Balboa Pr (a division of Hay House), Bloomington (IN), 2012.