Synthesis of Science and Spirituality, 7



The Superhologram


p. 195 allegorical?!

"Some 2,500 years old the Buddhist Avatamsaka Sutra

{In reality, the text of the Avatamsaka Vaipulya-Sutra is less than 2000 years old.}

described the cosmos allegorically through the imagery of Indra's net.

{not merely allegorically, but realistically -- this net is the cosmic form of the occultists' aitheric web}

In the heavenly abode ..., there was cast about an infinite net reaching in all directions, and

{This is the telepathic-intercommunication network as employed by deities. }

at each node point in the net there was a jewel, each reflecting the light of all the others".

{Nodes of communication-networks (such as telephone-networks, internet-networks, etc.) are able can faithfully to "reflect" the content of messages.}

pp. 200-1 evolution of the Universe

p. 200

"three-dimensional network of fine lines glowing ... . ... It's ... the entire computer system,

{In electronic circuitry, (while the current is flowing) the optical-fibres indeed glow, while the copper wires do not.}

which the dreamer felt represented the universe." (LaBerge & Rheingold 1990, p. 172)

p. 201

[quoted from Miller & Miller 2003] "The Universe emerges from the rippling effects of immense numbers of criss-crossing interference waves."

{Actually the communications-operation of the divine universe is more alike unto a computer with its discrete wire directing signals along specific paths [as on p. 200 supra], than it is alike unto an undirected radio-signal system.}

LaBerge & Rheingold 1990 = Stephen LaBerge & Howard Rheingold : Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming. Ballantine Bks.

Miller & Miller 2003 = Frank Miller & Iona Miller : "From Helix to Hologram". NEXUS 10(5).

pp. 203-4 a clairvoyant's, vs. a skeptic's, perception of Reality

p. 203

it makes no sense for a skeptic to declare his perceptual model of the world to be better than that of a clairvoyant …, although we might

{The clairvoyant is imparted praeternatural perception by the deities, on account of piety; whereas a skeptic is disallowed such perception by the same deities, on account of impiety.}

p. 204

note that the clairvoyant is less stilted and much more inclusive.”

p. 206 intelligent hydrocephalics

Hydrocephalics with only a stump of brain tissue can somehow lead normal lives and exhibit perfectly normal intelligence.”

{This is accomplished with, of course, divine assistance.}

p. 207 near-death experiencers & “idiot savants” : similarity with psychics

NDEers … sometimes spontaneously find that they inexplicably possess incredible knowledge post-NDE … .

{Very explicably : those NDErs encountred (during their NDE) deities who imparted such knowledge to them.}

Idiot savants” are apparently accessing the universe's holographic informational field … . … .

{If they be accessing any such thing, it is via grace of the deities.}

such savants … need to be triggered into mental activity through an outside agent … asking a question … . … An identical process seems to be happening with genuine psychics.”

{It is quite customary for deities to wait quite politely until a quaestion is asked, before providing information on the topic.}

A resonance with the person's information/torsion field – which is entangled with the information fields of everyone they know – is triggered and a pathway is established for information transfer/download.”

{Every “psychic” hath a spirit-guide (controller-spirit) from whom every detail of the “psychic's” spiritual capabilities are directly derived. If any “resonance with the person's information/torsion field” be involved, it is necessarily the spirit-guide (and not the mortal “psychic” herself or himself) who is engaged in such resonance. If there be any entanglement “with the information fields of everyone they know”, such entanglement must be undertaken by the spirit-guide, and the “everyone” whom “they” (the spirit-guides) “know” must be other “psychics'” spirit-guides; while the “know” must refer to the telepathic network shared among (and effectively only among) the deities themselves.} {In all sufficiently detailed accounts of psychic and of shamanic practice, the psychic and shamans always expressly disclaim any personally-originated powers, and attribute all their performannces to their spirit-guides : by neglecting to mention this, the author (B.D.M.) demonstrateth himself to be quite dismally ignorant of essentially all litterature of spiritual technique.} [written May 31st 2013]

p. 208 "information signatures"

The Soviet … Vladimir L. Raikov had claimed that hypnotic phenomena could be utilized for what he referred to as “artificial reincarnations.” … Raikov was able to evoke this mental alteration only when the subject was in an exceedingly deep trance which was … a new form of of active (as opposed to passive) trance. As opposed to normal hypnosis, the newfound talents of Raikov's subjects were retained in ordinary consciousness. [Ostrander & Schroeder 1970, pp. 146-59] …

We might infer that Raikov's hypnotic suggestions put to the subject's mind/torsion field “en rapport” with the time-space information signatures of the masters whose abilities he wished to evoke, furnishing a profound data download.”

{Instead, we might more accurately infer that the hypnotic suggestions were conveyed via a helper-spirit into the “signature” (sigil) of the guardian-angel of the hypnotized subject “en rapport” with the guardian-angels of the masters being invoked. Thereupon, such guardian angels may have adroitly manipulated “the subject's mind/torsion field”.} [written May 31st 2013]

p. 209 microtubules

Based on research by Penrose and Hameroff, Robin Kelly suggests that microtubules may be the … structures through which intention and consciousness can be broadcast nonlocally” (Church 2009, p. 200).

{Any nonlocal broadcast of “intention and consciousness” would, however, needs be performed by a committee of deities operating from an immaterial plane-of-existence.}

Anthony Peake offers the theory that virtual photons emerging from the ZPF/aether are drawn into … microtrabecular lattices.The microfibers (which include microtubules) within each of these lattices … interact with virtual photons, which may then rise up into the microtubules … in the brain. …

{Somewhat similarly, beheading [cf. “the brain”] by bats [cf. the erratically-flying “virtual photons”] is the result of entry into a tubular blowgun [cf. “microtubule”], according to the myth in the Popol Vuh.}

Peake suggests … virtual photons apprehended from the ZPF/aether by the microtrabecular lattice, and, upon each pulse meeting in the middle of the microtubule, wave interference patterns exactly like those used to create holograms may be generated.” (Peake)

{In that same myth in the Popol Vuh, the hero-twins are interfered with by a hot seat [cf. “interference patterns”] set as a trap by the netherworld-deities [who bodies are phantasmal as are holograms].}

Church 2009 = Dawson Church : The Genie in Your Genes : epigenetic medicine and the new biology of intention. Energy Psychology Pr.

Peake = Anthony Peake : "Quantum Entanglement : a primer".

pp. 210-1 influence of karman on perceptions

p. 210

[quoted from Wilson 1990a, p. 115] “our perceptions emerge from our preconceptions.”

p. 211

Tibetan Buddhists consider that we simply see what our karma allows us to see. Each perceives “truth” according to the “karmic patterns” that inform and condition his perceptions.” (Sogyal 2002, p. 116)

Wilson 1990a = Robert Anton Wilson : Quantum Psychology. New Falcon Publ.

Sogyal 2002 = Sogyal Rinpoche : The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying. Rider Bks.

p. 213 synaisthesia

synaisthesia : “Neurologist Richard E. Cytowic states that the phenomenon … can be developed at will.” (Atwater 1999, p. 108)

Near-death researcher Richard J. Bonenfant … found that … two-thirds of participants developed synaesthesia after a NDE.” (Atwater 2007, p. 334)

Atwater 2007 = P. M. H. Atwater : The Big Book of Near-Death Experiences. Hampton Roads.

p. 213 visual effects of music after having ingested psylocybin-mushrooms

"Graham Hancock took a heroic dose of ... P. semilanceata (psilocybin mushrooms ...) ... . In his altered state, Hancock listened to ... music ... . He found that the [musical] notes took shape in the air, "sometimes as huge curtains of light rippling across my visual field like the aurora borealis, sometimes as fireworks and starbursts,

sometimes ... winged ... ." (Hancock 2007, p. 396)

{Some of Leadbeater's "thought-forms" are likewise depicted as winged.}

Hancock 2007 = Graham Hancock : Supernatural. Revised edn. Disinformation Co.

pp. 213-4 psychic sensing through unwonted body-tissues {comment : Deities abiding at particular sites within one's body (sometimes temporarily emplaced there by hypnosis/mesmerism) can provide one with an uncanny ability for sensing, speciously [mis-]localized thereat.}

p. 213

Charles Richet, who received the Nobel Prize for his discovery of anaphylaxis, told in his work Thirty Years of Psychical Research of the case of a person who, in a state of hypnosis, had the faculty of sight temporarily localized in the fingertips (dermo-optic vision), so that she could read a page of print with the hands instead of with the eyes. [van der Leeuw 1928, p. 47]

the mesmerist Jacque Henri Petetin from Lyons reported that an entranced cataleptic woman could see, hear, and smell through her … stomach.

More recent cases include that of Molly Fancher of Brooklyn.

p. 214

she became blind and … developed various clairvoyant powers. She could see what was happening in distant towns, read the contents of sealed letters, and read written text through her fingers. … She could see from the top of her head and from her forehead … . [Grosso 2004, pp. 48-9]

In Russia, Rosa Kuleshova was simlarly talented in reading through her fingertips (and elbow) … .

Nina Kulagina, a fellow Russian and PK medium, also consciously developed this ability … .

Classes were even started up in Russia to teach the art of eyeless sight successfully. [Ostrander & Schroeder 1970] …

{Teaching of such an “art” would, of course, consist of introducing the student to the deity who would perform the feat for that person thereafterwards.}

Carol Liaros of Buffalo trained the blind in the art successfully and even ended up with cases of travelling clairvoyance/remote viewing.” (Ostrander & Schroeder 1997, pp. 371-3)

Grosso 2004 = Michael Grosso : Experiencing the Next World Now. Paraview Pocket Bks.

Ostrander & Schroeder 1997 = Sheila Ostrander & Lynn Schroeder : Psychic Discoveries : the Iron Curtain lifted. Souvenir Pr.

p. 215 perceptivity is enhanced by psychedelic drugs

"Strassman suggests that increased levels of DMT in the brain increase the perceptual range of available frequencies. This effectively yields the experience of a different universe/reality.

DeGracia proposes that hallucinogens like LSD can actually allow conscious perception of such nonphysical imagery

(non-sensory perception)

{This specious term "non-sensory perception" (alias dictus "extra-sensory perception") is (when employed in such a context) very much a misnomer. The perception referred to here is always quite sensory, whether physical or non-physical. Actual cases of true non-sensory perception would be either an intuitive process, or else logical induction (as, that wherein some universal truth is realized).}

DeGracia [(Beyond the Physical, cap. 13)] proposes that hallucinogens like LSD can actually ... allow for perception of internal structures and workings within the brain itself

{Actually, spiritual perceptions are neither performed by the brain, nor directed toward understanding of the brain. They are instead performed by consciousnesses associated with subtle (immaterial) bodies, and are directed toward understanding of the structure of higher (immaterial) planes- (and subplanes-)of-existence.}

("dark noise pathways")".

{Noises praeternaturally heard are likely caused by such divine beings as the [Hellenic] KoRubANtes = [Pauran.ik] CaRAN.a-s.}

p. 216 doctrine of vi-bhu

[quoted from “S&QuPh”] “The best description we can give for this sense of presence that you 'are everywhere' … is an awareness or consciousness that lives in space.”

{This is the doctrine of "vibhu".} {More generally, however, Space itself may be regarded as an illusion produced by the deities; much as the “self” (atman) is illusorily emanated from the omnipraesent divine brahman.}

S&QuPh” = "The Soul and Quantum Physics". & copied at

p. 217 occult source of frequencies of brain-waves

"The brain emits waves of low frequency while it is operating, with these frequencies having some correlation to the frequency range of the reality being decoded

by the mind ... .

{or rather, by the deities guiding mortals' minds}

These realities correspond, for the occultist, to the astral realm (time-space), a different level of reality

composed of harmonic overtones of the physical-etheric cosmos."

{or rather, composed of subtle-realm arrangements collectively generated by the telepathic intercommunication of hierarchical groupings of deities.}

p. 218 primary brainwave-states




__ Hertz



Hyper-alert and focused state”




awake and alert state”




meditative and receptive state”




deeply intuitive state”




deepest sleep state”


p. 218 brainwaves concurrent with psychic powers {i.e., compatible with miracle-working by deities on behalf of the psychic}

The gamma state has been linked with psychokinesis … (“mind over matter”),

though there is a higher band beyond it that most people are unaware of called lambda, extending all the way up to 200 Hz.” (“ES”)

ES” = Beth Coleman : “Extraordinary States”.

p. 219 praedominant brainwave-frequencies in childhood-development (Lipton 2009, pp. 132-3)

age (in years) after birth

Hertz (cycles per second)

0 to 2

0.5 to 4

2 to 6

theta (4 to 8)

Lipton 2009 = Bruce Lipton : The Biology of Belief. Hay House, Carlsbad (CA).

p. 219 praedominant brainwave-frequencies in adulthood, in trance, and under hypnosis

as we reach adulthood we typically spend more and more time in the beta state of the active and focused … .

Delta and theta … are associated with the hypnagogic trance … as we fall asleep, and again as we begin to wake, … hypnopompic … . …

Hypnotherapists drop their patients … into delta and theta”.

p. 221 unblock the mind, unlock the mindset

[quoted from Bryant & Seebach] "Successful multidimensionals have ... expanded their ... conscious awareness factor by an untold amount. Human minds (conscious awareness) have been stuck or blocked into a "dislearning" mindset which has short-circuited the potential of human mind functioning. Successful multidimensionals make the adjustments necessary to unlock the mindset -- and, once free from that state of non-awareness -- can access higher dimensions."

Bryant & Seebach = Alice Bryant & Linda Seebach : "Introduction to the Multidimensional Potential of Human Beings".


Brendan D. Murphy : The Grand Illusion, Bk 1 : a Synthesis of Science and Spirituality. Balboa Pr (a division of Hay House), Bloomington (IN), 2012.