Synthesis of Science and Spirituality, 8



Planes & Their Vehicles


p. 223 the 7 primary planes-of-existence (according to C. W. Leadbeater : Man Visible and Invisible. Theosophical Publishing House, Adyar, Madras.)






lower physical



upper physical” : “a higher frequency and lower density of opposite polarity”


lower astral


middle astral


upper astral


rupa manasik

having form” mental : lower mental, “where everyday cognitive functioning occurs”


a-rupa manasik

formless” mental : higher mental = causal : “the “true self,” which survives between lifetimes”



intuitional insight”






monad” : “the origins of individual self




p. 224 plane-of-existence according to Charles Leadbeater : Man Visible and Invisible.






mental -- a-rupa level

mental -- rupa level


physical -- aitheric matter

physical -- dense matter

p. 225 the 5 kos`a-s ('sheaths' in “layers” around the atman)


__ maya kos`a




the [lower] physical body, made of anna (food)”



aitheric body



astral and mental bodies”



causal body”



buddhic body”

pp. 225-8 physical & aitheric

p. 225

Etheric matter can manifest … as a milky or cloudy mist close to the physical body. … But to the clairvoyant the etheric body proper “looks like a luminous web of fine, bright lines of force which, in a healthy person, stand out at right angles to the surface of the skin.” [Karagulla & Kunz 1998, p. 30] …

The etheric double … After death, having separated from the physical body, … is known as the “wraith, … “phantom,” … or “churchyard ghost.” [Powell 1925, cap. 1]

p. 226

the etheric double is a pale violet-grey or blue-grey in appearance, slightly luminous and shimmering … . … .

there are possibly two etheric doubles, one facilitating OBEs. Such … is indicated in Death – And After? [D&A] by Besant.

According to Powell, the etheric double/body … Like the astral and mental bodies, … has its own chakras … . … The etheric body is said to to extend out from the body roughly 1-6 inches for the outer person … . …

p. 227

the etheric energy field (a.k.a. the vital body) precedes and even guides the formation of the physical body. …

In Sheldrake's terminology, morphogenesis is guided by nonlocal extra-physical morphogenetic fields – these are the occultist's hidden planes and subtle bodies … . …

{It would be, in particular, by the fravas^i (guardian-angel, spirit-guardian) of the mortal involved that the morphogenesis would be directed, via a series of subtle bodies.}

It appears that entropy is denied and held at bay by the body's fields, in particular the etheric morphic field.

{It appeareth that entropy (which is essentially a feature only of the lower physical body/plane) is held at bay by the fravas^i operating through the aitheric body.}

According to Tom Montalk, … The etheric body … “... biases … at the small scale … offset the forces of entropy at the large scale.” To Montalk, the etheric body is “an energy template that biases … acausal biological events to produce ordered and intelligent life. It is a formative field made of coarse life-force energy.” [“APh&T”]

the etheric plane is more diffuse … . That diffuseness is what allows the etheric body to shape quantum events, to bias probability … . [“APh&T”] …

{In order to be able to influence quantum-events, this diffuseness need not be any more an a quarter-wavelength (of a subatomic particle's vibration) in diameter. The radii of diffuseness of objects on subtle planes-of-existence above the aitheric are very much greater : I have witnessed (from mere inches away) flying saucers whose blurriness indicated a diffuseness (indeterminateness of locality relative to the material world) of about ¼ or ½ inch.} [written May 30 2013]

Like Sheldrake's morphic fields, the etheric operates probabilistically rather than deterministically and mechanically.

{In order to be capable of biasing quantum events, it CANNOT (unlike those quantum events) be itself operating “probabilistically” (viz., randomly). In order to manipulate the otherwise random quantum events, it must be indeed operating deterministically [although not at all “mechanically”, for ALL actual “mechanical” (i.e., physical) events are (because they are necessarily mediated by quantum events) indeed quite probabilistic].}

If the etheric realm is an inverted/reciprocal or “mirror” counterpart of ours {“ours” = the mere physical?!} in every sense of the term, …

{The aitheric (i.e., upper) realm is a reflection of the mental plane (i.e., the realm constructed by the collectivity of guardian-spirits of individuals), which is in turn a reflection of the causal realm (i.e., the realm of constructed by the collectivity of guardian-spirits of families, of nationalities, and of species).} [written Sept 11 2013]

p. 228

then it …. writes Montalk, ... “pulls” on the physical from the future … . [“APh&T”]

{The only possible way of “pulling” from any future would have to be from a deterministically praedestined future, which is existent only on the causal plane [but certainly not on the material plane, which is everywhere beset by the limitations (in futurality-determinism) of quantum-probabilisticality].} [written May 30 2013]

Habit also has an etheric basis, as Montalk rightly observes, because repeated behavior set up a type of momentum in the etheric that biases probability toward continuation of that behavior. …

{More actually, repeated ritual acts set up a prayer-requaest, which, ascending through the chain-of-command of is.t.a-devata-s (in the parampara of mortal guru-s), cometh to the attention of deities sojourning in the mental plane; so that such deities may possibly deign to respond to such prayer-requaest by biasing quantum-events on the material plane (or however).}

Karagulla & Kunz 1998 = Shafica Karagulla & Dora van Gelder Kunz : The Chakras and the Human Energy Fields. Quest Bks.

Powell 1925 = Arthur E. Powell : The Etheric Double.

D&A = Annie Besant : Death -- And After? Theosophical Publ House, Adyar, Madras. THEOSOPHICAL MANUALS No. 3.

APh&T” = Tom Montalk : “Astral Physics and Timespace”.

p. 229 velocities [in the vacua of their planes-of-existence] of aitheric radiation and of astral radiation

Physicist William Tiller's model places the etheric frequencies {i.e., velocity of aitheric energies, at the frequencies of vibration inhaerent in aitheric substance} between the speed of light and 10^10 times light speed, and astral frequencies {i.e., velocity of astral energies, at the frequencies of vibration inhaerent in astral substance} between 10^10 and 10^20 times light speed” (Gerber 2001, p. 315).

Gerber 2001 = Richard Gerber : Vibrational Medicine. Bear & Co.

p. 229 provenience of the term /astral/ [scil., /plane/ or /kaya/ ('subtle body')]

The name “astral” apparently comes from the mediaeval alchemist Paracelsus, and signifies “starry,” so deemed due to … astral matter”.

{The term /ASTRal/ alludeth unto the ASTeRisk-shape of the Sumerian word /dingir/ (whence the Mongolian word /tingir/) 'god'. Because /ASTRa/ is 'hurled weapon' in Samskr.ta, therefore the dart hurled by means of atlatl by planet-Venus-god Tlahuiz-calpan-tecuhtli is also related.} {Renaissance author Paracelsus (Chr.E. 1493-1541) lived recently enough that he could easily have been aware of, not only the Mongolian, but even the Aztec, terms. Ploutokratic banker-families tend to be privy to many secrets not disclosed to the general public, and Paracelus (Auroleus Phillipus Theostratus Bombastus von Hohenheim) is known to have studied under Sigismund Fugger (“P:T”) of the renowned Fugger banker-family (“FR”).}

P:T: = “Paracelsus : Travels” Initiation Into Alchemy

FR” = “Family on the Rise” (Review of Die Fugger)

p. 229 sub-planes of the plane-of-existence

“”When someone “rises” from one plane or subplane to to another, … they are transferring their consciusness from one level to another. The individual gradually becomes unresponsive to the vibrations of one grade/density of matter, and instead begins to resonate with a higher, more refined grade. The result is that one world and its inhabitants would fade from view, while a new one of a higher kind would come into view.”

according to Leadbeater [1900, "Scenery"], the “background environment” of subplanes four, five, and six of the astral … is the familiar physical world.”

Leadbeater 1900 = Charles Webster Leadbeater : The Astral Plane. 3rd edn. REVISED THEOSOPHICAL MANUALS, No. 5. London, 1900.

p. 230 Real-Time Zone (according to Bruce 1999)

"The "real-time zone," Bruce tells us, is technically part of the astral, though best considered a separate dimensional level, since it bears no direct direct relationship to the lower subplanes.

{Bruce's (and similar astral-projector authors') only reason for conjecturing that the so-called "real-time zone" is at all distinct from the physical-material universe, is that while astral projected one may occasionally see some small object which is not there physically, and likewise one may be incapable of seeing small object which is there physically. But both of these phainomena often happen to non-projected persons (as they have happened to me) who work with praeternatural powers : the phainomena (apparitions and invisibilities) are temporary local events caused by divinities who are invisibly praesent -- and to conjecture that one is in a different world (plane-of-existence, or whatever) just because one may be experiencing some minor anomaly, is certainly ill-considered and rather ridiculous.}

Experience of it is akin to being "an invisible specter in the real world."

{The astral body is an invisible spectre in the physical-material universe. It can invisibly move around physical objects as effectively can a poltergeist; and whenever it may undertake a lowering of its vibrational frequency, it can be both seen and heard by living persons who are in their bodies of the physical-material world.}

Astral projectors in the real-time zone are slightly out of phase (or "decohered") with the physical and astral plane proper in Bruce's view; at a higher vibrational level than physical space-time, but lower than the astral plane proper. They occupy a "direct dimensional reflection" of the physical universe as it is in real time. ...

{These praesumptions (allegations of out-of-phase or "direct dimensional reflection") are merely highly-forced conjectures on Robert Bruce's part.}

... Bruce agrees with the theosophical conception {experience} that the astral plane is divided into seven major levels or planes, each harboring further subplanes ... . ...

{These "planes" are the realms of elemental spirits, which realms are repraesented by (entred through) the cakra-s; while these "subplanes" are the realms of the planetary spirits, repraesented by (entred through) the seven "rays" of the soul.}

An astral projector's space-time location ... matches where they think they are in the world, according to Bruce, and they can be tracked if viewed by someone with real-time sight, a form of clairvoyance."

{This matching is an adequate indication that the "real-time" world is identical with the physical-material world.}

Bruce 1999 = Robert Bruce : Astral Dynamics. Hampton Roads Publ.

pp. 230-1 projection of the astral body

p. 230

astral projectors … usually perceive themselves as

{and are likewise perceived by such other persons as are then also astrally projected, as}

having a bodily form which is often seen as being connected to the physical body via a “silver cord.” …

This is an energetic link, the severance of which results in an inability to return to reanimate the physical body ("death").

{Wrong causality! It is death of the lower-physical body which must result in withdrawal (into the astral body) of the "silvern cord", which cannot ordinarily be otherwise withdrawn -- the only exception being if and when the astral-projector, while visiting an astral world, were to praefer to remain there, apply to official immigration authorities there for permission to remain as a refugee (from the physical-material plane) immigrant, and receive such official permission from the divine government there.}

Leadbeater indicates the {essentially conjectured} presence of an extra spatial dimension in the astral by explaining that, here, even physical-world objects can be seen from all sides”.

{This could be an automatic result of the viewer's projected consciousness's enveloping each such object (and thus with NO additional dimensionality required).}

p. 231

The fluidic astral body features the seven colors of the rainbow in moving patches of color … . …

{i.e., exhibiting iridescence}

Even in everyday circumstances people exchange blobs of astral colors unawares as a basic (and subconscious) energetic form of communication.” (Brennan 1988, pp. 51-2)

{So, is the function of iridescence (known to Taoism as the “pearly body”) in the mortal astral body, “communication”? Is it “communication” in the form of transmission of psychic powers (such as, to a disciple) that is implied?}

Brennan 1988 = Barbara Ann Brennan : Hands of Light. Bantam Bks.

p. 231 cakra-s of the astral body

The astral chakras have … some part of them … always coincident with the etheric vortices, though they are not necessarily coterminous. [Powell 1925, cap. 5]

Kunz has stated [Karagulla & Kunz 1998, p. 56] that it is primarily through the solar plexus that astral energies normally enter the auric field.”

Karagulla & Kunz 1998 + Shafica Karagulla & Dora van Gelder Kunz : The Chakras and the Human Energy Fields. Quest Bks.

pp. 233-4 mental plane

p. 233

The mental plane is also termed in Sanskrit Devasthan” (Powell 1927b, cap. 20).

{The meaning of /Deva-sthana/ is 'Deity-Station'.} (/Deva-sthana/ is the collective name for two saman-s ('chants') -- namely to Varun.a and to Br.had-deva -- in the Ars.eya Brahman.a.}

it is onlywhen one reaches beyond the astral plane into the mental that truly reliable works can be done with the Akashic records.”

The mental plane is divided into two parts, which are … “having form” and “formless.” … in the lower part, human easily moulds matter into definite forms, while … the higher division … has … to express itself to the eye of the clairvoyant in “flashes” or “streams.”” (Powell 1928, cap. 17)

In Sanskrit the term for mind substance at rest is chitta {citta}, while actively engaged mind substance is vritta {vr.tta}, which literally translated means “a whirlpool or eddy [vortex] in the mind,” which, as Ramacharaka [“SLRY”, 4th Lesson] put it, “is exactly what a thought really is.””

Thought forms ... originate in the mental plane, while it is essentially [viz., in regard to sites of origination] absent of the emotional impulses that characterize the

p. 234

astral … . Ideas and thoughts originate from the mental plane and register in the mental body, filtering into our awareness from there. … Thus, when people “astral-project,” they can sometimes perceive thought-forms of the mental plane, due to the overlap … . Arthur Powell wrote [1927a, cap. 7] that purely intellectual and impersonal thoughts consist only of mental matter, while thoughts that that feature … selfishness … draw astral matter together … . Deeply unselfish [viz., altruistic, dedicated to other mortals] or spiritual [viz., devout/pious, dedicated to divinities] thought would involve matter of the buddhic plane. …

the barrier of language no longer exists on the mental plane, as it (reportedly) does on the astral plane. [Powell 1927b, cap. 6]

... the late out-of-body veteran Robert Monroe … noted that his communications with other beings in his disembodied state were … “non-verbal.” When he tried to “talk” or “verbalize” his thoughts to other beings he found the communication to be ineffective, whereas when he tried to radiate … his intent … non-verbally, it was highly successful."

{Thereby the “non-verbal” (not restricted to indescript, inadequately explicated words) communication undertaken while in the astral body would imply that each term or phrase communicated needs be tinged with tags of categorization for the sake of unmistakability of nuance.}

Powell 1927b = Arthur E. Powell : The Mental Body. Theosophical Soc.

Powell 1928 = Arthur E. Powell : The Causal Body and the Ego. Theosophical Soc.,The_AEPowell.pdf

SLRY” = Yogi Ramacharaka : "A Series of Lessons in Raja Yoga".

Powell 1927a = Arthur E. Powell : The Astral Body. Theosophical Publ House.

pp. 234-5 mental body

p. 234

The mental body … is a structured body, appearing mostly yellow." [Brennan 1988, pp. 50-1)

"The mental body … is the sorter, categorizer, and organizer, the seat of intellectual abstraction. ...

p. 235

To clairvoyant sight, the mental body of a living being might appear as a dense mist, of the shape of the physical body, enveloped by an ovoid of much finer mist, as a result of the attraction of the bulk of astral matter … . The mental body grows in size as the individual develops, increasingly becoming a reflection of the causal body (which also develops).”

According to Barbara Brennan … (1988[, p. 51]), the mental body expands and brightens when one concentrates on mental tasks”.

pp. 235-7 causal body

p. 235

the upper mental layers – which … can expand up to 2 feet beyond the lower mental – took … to … the intensely high frequency.” (Collins 2003, pp. 26-7)

p. 236

The causal body … is … to survive the transition from one life to the next, thus being immortal … .

p. 237

The causal body derives its name from [quoted from Powell 1928, cap. 15 :] “the fact that in it reside the causes that manifest themselves as effects in the lower planes. …” The causal body “stores” that of a man's {or woman's} consciousness … that is … harmonious, these being the only energies capable of operating in or affecting the matter of this plane.

To Barbara Brennan's clairvoyance [1988, pp. 53-4], the causal body (or “ketheric template”) appears as a highly structured template composed rapidly pulsating and shimmering golden light; tiny threads of “durable” gold-silver light hold the whole auric form together.”

Collins 2003 = Judith Collins : How to Read and See the Human Aura. Lothian Bks.

pp. 238-40 buddhic plane

p. 238

Buddhi, meaning “intuition,” …

{Females tend to be more adept at telepathy than do males, indicating a more facile grounding in the buddhic plane.}

p. 239

offers “realization of the One Consciousness” penetrating all, … the true infinite unity that lurks behind human perceptions. (Powell 1928, cap. 31) …

The praedominant element of consciousness in the buddhic body is bliss and love, … there being no matter or energy in which selfishness can manifest. … The intuition of the buddhic body recognizes the inner essence of things and enables the capacity for empathic knowing … . … Perfect development of conscious on this plane

p. 240

results in perfect prevision – at that level at least. With this faculty developed, foreknowledge will also frequently flash into one's normal waking life.” (Leadbeater 1899, cap. 8)

Leadbeater 1899 = C. W. Leadbeater : Clairvoyance. Theosophical Publ House.

p. 240 subtle veils obscuring consciousness

Human {mortal} mind and its perceptual limitations are partly due to the number of subtle bodies information is filtered through before consciousness actually perceives it. Laboring under the maximum possible limitations, what we know as consciousness is … [quoted from Taimni, p. 370 :] “consciousness veiled by many layers of the mind, each of which increasingly obscures and modifies its nature … .” (emphasis added)”

Taimni = I. K. Taimni : The Science of Yoga. Theosophical Publ House.

pp. 240-1 planes beyond the buddhic

p. 240

"The nirvanic (Buddhist) / atmic (Sanskrit {Astika/Sanatana Dharma}) plane : on this plane, what we think of a "human" {mortal} no longer makes any sense. ... there is ... truly

p. 241

..., in The Inner Life ... "peace in omnisicence." ... what we regard as the individual man {and woman} has now "disappeared," ... because he {and she} is "lost in divinity." [IL, p. 75] ...

The paranirvanic (Buddhist) / anupadaka (Sanskrit {Astika/Sanatana-Dharma}) plane : An[-]upadaka means literally "without vesture." ... This is where the Monad {of Leibnitz} -- a spark of the Absolute ... -- is said to reside.

The mahaparanirvanic (Buddhist) / adi {adi} (Sanskrit {Astika/Sanatana Dharma}) plane : Adi {adi} literally means "first.""

IL = C. W. Leadbeater : The Inner Life . Theosophical Publ House.

pp. 242-3 mutual coupling of the subtle bodies

p. 242

"As per Bentov and also Tom Bearden, the subtle bodies are coupled to one another and the physical through their own "coupling dynamics," whatever ... . Tiller's

p. 243

model proposes "deltrons" as the other-dimensional particles that couple our electromagnetic space-time entities with this other "inverted" realm that, in his model, is fundamentally magnetoelectric ... . Deltrons can travel sub- and superluminally and act as the coping medium between particles and information waves, even being activated by human consciousness.

Bentov offered that since subtle bodies are only weakly coupled with the physical brain, they therefore can initially produce only a correspondingly weak signal in the brain. The brain's job is to amplify the signal into a humanly useful form." (Bentov 1988, p. 116)

Bentov 1988 = Itzhak Bentov : Stalking the Wild Pendulum. Destiny Bks.

pp. 244-5 web-of-light

p. 244

"To the clairvoyant vision, a web of light beams connects the chakras to one another and also to the physical body. The Yogis call these lines nad[.]is (... it

p. 245

is said that there 72,000 of them), and, Humphrey informs us that where the nad[.]is plunge into the body we find the acupoints signifying the hidden meridians of Chinese acupuncture, which

correspond more or less to the body's nervous pathways and

{not true! (at least not insofar as the lower-subplane physical body is concerned)}

are responsible for the supply and transmission of pranic/Qi (chi) energy to nourish

the body and its vital organs."

{not so much the lower-subplane physical body, as higher bodies}

pp. 245-6 correlation of acupoint-meridians with Bonghan ducts

p. 245

"Korean professor Kim Bong Han in the 1960s, and Pierre De Vernejoul more recently, have shown that isotopes injected into acupoints in both rabbits and humans follow classical acupuncture meridians marked by minute tubular thread-like structures called Bonghan ducts. The meridians appear to act as spatial guides for the growth and development of the newly forming blood and lymphatic circulatory network, as well as the organs (Bonghan ducts form a web on the organ's surface). Han found that within an embryonic chick, the meridian ducts were formed within 15 hours of conception, before even the most rudimentary organs.

Gerber summarized that the meridians serve as an interface between the etheric and the physical body, and are the first established physical link between the two. [Gerber 2001, pp. 122-6] ...

p. 246

It is interesting that ... DNA granules appear to flow through these tiny ducts, ... involved in healing and cell regeneration. Acupunture needling generates an electrical charge in the Bonghan duct/meridian in three different ways. [Church 2009, pp. 136-7] This electrical stimulation might be what stimulates the DNA to reach the destination it is needed at for repairs."

Gerber 2001 = Richard Gerber : Vibrational Medicine. Bear & Co.

Church 2009 = Dawson Church : The Genie in Your Genes. Energy Psychology Pr.

p. 246 knots & nodes of acupoint-meridians

"when meridians cross in our subtle bodies, they pinch each other, forming "knots" {as described in Tantrik occult physiology} and collapsing at {acupoint-}nodes, pulsating at fixed frequencies. The pulsations and magnetic field {in the sense of "animal magnetism" of Mesmer} attract higher-dimensional ("super") {soul-}particles and {spirit-}objects which rush into the nodes using a helical {Kun.d.alini-shaped, whilst wrapped around the Linga} path, which excites a cone {of Power, as raised in modern Witchcraft} ... of {psychic} radiation" (Alfred 2005, p. 87).

Alfred 2005 = Jay Alfred : Our Invisible Bodies. Trafford Publ.

p. 249 whirling by, & whorl exiting from, subtle body

"Stephen LaBerge had recommended spinning {whirling, a Darwis` spiritual exercise} to maintain lucidity in the lucid dream state if it starts to waver.

{This whirling would be expected to imitate, and thereby attract assistance from, the Jnun resident in the dream-world.}

Out-of-body explorer Preston Dennett [2004, cap. 1] was able to verify this technique's validity".

"Many, including famous clairvoyant Eileen Garret, have reported seeing spirals of energy leaving a newly dead body." (Watson 1974, p. 142)

Dennett 2004 = Preston Dennett : Out-of-Body Exploring. Hampton Roads Publ.

Watson 1974 = Lyall Watson : Supernature. Hodder Paperbacks.

pp. 249-50 geometric structures in fields-of-elixir of subtle body; subtle body's tone-note

p. 249

"Identified clairvoyantly by Barbara Brennan ..., this ... center of power ... within the belly ... consists of three points along a laser-like {i.e., directional and glowing} vertical line down the center of the body. It relates to one's intentions and purpose {in volunteering, whilst discarnate} for incarnating ([in oder to undertake one's] {divinely-arranged} life task). This line is roughly a third of an inch wide and extends from a small upward-pointing funnel-shaped vortex (representing individuation from out of the "Godhead") about 3.5 feet above the head,

down through a second center in the upper chest radiating diffuse light (and relating to ... spiritual longing relating to life purpose) which Brennan refers to as the "soul seat,"

through a third spherical center (with a strong membrane {kos`a 'sheath'} around it and

p. 250

resembling a rubber ball)

{which the soul is said to resemble by certain rubber-ball-making tribes of tropical-forest South America}

about 2.5 inches below the navel, which the Chinese refer to as the tan tien {tan t>ien}. This last center relates to the will

{Carlos Castan~eda, whose lore derived from secret instructions accompanying the training in T>ai C^>i which he was receiving, likewise assigned "the will" to a location slightly below the navel.}

to inhabit the physical body, and, according to Brennan's investigations

contains the tone/note that holds the physical body together ... [Brennan 1993, p. 29].

{This tone-note would serve to adhaere (in glue-like fashion, as it were) the material body to the subtle bodies.}

This note is a harmonic of the Schumann frequency and is used by healers to connect to the earth's healing energies (... down into the earth's core)." (Brennan 1993, pp. 289-90)

"relating to our "divine essence," ... everyone "looks like a beautiful star," though each person's is different. ... This star ... is located 1.5 inches above our navel on the body's vertical center line." (Brennan 1993, pp. 29-30)

Brennan 1993 = Barbara Ann Brennan : Light Emerging. Bantam Bks.


Brendan D. Murphy : The Grand Illusion, Bk 1 : a Synthesis of Science and Spirituality. Balboa Pr (a division of Hay House), Bloomington (IN), 2012.