Synthesis of Science and Spirituality, 9



Human Aura/Bio-plasm/Torsion-Plasma Field


pp. 251-2 ethnic; Paracelsus & Mesmer

p. 251

"In Future Science, John White and Stanley Krippner point out that nearly 100 different cultures refer to the human aura with nearly as many names." (Luckman 2006, pp. 24-5)

"Paracelsus, an alchemist born in 1493, believed {perceived?} that humans exude a "vital force" that surrounds the body like a luminous sphere."

Anton Mesmer, in the late 1700s, also believed {perceived?} this ..., terming it "animal magnetism."

p. 252

Mesmer believed {understood} it was a fluid-like energy around the human body that was highly charged in healthy people, and weak or nearly absent in ill people. He recognized ... that magnets could conduct it, finding that he could produce ... effects in his patients by stroking the space around them with magnets or his hands." (Payne 2008)

Luckman 2006 = Sol Luckman : Conscious Healing. Booklocker Publ.

Payne 2008 : Buryl Payne : "Biofield". NEXUS 15(4).

p. 252 aitheric emanations from the finger-tips

"In the 1800s Baron Karl von Reichenbach ... Using ... sensitives who were able to perceive extrasensory perceptions, ... determined that the odic force was particularly strong in ... crystals, but even more so in humans, where it can be seen as a plasma-like energy streaming from the finger-ends ... . ...

Dr. Otto Rahn of Cornell confirmed through his own research that the strongest "radiation" emanates from the fingertips of the right hand.

{This would be true only of right-handed persons; left-handed persons would have stronger emanations from the left hand.}

According to Waite [1971, cap. 5] ..., some highly sensitive people's "odic"emanations were so strong that they could not handle undeveloped photographic film, lest they expose it.

Powell had written [1925, cap. 11] ... that the radiation of etheric matter is strongest from the ends of the fingers and toes."

"Konstantin Korotkov and others, such as Cambridge biologist Oscar Bagnall, have shown that light streams from the fingertips" (Watson 1974, p. 144).

Waite 1971 = Margaret Waite : The Mystic Sciences. Apollo Bks.

Watson 1974 = Lyall Watson : Supernature. Coronet Bks, Hodder Paperbacks.

p. 254 Birkeland currents

"Alfred explains in Our Invisible Bodies that the meridians are magnetic lines of force "frozen" into the etheric body and that the currents flowing through them are scientifically identifiable as the Birkeland currents of plasma cosmology."

{In order to be aequivalent to Birkeland currents (which can exist only in a high vacuum), the space surrounding the meridians (in its own subplane) would need to be vacuous, as is said to be the case in gTum-mo (one of the 6 yoga-s of Nad.a-pada).}

Jay Alfred : Our Invisible Bodies : Scientific Evidence for Invisible Bodies. Trafford Publ, 2005.

pp. 260-2 Kirlian

p. 260

"Kirlian photographs of potato plants which have had the leaves removed from the stem reveal plasma fields showing the whole plant as if the leaves are still there. The light retains the physical formation of the leaves, as if it knows or "remembers" the shape and structure of the plant ... . This came to be known as the Phantom Leaf Effect. The phantom leaf shows a lower frequency "reflection" of the etheric body of the leaf."

p. 261

"Kirlian photography has also reconfirmed the occult tenet that the characteristics of light discharge vary with a person's physiological and mental states. ...

p. 262

In the presence of a partner, close friend, or even just a member of the same sex, a brighter and wider corona results. ["KPhR"]

Moss conducted many experiments ... validating the phantom leaf effect, and demonstrating that emotion ... could be rendered visible around the fingers of her subjects with Kirlian photography.

Valerie Hunt's research utilizing Rolfing therapy, with clairvoyant Rosalyn Bruyere present to make observations, yielded a correlation between emotional releases caused by Rolfing and observed changes in the energy field".

"KPhR" = "Kirlian Photography Research"

Hunt = Valerie Hunt : Infinite Mind. 2nd edn. Malibu Publ Co, 1996.

pp. 262-3 Korotkov

p. 262

"Korotkov ... improved on the Kirlian process. The new method is known as Bioelectrography or Gas-Dicharge Visualization (GDV) ... . ... The real-time sensitivity of GDV images to a person's ... mental states suggests that we are seeing a sort of ... electro-

p. 263

photonic reflection of the etheric field ... . ... In exploring {telepathic} effects of a person's thoughts on the people surrounding him, Korotkov asked one half {person} of a couple to send a variety of thoughts to their {his or her} partners ... . Every strong emotion ... yielded "an extraordinary effect on the light discharge of the recipient."" (McTaggart 2007, p. 46)

McTaggart 2007 = Lynne McTaggart : The Intention Experiment. Free Pr.

pp. 266-8 aitheric template for development of the body

p. 266

In the early 1920s, "three biologists -- ... H. Spemann (1921), Alexander Gurwitsch (1922), and Paul Weiss (1923) ... proposed that morphogenesis was organized by fields, termed developmental, embryonic, and morphogenetic." (Sheldrake 1994, p. 81)

p. 267

"Joseph Goodavage emphasized in Magic: Science of the Future! (1976) that the "L [Life] field" ... was "... a super-sentient force ... a great {supernatural} conscious awareness."" (Davis 1987, p. 20)

p. 268

According to "Rupert Sheldrake ... morphogenetic fields precede and guide physical life into existence. ["MR&MF"] The morphogenetic field is really the occultist's ... etheric template body".

Sheldrake 1994 = Rupert Sheldrake : The Presence of the Past. HarperCollins Publ.

Davis 1987 = W. E. Davis : "The Black Box and Other Psychic Generators".

"MR&MF" = "Morphic Resonance and Morphic Fields".

pp. 270-1 the aitheric web

p. 270

"The "etheric web," as it is known to occultists, acts to protect us from unwanted energies and influences. ... While allowing the life-force from astral hyper-energies to penetrate to the etheric, the etheric web is a barrier to all other forces which cannot use ... both the planes. This web is said to prevent {hindre} a premature opening up of communication between the {lower subplane physical body and irrelevant higher subtle} planes.

According to Jay Alfred ["PLF"], the sheath around the ovoid/aura that we are calling the etheric web

is identified by plasma physicists as ...

{actually, it is merely analogous with, in its own immaterial subtle plane}

a "Langmuir sheath." ... As Earth's magnetosphere ... protects the planet from dangerous solar radiation, the etheric web similarly protects the etheric body proper within it.

According to Leadbeater [1927, cap. 4], this sheath prevents full recollection of sleep and dream activity, as well as causing momentary unconsciousness at the moment of death, as the mind shifts its locus of attention to the astral density. ...

Robert Bruce [1999, cap. 28] ... states that ... In the waking state it is contracted, and during sleep or a trance state, it expands to absorb cosmic energy/Qi/prana ... . In this expanded state the "energy exchange ports"

(tiny energy centers most heavily concentrated on the soles of the feet and palms of the hands) on the

{"Flying has to do with the energy in the palms of your hands and the soles of your feet." ("Welcome to Flying School", in BJ)}

p. 271

skin "flower" and take up and "condense" energy, feeding it into the etheric's "vitality storage areas.""

"PLF" = Jay Alfred : "Plasma Life Forms : Spheres, Blobs, Orbs and Subtle Bodies".

Leadbeater 1927 = C. W. Leadbeater : The Chakras. Theosophical Publ House.

Bruce 1999 = Robert Bruce : Astral Dynamics. Hampton Roads Publ. [astral projection]

BJ = The Book of Jacob : Research of a Natural Projector. (pdf) [astral projection]

p. 271 energy-configurations hovering over corpses

"After death of the physical body the etheric double is cast off, being destined to slow disintegration, precisely as is the astral shell at a later stage of the proceedings. This bluish-white "misty" shell remains hovering close to the physical body and is visible to anyone even moderately clairvoyant." (Leadbeater 1900, p. 53)

"Filming ... in a mortuary, ... Dr. Harry Oldfield scanned the space above the corpses ... with his Polycontrast Interference Photography (PIP) equipment, discovering ... configurations of energy, approximately the same length and width as the physical body ... .This energy expanded and contracted, appearing as golden pulsating light" (Solomon & Solomon 1998, p. 32).

Leadbeater 1900 = Charles Webster Leadbeater : The Astral Plane. 3rd edn. REVISED THEOSOPHICAL MANUALS, NO. 5. London.

Solomon & Solomon 1998 = Jane Solomon & Grant Solomon : Harry Oldfield's Invisible Universe. Thorsons.

p. 271 life-review

"as one dies it is during the withdrawal of the etheric double ... that the whole of one's life "passes swiftly in review before the Ego." In these few seconds the Ego lives its whole life once more, encountering the "Past Life Review," ... on the death experience ... .

According to theosophy, cremation of the physical body speeds the disintegration of the etheric wraith" (Powell 1925, cap. 16).

Powell 1925 = Arthur E. Powell : The Etheric Double.

pp. 272, 276 location of consciousness or of the mind

p. 272

"the human energy fields are indeed vehicles of consciousness, and ... the brain, rather than generating consciousness, actually narrows ... and limits it (the "reducing valve" theory)."

p. 276

"Like ... Wilder Penfield, Hunt's own field of research led her to conclude that the mind is not in the brain but is the auric field itself (the mind-field)."

pp. 273-4 bodily acupoint-maps

p. 273

"In the 1950s Dr. Paul Nogier, "the father of ear acupuncture," had observed that the acupuncture points of the ear correspond to specific organs."

p. 274

[quoted from Linsteadt] "Dr. Ralph Alan Dale, the Director of the Acupuncture Education Center in North Miami Beach, ... has accumulated evidence of eighteen different microacupuncture holograms [maps] in the body, including one in the hands, feet, arms, neck, tongue, and even the gums."

Linsteadt = Stephen Linsteadt : "Frequency Fields at the Cellular Level".

p. 278 some plants emit psychic orbs

"In the case of garlic, strangely enough, Oldfield found that it makes a slightly different emission, radiating away what he has described as "orbs," ... (similar observations were made decades ago with Kirlian photography)."

pp. 279-80 an example of psychic healing

p. 279

"Carol Everett is a medical intuitive, energy healer, and clairvoyant, who uses her abilities for diagnosing health problems and healing ... .

p. 280

... In 1994 in a filmed scientific experiment conducted under laboratory conditions by Professor Yoshio Machi of Japan, Everett correctly intuitively diagnosed a Japanese woman's medical condition, and then, in a matter of minutes, used her abilities to heal the condition with nothing more than her own focused intent." ("RD&HTTDU")

"RD&HTTDU" = "Results of Diagnostic and Healing Tests at Tokyo Denki University"

p. 282 psychics influence visible physical light, and detect invisible physical light

"In another experiment, conducted at Drexel University, with Dr. William Eidson and Karen Gestla (a sensitive who worked with Dr. Rhine at Duke University for many years), Hunt and her team succeeded in ... bending ... a small 2-mw laser beam with auric energy" (Brennan 1988, pp. 32-3).

"Hunt also observed that the intuitives in the room were able to correctly locate not only the directional source of the energy but also the approximate frequencies being introduced by the physicists." (Hunt 1996, p. 32)

Brennan 1988 = Barbara Ann Brennan : Hands of Light. Bantam Bks.

p. 284 psychic healers' beneficial effects on plants

"In the 1960s, biologist Dr. Bernard Grad of McGill University of Montreal ... was interested in determining whether psychic healers had real energetic effects on patients. Rather than using human subjects, Grad -- employing elaborate double-blind procedures -- had used plants ... . ... After the seeds were soaked in the two containers, the batch exposed to the water treated by the healer sprouted more often and grew taller than the other batch ... . These results Grad replicated several times himself using the same healer (Oscar Estabany) and they were also replicated by other labs in the USA using different healers." (Gerber 2001)

Gerber 2001 = Richard Gerber : Vibrational Medicine. Bear & Co.

p. 287 phantom limbs

"In 2006 ... Harry Oldfield was awarded the Alyce and Elmer Green Award for Innovation by the International Society for the Study of Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine ["OS"] ... . Early on he focused on the phantom leaf effect ... . ... Using his Polycontrast Interference Photography, Oldfield subsequently found that this effect occurs with people, ... amputees ... . Many amputees report feeling pain when someone walks through their amputated leg ..., for example ... . ... It has been stated by eminent theosophists such as Powell and Leadbeater that if a limb is lost during life, the etheric double will remain in place ..., but that gradually it will begin to withdraw back into the primary [aitheric] field of the body ("telescoping") ... . ... Oldfield appears to have captured images that prove this".

"OS" = "Oldfield Systems" pdf at

p. 290 an instance of thought-forms

"Oldfield ... PIP-scanned an injured Buddhist [b]lama who had somehow survived a fall down a ravine ... .

{rescued by the deities of the Abyss (Bottomless Pit), such as Apsinthe?}

As the [b]lama was positioning himself in front of the white screen for the scan, Oldfield and the [b]lama's helper both noticed on the computer screen a "huge and vibrant aura and the most marvellous dancing lights all around the holy man" -- the lights were apparently an array of symbols ... (... his thought-forms)" (Solomon & Solomon 1998, pp. 227-8).

p. 290 individual memories possessed by bodily organs

[quoted from Blavatsky 1887-91] "every organ in our body has its own memory. For ... it is endowed with a consciousness 'of its own kind,' ... also a memory of its own kind."

Blavatsky 1887-91 = Helena P. Blavatsky : Studies in Occultism. (a collection of articles from LUCIFER magazine, 1887-91)

pp. 294-5 medical doctors who secretly possess psychic powers

p. 294

"There are some doctors who can see and diagnose illness using their perception of the human energy field. ... One medical professional who ... took the energy field seriously was the late ... Shafica Karagulla. ... Karagulla booked ... one such ... to use his psi faculties to diagnose her. ...

p. 295

This doctor admitted that he used the auric fields of patients to diagnose ... . He could see the chakras/energy vortices associated with each endocrine gland, and identify incipient illness ... before somatic manifestation. He also possessed natural healing ability. [Karagulla 1968, pp. 60-2]

Karagulla ... continued, and she met many more doctors with similar gifts. Consistently, they spoke of seeing an "energy field" or

a "moving web of frequency {vibration}" surrounding and interpenetrating the body."

{According to Ingo Swann, the aura is seen to be a fine web whenever a psychic's perception is able to magnify its appearance sufficiently.}

Karagulla 1968 = Shafica Karagulla : Breakthrough to Creativity. DeVorss & Co.

pp. 295-6, 299 Dora Kunz

p. 295

"One medical professional who did go public with her "paranormal" abilities is Dr. Dolores Krieger, a professor[ess] of nursing at New York University. Having participated in a study of the healing abilities of the Hungarian Oscar Estebany, Krieger ... thereafter began serious research into prana, chakras, and the aura, eventually being taken on as a student of Dora Kunz. ... . ...

Kunz, for two or three hours (if all chakras were included), and ... psychically examined a patient from a distance of about 20 feet, focusing primarily on the status of the etheric body. ...

p. 296

Kunz had actually been president of the Theosophical Society for 12 years ... . Kunz described the seven major chakras ... and numerous smaller ones, each having a characteristic number of subcones ("petals"), and pairing with a particular endocrine gland."

p. 299

"To Kunz's clairvoyance, meditators did indeed have increased third eye {pineal} activity as a result of the increased synchrony between the crown and third eye {pineal} centers of the etheric body." (Karagulla & Kunz 1998, pp. 36-7)

Karagulla & Kunz 1998 = Shafica Karagulla & Dora van Gelder Kunz : The Chakras and the Human Energy Fields. Quest Bks.

p. 299 unanimous consistency of aura-readings

"For ... 20 years Hunt and her colleagues, volunteers, and assistants conducted many pilot studies of hands-on healing, various types of meditation, and energy field transactions. They established the reliability of aura readers' reports by comparing simultaneous readings from eight experienced clairvoyants. There was complete unanimity between the psychics on primary and secondary colors." (Hunt 1996, pp. 26-7)

p. 300 layers of the aura; subtle bodies as layers

"Brennan says that the first layer of the aura corresponds to the first (root {mula}) chakra, the second layer to the second chakra, and so on. (Many intuitives confirm ... .) ... .

... she describes both a lower emotional body (which envelopes the etheric) and

an astral body (with the mental body between the two); the astral ... envelopes both."

p. 300 subtle templates

"Beyond the etheric, emotional, mental, and astral bodies, Brennan sees the higher-dimensional templates of these bodies as being :

the etheric template body (a blueprint for the etheric double existing in "negative space," at which level Brennan states that

sound creates matter);

{This is a tantrik doctrine.}

the celestial body (the level through which we experience "spiritual ecstasy" ..., which roughly correspond to the buddhic body or bliss body ...); and

ketheric template (causal body) ..., which contains ... the plans for the current life." (Brennan 1988, pp. 49-54)

{Contrary to Brennan's scheme, in traditional scheme from India the higher (more essential) the subtle body, the more interior it is (rather than the more enveloping, as in Brennan's scheme). Would this perceptual difference depend on the gendre of the skryer[ess] skrying the subtle-body layering?}

p. 301 cakra-s are in pairs (front & rear)

"Brennan notes that each major chakra on the front of the body is paired with its counterpart on the back of the body, and together they are considered to be the front and rear aspect of one chakra; the frontal aspects are related to the person's feelings, the rear ones to the will".

{The back's (spine's) cakra-s are employed in Kun.d.alini yoga. The scheme of Taoist yoga hath frontal cakra-s in addition to the back's cakra-s.}

p. 301 subtle-body functionings of the pituitary

"The Voice of Silence teaches that activation of the third-eye {pineal} chakra at the etheric level stimulates the pituitary gland and thus allows the individual to hear their {his or her} higher own self {overself/oversoul}. [Powell 1925, cap. 13] ...

Taimni [p. 295] agrees that only after the pituitary is awakened do the siddhis become fully accessible to the Yogi ... .

... Powell [1927, cap. 14] stated that the pituitary is the link between the physical body and the astral body, and that between the physical and mental body the link is the pineal gland."

{Such may be true so long as the subtle bodies be retained within the material body; but when projected the connecting lines are immaterial cords (silvern for the astral, golden for the mental).}

Taimni = I. K. Taimni : The Science of Yoga. Theosophical Publ House.

p. 301 cakra-s' petals

"Brennan [1988, p. 48] ... reveals these petals to be small rotating vortices spinning at very high speeds."

{These might be rotating tubes as passageways into and out of other worlds.}

p. 302 historically altered psychic perception of colors of cakra-s

"Oldfield found via his imaging technology what he believes to be changes in ... since they were first charted ... primary colors of the major chakra centers ... . Oldfield speculatively attributes the discrepancy to humanity's spiritual evolution".

{This alteration must date from after the era of Leadbeater's and Powell's writings : no earlier than the 1930s. It likely would be due to construction of modern telescopes capable of resolving galaxies. If so, the novel colors are due to influx of thus-attracted deities praesiding over galaxies and over clustres of galaxies. [written Aug 31 2013]}

{Late Vaipulya-sutra-s mention structures of billions of stellar (including planetary) systems -- which apparently were perceived by means of psychic skrying. Such perceptions may account for differences (from the standard Kaula scheme of cakra-s) in coloration of the cakra-s in Vajra-yana schemes. If so, such novel colors may be due to influx of deities praesiding over astronomical skrying. [written Aug 31 2013]}

pp. 307-8 a supposed occult function of the pineal gland

p. 307

"Masonic scholar Manly P. Hall explains that the pineal gland is

"the sacred pinecone in man --

{The pinecone is used in Dionysiac ritual.}

the eye single, which cannot be

{"If thine eye be single, thou shalt be full of light."}

p. 308

opened until CHiram (the Spirit Fire) is raised through

the sacred seals

{the 7 sigilla sealing the Book of Life}

which are called the Seven Churches in Asia."

[quoted from Hall 1928] The exact science of human regeneration is ... when

the Spirit Fire is lifted up through the thirty-three degrees, or segments of

{"in the House of Fire on the night of counting" (McEvilley 2002, p. 136)}

the spinal column, and ...

{DD column (spinal column) of ntr WSJR}

finally passes into the pituitary body (Isis {LS-t}), where it invokes Ra {R<} (the pineal gland) and demands the Sacred Name."

{"in the legend of Ra and Isis, ... the goddess finds out Ra's secret name" (McEvilley 2002, p. 137)}

Hall 1928 = Manly Palmer Hall : The Secret Teachings of All Ages. H. S. Crocker Co.

McEvilley 2002 = Thomas McEvilley : The Shape of Ancient Thought. Allworth Pr, NY.

p. 314 plasma core?

"Wilcock {willful poppycock!} shows in The Science of Oneness and The Divine Cosmos that the accepted "metallic dynamo" theory of the earth's core is inadequate, and that a plasma core model better fits".

{Although the sun's (and other stars') core is believed to be ionized plasma, yet the earth's core is not at all likely to be sufficiently hot to vaporize iron (and all ionic plasmas must be of gas under electrical forces).}

pp. 316-7 perceived by author (B.D.M.) : communication-flares betwixt trees; vitality-globules

p. 316

"As I "tuned in" more and more, I could see what appeared to be little white pinpoints of light that appeared to be causing the wave effect. ... As I tried to tune in to this phenomenon, I might also receive impressions of energy emanations from trees, as if they were sending out communications to one another. Once or twice, nearby trees appeared to be exchanging energy with one another via plasma-like flares (this has been noted by various clairvoyants). ... According to Barbara Brennan, it is the ... little white pinpoints she refers to as Reich's orgone energy. ...

p. 317

Brennan [1988, p. 38] says that if you look at the haze of energy around a tree ... you might see them at the periphery of the haze changing their pattern of movement and flowing into the aura of the tree, disappearing. ...

In The Chakras [cap. 3], Leadbeater speaks of this particle ... as the vitality globule. Shining with a white or slightly golden light, they consist of only seven UPAs (or subquarks)".

pp. 319-21 cases of miraculous inedia (non-eating)

p. 319

"The Hindu yogini Giri Bala ... did not eat or drink for ... over 50 years. ... The non-eating state (inedia) is a yogic power mentioned in Patanjali's Yoga Sutras. Giri Bala employed a breathing exercise that affected the vishuddha {vis`uddha} (throat) chakra. In Yogananda's words, this chakra "controls the fifth element, akash {akas`a = quintessence} ... ." ...

The Catholic nun Therese Neumann (born 1898) was also inedic. ...

p. 320

Neuman, like Giri Bala, agreed that she lived by "the ... sun ... ." ...

Another ascetic who survives today without eating is Hira Ratan Manek, born on September 12, 1937 in Bodhavad, India. ... The method adopted by Manek is to ... look at the ... sun ... . ...

p. 321

Dr. Sudhir Shah, lead researcher of the team studying Manek's fast ..., wrote that Manek was ... receiving energy from the sun, just as ... of yore."

{Because the material body must require material nourishment, it would be likely that in each such case invisible divinities may be furnishing the nutriment, most likely in the form invisible ("cloaked", though material) intravenous feeding (which would not tend to result in excrements). That sun-gazing can be involved may suggest that solar (and/or other cosmic) deities are involved.}

{I have often gazed at the unobscured sun in full daylight in cloudless sky; but I have been able to achieve this only in the praesence of powerful psychics or in their their customary abodes -- this I have accomplished (on account, evidently, of the adscitious factor of my immersion in the occult lores of the antique cults -- such as the Kemetic accounts of the solar barque in the cavernous Netherworld) even when those psychics had not themselves achieved such results.}


Brendan D. Murphy : The Grand Illusion, Bk 1 : a Synthesis of Science and Spirituality. Balboa Pr (a division of Hay House), Bloomington (IN), 2012.