Wisdom of the Adepts, VIII-XI




308 to 367


313 (pp. 116-7) praehistoric poltergeists

313 (pp. 116)

"the elemental races who inhabited the interspacial {interspatial} regions of the next dimensional space ... delight in the secresy and the inviolability of their chose retreats. These elementals ... found that there was an invasion of their occult privacies. This invasion of the hidden world, by

313 (pp. 117)

means of a pushing of the human ... quasi spiritual thought into the fine ethers in which its forms evolve and radiate, created ... out-pressure ... . The processes to which these elementaries resorted was that {were those} of a counter biolization of the human subjects; ... to turn the currents of magnetism from the projectiveness of clairvoyance into a return force ... . The elementals would, by their spontaneous art-impulse, cause explosions similar to the 'spirit rappings' of the present time; would cause the tables to overturn; stones to fall into the apartments; the beds to shake, the pottery to fall from the shelves and break in pieces; discharging from their etheric elements into the currents of outer nature till they sometimes formed a detonating force.

So these of the human kind became aware of the presence of neighbors in an adjoining invisible space, and hence sought to propitiate them, by small and customed offerings ..., by burning incense to them, by speaking of them with deference and respect".

{These arrangements are usually made by an exorcist who is able to consult with the spirits/elementals involved in order to discover the spirits' demands and how to satisfy them.}

316 (p. 118) proto-historic glimpsing of the Abyss by seers

"Instead of opening by a mental consciousness into an interspace, peopled with races of lovely elementaries, their introspective eyes drew toward the abysses where the anima-mundi works in her secret realms of creative evolution. ... Hence, as the seers among this people became open to the visionings from the under-world of Nature, they seemed to reach a world of hidden causes {the Causal Plane}".

319 & 322 (pp. 119-21) proto-historic human migrations

319 (p. 119)

"the dissentients of the Copper People were carried out of their land for the founding of No-Ob".

322 (p. 120)

"a single family of the sacerdotal class : ... they were uplifted and borne away in a breath-vortice, which outwardly was ... a governed and obedient cyclone ... .

322 (p. 121)

This was the ark of ancient tradition in which floated the families of Xisthurus {read : "Xisouthros"} ... . For a brief space subsequently they retained a vestige of the primeval breath and were held in unity."

330-1 (p. 124) survival, as transcripts of the past, phantasma in processions

330 (p. 124)

"The man who inhabits an old house, that has been occupied by many before him, is surround by the actual transcripts of all that has ever been enacted within its walls : the fluids that emanated from its dwellers are dyed into the substance and incorporated in the texture of its form. ... Yea ..., it requires but one process of the secret art to cause those shapes to reappear, so that the very images ... to thrill and palpitate, to speak with their phantom voices, and to reenact the tragedy with their unembodied hands.

331 (p. 124)

... the anima-mundi draws in the earth-karma of the long succession of the races, and holds in the vast chambers of her imagery the phantasma that have evolved in the processes of its formation. The adept, as the senses become clarified, may encounter these phantasma as vast processions, that are capable of becoming , to one range of his faculties, as vivid and real as are the presentations that occur in dreams. From one point of thought they are realities, though not from another. They are ... actual identities, in their own degree and style."

333 (p. 125) possible psychic hazards to the practitioner of the occult

"the anima-mundi spilling forth her fluidic essence into him, ... would overcharge the magnetic atmosphere of his radiations with those dangerous fluids which produce mania in men ... . So too, the unwary adept might become the victim of his temerity at the first step over the threshold of the occult realm; for the arrested karmic image, as the deadly vapor performed its work ..., would in turn draw forth from the body of the adept his own karmic elements of the earthly sort, leaving the body, void of life, as an empty shell; no longer inhabitable by its human personality."

336 (p. 126) spectres

"Now every object of the material world has, -- ... its spectral, -- its astral form. A phantom dog runs with the hound; beside the horse and his rider are the phantom man and his steed. ... the seer may behold his own double {his "fetch"}, as the spectral image of his own person walking by his side. Everywhere the same mystery of duality confronts him, while the shadows involve and evolve by an endless bewildering game of disappearance and appearance."

348-9 (p. 131) cycling of adepts; the Hidden Name

348 (p. 131)

"The class of adepts was itself subject to ... moving by mysterious cycles, and cycles in cycles, of occult experiences; first through one group of magi in one land, then through other groups in other cultures of other lands".

349 (p. 131)

"Those who had learned to pronounce the 'Hidden Name;'

those who could have had that Name 'inscribed in their foreheads;'

those who had beheld the 'Morning Star;'

those who had partaken of the 'hidden manna' and had been gifted with the 'white stone,' --

they could always ... esoterically ... refresh, re-energise and revitalise each other by the renewal of elements".

351 (p. 132) Ni

"the active forces of the Superior Intilligences, who preside above the astral plane, ... induced a partial suspension of motions in the more interior regions which constitute the electrical sphere of the globe ... . Thus they were enabled for a season to hold back the water of energy, the fluid Ni, which if it ascends into race of the unprepared character and condition, acts as a dissolvent, both of the natural body of man, his body of life, his animal soul and his body and spirit of self-life ...; leaving intact only the psychic germ."

361 (p. 135) nirvan.a

"As the night makes visible more worlds than does the day, so the light {night?} of nirvana makes visible spaces in ... a heaven of inexhaustible amplitudes, -- where the myriads of cosmic entireties ... have ... the forms of the perfections".




368 to 397


369 (p. 138) the origination of egotism

"The spiritual body of self-life makes a cohabitation with the natural body of self-life, and the two combine by the entrance of the volitions and appetites of each into the other's sensitives. ... Thence the natural body of self-pleasure ... developes an insanity of self-indulgence. ... This hence becomes hyper-active, distilling from its substance an essential quality of evil. Sensing this, the spiritual body of self-desire inhales, draws in the ascending vapors of the distillation."

373-4 (pp. 139-40) tree-fruit melding into woman's body

373 (p. 139)

"Next, is observed a tree in the garden, many-branches and loaded with delicious fruit ... . ...

{"Those round objects which cover the branches of the trees are nothing but skulls." (PV 2:3, p. 49)}

374 (p. 140)

We are partaking of the fruit : it melts away , dissolving into the palms [of the hands] ... . ... She plucks the fruit and absorbs it; whereupon,

{(PV 2:3, p. 50) "In that instant the skull let a few drops of spittle fall directly into the maiden's palm. She looked quickly and intently at the palm of her hand, but the spittle of the skull was not there. ... So are

putting forth her hand ..., she lays it on the head of ... her companion."

the heads of the great princes" (PV 2:3, p. 51).}

PV = Delia Goetz & Sylvanus Griswold Morley (transll.) : Popol Vuh. Plantin Press, Los Angeles, 1954.


376 (p. 140) the nest-egg in the tree of paradise

"there is a second tree in the garden : behold ... amid the branches a nest; on the nest a bird and under the bird an egg ... .

{[Tungus] "On this tree are nests which contain eggs – the souls of shamans. ... The eggs are hatched by a great bird" (D&IS, p. 211).}

You take the egg in the hands and place it in the bosom".

{A cuckoo, Hera warmed "in her bosom." (GM 12.a; "HRJ"; "G&RM"}

D&IS = Holger Kalweit (transl. by Werner Wu:nsche) : Dreamtime & Inner Space. Shambhala, Boston, 1988.

GM = http://books.google.com.au/books?id=PuXnAe6STUYC&pg=PT74&lpg=PT74&dq=

"HRJ" = http://www.thanasis.com/hera.htm

"G&RM" = http://www.goddess-pages.com/Issue1/Articles/Hera.html

386 (p. 144) moon-goddess

"There was then a lady in the moon; the feminine world-soul of that satellite; and evolving thereby the Lady of the Night".


392 (p. 146) no-thingness

"God is no thing; and man, as he stands in God, is no thing, because in his spiritual personality he is destitute of thingness."


393 (p. 146) golden forefathers of the Golden Age

"the golden forefathers ... stand motionless, concentrated in thought, joyous by attitude. The vrilic element, matured during the hours of the night, flows over their forms ... . They intermingle by sweet harmony of social affection, which flows from ... the excess of the benevolence, that was matured during the repose. ... Excess of benevolence!"

394 (p. 147) emanative solar attributes

"the arch-solar temperament, drew from the solar atmosphere, that mingled with the emanative atmosphere of the earth, five distinct properties, qualities and spheres of the elementary principle. These may be named, as of life, love, dimensionality, essentiality and energetic harmony".


395 (p. 147) spatial worlds

"Now, in the Arch Sun are five distinct spacial {spatial} worlds ... .

Beyond these again stand seven tempermental worlds ... .

Still beyond these are seven worlds of solidified ethers".




398 to 436


399- 402 (pp. 149-50) vrilic efflorescence; vrilic blossom-wreaths

399 (p. 149)

"he would sprinkle his radiative vril upon the walls and from the vrilic property would diffuse an illuminative efflorescence, ... as garlands of flame-flowers in the room. ... Wonderful, most wonderful is ... the anima-florealis of the Arch-Solar World, within the currents of ... vrilic fire."

400 (p. 149)

"There are in the vrilic fluid two elements, which by their blend generate a third. The first is separately a deadly

400 (p. 150)

cold; the second as a consuming fire ... . There are forces in the third fluid that anciently passed from frame to frame in ... life.

401 (p. 150)

In the time of our Silver People, I have seen a man ... place his hand ... upon ... his wife's bosom; thence causing her breasts to flow with a refreshing milk ... as from two tiny fountains into two golden cups that were held to receive it. ... I have seen a man ... lay his hand on that ... bosom and draw forth a wreath, woven as a garland; which he again offered upon the altar of the Muse of the divine melody."

402 (p. 150)

"I have seen a pair of the most aged of our ancient people, folded in each other's embrace for the last sacred rite of earthly existence, the dissipation of remains. I have hence beheld these entranced and visible frames undergoing the process of transformation by dissolvent sublimations, till each body lay as a series of blossom-wreaths in the human form, exhaling a perfume as they dissolved in a slow music and were lost to sight."


403 (p. 150); 405 (p. 151) vases of distillation

403 (p. 150)

"I have seen the vases of distillation set in the Hall of the Mysteries ... . ... .

405 (p. 151)

... in those vases of distillation, which held contents from the vril of the people, was mingled some little thing from each of the people ... . ... In this great rite a creature was evolved from the vril of the people".


409 (p. 153) guild-orders

"He was in the order of the Peasantry, serving ... for rural life. Hence he was in the order of the Craftsmen, serving ... for mechanical life. He was thence in the order of the Sages, serving ... for the instructive life. He was in the circle of Joy-givers, serving ... for the festive life. ... It was joyful then, ... in ... the constructive orders of the commonwealth."

413-4 (p. 154) hymeneal mystery as sacred

413 (p. 154)

"its Cupid and its Psyche, their unified ... hymeneal mystery : ...

414 (p. 154)

all this was in exceeding holiness and righteousness; the sacred sexual passion".

415-6 (p. 155) seeing the Goddess

415 (p. 155)

"Then the priestess drew a vail ..., and said, 'Behold your Divine Mother ... .' ...

416 (p. 155)

I looked up, and apparent ... was OUR MOTHER; the Great Mother, the Divine O, by the majesty of her Goddesshood ... . Then I knew, that I beheld the Origin of my life. The Divine One spoke unto me, as this : 'Go thou into the sacred place, with ... my priestess, and I will be with thee there.' Thence I was led ... before an altar ... . Then a divine voice made utterance ... . It penetrated into me and through me : it was as cold as death, but thence rising through me was as the heat of life."

418, 420 (pp. 156-7) vrilic fire; vrilic smoke

418 (p. 156)

"Entering ... upon my youthful period, my vrilic fire began to be predominant. ... If parents thence desired, their infants would dance on the waters or glide in the air as birds. They would leap from the high trees, and recover their motion for upward flight, before they had touched the ground : ... thus held held and moved in the parental vril".

420 (p. 157)

"one day my body commenced to smoke. My father said to me, '... there is a whirl coming through you ... .' The buoyant vrilic fluid thence lifted me ... . He then said, 'Stand in the air over me, and ... you can lift me from the ground.' ... We then shot up into the higher air".

422 (p. 158) fish containing interlocked rings attracted by melody

"Taking my flute I commenced to play, by a secret art that was instilled into me.

Thence three of the fishes were attracted by the melody

{It is believed in Simhapur "that music attracts fish" ("MHAF").} {It is observed in Devonshire that "the fish are attracted by music." ("D:CG")}

and the third of them cast itself upon the shore. This I took, making a water-sphere [fishbowl aquarium] so that it lay at ease. I bore the fish ..., and it dropped into my hand two rings, one interlocked with the other."

"MHAF" = http://lazy-lizard-tales.blogspot.com/2009/07/music-not-only-entertains-but-helps.html

"D:CG" = "Curious about Gerogetown?" http://www.schulmania.info/PDF_archives/devonshire4.pdf

427 (p. 160) restraining one's spiritual powers causeth bodily flaming and levitation

"he restrained himself from the higher ranges of his loftier capacities : he drew in {snaillike} the horns of his powers. ... Thence the suppressed fires that were within him broke through his bodily shell : the glories of the karma that were in interior evolution flamed about him as a vaster fire-body, and the earth on which he stood could no longer hold him to its surface. So he uprose ... toward the heavens; till the remainders that constituted the substance of the physical body were dissipated : then he was seen no more. Hence came ... the mythological picture of god Vishnu".


435 (pp. 163-4) elemental creations betwixt humankind and the divine ocean

435 (p. 163)

"There is ... a band of elemental creations, all the ranks of the virtues by their specialities of life; who

435 (p. 164)

constitute hence, by their processive zone, a sanitary providence for that human race. They stand between man and the influx of tides of the divine ocean ... . As the memory-form registers every event ...; so these emanating virtues, more deeply sensitive, and moving about the influx {aura} that forms about the man, govern the access of the influx to him ... . They also collect the quality of spent influx ...; sweetly relieving him thus".




437 to 487


439-40 (p. 166) antient practice of religion

439 (p. 166)

"the second epoch of this nation now begins to be presented. ... Thence there is evolved a visionary culture; a spectral pantheon ...; ... with vivid and sublime ... divine realities."

440 (p. 166)

"Here are women ... being formed in the series of the occult ... and hence made brilliant ... with ... love. Here are men in whom these women work their charms; the men becoming magical, magnetic, visionary.... These in turn magnetise the women; generating female clairvoyance ... . They make use of the feminine quality of subtle introspection to divine future events; to disclose the ways of fortune."

445 (p. 168) devoutness of the aged men

"Their aged men ... tended to become solitaries and to pass into deep and abstracted thought. A few of these venerable sages ... entered into the avenues that lead to the mystery of the secret science. ... This was ... because in their humility they cherished an awe of the bright heaven, and hardly dared to think of crossing its shining threshold."

447-8 (p. 169) rod-sceptre as emblem of spirituality

447 (p. 169)

"let the point upon its crown, where the upper circle of the bright force enters, denote the door of entrance from the highest grade of ascensive spirituality to devachan. ...

448 (p. 169)

Thence ..., imagine ... the circle midway in the staff ... to have above it the spirals of a continuous ascension ... . Then let this spiral represent the stages of the rise of the departed who are good spiritualities ... . ... Thence the upper part, where the line of the spiral enters the crown of the staff, may indicate the state of clarified good, where the spirit has become a perfect deva, and is entering into the realm of devachanic delight."

452-3 (p. 171) achievement, via mental abstraction, of communication with supernal entities

452 (p. 171)

"He becomes one of a species that we term, abstract men. Such abstract men become very retentive of the formed earth-karma; isolating this body of karma from the attraction which tends to draw it down to the deep repose of the chambers of the anima-mundi.

453 (p. 171)

Some of these ancients ... acquired the further faculty of entering into a species of ... communication, in a very distant manner, with some of the members of the multiplicity of the bright races that move in the empyrean space."

461 (p. 175) immaterial super-humans in outer space; immaterial worlds

"Anterior to this race of humanity ..., there was a preceding race of mankind of the outer globe; a race occupying another zone of its dimensional space; electro-magnetic men. They, during the period that was prior to the formation of the present superficial structure of the planet, occupied the out-space."

"There are many planets formed in lines of substance that are not visible to the opaque natural sight : they lie ... connected by films of inter-communication."


462-3 (pp. 175-6) having had various immaterial bodies

462 (pp. 175)

"in the electro-magnetic age of the planet, ... we died only in the sense that we ceased to be surfacely visible. ...

463 (pp. 176)

Our spiritual personality was involved in its second form, our soul of spirituality. This again was involved in a third form, the word-geist or conceptual form ...; a body of luminous unself ..., in which we behold reflected ... the processions of existence throughout immensity. ... I have a solar body formed in the anima-solis; a luminous body, and by means of it am in relations with the solar people. Thence I possess a planetary body, formed of the animal-planetaris, and hence am in relations with the people of the planetary hosts. Thence and specially, these bodies are inscribed in an electro-vital body".


466 (p. 177) gigantic nebulous human race

"The adepts of the Buddhist cult have a conception, that we men of this present race, are reincarnated personalities of a gigantic, vastly nebulous human race".

{This is also Jaina and is likewise a doctrine of the Theosphical Society.}


469 (pp. 178-9) great wicked earthlings

469 (p. 178)

"The great Wicked of the earth,

{i.e., the materialistic ploutokrateia}


the vast embodiments of an evil spirituality, ...

{referring to the materialistic false religions which they promote (prosperity theology, etc.)}


in natural bodies of self-desire, ... have evolved ...

{"self-desire" = "greed for ownership of material substances (gold, etc.)"}

469 (p. 179)

entering by occult art into direct conjunction with the ruling powers of black magic, in the region of avichi. With the ordinary types of the dissolute we have had naught specially to do :


but with the strongest wicked in all ages we have had specially to go, and the nature of our doing with them may be inferred, without being spoken."

{The "strongest wicked" are materialist ploutokratic families; "our doing with them" would naturally include invoking angels to restrain and/or quell them.}


472-3 (p. 180) electro-vital mankinds

472 (p. 180)

"There are twelve cardinal Planets in the solar scheme, and the life-round of a man in the sixth period will lead him by his electro-vital body, through the specialities of each of these in turn. ...

473 (p. 180)

The electro-vital mankinds occupy spacial {spatial} globes, on such realms of surface as the forms of dimensions deployed in their configurations will enable them to."

474-5 (pp. 180-1) deva-s indrawn

474 (p. 180)

"Now the devas, both of the more ancient and recent generations of the kingdoms, during their entire course of rounds of delight, do not evolve out of their abstact spirituality into the

474 (p. 181)

complex series of formations that constitute to form the full body of mankind. ...

475 (p. 181)

The devas were ... the good spiritualities of the race ... . ... The long lines of this ascended mankind were indrawn again into the anima-mundi ... . They were invorticed, entering at the point A, moving to point B, thece to point C ...; thus forming bodies, electro-magnetic, but tending ... to become elements in the mew body of the luminous unself".

479 (p. 183) trans-terrestrial folk

"we discovered, that an electro-vital orb has been formed beyond the gaseous atmosphere which envelops this planetary surface. Displayed upon it we perceive a trans-terrestrial people : this is the race that has by transposition of dimensions emanated from the space-region G of the planet".


482-3 (pp. 184-5) electro-vital folk

482 (p. 184)

"you find the new electro-vital body {acquired at death}, formed and interspaced through the shadow-form ... of bodily naturality, flexible yet firm, possessed of far more exquisite sensitives {senses} than the old natural {material one}, a ... finer vril. ... You will find that your old body of sensitives {senses} receives this new body ..., and fits to it as flexibly. Now were this body outwarded, as it will be in the order of its processions, men ... would say, 'this is the same brother, only that his corruptible has put on the incorruptible, and his mortal the immortality.' {cf. 1st Korinthioi 15:54}

483 (p. 184)

Men of the earth would say again, of such a one, outwarded by the electro-vital body to the full form of their dimensional world, 'He is not a spirit, for spirit has not flesh and bones as he has.' {cf. Loukas 24:39} ...

{This is what is known as the glorious resurrection-body : the aitheric double.}

Now the electro-vital people are in this exalted constitution ... . Let them be considered as a vast aggregate of races and peoles, reaching on, as to their localities through the spaces and interspaces that fill out through that which is the apparent sidereal ocean, in one grand fellowship; grouped by their orbs as solidarities upon solidarities and holding full and free communication

483 (p. 185)

from land to land. The orbs of space are the islands of the archipelago; the seats and habitations of the celestial blessed. This is the outer court of the Luminous Immensity".

1st Korinthioi 15:54 http://www.biblestudytools.com/kjv/1-corinthians/15-54.html

Loukas 24:39 http://www.biblestudytools.com/kjv/luke/24-39.html

484-5 (pp. 185-6) divine humanity

484 (p. 185)

"As the luminous unself is formed more and more for the man who has become divine-natural, the precipitations of the karma ... condense more into it, and each man stands thus organized upon the basis of all his noble and blessed past. ... . ... he employs the luminous unself, ... for a reservoir for the return of serviceable force ... of a constant up-lift."

485 (p. 186)

[deduced from the statement that the several varn.a-s (castes) emerged from various levels of the body of Brahma (p. 185) :] "There are races in the forms of the divine mental system; others in that of the respirative, others in that of the sexuality, and so on to the processes of the feet. The races are grouped according to the order of these organic configurations : they are in the sidereal and luminous immensities".



Thomas Lake Harris : The Wisdom of the Adepts : esoteric science in human history. Fountain Grove : [privately printed,] 1884.