Wisdom of the Adepts, XII-XVI



488 to 512


488 (p. 187) human types

"We class the existing mankind of the earth into three divisions; the Survivalists, the Unfitnesses and the Inversives. The great portion of the race is of the middle type; unfit.

Their internal spirituality is but a little more than a living germ;


their soul-form is but a small embryo;


their spiritual self-life is but as the resemblance of an inferior ob :

{/>o^b/ ('bottle') is ghost invoked by witch of <e^n-do>r}

their memory form is but a sketch or an unfilled outline".


489 (p. 188), 490 (pp. 188-9), 492 (pp. 189-90) Inversives

489 (p. 188)

"The Unfitnesses are generally inferior in formal and executive capacity to the Inversives; the ruling powers {political state} being commonly in the control of the latter. ...

490 (p. 188)

Inversives ... are the virulent skeptics of the free-thinkers {i.e., capitalist-stooge materialists} ... . ... These are ... organizers of specious schemes of financial deception {such as, the massive bank-frauds promoted by the George W. Bush administration} ...; the cold and wily diplomats ... . These are ... the ferocious and unscrupulous military men; tyrants of all classes {including atheism-promoting royalty} ... . ... Such are, ... often

490 (p. 189)

... esteemed in the superficial public thought as among the godly, theirs being often that more complex hypocrisy which not only deludes the people but imposes on its own proficients."

492 (p. 189)

"When the interiors of the most confirmed Inversives are occultly explored, it is found that the psychic germ is receded and involved into its own sphericity, and with its face and form turned away, by an inverse presentation, from the face and form of the interior spirituality of ... man. It is thence perceived, that the form of the ego ... has expanded and risen up to ... obsess the spirituality ... . ... The wicked wise ...

492 (p. 190)

find ways of access to the ... forces of the occult world : they would fain ... perpetuate the self-life in the inverse constitution of eternity."


493 (p. 190) Survivalists

"the Survivalists ... serve for the good of others ... . ... Again, they seek to alleviate sufferings ...; to esteem the ties of human fraternity as above the ligatures of heredity ... or nationality. ... From such tendencies as these blossoms forth and finally ripens the divine-natural man."


496-500 (pp. 191-4) dag {cf. god /Dago^n/}; ob

496 (p. 191)

"the dag ... is an individual form of the specter, of which the red dragon is the multiplicity {a "multiplicity" because that viewed by Merlin is depicted on the flag of the numerous Cymry}. ... Whenever a dag is formed in a female inversive, she ... is unsubduable. By means of the dag in her, a potent infernal-natural magnetism is evolved, which flows in the touch of her hand, the kiss of her lips, the intent look of her eyes, by ... her sexuality and by all her volatile emanations. ...

497 (p. 192)

Now the dag is made use of in the infernal occult art as a traveling image {spirit-helper} , which may be projected ... . ...

498 (p. 192)

A female adept of the black art can, through the formation of her dag, personate any individual".

499 (p. 192)

"I will now summon a dag ..., that we may observe it together. ... Notice, that she seeks to enter you : the mind force and will force of her mistress are in her : she seeks to penetrate by an undulant ... force, attempting at the groin. Again, behold ... the dag to make a

499 (p. 193)

form-presentation in the likeness of the outwardness of her mistress, a slender female ... . ... We hear her distinctly : what ... mannered inflections! ... That woman has projected by means of her dag into the man who is her adjunct, and caused him to write automatically as from angellic spirits".

500 (p. 193)

"Now, a man who will fully associate with a female of this type, as its result, forms in his spiritual body ... an ob ... . ...

500 (p. 194)

It is the ob growing through the interiors of the formations ... : through the ob they mediumise". {N.B. Although Th.L.H. assigned the "ob" only to males, yet in 1st S^mu^->el 28 only a female is proficient with an >ob.}


505 (p. 196) the persecuting spirit inhaerent in the Christian

"The persecuting spirit inherent in christianism ... is at present ... existing mainly ... in the bosoms of its clergy and devotees;

{Actually the "persecuting spirit" is existent mainly in the hypocritical ploutokrateia which is in absolute control of every "Christian" country; and which is in utter control of all matters of state-policy regarding religion.}

but that spirit, taking possession of the classes that subsist on the wage-fund, ... becoming in them ... a thirst ... to persecute for the possession of riches ..., might beget a mania in the race, for which there would be no end but in race extinction."

{Wage-workers have never anywhere in Europe gained any "riches" by persecuting anyone; only the ruling class of the ploutokrateia can (and often hath) gained vast riches by this means. The mania of the ploutokrateia for persecuting all and sundry might at any juncture lead to an extermination of mankind (and definitely will eventually do so, unless the hypocritical ploutokrateia be eliminated by the wage-workers and/or their allies beforehand).}



513 to 543

518-9 (p. 201) White WaterLily {distinct from Jacob Boehme's White Lily (which is a landlily)}

518 (p. 201)

"we traced the Creation ... to a White [Water]Lily, borne upon the waters, from whose opened corolla came forth the Man".

{The white waterlily is the pun.d.arika, celebrated in the Sat-dharma Pun.d.arika Vaipulya-sutra as a source of deities.}

519 (p. 201)

"Our society ... derived the term, Brahm : for the Creative Man, the Husband of the [Water]Lily, by that spousal manifestation".

{Never is Brahma regarded as "husband" of the waterlily growing out of the navel of Vis.n.u. Instead, Brahma is regarded as the husband of goddess Sarasvati.}

528 (pp. 204-5) allegations about S`akya-muni

528 (p. 204)

"A man came forth as a deva,

{In Bauddha scriptures, S`akya-muni declared himself to be not a deva.}

holding by his hand his devaess, and said, 'I am Sakyamuni ... .

{S`akya-muni abandoned all his wives, and never returned to any of them.}

We are of the White Lily,

{The only Bauddha "White Lotus" religious denomination was the one which in China long sought to overthrow the government there.}

and have spaced to ourselves a fire-bower ... .

{A homa (fire-rite) is commonly conducted by S^in-gon Bauddha rites in Japan.}

528 (p. 205)

I was able to hold the jiva".

{Importance of the jiva is emphasized in Jaina, rather than in Bauddha, metaphysics.}

531 (p. 206) retention of memory into a future life by praeparing it to survive death and to redincarnate into another body

"A [b]lama ... will also while living in the body weave a subsidiary memory-image from the subtle magic in which his life is set ... . ...

Thus the birth-marks are transmitted and other signs of identification, by means of which the suppositious Buddha-[b]lama may be authenticated."

{Such signs of identification are likewise are utilized in Amerindian methods of authenticating redincarnations. (vide AR)}

AR = Antonia Curtze Mills & Richard Slobodin : Amerindian Rebirth. University of Toronto Press, 1994.

534 (p. 207) Yru^-s^alayim is deemed a source of depravities

"the accursed Jerusalem, where occultly center all the depravities ... . ... This is a fetid filthy, carrion-house ...; Jerusalem the unholy ...; the common cess-pool of the religious sewage".

{This sort of description of Yru^-s^alayim is also promoted by the Manda< (of Iran and of <iraq).}




544 to 585

558 (p. 218) Aesti-vossa {of the Aistouoi (Aestui) = Esthonians -- cognate with /AESTIVate/ 'reside during the summer'}

"You are now in the sacred chamber of the high place, called Aesti-vossa. ...

{"“Aestivossa” which Harris said meant “high country of divine joy” in a language only he understood" (SCSA, p. 7); "SRH -- KN".}

Observe ten virgins, -- that is, virginal wives, -- stand in the form of the flower that budded in the sunrise of the divine day. Listen, in their own language they speak the mysterious words,

that none can hear but those for whom the words are spoken."

{this manner of restriction being typical of telepathic communication}

SCSA = Sonoma Confidential Stories from the Archives. Sonoma Co. Mus., March 12 – July 10, 2005 http://www.sonomacountymuseum.org/media/14002/sonoma-confidential.pdf

"SRH -- KN" = "Santa Rosa History -- Kanaye Nagasawa" http://ci.santa-rosa.ca.us/visitors/Pages/SantaRosaHistory.aspx#kanaye

561-2 (p. 219) solar Divine man, lunar Divine Woman; Helios & Helia

561 (p. 219)

"Midway in the eastern firmament you behold the sun ... inorbed there ... from the form of Divine Man. And when the divine night comes, ... we shall see the orb of Divine Affection, englobed to us from its form of Divine Woman."

562 (p. 219)

"whose outer orb is the solar image ..., Helios-Helia."

{Helie is (according to Hyginos : Fabulae 154 -- "NH") a sister of Phae:thon.}

"NH" = "Nymphai Heliades" http://www.theoi.com/Nymphe/NymphaiHeliades.html

569-571 (pp. 223-4) divine servant serving at a banquet {vision or dream?}

569 (p. 223)

"Being in joy and the direction to serve, that creature will commence ... seeming to be a man-servant in livery, and ...

570 (p. 223)

he goes to a small cabinet, taking from it a tiny vial or some perfume; he lets fall a drop from this into the air above the table, and ... many flowers ... begin to assume the dimensions of magnitude, and to lie on the table as heaps of blossoms ... . ...

571 (p. 224)

The servant then ... blows a bell from his mouth and strikes it by a vibration from his tongue : this summons an assistant, one of the creatures of his own kind. First comes a female : she opens a casket and withdraws a plate : from out of this plate she draws another and another, of the same dimension, handing them to the former domestic, who sets them spinning in the air, so that each settles it its own proper place on the table; but the plates, as they spin through the air, revolve in the forms of little gentlemen and ladies, dancing as they go, and finish their round by dropping into the style of plates again.

572 (p. 224)

We observe, that at the nobler extremity of this banqueting-hall, is an arched alcove, before which are curtains, forming a vail : as the vail is drawn a little aside, there is a visible statue on its pedestal. ... Yet see,

the statue is itself a door-way of dimensions : through it the Lady {Goddess} of the house comes,

{emanating phantasmally, as deities often do from human-sized temple-idols (in hagiographies of saints in India)}

gliding in ... .

This the adept wrote."

573 (p. 225) a pollen-adept

"The adept of the sixth round ... attracts to his person ... the volatile substances of the contiguous interspace : hence

he is enabled to hold in and about his electro-vital body, the fine pollen-dust of the animal-florealis which there abounds ... .

{This is praecisely comparable to the Bon god who hath his head surmounted by a pollen-bearing blossom-anther.}

For instance, if a bouquet is placed upon the table in his chamber of communication, the diffused life of that pollen [which it may] draw to the flowers, changing their medicinal qualities, enhancing their potencies."

575-6 (p. 226) praeternatural tree

575 (p. 226)

"it would be in my science possible to cause the tree to appear as in an illumination of flame, and

{cf. the Burning Bush on mt. H.oreb}

thence for myself to be visible, my own person in the tree, wreathed about in spirits and clothed as with a white mantle of the flame.

Or again, if there were an especial rock, formed in a rocky hill ..., ... I could lead up an electro-vital pillar through the rock, so that it should stand there, as a column of fire by night and of cloud by day ... .

576 (p. 226)

If there were an ark in the sacred place of an house of this specialty ..., and

if a branch of a peach

{peach-wood being employed in Chinese exorcisms}

or of an almond tree, with the sap dormant in its veins, were placed in that casket, the rod might be brough forth ... so that it would burst into blossom".

{alluding to the almond "rod of >ahro^n that budded"}

577 (p. 227) the 7 personalities of goddess Lily {derived from writings by Jacob Boehme}

" 'in that day seven women shall take hold of one man, saying, we will eat our own ... and wear our own ... .' {2nd Nephi 14:1; Ys^a<yah 4:1} ...

One is the body of the electro-vital constitution, ... of the first state of whose occult nuptials the work entitled 'a Lyric of the Morning Land' is the memorial ... . ...

Lily said, 'Husband, the seven women of my present womanhood will now speak. ... The first is the little woman, the fay wife, the psychic girl ... .

The second woman is she whom you ... love so well in the ideality of your spirit; my spirituality of woman, of bridehood. ...

The third woman is that one who is the soul of my spirituality : ... her form is constructed, narrowed in ... : draw her with ... your intelligence ... .

Once I had a memory-geist in my formations, but she was dissolved out of me : afterward a word-geist and formed in me in the divine memories : her mirrors may reflect past, present and future {future memories?}; but she sits unvailed : ... this is my fourth woman ... .

There is a fifth bride, my luminous unself : she is shaped from the blessedness ... : see her, with the mantle of the world's unbelief woven about her, and claim her ... .

I have a sixth woman, my human-natural soul, and

a seventh woman, my electro-vital".


580 (p. 229) anthropoid lunar spirits

"The most eminent clear seer [namely, Swedenborg] of the last century ..., wrote that he had seen human spirits who were natives of Luna, and that they had a singular method of announcing their vicinity, by causing small thunders to proceed from the abdomen."

581-2 (pp. 229-30) book of Silver Folk

581 (p. 229)

"On the remoter hemisphere of that orb [the Moon] is a very interesting people ... . I will read from a very ancient book, translating it as I go : 'In the days of ... the silver people, it was affirmed, concerning the principal nightly light-giver that she was an old woman who ... had broken loose from an ancient orb, her governess, who had gone to pieces {gone insane?} in a great strain {of madness?}. They said, that after this she had made herself a waiting-maid ...; that she had lost one side of her form; that she had but one leg and one arm ... . They said also, that she had a cup to drink from, that was carried in her belly {navel?}; that her breasts were covered with hair, like forests; that

her face was scarred, yet

{"Battling against the Gigante’s [Tuphoeus's] heads, ... she carved many a scar on the shining orb of her bull’s horn ["i.e the smooth white surface of the moon was scarred by this battle"]" (Nonnos : Dionusiaka 1:214sq -- "TS")} {[Hottentot myth :] "The hare ... scratched the moon's face; and the dark parts which we now see on the surface of the moon are the scars" (ML, p. 65)} {[Aztec myth :] "a god hit him in the face with a rabbit, and since then, the moon has had a bad rabbit scar" ("MRM")} {[Polish myth :] "the Moon was married to a Sun Goddess but seduced Dennitsa. As punishment, Piorun struck his face, scarring him" ("PP" s.v. "Miesiac")}

581 (p. 230)

still preserving the remains of beauty,

and that upon her abdomen were pictures of a kingdom of lovely and serene human creatures, who had a kingdom by her own sea, which they called psyche-vril and psycho-vrilli.'

582 (p. 230)

You are now astonished at the blue smoke that is rising from your nostrils; that is from the red ray that is moving in your brain".

"TS" = "Titan Selene" http://www.theoi.com/Titan/Selene.html

ML = Timothy Harley : Moon Lore. London, 1885. http://www.sacred-texts.com/astro/ml/ml08.htm

"MRM" = "Mesoamerican Rabbit Moon" http://kevinleung.com/archives/the-mesoamerican-rabbit-moon/

"PP" = "Polish Paganism" http://www.polishtoledo.com/pagan/



586 to 610

592-3 (pp. 235-6) slate-writers, doubles & double-goers

591 (p. 235)

"It is a new thing, in Europe and America, to open a slate ... which when opened ... reveals a communication".

592 (p. 235)

"We find in this human race, exceptional persons who may be termed double-goers : a man of this peculiarity ... bodifies, taking on an impression from his corporeal outline : it is as a satellite structure, still connected with his system by a plexial, ... magnetic stream. It is a ... materialisation from his materiality; a simulacrum.

While he is a babe, this will sit opposite to him as a babe-double : when he is a boy, the boy-double will move with himand reflect his ... actions ... . When a youth, there will be a youth-double; this as he enters into active life will still reflect him in all his postures ... .

593 (p. 235)

Now, the slate-writers, by one type of their speciality are of the constitution of the double-goers ... . This double is drawn into them ...; absorbed into the natural system. They are hence occultly four-handed ...;

593 (p. 236)

four-footed ... . When the slate-writer of this style drops into passivity {trance}, this body of magnetic humor elongates, and its hand ... : thus writings can be produced".

594-5 (pp. 236-7) telepathic transmission of written/drawn literature between continents

594 (p. 236)

"two adepts, one in America, one in Asia, both initiates in the magic that is taught in a secret society of the latter country; each having the art of making doubles of themselves, by the force of their mutual and concurrent desires may bring those doubles into conjunction. ... Now if the adept in America were engaged in the performance of a work for a magical fraternity in Asia, as for instance the composition of a book, the adept of Asia would make use of his double as a form of impression, into which imprinting his train of ideas ..., they would be reproduced, through the second or associated double, in the ... reflective mind of the receptive adept : drawings, maps, occult signs would be transmitted by the same process.

595 (p. 236)

The receptive adept in America, taking these impressed writings from the double, might proceed ... passing into a more passive attitude, bring out the statements, automatically by means of a typewriter, without necessarily understanding or cognising the subject-matter. Again, if the mage in Asia, or a group of magi, saw fit, a deep magical sleep might be induced on the receptive adept, and during that state ..., they would be able, making use of the automaton formed through the conjunction of the doubles, to cause the automaton to emerge from the

595 (p. 237)

body of the passive adept ..., and to cause the automaton to write in the chamber of the adept, reproducing thus the language of their own composition ... . ... By means of such ..., there is an accounting for the occult phenomena occurrent in the production of recent works like Oasphe {read : "Oahspe"}".

600 (p. 239); 604-6 (p. 241-2) "animal elementary" (familiar spirit in animal-guise)

600 (p. 239)

"I take one of our servants, an animal elementary, and I direct him ... with a flash of the electro-vital current ... : the animal automaton will then write that signature with absolute accuracy."

604 (p. 241)

"The animal elementary may be taught to fetch and carry ... :

he will sense dangers ..., and hence produce warnings :

{This was, of course, the main function of the "daimon" of Sokrates.}

he will become domesticated in a family where there is a mediumistic succession, or even where there is a tie of successive attachments that is formed in him, and thus continue as a household familiar, sometimes for several generations : he will be very docile ... . He commonly chooses some special room in a dwelling for a domicile : he sometimes ... may strike notes on the harp or guitar : he sometimes learns to blow bubbles from his mouth, theat break into sounds ...; they will then ring like little bells.

605 (p. 241)

His round of affection for man is bounded much by the lines of the family which he has adopted : he is disturbed if one of the family is liable to illness or accident : he often feels the

605 (p. 242)

instinct of approaching disaster, at which times he will endeavor to warn them ... . Finally, if there is death in the housaehold, he will be in grief by his affections ...; if their be house-dogs ..., they will be apt on these occasions to feel his grief ..., and will mourn and howl."

606 (p. 242)

"A magical adept can play great tricks with this species of elementaries; using them in connection with his double."


608 (p. 243) a poltergeist

"There was another adept of the black art, ... that his elementary would rock the tables and heave about the arms and implements of chase in the halls of a certain castle; would open and shut the doors, make the floors shake, light the fires, bring wine from the cellar and perform other feats."



611 to 622

615 (p. 246) elementary spirit-couple transforming themselves from bestial to anthropoid guise

"Two of these elementaries, in their occult quadruped style, ... proceeded a transformation; finally, at the last evocation the elementaries stood upright as impersonal creatures in the human style; double in appearance, a mighty winged woman, connected with spirals with the body of a powerful winged man. These ascended, levitating, floating, till all the spirals disappeared, ... so that they seemed presently each to have become an animated flower in the human form ... . Florus then began to blow from his lips a pellucid vapor and from this was evolved an exquisite chain-work of wreathed blossoms : with this he decorated Flora ... . Flora in her turn threw forth a water-vail; this became ... a crystal mantle, with which she condensed upon the body of Florus ... living crystal".



Thomas Lake Harris : The Wisdom of the Adepts : esoteric science in human history. Fountain Grove : [privately printed,] 1884.