Wisdom of the Adepts, XVII-XIX



623 to 655

626-8 (pp. 253-4) Zoas {ZOroAStres?} & Zosa {ZOStriAnos? (Khenoboskion codex VIII:1)}

626 (p. 253)

"There appeared to Zoas in the night a majestic Genius, who said to him, 'here are tow caskets : in the first is a magnet, by which its possessor may draw out of the stone of the earth its hidden gold ... . ...' Zoas chose the first casket ... .

627 (p. 253)

His brother Zosa, being likewise approached by the Genius with a similar proffer, ... chose the second casket, and in it ...

found a white stone, engraved with the hidden name :

{"will give him a white stone, and in the stone a new name written, which no man knoweth saving he that receiveth it." (Apok. of Ioan. 2:17)}

being thence[forward] in the service of the white stone, he crossed the threshold and became a brother of the secret life."

{cf the 15 white stones of brother of Jared (Ether 3:1)}

628 (p. 254)

"Looking up one day from ... avichi, Zoas beheld Zosa in the bosom of the composite consciousness".

{This episode is based on that of Lazaros and the rich man.}

629-30 (p. 255) two occult authors

629 (p. 255)

"Bulwer Lytton ... now thirsting to become as Zanoni {named from the Eleatic philosopher Zenon?}; then in the desultory moods and impulses of Glyndon".

630 (p. 255)

"Again, ... observe Ralph Waldo Emerson".

634-41 (pp. 257-60) a genuine seer : Swedenborg

634 (p. 257)

"Svedborg ... was a seer ... . ... . ... after retiring from the active affairs of life, he dreamed his way into a species of natural clairvoyance; he became, as might be said, a clairvoyant philosopher ... .

635 (p. 257)

The secret concerning him is, ... that he prayed much and underwent experiences ... of the character of self-openings. He first saw the hells ... . ... As this introspection went on and was enlarged, ... he perused ... by means of an opening of his perceptive and cogitative faculties into the occult body of the natural soul ... . ... .

636 (p. 258)

... he became a dweller upon the border land [between worlds], a mere ribbon ... that interposed at ... this outer realm of active natural existence ... . ...

637 (p. 258)

Svedborg possessed in his spirituality many ... charming features ... : hence the fine, thin vapors, that he named influxes, commenced to settle into him from those diffusive zones which hold precipitations from ... the higher human races of the universe ... . Standing thus on the border land ..., he formed for himself a unique round; ... when the ...

637 (p. 259)

political systems of christendom were verging into the states that precede ... dissolution.

{to be replaced with the political artefacts of the Renaissance}

638 (p. 259)

Svedborg accepted this unique position with a vast sense of ... responsibility : ... that hence[forth] this exposition {that christendom is "verging into ... dissolution" and in need of being replaced} was to be ... taught in the schools and universities, ... to take the place of the romish, protestant and other ecclesiasticisms. ...

639 (p. 259)

This sage serves as an illustration of ... spirituality, as to ... spirits with whom it might be brought into communication ... . He stand up, ... a shadow between two worlds ... : from his solitary

639 (p. 260)

light ..., he threw a ... genuine flash of illumination into the mental world of human nature. ... . ... he walks hand in hand with the most illustrious thinkers of the occident; ... with those who belong to all time.

640 (p. 260)

None went so far before this sage, in the rounds of ... spirituality ... . He planted the feet of scientific inquiry firmly in that ... occult frontier, which has since been explored in many ways by the scientists of mesmerism and spiritism ... . ...

641 (p. 260)

He drew attractive pictures of the future spiritual existence of mankind ... : he shewed riches, powers, pleasures, perpetual youth. He cast this thought into the decrepit, dying, paralysed church theology and church religion ... : he described ... the luxuries of the celestial court".

643 (p. 261) giants dwell within stars

"He [Swedeborg] attains to glimpses of the unified forms of glorious human races in the solar orbs; but then, ... these are giants who inhabit the suns; giants who are idolaters".

{The theme of deities who dwell within stars is likewise found in the litterature of flying-saucer contactees.}



656 to 696

657 & 659 (pp. 267-9) a revelation from a divine couple : the impending conversion of the Occident to Oriental occultism

657 (p. 267)

"There is a man of a superior race to ours, who is ... the servant of a divine work ..., and who visits us on occasions ... :- Om-Far {Skt /Om-kara/} and his wife Le-Far {Skt /*Laya-kara/?}. Listen to his words ... .

'... the special effect of the great Thibetan magic is ... clear ... to me; ... I see it by its whole form. ...

657 (p. 268)

It would therefore appear that the immense body of latent thought, which has been accumulating in Arya[-va]rta ..., is flowing into the brain of the western nations ... : by means of its incorporation ..., the intellectual processes of these western people must experience change ... .

659 (p. 269)

... the finger of the east ... touches the huge ice-image, that is formed of the dogmatic system of many creeds ... of the embodied west, and it {christendom} commences to steam and melt {i.e., to collapse into ruination} ... . ...'"

663-6 (pp. 271-2) magical act performed by Ramo the monkey

663 (p. 271)

"Ramo descended, -- a benevolent ape {monkey} ..., -- ...

664 (p. 271)

and made prostrations, till at last he emerged from his animal lines ... . He thence commenced ... inflating the skin of animality from which he had just issued ..., he caused the image to appear as his own ape double, to ... climb the tree ...; the elementary sitting meanwhile ... motionless, intent and directing the double by a power of concentration.

... Ramo took in his hand a form that he had imaged to resemble a human skull, introduced that skull within the head of the double ...,

{Hugo (Wolfgang) Rheinhold's bronze casting ""Affe einen Schädel betrachtend" (monkey viewing/contemplating a skull)" is often ascribed to ""Ramo" (sometimes "Francisco Ramo"; sometimes 1926 is given as his year of birth). " ("HR&PhM")}

665 (p. 271)

and then ... the double began to repeat articulately ... the buddhist devotion; ramo meanwhile sounding a little bell that he had blown from his nostrils; the words seeming to be formed ... as air-bubbles breaking into sound.

666 (p. 271)

... ramo caused the double to cut open its belly and out of it tumbled the likeness of a fat and rosy baby girl ... . Adonai said, '...

666 (p. 272)

I will whirl a plate to ramo, and cause him ... to whirl the plate back to me with a dozen duplicates ..., the others being illusions."

"HR&PhM" = "Hugo Rheinhold ... and his Philosophizing Monkey" http://library.uwsp.edu/aschmetz/rheinhold's_monkey/rheinhold's_monkey_page.htm

671 (pp. 274-5) visionary experience of paradise, and of heaven

671 (p. 274)

"there would be before him but vacancy : he would thence behold a white mist; thence again he would perceive himself as a naked spirit, floating on a vast undulating sea ... .

Now ... cause it to appear to the subject as as if ... upon the shore of some beauteous paradise;

671 (p. 275)

as if his ascended kindred were there ... : then he would seem to himself to drop as a snow-flake and to glide into a sleep that yet was an awakening".

672 (p. 275)

"the adept priests of the antique Indian school were able ... to translate the votary ... into the heaven of the devas; to afford ... absolute evidence ... that they had it in their power to open the way".

675 (p. 276) the haunted tomb

"There is a divine method of removing from a place of sepulcher the peculiarity ... that taboos it ... . It may be reclaimed from the dominion ... of the dead; but failing in that, the habitations built over it are haunted".

{Removal of curses from tombs is described in, e.g., the Exorcist's Handbook.}

677-8 (p. 277) ghosts manifested in the cemetery

677 (p. 277)

"' ... Is this ghost-land emerging into view? Are these indeed the personal spirits of the departed ...?' No : ... they are the mineral shades of the departed, formed of the groupings of the atomic mineral spirits. So long as bone cleaves to bone those atomic spirits ... by the ... anima-mineralis ... form the image of the man, the woman or the babe, for whose personality they once served as the frame of the material habitation.}

{They cannot be souls; for souls redincarnate. However, some other manifestation (such as of a guardian-angel) may well repraesent the soul in ghost-format. Mineral-spirit elementals would be unlikely to be enough concerned for any dead person to show up in the verisimilitude of that dead person. Furthermore, when unembalmed, within not many weeks the shape of the corpse hath, through putrifaction, become grossly distorted; whereas the semblance of a ghost will remain, even many years after death of the material body, quite lifelike in shape and contour.}

678 (p. 277)

Why then should these unconscious, unreal shades appear as clad in the constumes of the persons, for whom the ... spirits served ...?"

{If they indeed be guardian-angels (whether of a specific dead person or of the cemetery as a whole), then they are neither "unconscious" nor "unreal".}

{As concerning whilst "bone cleaves to bone", there is a common South American Indian "belief that residual elements of the soul remain in the bones after death." ENC. OF REL. 2nd edn. p. 8584. http://korolev.msk.ru/books/oct11b/4763_Religiovedenie_ENCYCLOPEDIA_OF_RELIGION_ER_Vol_13_SOUTH_AMERICAN_INDIAN_RELIGIONS_TRANSCENDENCE_AND_IMMANENCEs.html & http://www.e-reading.org.ua/bookreader.php/133766/Encyclopedia_of_religion._vol._13_of_14_%28SOUTH_AMERICAN_INDIAN_RELIGIONS_-_TRANSCENDENCE_AND_IMMA....pdf }

{"In North America the bone-soul is best known from the Iroquoian peoples." (Oake Hultkrantz : Conceptions of the Soul among North American Indians. Stockholm, 1953. p. 174)}

690-2 (pp. 282-3) dodecad of cats

690 (p. 282)

""We conceived of the twelve hours of the day, as being symbolical of twelve dominions, whence twelve kingdoms of our Egypt were to arise successively ... . After the twefth kingdom had received its complement of the ascended people, the book of Egypt was closed, as to its earthly volume".

691 (p. 283)

"'It is true that jewels yet remain which ... are deadly : ... They are deadly to those who unfitly venture to wear them, beause the spell that is in them attracts certain classes of elementaries, cats being one ... . Behold, I will shew you a lady of the mystery ... .'

692 (p. 283)

This lady, an adept priestess, ... said, 'The twelfth cat is king : in each twelfth generation ... there is a king cat born : multiply twelve by twelve and ... then there is born a king of the king cats : multiply this still by twelve ... and there is born a king cat of the third elevation : such cats of the royal line become ruling elementaries among their species ... . ... .

I was one of those occult ladies who acquired the language of the cats ...'".



697 to 744

699-702 (pp. 287-9) alleged praeternatural feats by Muh.ammad

699 (p. 287)

You have read of the sacred beast, al-borak, which the partial adept Mah[.]omed affirmed to have been brought for his use by the angel Gabriel, and on which he was mounted, passing through seven heavens in his journey. That … [<]Arab penetrated … into the region of magical cotemplation, and was often seen by us wandering about in a psycho-magnetic body, that had become formed to him by his processes of energisation. …

700 (p. 287)

He drenched himself with the fumes of the nerve-vril, a fluid generated in the body from the mixture of human magnetism with the psycho-magnetic substance, …

700 (p. 288)

and he would lie half torpid …, till the objects in his tent would disappear, being vailed in the white vapor that was formed about him. … He would thence … be in visions of paradise … . … Thence he would feel the circulation of delights … that he touched as by a sense into the devachanic mystery. …

701 (p. 288)

Mah[.]omed developed by such means a power of obish presentation : … occult forces resulted in the formation of a powerful ob within his spiritual … body …; a magical structure, … which became projective … . Hence he was able to make … magical demonstrations …, by projections from his ob, in the minds and bodies of the disciples gathered about him. Hence he gradually drew them into the circulation of the fiery magnetic stream that was forming … his magical … whirl … : mah[.]omedanism is the persistance of that whirl.”

702 (p. 289)

he became camelised as to his constitution, and his [psycho-magnetic] fluids flowed forth again, making a return of circuit through these creatures : three or four of them, outwardly deceased and partially entered their elementary transformation, become his familiars … . … Behold the form of this elementary … : associated with many of its kin”.

{Although it is unlikely that Muh.ammad himself experienced any of this, such may well be in the scope of experience of various S.ufi saints.}

703-5 (pp. 289-90) a beaver elementary

703 (p. 289)

I will call one of the elementaries to us : as to the form of naturality he is a beaver, living with his associates, when their make their change {from elementary humanoids} into the lower {i.e., beaver} form … : they alternate from one of these modes to the other. The beaver impersonality … is a socialist by his wise instinct, and knows how to live, serve and enjoy in community {communality}, which but few of earthly mankind have been able to achieve.

704 (p. 289)

The beaver caught to the purpose, …

704 (p. 290)

then tumbled into a ball, commenced to rotate, involved a cloudy form of the human image, this becoming definite, apparently substantiated, suitably appareled. Lo, it was a Shaker … of Lebanon Community … .

705 (p. 290)

The Chief spoke a mysterious word, which carries a force of dominion within dominion, and the beaver as shaker, commenced to say …, 'The disciples of Mother Wisdom bid thee welcome.' He then quietly undid the outline of his shakerhood, resumed his lowly elementary figure”.

708-9 (pp. 291-2) Amerindian shamanry

708 (p. 291)

"Where in their sacred dances the medicine men made whirls to induce frenzies

{These are more commonly darwis` (in Turkiyeh and the like).}

and afterward visions, there are forms of whirl left involved into the atomic lines of the conformation of the nerve-system of nature. From these lines of whirl ... the anima-mineralis flows forth passing through them ... . Sometimes ..., the elementaries ... are drawn by the memories in them; so opening and becoming shadowed forth to appear ... . Then they dance in these whirls ...; though sometimes there may be stones thrown and rappings made in human habitations.

709 (p. 291)

... The red man had an apparent reason, from vivid observation, to believe that there was awaiting for the departed of his people a region of happy-hunting grounds ... . The

709 (p. 292)

seers among them beheld these ..., 'the hunter and the deer a shade,' ... . ... .

{In Aides, "I marked huge Orion driving together over the field of asphodel (leimôn asphodelon) wild beasts which he himself had slain" (Odusseia 11:576 sq -- "RH").}

.. they beheld all this by their natural clairvoyance ... : they had the same evidence of their faith which is offered by their {European-American} mediums to the white people, who by the same processes see visions of the same description ... at the present day."

"RH" = "Realm of Haides" http://www.theoi.com/Kosmos/Haides.html#Odyssey

713 (p. 293) European spirit-mediumship control over a poltergeist

"A celebrated lady medium, not in America, causes the rapping to be generated at her will : the elementary being positioned at some distance from her physical body, the explosive sounds are caused on the walls, the ceiling or the bodies of witnesses ..., wherever the elementary is placed for the point of discharge."

714-5 (pp. 293-4) leonine elementaries

714 (p. 293)

"The Samson {S^ims^o^n} of hebrew scripture was served by a lion elementary who associated with him ... . ..

714 (p. 294)

Under the loftier conditions of other terrestrial worlds, his food-instincts ... are satisfied by means of vegetable products that there exist ... . ...

{so that there the lions can lie down with the lambs}

They neither hurt nor destroy in those holy mountains of the intenser globes".

{"They shall not hurt nor destroy in all my holy mountain" (Ys^a<yah 11:9).}

715 (p. 294)

"The lion there appeared as a very respectful, middle aged man, a gentleman's servant, elegant in style, with a fine instinct of manner to ... a just balance. He had been employed in arranging batteries {cf. cat of 9 lives} for an exceeding fine chemistry {cf. the "red lion" and the "green lion" of alchemy} that is practiced in the science of the sixth round, working from a theorem of directions ... . ... The lion replied, in a peculiar sibilant speech ... with a polite bow."

Ys^a<yah 11:9 http://bible.cc/isaiah/11-9.htm {Is the "sea" an allusion to the sealion?}

722 (p. 297) display of his forms by Adonai

"Adonai extended his wings, from which evolved spirals of bright and winged flame; his form dilated and ... he rose in majestic splendor of solar intelligence : and now from the hymning atmosphere came a burst of melody."

724-8 (pp. 298-300) musical elementary spirits

724 (p. 298)

"that little elementary, like a pigmy {pygmy}" : "The Chief said, 'Ami,' ...: at this the little elementary unwound himself from the human image in which he had stood up : he soon was visible again as a large egg : from this he then issued as a great bird, tall even to the h[e]ight of the human stature; an appearance of bird ..., and again, through the bird form, a paradise of ... song."

725 (p. 299)

"There are, however, ... artists of the lyric stage, who have drawn a faculty of entrancement by means of song through the assistance of an elementary who is termed the music-witch ... . ... Look at yon apparently feeble old pigmy {pygmy} woman ... . The small crone drew nigh, elongated her crutch, bestrode it for an aerial circuit, and commenced to blow from her mouth the bubble of a trumpet. As the sounds made circles in the air, airy tissues, robes of fire expanded on the outline of the little witch, ... and she finally alit on the ground ... attired in silks, laces and jewels for the operatic stage.

726 (p. 299)

... this music-witch ... will therefore form as a double upon a great songstress and become a musical familiar".

727 (p. 299)

"the witch ... elementary commenced with a voice like the ringing of a silver bell : the vibrations of the bell became chimes, then from the chimes came the words ... . ... .

727 (p. 300)

... she ... assumed the aged, elfish appearance, drew forth her crutch and with it hobbled away.

728 (p. 300)

Adonai remarked, 'This is one of her favorite modes of constructive appearance, but she has a great wardrobe of them".

731-2 (p. 301) the swine elementary

731 (p. 301)

"The phrase, 'John Bull,' is a misnomer, it should be John Boar,

{/John Bull/ is an abbreviation for "John Bulldog" : bulldogs having a face which more resembleth that of swine than doth the face of any of breed of hound.}

when applied to ... Great Britain ...; for Britain ... subsists upon ... the industry of the planet, that it may bloat with opulence the few of its great land-holding ..., usurious and official classes."

{Rather than "Great Britain" (which is merely a geographic designation), what ought so be blamed instead could be something like "Episcopalian Capitalism".}

732 (p. 301)

"The instinct of self-appropriation, which the swine inspire, generates much of the force of european civilization. The hog, therefore, is a very dangerous elementary : he is profoundly secular ... . All Christendom is afflicted with the swine evil."

733-4 (pp. 302-3) Trifex the gorilla

733 (p. 302)

"Another singular class of the elementaries is that of the gorillas : ... they are survivals of a former type ... which, in an epoch preceding history, were educated, modified and empowered by the adept artists of a great race ... . I will summon one of them : his name is Trifex ... . ...

734 (p. 302)

Adonai said again, 'Observe, that creature holds in the form of his theorem all the rites of modern free-masonry, to the thirty-third degree, yet he is a profound pagan ... .' Trifex changed his appearance ...; wound forth by his vapor a yellow robe and advanced as the chief [b]lama of a buddhist [b]lamasery ... : he then assumed the attitude of a buddhist adept and commenced to throw from his breast projected sounds, heard in the distance as many small tinking bells. The chief then ... saying, '... Notorieties of old

734 (p. 303)

time, like Apollonius of Tyana, were in the magic of this craft : I will shew you how.' Trifex was hence caused to substitute for his style and costume of a [b]lama those of an ancient priest of Apollo, and thence to personate the ... god, 'the lord of ... the unerring bow.'"

734-7 (pp. 303-4) enchantment of the flesh; ape-elementaries are familiar spirits of Mariolatrous monks

734 (p. 303)

"Adonai remarked again ..., 'What a realm of enchantment is that which serves as the outward habitation of mankind! The flesh that man thinks his own ... is filled with incongruous {praeternatural} elements, gross magnetisms of every {Mesmeric} sort, that are full of little bubbles from the elementary [spirit-]play.'"

735 (p. 303)

"elementaries were ... rehearsing in their mimetic art some ... former magic ... . As the chief drew nigh they ... made their heads appear bald, with shaven crowns, ... and fell on their knees before a shrine ... . Adonai said, 'These are wood friars ... : they are apes, who once were familiars of romish monks in the shadowed ages : they have not forgotten ... the hermits ... in the old times.' ...

736 (p. 303)

Adonai ... resumed, 'We will now approach the shrine of the Lady of Loretto and you

736 (p. 304)

shall see the virgin, so styled ... . ...' ...

{The "Virgin" of Loretto is "black", being one of "basalt figures of Isis." ("WVM")}

737 (p. 304)

Adonai said again, of an ape elementary of the female sex, that ..., '... she had been a Venus, a familiar sprite ... in the times of classical paganism ... .'"

"WVM" = "Worship of the Virgin Mother" {Chapter XXXII of :- Thomas William Doane : Bible Myths and their Parallels in Other Religions) http://www.encyclobooks.com/Bible-Myths-and-their-Parallels-in-Other-Religions/CHAPTER-XXXII-WORSHIP-VIRGIN-MOTHER.htm

740-1 (p. 306) book as shadowy familiar spirit

740 (p. 306)

"In a sense, man is a book ... : whoso can decipher man, can also unlock the cabinet of the universe. If in a certain sense a man is book, there is also a sense in which a book is a man.

741 (p. 306)

Whoever ... evolves and constructs a book, so involves into it the form of ... a shadowed familiar, a shadowy double".

743-4 (pp. 307-8) familiar spirits of orators and of royalty

743 (p. 307)

"Now, if that orator has a familiar, all of the imagery ... has been dipped and vailed, diffused and tinted, according to the character of the emanations by means of which the familiar made its distilments. "

744 (p. 307)

"But again, let a strong, wicked prince reign over the people, and the stronger of the elementaries, who take delight in ... the scepter, and who are ... oblivious of and hence indifferent to the quality of ... spiritual life, would be familiar to him. ...

744 (p. 308)

The elementary may perhaps remain after the king has died, becoming a familiar of his dynasty : he may possibly be seen, by means of the finer natural {psychic} vision, now approaching the coffin ... . All of the present reigning families have such familiars ...; but they are no more than old and powerful elementaries ... from the animal species."



Thomas Lake Harris : The Wisdom of the Adepts : esoteric science in human history. Fountain Grove : [privately printed,] 1884.