Wisdom of the Adepts, XX



745 to 815

747-9 (p. 309) the current of no-life; bodily life as a republic

747 (p. 309)

"The skilled adept of the divine science under suitable conditions can arrest this current, that is becoming a stream of cold death.

748 (p. 309)

There are also magical methods, employed by those who are wise ..., by means of which the deadly fluid can be caused to concentrate. ... If the stream is formed to touch the feet of a sleeping person, it may gradually invade the body; thence ... will commence ... the fine ethers to evaporate, and ... to exude the essential spirit of the bodily frame. This current of no-life arrests the action of the populations ... in the red fluid; and, ... falling from their dance they become extinct : such processes are very often precursors of the physical decease of man ... .

749 (p. 309)

The bodily life of man is not a homogeneous and personal unity : it is an immense republic, made up of societies ... : these disperse from their composite formation when the motion of their association is lost".

750-3 (pp. 310-2) bluish life-flame; body of subtle snow, and other subtle bodies

750 (p. 310)

"man ... is as a seven-branched candlestick, lit with seven lights; one for each of the seven formations of his constituted structure. The fire that generates the motion for his outward body burns, as you see, with a bluish flame at the present day."

751 (p. 310)

"Let us suppose ... that the outward body is thence removed. There is still left another body,

751 (p. 311)

a structure ... that mimics a snowy flower ... : thence ... is the flesh of this second body, like soft snow; brain, heart, lungs, viscera of snow. Thence, observing more minutely, it is seen ... that there is a water-fire burning within it, by whose wavy lines, incessantly traversing the soft formation, ... innumerable buds that are cell-germs, and putting forth animated flowers for the exquisite structures of the cells.

{Snow is in the 3rd spirah ; fire, in the 4th spirah (Seper Ys.irah 1:9 -- "QSD", p. 114).} {Both snow, and doors of fire, are in the 6th heaven ("SHT"). "Michael is snow, Gabriel is fire" ("RF").} {"in the 6th Heaven ... Nuriel ... is described as being composed of snow & fire." ("AB")} {"Ishim are angels with nether parts of snow and upper parts of fire." (LJ -- "A")}

752 (p. 311)

So sensitive is this life-body, that if a wave of pleasurable sensation is drawn toward it, the snow becomes roseate ... . Yet observe again, from head to feet this body is enveloped in a mantle of water-fire ... . ...

753 (p. 311)

We now approach the third form of the human, the natural soul ... : yet in this wasted age ... the natural soul being sadly wounded, even from before its birth. This is styled

753 (p. 312)

the image-form of man, in contra-distinction from the likeness-form, which is that of the soul of the spirituality."

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760-1 (p. 315) memory-forms & spectres at epoch of cataclysm

760 (p. 315)

"When a cataclysm is at hand, that precedes a new evolution of mankind, the memory forms, which are excessively sensitive and which become timorous, are led into an especial disconnection from the human systems in which they have stood for service ... . The functions of the memory-forms being then suspended, there is ordained a process of transcription, by which individuals may, for the time being, remember so much as is necessary and convenient; this is however in the deep occult law.

761 (p. 315)

... in the immediate time preceding a cataclysm, when the memory-forms recede, there is a great increase of illusions, of spectralism ... . There is also at such seasons an indifference to alarming phenomena".

763-8 (pp. 316-9) s^aros & bet; personality of soul; spiritual embryology & expansion of egotism

763 (p. 316)

"The sharos, out of which proceeds the first of the sevenfold forms in which the spiritual soul of man is fashioned, is a speaking fire ... :

the beth, which is the second proceeding form, is a voiceless fire :

{cf. <arabi /BATT/ 'announcement'}

the two, making one, generate that which we term the first chamber ... of man".

764 (p. 317)

"When, therefore, the breath of life descends into the spiritual soul, there is seen standing in her the likeness of a man in first principles, who inhabits there; this being the personality of the soul.

You would say to look upon it, 'this is a water-image;' as it is made apparent as an entity of life; but, as you look more closely, there will be seen through that aqueous form another form as of fire :

the cold form is the form of the intelligence; the fire form is the form of the volition :

neither has existence separately from the other, not even relative existence. When the two are involved into each other, the psychic germ, passing into the center of its labyrinth, unifies them; from that unition proceeds the human personality; this being now in process of creation, but not as yet created.

765 (p. 317)

If the man who is being created is of a race that is under the First ..., there is engendered ... a spark which we term the spiritual ego : this becomes incorporated in the soul-substance of the spiritual degree of the embryo ... . ...

766 (p. 317)

In the Second ..., that ensues for a race ... of ... a different order : hence the spiritual soul ... receives ...

766 (p. 318)

an investment-form generated through ... the result of the inflorescent action of the divine-natural mankind in the orb ...; hence its heredity is derived from the race-righteousness, which is itself an inhabitative form for the Divine Righteousness. ...

767 (p. 318)

Behold upon the mirror of a representation of one of these seed-egos, expanding as an animated plant : it climbs about the spiritual soul ..., until the soul is involved by its convolutions : see it thence becoming as an egg, thus enclosing the germinal spiritual soul, around which it is now drawn to an ovate shape, doubling upon it vesicle by vesicle. ...

768 (p. 318)

Perceive the ego seeeking to corrupt the spiritual soul, its indwelling mind and will, by the movements of its constant self-motive; arresting the altruistic growth by which man is finally enabled to extirpate the self-image; fostering the egoistic growth by means of which the self-image ... takes possession of all the spiritual labyrinths ... and becomes itself an inversed center of the inverted human personality. See hence how it expands through all the spiritual body of man ... : so

768 (p. 319)

at last it utterly eats up the substance of the human spirituality and becomes the prone monster of the infernal abyss."

769-770 (p. 319) conscious or unconscious; altruism vs. egotism

769 (p. 319)

"Man may become, as to his outward mind, either a conscious or an unconscious student of the esoteric science. Here and there one of the race becomes a conscious occultist; but the numbers of those who are occultists unconsciously can hardly be estimated.

Again, there is an occultist of the altruistic spirit in man ... energising against the egoistic spirit in its own person and in the world. Opposed to this is an occultism whereby men who are becoming ensouled and embodied egos ... conspire ... for the triumph and extension of the egoistic principles and institutions.

Again, there is a petty magic, by which men of ignorance ... and curiosity tamper with the invisible world.

There is a sporadic magic, ... operating by occult currents that generate a multitude of quasi spiritual phenomena.

There is a pseudo religious magic, by means of whose operations each sect of all the egoistic religions of the world in all ages holds its ground ... .

Finally, there is a philosophical magic, by which men ..., among whose scholars an hidden cult has been perpetuated for ages, achieve immense but fragmentary results, reducing to their command the animal elementaries ... .

770 (p. 319)

Again, some of these last may cultivate the cold philosophy, and emerge occasionally from their retreats .. in which the generations of the adepts ... have hung

suspended from the lustrous crystalisations of their magic, like bats, suspended in masses from stalactites".

{This is a conventional Jaina description of the arihant-s, hanging upside-down as bats in the cavern over heaven.}

771-3 (pp. 320-1) surface-dimensionality; a beaver-elementary

771 (p. 320)

"the Chief arrived and one of the fraternity with him, both very much outwarded toward the lines of surface-dimensionality. Adonai then said, 'I sent our good elementary Leo with a message ... . ...

772 (p. 320)

Here is our beaver elementary, Frederick; he comes ... and with him a female associate ... : they move in the forms of a theorem that was ... instilled in them ... : behold ... .' The

772 (p. 321)

beaver and beaveress came in, apparently as a man and woman ... . ... Frederick was then motioned to improvise and commence in the shaker sing-song ... {Shaking Quaker being their theorem}; after which the elderess spoke ... .

773 (p. 321)

Two spirits then entered, not elementaries, pale, wasted, woe-begone creatures ... . The Chief remarked, '... These are wandering human spirits, ... lingering about their earthly confines ... . Observe, ... they are attracted toward these [beaver] elementaries made up in the kindly human style ... . ... The rightly educated elementary ... is really a good Samarian to such human unfortunates, who lie on the earth's threshold, wounded in their soul-structure ... . Now our shaker elementary knows just what to do on this occasion ... : observe that he is demagnetising the human spirit, who kneels before him ... .

See too, he is destroying the little larvous parasites which infest the spirit's skin, minute forms of vices, and is distilling an itch ointment ..., reaching thus the broods of parasites that are buried beneath the skin."

{To eliminate praeternatural parasites is one of the exorcist's usual tasks.}

776-80 (pp. 322-4) deleterious effects of ascendency of egotism

776 (p. 322)

"The Brother of the Pillar said, '... That ego has constructed by its mimetic play a form of habitation in each degree of the frame, thus holding the frame in subjection. The natural mind ... is thus possessed by the ... ego; while the elementary ... is completely at the service of the ego. ...

777 (p. 322)

Now, the ego thus embodied ..., that which was once known as human spirituality or human personality would have ceased to exist. The inversive creation of ego ...

777 (p. 323)

has drawn into its enlarging structure the myriads of psychic globules that were to have served as the constituents of the spiritual body of the personality ... . ... An ego, in the completion of its inversive constructive round, is neither man nor woman, though it appears to be the self-identity of the man or woman in whom it made its place, and whom it has consumed or destroyed.

778 (p. 323)

That genius which by a series of forms in the spiritual soul would have become man or woman, -- the psychic germ, -- ... has become extinct ... . I emphasise the point : the full and complete ego has destroyed the personality : he is devil, not man; though by the mimetic art he enacts the play of man in a deceptive and dissolute sense. ... .'

779 (p. 323)

Adonai resumed. 'We may go on from this and view the female ego, loosened forth through the mediumistic formation and aptitude to the freedom of her delight ... . She has no human conscience ... . ...

{When a female is loosed and set free from the material plane by spirit-mediumship, then she is of aptitude for not a mere mortal conscience, but rather a divine conscience.}

780 (p. 324)

Now the ... human creature, who dares {submitteth} to yield to that stream of {divine} influence in which the complete ego is subjectively immersed {in being controlled by the divine} ..., seems to enjoy devachanic raptures. ... if the lips are opened for oratory there may be surpassing eloquence ... . The structures that are wrought ... are so wonderful, so profound in wonders, that none have yet been able to find the limit".

781-3 (pp. 324-5) magical displays by magicians in Ob

781 (p. 324)

"In the streets of the high city of the land of Ob ... :- a magician, to cross an avenue from a lofty terrace, would throw out from his form the outline of a great bird, and alighting on the opposite terrace, walk there as a man again ... . An adept ..., who wished to go abroad invisibly,

{When this feat (of becoming a bird) is performed by a shaman, it is invariably done in a dream.}

would discharge his elements of magnetism {his magnetic force being invisible} into the body of a near familiar {spirit/elementary}, and so move in public or stand in a room, unseen by passers-by or those in the room with him.

{If this be intended as a formula for achieving invisibility, it would likely apply to a dream. (To achieve invisibility in the waking-world, a different device, involving "cloaking", similar to that mentioned in science-fiction, can be used instead.)}

782 (p. 324)

A magician as he grew old, for the purpose of renewing his vital principle,

would take a child. ... thence, by the secret process, the volatile particles would rise into and refresh his frame. After a series of the magical operations, by which those child-lives had perished, he would have another body ... .

{It is usual in Taoist internal alchemy to produce perpetual youthfulness by means of a child; but the youthfulness is to be experienced only in another body (astral projection) or world (dreaming), and the "child" is not a material-bodied mortal, but a divine entity of another plane of existence.} {The author's description is quite different (more alike to what is ascribed to the H^arnani), and would most likely apply to quite a peculiar (and a gruesome) dream.}

If he wished to appear in a display of magnificence, he would constellate his body. ... By this means he would move abroad, or fly abroad as having descended from the starry region, clad in garments displaying the splendor of gold in the softness and flexibility of wool. Thence we would cause a table, apparently of silver, to emerge from a table of wood, without any

782 (p. 325)

visible disturbance or breakage of the woody fibre. ...

{Lack of any visible disturbance could be achieved if the image extracted were non-material, or if the original table were non-material, or both.}

He would select a living sheep from the flock : ... then the sacrificer, laying the sheep upon the altar, would find that the entrails of the sheep were coiled ropes, made up of wreaths of lace fabrics, which on unrolling would be found magnificent robes. ...

{This, again, could be done only with non-material beings, such as in non-material worlds (dreams etc.); unless by way of subtle bodies.}

783 (p. 325)

The magician would draw a cartouch[e] and send an artificer to engrave it on a pillar ... : he would go down ... through the earth, ascend through the pillar and reappear from the pillar by way of the cartouch[e], passing on through the air to alight among the people. ...

He would, in appearance, be burned as a public sacrifice ...; and would thence reappear in a few days, bodily as ever. ...

{This feat is described in hagiographies of Sahajiya saints.}

He would go into a man's house, and apparently walk through its walls ... . He would evolve ... a brazen trumpet from his mouth, and cause, as would be made to appear when he blew the trumpet, a procession of birds to come forth with the sounds of the music".

784 (p. 325) some miracles of modern spirit-mediumship

"the display of spirit hands, levitating furniture, flowers falling from the ceiling, instruments playing without any seeming touch upon strings or keys, personations from who[m]ever may be thought of ..., -- all these ... are ... projections, similar to those of the magic of ... ancient rite."

789-91 (pp. 327-8) the nature of deities of Classical pagan religions : imperial Mystery-religion

789 (p. 327)

"If one duly empowered and authorised would occultly open a spring of water in many localities, he might find an undine, a water-nymph : any of these superior elementaries or impersonalities will make the demonstration to him, if it please her, and if she can obtain the permission of the local genius who is over her in rule. ...

The secret enemies of [the Catholic Church of] Rome are found in the nobler races of impersonalities; those whom the magic of this sect [Roman Catholicism] was never able to enthral into service; the naiads, the dryads, the oreads; the long trains whose bright and graceful processions moved as dreams ... through the classical religions of Greece ... . ... .

790 (p. 327)

... there was a vast impiety and fraud, a spirit of greed and hate in the ecclesiastical rulers ... of the christianism that usurped ... threatening ... the whole future of mankind. Yet Julian [the Emperor-Apostate] ... had sought instruction in the best schools of philosophic science then extant : he had been

790 (p. 328)

initiated into the surviving secrets of the Mysteries, which had ... sacredness and reality.

791 (p. 328)

This emperor ... had glimpsed so far into the vistas opening in the occult sciences that he knew of the existence of beings, superior ... to ... the human race ...; beings of light ..., creatures of ecstasies and harmonies, who ... diffused a spirit of serenity and joy ... . He knew ... a faith in the Ideal, and ... this faith ... led the intelligence and inspired the devotions ... . He held in lofty reverence the grecian philosophers, the ... sages and adepts".

794 (p. 329) disgusted with christianism, the divinities abandon humankind en masse

"the loftier races of impersonalities ... from the nobility and delicacy of their qualities are chary of the approach of man. The Christians of that earlier epoch [viz., prior to the Renaissance] looked upon nature with disgust and scorn :

the Greek had inculcated a veneration for the human body : the Christians generally taught that it was to be despised as a vile encumbrance ... .

When the hammer of the iconoclast shattered the holy images, when his axe fell upon the trees of the sacred retreats, those calm brightnesses disappeared. ... the {nature-spirit} races that move in the vast elementary proportions of the divinity of Nature and of Arch-nature gathered away again into the vailed seclusions, where the hateful eye {of the christianist} could not follow them, nor the disturbing and anathematising {christianist} voice be heard."

797-8, 800-1 (pp. 330-2) return of antique religions & their divinities, as restored by triumph of the Renaissance in Europe

797 (p. 330)

"At length, when a new Europe commence to appear, shewing the nations constructed from the destroyed roman empire as islands become visible above the receding waters of a deluge, the former occult world ... was embosoming in an elemental mystery ... .

798 (p. 330)

The elementaries who formed this mystery were essentially kind[ly] ..., yet revelled in freaks of a strange style ... :

... they evolved images of spectral horsemen in the lonely roads at night :

one familiar of a family ... might disclose himself as an ape in fantastic costume, peering from behind the

798 (p. 331)

tapestry or sitting in his master's chair.

The witch would be visible to some keen eye-sight, as riding to her sabbath on a broom :

grave-yards were scenes of weird and strange enchantments : men saw specters : shadowy dogs were seen hovering over the graves of their masters ... :

houses were shunned as being haunted : rappings were heard ... :

sometimes there were rushes of chilling winds, and in them the felt motion of phantom multitudes."

800 (p. 331)

"the superior races of elementaries ... timidly commenced to venture again toward their old localities. ... they moved coyly and timidly toward their ancient retreats : Pan was not dead after all. ... the renaissance began and went on.

801 (p. 331)

... the pseudo-christian ecclesiasts had undertaken to extirpate the learning of classical antiquity ..., but those remains still

801 (p. 332)

held ... the procreative fire. The loftier minds groped their way ... through that obscure dogmatic labyrinth. Learning, a new Prometheus, called down fire from heaven to infuse a flame of spirit into ... men; to infuse a seed of spirit into them".

803, 805 (pp. 332-3) migratory elementaries & their mirror-chambre of social activism

803 (p. 332)

"There are classes of migratory elementaries, who leave a land during the season of the cold and return when Nature puts forth a new blossoming;

there are others to whom the arctic is more congenial than the tropic ... .

There are those who make the fruitful season one long holiday and who disport and display when the mid-summer nights are in their perfection; races ... whom Shakspere {Shakespeare, in his Mid-Summer Night's Dream} ... naturalised in literature as Oberon, Titania and their graceful train; let us enter the mirror-chamber and behold."

805 (p. 333)

"Again observe the mirrors : the sparkles on them have become points of fixed light. There is no such thing possible as individual righteousness, separate from the public action, by which a man is serving ... the universal welfare ... .

{The mirror is that of godhead Dharma, as introspected in the Antarabhava. (Socio-oikonomic activism would be a worthy project for propounding the ethical karman of divine Dharma.)}

The growth of a man ... in the truth {aleitheia} of good {ho agathos} and in their composite energy, is by means of the ripening of elements {stoikheia} in him which ... pass through all the realms and ranks of sentient existence {ho On} who are in service of the divine delight. The elements ... have passed again through ... innumerable races and families of the divine immensity" {the divine Immensity = Brahman}.

811-2 (pp. 335-6) socio-oikonomic decadence in the praesent world-order [of hypocritical, atheistic international capitalism]

811 (p. 335)

"There are debauched religions, debauched moralities, debauched philosophies ... : the public relations between people and people are maintained and carried on by means of debauched diplomacies."

812 (p. 336)

"This {international affair/diplomacy} is a game where ... the strict law {of international karman} will admit of no departure {from public ethical propriety} with impunity : it is absolute, for the free constitution of the unified humanity and arch humanity {consisting of alien intelligent species} of the cosmos is the order of that law."

815 (p. 337) the Time-Spirit

"The next step taken by the Time-Spirit in the great round opens the door ... . ... You perceive the concurrence of seven planetary streams of force ... : it is ... that the concurrence of the seven ... is requisite for the preservation of such ... as should survive. ...

But your word-geist is now commencing to reflect into the outward mind-mirrors, from the images of the concept that is formed in conceptive chamber of your interior intelligence".



Thomas Lake Harris : The Wisdom of the Adepts : esoteric science in human history. Fountain Grove : [privately printed,] 1884.