Wisdom of the Adepts, XXI-XXIII



816 to 848

816 (p. 338) the 3 Immensities

"Nature, from the point of view opened at the place of the sixth round now occupied, discloses three immensities each in its own dimensions; these being known as worlds or spaces of the first egg or first germ : thence are

three of the second formation which are termed worlds or spaces ofthe first psyche.

In the spaces of the first germ, there is first the superficial space with is known as the world of appetites : appetite {nepes^} is deployed from this ... .

Contiguous to this is the space of imitation :

contiguous to this last is the space of ideality, the transcendental realm.

Following from the worlds of the egg into those of the psyche {ns^amah}, we find correspondential immensities immeasurably more vast, populous and fertile".

818-20 (pp. 339-40) elementaries' effect on dreaming and on astral projecting

818 (p. 339)

"Those imitative elementaries, that were animals in the world of appetite, ... would evoke sleep, lead slumber into dream and then make their play through the dream till the psyche dislodged itself ... and slid forth into the fine ether. If by an happy coincidence these elementaries find an human psyche that has drawn itself far out during the bodily slumber, passing through its state of dream to where the trance touches into the imitative world, they make the loveliest of their plays, endeavoring ... to lead it so far beyond the attraction of its body that it cannot return ... .

819 (p. 339)

A little while since, I saw ... One of these elementaries ... led the psyche out of its physique by dream in dream. At last the young man stood without the body {astrally projected by the assistance of the elementary} ...; his memory-form had become separated from him : then he was

819 (p. 340)

lifted into a little whirl that was passing at the time and so carried away.

820 (p. 340)

By this whirl the elementary lost his anticipated play-fellow; so he crept into the deserted human shell ..., and lay in the shell : ... so he energised ... . In a few days the seeming young man ... will be a great medium; an human body inhabited by an elementary, but dispossessed of its human personality."

{While a shaman is absent from the body on a spirit-journey, the body may be temporarily occupied by a possessing-spirit in certain traditional spirit-possession-caerimonies; but always that possessing-spirit will immediately depart on the return of the shaman from the spirit-journey. The description by Th.L.H. is different, and more alike to a modern-day "walk-in" of the flying-saucer-contactee type.}

823-4 (p. 341) unfamiliar spirit Ayo & the divine social city

823 (p. 341)

"in the new realms of active delight in which we have built our house, we find a higher race, the psychic elementaries. I have brought with me, not a familiar but an unfamiliar of their species,

who is in the service of such a ring as is on your left hand;

{Such a jinn serving a magical ring in mentioned in the 1001 Nights.}

the counterpartal ring with the white stone, in which is engraved the nuptial word. Now I move through the thought-stone by means of the arch-vril and this lovely impersonality draws nigh, ... to light up his form to visibility.

I call him Ayo : his enjoyment is in doing the things that are in the daily service of a nuptial family."

{AYO is likewise the name of the city in Dahomey wherein it was first arranged (by Agaja and his wife Hwanjele') that there would be a distinction in the results of nuptials (namely, the progeny born therefrom, so as to distiguish betwixt humans and beasts -- DN, p. 167).}

824 (p. 341)

"The whirl of the Word forms the insociation; ten thousnd nuptial pairs constituting each social city that is prefigured in the motions of the whirl. ...

{Was this the destination of "the young man" uplifted by the "whirl" (of 819, p. 340)? If so, it is an Emerald-City-like place, as of Oz. (The Emerald City is a Hermetic mystery, also known in modern Iran.)}

My own person with my love are in one of the offices of the life-processes of the Ten, and the chief of our Process is called Ten-I, or by its feminine Ten-O."

{with grammatical-gendre affixes as in Yoruba}

DN = Melville J. Herskovits & Frances S. Herskovits : Dahomean Narrative. Northwestern U Pr, 1958. "Dahomean Culture & Lore of the Gods -- How the Vodou Came to Dahomey" http://www.mamiwata.com/queen.html

825-6 (pp. 342-3) Amodeo & Amoleta

825 (p. 342)

"Afterwards there were with the writer two ... angels or angelic spirits of the celestial degree,

Amodeo {a surname from Tuscany ("AFC")} and his love Amoleta : these ... were in a little Heavenly Society ..., styled the Heaven of the Dove.

{Their priest and priestess were named, respectively, "Zalutha" and "Zalathuma" (HL 2 (1858):13).}

Amodeo said, 'When you were called Faithful, ... Our little Society was taken into the movement of the change, and drawn into the great Word-whirl, to be reconstituted in its electro-vital expansion ... . We are now a little northward of Aestivossa, where we occupy a great Island of the electro-vital sea, called Cygnione {'Swan Island'} ... : we have adjoined to us an impersonal people, peculiar, ... who circle in their rounds of pleasure in the extreme service of our own special Word-whirl. On the fifth day of our week {Friday}, which is consecrated to the devotion of our Divine Lady {Inanna/Aphrodite/Venus}, they are levitative ..., wreathing in dances above us {in the sky} till the atmosphere is alive with sport. I will now introduce our sister, who was drawn to us in the line of the whirl, as she now moves with us in the line of the Muses.' ...

826 (p. 342)

Advancing ..., this lady said, '... call me Zoa {Zoe 'Life'}. Our theatre ... employs a troupe of elementaries ... . ... I am permitted ... to ...

826 (p. 343)

the Invisible who is known as the Majesty of the Sea, and he sends an elementary who is qualified ... . She will be in the house ..., always at call ..., if I so require ... . ...'"

"AFC" = http://www.houseofnames.com/amodeo-family-crest

HL = Th. L. Harris (ed) : THE HERALD OF LIGHT. New Church Publ Assn. http://books.google.com/books?id=DM0oAAAAYAAJ&pg=PA13&lpg=PA13&dq=

832 (p. 345) Uratial

"In the year 1880, the obi of their walk bore the magical name Penial and its obo Urathial."

{Female /URaTial/ is apparently intended as the Norse norn /URD/.}

834-5 (pp. 346-7) how modern-day occultists worship deities who appear in the guise of well-known saints, as well as in the guise of elementary animal-familiars

834 (p. 346)

many of the eager inquirers into the secrets of the occult world expose both mind and body to the mesmeric and other influences, … to form into the human curents …; selecting from their diffusive systems the choicest elements for the combinations which they make use of for the renewal of their magnetic forms {aitheric doubles} and for the supply of {praeternatural} forces. These are not to be confounded with the gross, unwieldy spirits … who subsist upon the vapors of the corpses : they are not larves, neither are they of the class entitled vampires … .

835 (p. 346)

Having at their command the survivals of the resources of the black science, that gave power to … the land of Ob in its palmy days of magic …, they move with a certain magnificence … . When such are encountered in the mysterious avenues that wind from the subjective walks of one civilization to another in the underways, they would be … as most pious and unobtrusive men or women. Their most favorite mode … is … of christian or buddhist saints and ascetics, or as those of the moh[.]ammedan style. … they will always ... be absorbed in religious reverie … . Their more hidden art is to personate the elementary familiars … . Thence again they will imitate the

835 (p. 347)

processes in which the animal elementaries become elevated to their upright image : having passed through this, their next effort is to double on the familiars who serve as doubles in attendance on … such great officials as the pope, or the [b]lamas who are held as living buddhas, or ecclesiasts who occupy positions of eminence in the more conspicuous hierarchies.”

837 (p. 347) how veritably antient deities now promote sectarian superstitions

Excluded as they are, by the advancing formation of the new electro-vital interspace, from any outlet toward the imitative regions where they formerly moved as magical divinities, they concentrate on the natural space occupied by mankind …, awaiting the happy termination of earth's long career of troubles. They stir up the spirits of propagandism in the sectarian hierarchies, … causing men to be driven to phrenzy by … the superstitions that are dearer to them than life.”

{More actual than any formation of “new” interspace is the fact of changing (improving) human outlooks on philosophy and on social ethics; these factors could affect some of the relative dispositions of divinities.}

843 (p. 349) a se'ance is proposed by a night-walkeress goddess

I was then in the space-way beyond and beheld, as it … seeemed …, a moon rising out of a great mist : by[e] and by[e] the moon, as to resemblance, had become a white and winged woman with a train of elementaries following her for a star-flight. … there was a score or so of inferior larves, all made to resemble the starry ones [cf. 845 (p. 350) “the spirits of the stars … we acknowledge.”] and they were all drawn in the trail of the magnetisms of that old night-walker[ess] who used to be known as one of Urathial's goddesses. 'Let us have a séance,' quoth the hag {goddess}; to they all commenced … to go in{to the bodies of practitioners of spirit-mediumship}, to biologize the sleepy investigators and to shew off their realities … of worthy people who have passed away.”

844 (p. 350) the nature of Spiritism

"Spiritism is a great fact ..; a great light ...; a great reality ...; a great kindness ...; a great hope ... . It is a nest of doves ...; an ascending star ...; a quickening ...; a refreshing fount ...; wafts from the ancient devachan ... . The circle of its operancy is the girdle that embraces all religions : there is nothing too good to say of it ... . The doors of it open into ... the last results of natural science and the first germs of occult life.

It baffles hitherto all inquiries, for it has a way that is no way, and a method that is past finding out ... . When approached ... it ... may cause exhibitions that go beyond all the present powers of material display ... . It is the universal Proteus, who slips from form to form, and then says to the wearied and baffled seeker, 'you have sought to know me, but my ... mystery is beyond you : now rest and be satisfied that I am the Inscrutable.'"



849 to 890

852-4 (pp. 354-5) romance of music

852 (p. 354)

"The writer was again present in the secret dwelling place of his Brethren of the Life, and found the Chief of the Society attired in the ... graceful attire ... of the silver age ... . ...

853 (p. 354)

... Adonao sat ... reading a romance ..., ... some precious volume of the profound wisdom, gathered into exquisite and pleasant similitudes. The Chief took down a violin ..., saying, 'We have read that the boy Mercury ... fashioned from the shell ... an implement of melody. ... what was this? ... it was a great sea-crab that had grown out of its shell of appetite ... . ...'

854 (p. 355)

Adonai commenced to play, evolving from the instrument the secret music of the sea ...; ...

till the great crab wound itself out of the musician's hand,

{The Karkinokheires "instead of hands have crabs' claws " (Loukianos : Alethine Historia).}

being liberated from its fixed form, and stood ... throwing small crystal bubbles from its mouth. But now an electro-vital wave ... rolled into the open doorway, and the wave taking an human outline, in it stood a sea-king".

858-9 (pp. 356-7) bodies of glory; mystery

858 (p. 356)

"Adonai said .... '... there are bodies celestial and bodies terrestrial, but the glory of the celestial is one and the glory of the terrestrial is another ... . ...

858 (p. 357)

I may shew you a mystery, which may well be opened on this auspicious day ... .

859 (p. 357)

The MAN OF MYSTERY was ... genial, spontaneous, artless, gleeful, at times overflowing with merriment. ...'"

{This is a typical Taoist characterization of a Man of the Tao.}

862, 864-6 (pp. 359-60) sites of refuge for elementaries, until they be liberated through work of the Man of the Word

862 (p. 359)

"Here and there were remains of the primitive electro-vital interspace ... . Here the races of the earth's departed elementaries were crowded together, with a mysterious Protectorate among them; but

the greater part of the elementaries of animal origin were massed into the narrow belt of frontier just contiguous to the out-space, or

held in suspense, hibernating in immense cavities of depressions, almost inaccessible to the superficial adept of the earth."

864 (p. 359)

"There were also, as at the present time, ... a force in projection from the great solar orb of the universe ... : a word-sword was held ... in the right hand of the ruling Planet[ary Spirit] of the chain".

865 (p. 360)

"What, then, in this region was the work of the Man of the Word {= Akkadian god Nabu = Hellenistic god Hermes Trismegistos}? ... He liberated the immense bodies of elementaries who were in suspense ... : he spun an electro-vital ring or zone, contiguous to the orb's extreme dimension; making the basis of a new world for their occupancy ... .

866 (p. 360)

Again, he lifted up the spiritual localities of all the previously existing devachanic kingdoms, the heavens of the angels and angelic spirits of our mankind".

867-8 (p. 361) planetary chains & divine flowers

867 (p. 361)

"The original planetary chain of which this earth is a member consisted of seven principal orbs of the telluric degree : of these our globe stood in the center,

Venus, Mercury and a planet still more interior being toward the sun, and

opposite Mars, Jupiter and a great planet which perished in the antecedent cataclysm, and of which Luna was a former attendant. ...

The World-Builder {Kosmo-Krator}, evolving each planet to its outward plan, ... fashions ... a unique and and original conception of its relation, stand-place and function in the universal harmony {Great Harmonia of A. J. Davis}. From the divine solar flower in his hand, ... the Man of the Heaven sprinkles each orb with the pollen-dust of the primordial germs of the ensuing races ... .

868 (p. 361)

Again ... were instilled into the natural matrices of each orb the psychic germs, wherefrom are formed the kingdoms of humanity. ... There is also the pollen of essentiality, that draws by vortical currents from one man-bearing world to another, so that the corolla of a race on one globe may be impregnated from another globe ... : hence we may see many new genera from the species of man appearing ... on every earth of each planetary chain. Yet ... there are systems of chains inwoven into the general chain of each solar system, chain being made to fertilize into chain."

870-1 (pp. 362-3) magical spiritual illumination is to be achieved when universal madness [of militarism] be averted by the [pacifist-]deity Brahma

870 (p. 362)

"the thought of the world puts on ... a magical illumination;

the race was verging on a crisis of universal insanity.

Again, that invisible {divine} hand, by its occult projection, was ... arresting the madness {war-mongering} of the race, before it should come to the crisis of an outward demonstration {by declaration of war} and sweep through the planet {as World-War} with a universal death. ...

871 (p. 362)

He thus touched the sex-corolla of the world {by promulgating the doctrine "make love, not war"}, both was brain {in pacifist propaganda} and womb {pacifist erotics}, as the Divine Brahm {Brahma being, along with his divine wife Sarasvati, deities of the gun.a "rajas" ('pollen'/'sexuality')} ... .

871 (p. 363)

... Behold him there, passing into the root of the racial flower,

to expel the death-worms ... .

{christo-centric religions of capitalist militarism -- Christ being identified by Christian commentators as the speaker of the psalmic "I am a worm and not a man" (Psalm 22:6 = Thilli^m 22:7).}

Behold him making himself the Plant of the racial plant, the Lotos of the lotos {waterlily}, ingenerating himself into it ...; leading forth therein ... the essential germs of the divine anima-florealis, for the expansive blossom of a new and pure humanity."

Psalm 22:6 (with Commentaries by Barnes, Gill, and Matthew Henry) http://bible.cc/psalms/22-6.htm

879 (pp. 366-7) metempsychosis & mystic self-hypnotism; with their resultant powers for bilocation

879 (p. 366)

"The docrine of metempsychosis, with its long series of returns through birth and bodily organization and effect, ... begets ... the motion of an ever-turning wheel : ... the tread-mill of the rounds ... .

{The all-European doctrine of metempsychosis (whether Platonic, Druidic, or whatever) is seldom associated with any wheel other than, perhaps, the gyre of the sphaire of the fixed stars, where Armenios's son Er encountred such. Howbeit, the spinning-wheel of the 3 Moirai could conceivably be considered in this connection.}

879 (p. 367)

The mystic endeavors to think himself out of form : by this he produces a peculiar state of hypnotism; at last it is as if a star had burst {cf. sunburst} ... and then there is a ... sense as if he were a liberated {mukta} personality : ... he may expatiate and delight in a wonder-world, made up of visions of intangible and changeful beauty ... . ... Drawing back partially into his organs of exterior form ... to scientise and philosophise, he may hence construct occult theories ... .

880 (p. 367)

He has ... learned the methods of subduing by his spells and employing for his magic the animal elementaries ... :

he may gather fruit at Bombay, while dining with a friend in Calcutta : he may write through the hand ... of a medium in New York, while concentrating his mental energies in a cell which he occupies in Kashmir or Thibet ... .

He may then ... become so quietly intellectualised, so excarnated, as to arrest ... the natural ... drain of the volatile life : he may become so skilled to instil into his structure of the elements of the occult vitality as to prolong physical duration far beyond the century".

882 (p. 368) formlessness : winds in the Earth's interior

"Still a little on, and ... for formlessness ... into a region where form has no existence, ... adept priests of the old cult ... may ... make the final exit from form : ... opening as into

a clear sea, where

{the Bodish triple oceanic consciousness of >od gsal ('clear light') "of sleep", "of death", and "of the path"}

there is neither life nor death ... .

{"neither life nor death, ... nor things present, nor things to come" (Epistole to the Rhomaioi 8:38)}

What of this? ... afterward ... mental operations performed within ... the earthly house {material body} of the magician, have made of that structure a reverberating chamber, through which may pass the winds that circulate in the more interior cabinets {concealed regions of praeternatural realms}, where the earth-spirit weaves her spells."

883 (p. 369) marital couplehood is divinely instituted

"We are formed to live ... as lover-loveress, husband-wife : in this we are made the ever-living bridal chambers of the Infinite. We are in-nuptialised into God[head] : we are thence out-nuptialised into humanity."

{This is a Tantrik/Kaula, and also a Qabbalist, doctrine; but is emphatically denied throughout all Christendom.}

886-7 (pp. 370-1) wondrous India

886 (p. 370)

"We return to India : ... here the mysteries of yog vidya have been handed down from generation to generation

{"Yoga Vidya" ('Yoking Lore') is the mode for yoking animal-elementaries to the task of accomplishing for humanity the socio-oikonomic overthrow of atheistic christianist tyrannies.}

886 (p. 371)

through schools of adepts, and always held in faith and reverence ... . ...

887 (p. 371)

Look at Arya[-v]arta : ... the caste-spirit, the caste-system and the caste-religion, ... their occult ... nature.

{'Caste' here would be "jati", the Samskr.ta term for 'guild', which is the labor-union basis for forthcoming insurrectionist socio-oikonomic occultist uprising.}

Here we find ... how sweet, how gentle, how compassionate, how exquisite often, in form, feature and demeanor, the clearer vision joyfully discerns ... rise! ... . ... India ... offers many examples of historical and personal excellence : ... philosophies woven into ... pantheism; ... an esoteric science, ...

secret penetralia ... of the ancient and more ancient literatures of man".

{"Penetralia" being a term much-employed by A. J. Davis, and referred by him to a subversive penetration of social institutions by a secretive conspiracy of harmonial anarchist insurrectionists aimed at overthrowing capitalism worldwide}



891 to 917

891 (p. 373) Lilla

"my own, my lilla will speak ..., for it is in the way of the Woman's Word".

{This "lilla" would be goddess Lilit ('In the Night'), who (according to the Qabbalah) initially instructed >adam.} {This Lilit is often regarded as typifying the feminine soul (Jung's "anima"), whence the litterary figure of Robert Pirsig's "Lila Blewitt" (from /BLUo/ 'soul' in an Indonesian dialect), whose inclination for dancing is warned against by (L) the stars Rigel ('Foot') and Capella ('Nanny-Goat') -- knowers of that panic affectation.}

L = Robert M. Pirsig : Lila. 1988. http://www.almabooks.com/excerpts/lila.pdf

902 (pp. 377-8) Gospels as gems

902 (p. 377)

"Adonai said ..., '... The man of the external is unable to distinguish between an impregnated mineral and one that is not impregnated :

I will call the first of the gospels a ruby,

the second an emerald,

the third a topaz and

the fourth a diamond ... . ...

902 (p. 378)

These four stones are each impregnated : ... each book was as a stone and each received the impregnation."

909 (p. 380) Fravas^i

"The doctrine of Guardian Angels is involved in the Christian mystery ... ."

{This doctrine of Fravas^i is of Zaratustrian provenience, and not "Christian" at all, except insofar as Christianity is subverted by a Zaratustrian gnosis of the angeloi of Hermes Trismegistos.}



Thomas Lake Harris : The Wisdom of the Adepts : esoteric science in human history. Fountain Grove : [privately printed,] 1884.