Wisdom of the Adepts, XXIV



918 to 981

919-22 (pp. 385-6) Mediation/Bliss Angels in the House of the Eye

919 (p. 385)

"guardian angels, serving in an especial providence of mediation, and who thus minister to our race of mankind, come forth from the world of the fourth dimension in the rounds of this service, which is a labor-service, and they return from the rounds into another service, which is called bliss-service. They come forth against resistances, but return by open space-ways ... by attraction.

920 (p. 385)

We have now entered the first of the seven spacial {spatial} regions, which constitute the order of the world of fourth dimension. ... here is a mansion which we may enter : it is named the House of the Eye. Now all of the present transpiring events of the localities of earth, so far as they are connected with human beings who are in them, are mirrored here through the lenses of the focal chambers ... .

921 (p. 385)

Entering the theater of the edifice, here sit in perpetual session the Sacred Twelve, the rulers of the ministering angels of the earth, the adepts of the science of ministration.

{This may be intended as "the description ... of the twelve degrees of angels instead of ten, in "Sode Raza," quoted in Yalḳ. Reubeni to Gen. i. 1." ("SHT")}

There is a complementary service to relieve them at due intervals, but ... never ... is their session ... suspended. Perceive the intentness with which they sit ... . ...

922 (p. 386)

Observe, too, -- for we can feel it here, -- the pulsations of the great social heart of this great body of the earth's ministering angels; that they are one by association, and that a slow, quiet rhythm is maintained in the pulsations of them all. ... Now each man and woman of the earth is held in visual rapport with the eyes of this house of providence ... by a telegraphy from the motions of the organism ... . No person is under espionage, but each is under care; and if the watchers ... need assistance, the arch-providence ... evokes instantaneous provision for relief."

"SHT" = "Seven Heavens in the Talmud" http://www.jewishencyclopedia.com/articles/1521-angelology#anchor20

923-31 (pp. 386-90) Ardency Angels in the House of Care

923 (p. 386)

"Now by sounding from the C to the D of the notes of the musical octave that governs in this dimension, the style of the lines of our dimensional form changes from form C to form D. Hence we glide forth at liberty from the space C to the space D of this immensity. ... We have also entered into the outer line of a locale of another race of angels ..., who ... may be entitled Ardencies. These are of the more profound organization ...; we see

923 (p. 387)

bands of them in the distance, moving as in sacred dances, with a divinity of motion that inspires religious trust and hope.

924 (p. 387)

These are also ministering angels ..., but they are in the providence of the close of natural life and of the spiritual departure. We may now enter their mansion of ordinance, which is called the House of Care. Step lightly, so : now lift the word-staff pressing it between the first and second keys. ...

925 (p. 387)

The Warden opened the door and advanced ... . The immense edifice whose interiors were thus opened, appeared as fashioned from the ideal architecture of the sacred temples of all the religions of the natural world ... : it was aboriginal, oriental, classic, saracenic, gothic, italian, opening to an unknown distance. ...

926 (p. 387)

... One of the officials of the sanctuary, attired in the rich costume of a dalai [b]lama approached ... and ... said, 'You were about to behold relative to modes of departure from the outward earth of those of the religious persuasion, by the form and attire of whose sacredness I am in presentation to you. ... .' ... So the three thence by levitation entered into the passage which is termed

926 (p. 388)

flight. ... In the new space to which they were thus conducted Adonai said, 'We are now in the Under-World of the fourth dimensional world, as being below the form D of its dimension. We are in the region allotted to the spirits of the recently departed of the earth, who were of the buddhist persuasion, they being held here by an outline.'

927 (p. 388)

The landscape thus opened was quietly serene; ... gardens and here and there a pagoda. The visitants drew nigh a temple and observed in the sacred enclosure ... bowers of meditation; they also perceived numbers of men and women ... . It was thence evident that this was a spirit world, a vast vale of reception for the departed who had been of the buddhist faith. ... the [b]lama whispered, '... I will conduct you toward the ingress, by the other way, that is private to us who are in the holy office.'

928 (p. 388)

The ingress being reached, it was noticed ... that each who entered was lifted, as being borne in the arms of two vailed figures ... . The [b]lama ... now took his place ... at one of the portals, having with him three assistants ... . The door of his portal seemed of a substance like shadowed ivory : on this he held his eyes by fixity; suddenly the door began to shew, as if reflected into it from without and shadowed through, the image of a young girl. ... A faint yet fragrant odor of mortality {viz., of a cadavre} affected the nostrils ...; then the projected shadow on the portal grew distinct ... .

929 (p. 389)

The [b]lama ... commenced gently to introduce into ... the unconscious maiden the essence {"dew of lights"?} that serves as a fluid of awakening, holding himself first as in a profound mystery of sleep, and hence leading ... toward outward consciousness. ... The girl sat up, ... made her prayer ... : thence slowly ... she began to realise that she was in another, unknown place; and then a matron entered.

930 (p. 389)

... The matron ... drew from the form of the maiden the remains of the covering of the magnetism of nature and the new comer stood up ... . ... Afterward ..., the maiden became aware that she had deceased ... . ... .

930 (p. 390)

the maiden to this replied, 'Then I will make pleasure for them, for I came from a tea house, where I waited on the company.' ...

931 (p. 390)

Adonai said afterward; 'You are aware, of course, of the immodest custom in Japan ... . You saw that

this girl ..., where she served guests in a public place ... gave her body as a matter of course, and as an obligation of her duty to the government of the nation. ...'"

{Likewise, in Turkiyeh and in Iran, women may be be obliged by the government to serve as public prostitutes.}

932-8 (pp. 390-3) digression into description of after-death realms of souls

932 (p. 390)

"The processes of the moving forces in this valley of the entrance of the earth's departed are peculiar : there is an indraw; the attraction of the inrush of force being thence from the entrance and toward the head of the valley. ...

933 (p. 390)

A gliding motion that was almost imperceptible lifted the guests from their feet; they were again in flight ...

933 (p. 391)

-- A clasp of the hand, a quick, sudden pressure; the end of the flight was reached. Instantly, the soft, sweet light was no more, but instead a vaporous, impenetrable gloom. Adonai said, 'We are now in death, where the dimensions are broken up ... . ... hold firmly to the form of your dimension and grasp the word-staff in both hands.' Doing this the darkness gradually began to be porous; there was a rain of dissolving elements, dashes of heat mingled with currents of deadly cold. Adonai observed, 'In this thin border-line, where the two dimensions meet, are elements which are thrown off from the structures of the dying, becoming a vapor, which adheres to us and which we poignantly feel. ...

934 (p. 391)

It is so : groups of devotees in their association, being led in their devotional thought to the mystery of departure, commence to exude from their bodies the fine essence of life, which imperceptibly passes from them ... : thus they are made partial negatives. That class of animal elementaries who enjoy the mimetic play of religious ceremonies, go in bands to all houses of religious assemblage. ... .'

935 (p. 391)

Afterward, being released from the under-world, Adonai said, '... We observed one of the very best of the valleys of ingress : they grade according to the degrees of positive excellence in the personalities of those who are to enter. Thus a great adept, who has

935 (p. 392)

been able in part to renew the youth and vigor of his structures, and to survive for two or three centuries, adding constantly to the knowledges of his intelligence, would be taken in two or three thousand figures below the lines of the locality where we were. That process of the accumulation of occult skill and occult lore ... is more apt to be left ... where those are who are of the character of ... the inhabitants of No-land ..., where a certain class of spirit hibernate.

936 (p. 392)

This is the temporary fate of many high esoterists of ... extreme sanctity ... . There a pope will be seen clasped in the arms of a [b]lama ... . This is that state which ... in which ... nearly all of the departed ... exist ... in ..., till ... they ... draw toward an earthly womb to become again incarnate.

937 (p. 392)

There is thus, as you perceive, ...

937 (p. 393)

the ultimate fact ... of reincarnation ... .

938 (p. 393)

... a class among these dormant abnormalities have at certain periods awakened, especially at a more ancient period, when old lines of order were loosening and new lines of order but incipient. Such have in exceptional instances entered the bodies of infants and taken possession of them as permanent incubi ... . In some cases these infants, advancing in life, have developed ... subtle magical attributes."

940 (pp. 393-4) how sheep redincarnate to become pastors ("shepherds") of congregations in churches

940 (p. 393)

"about the sheep. Now when one of these gentle creatures has yielded his body for the food of man, on

{This is similar to the Bodish gCod caerimony, wherein a member of the clergy may make a self-offering of one's own body to be eaten.}

940 (p. 394)

commencing to recover his consciousness as an elementary, his first sensitive emotion is that he is a very good fellow, ... naturally proud of his performance. He thence commences to elongate {in order to happen, this would have to be as yet during the Antarabhava for that being} ... as a man ... at ease. ... If he can find a neighboring parson in the care of a flock of human souls, his next instinct may be ... to imitate."

941-4 (pp. 395-6) Happy Dwellings & its Land of Shadows

941 (p. 395)

"We may make another advance, entering by the transposition of our dimensional forms the space E of the world of fourth dimension ... . We enter here through a region which is called the Happy Dwellings : the under-world of this space is entitled the Land of Shadows : it was there that the Grecian seers conceived of the unsubstantial ghost-land ... : we may now enter it by the hidden way ... . ... observe the peculiarity : there is a sky of white mist, causing every object to assume an appearance of pallor ... . Yet again notice : seeming men and women appear, languid, indolent, semi-somnolent, gliding about as if they were sleep-walkers : perhaps a thousand of them turning in a whirl, but languidly : some like will-o-the-wisps, darting as if thrown forth by the motion of the whirl ... .

942 (p. 395)

Passing further toward the inskirts, we approach a land of deeper pallidity, shade within shade. Observe here the beginning of ghostly architecture, ... the result of the working of ...

the Psyche of the Globe, the World-Spirit ... .

{= "Cybele" of the "black stones" ("SKW")?}

Yea, in the cycle of ages still to come, these creations that we observe here, as in the secret laboratory of her art-chamber, she may project and build on earth

for a coming

{[quoted from Arktos, by Joscelyn Godwin :] "Bulwer Lytton’s The Coming Race; Jules Verne’s ... Le Sphinx des glaces (The Sphinx of the Ice). Novels ... include ... the Pellucidarian stories of Edgar Rice Burroughs" ("B-L:I&S").} {Pellucidar is "snow-bound" (SP, cap. 13).}

942 (p. 396)

race of mankind, as they are displayed now for the delight of her own secret consciousness.

943 (p. 396)

Now these snow-images, which we saw as passing languid women and men, are inanimate forms, outlines or sketches of preexistences; ... formed imaginations of people who are to come. ... The Sphinx of Mystery

sits silently upon the desert of man's outward mortality, concealing ... secrets unutterable, unnameable, unapproachable; the hidden wisdom that has framed the world."

{"In Vril : The Power of the Coming Race, the main character finds a subterranean race that is ... like a sphinx. In The Time Machine, a sphinx-like statue is the first thing the time traveller sees" ("VIHGW").}

"SKW" = "Selections from The King of the World, by René Guénon" http://www.foundationwebsite.org/OnBulwerLytton.htm#_Toc92944734

"B-L:I&S" = "On Edward Bulwer-Lytton -- Introduction and Summary" http://www.foundationwebsite.org/OnBulwerLytton.htm#_Toc92944733

SP = Edgar Rice Burroughs : Savage Pellucidar. AMAZING STORIES magazine, November 1963.


"VIHGW" = "Vril: The Power of the Coming Race inspired H. G. Wells" http://erkelzaar.tsudao.com/books/vril.htm

946, 949-50 (pp. 397, 399-400) Land of Charm & its underworld : death-vortices

946 (p. 397)

"By this approach we pass the region which opens from the Happy Dwellings and enter the Land of Charm".

949 (p. 399)

"Yet notice; the atomic spirits socialise for the formation of the crystal ... . ...

950 (p. 399)

Let us now contract the dimensions still more ..., and draw into the shadowed under-space, representative of space E in the under-world of the fourth dimension.

Observe ... wheels within wheels,

{"their appearance and their work was as it were a wheel in the middle of a wheel." (Yh.ezqe>l 1:16)}

vortices within vortices, but the points of the vortices open out into third dimensional nature. When man decreases he draws, as to his personality, to the point of one of these vortices and is thence drawn in ... .

950 (p. 400)

Hence he is quietly led to the approach that terminates in some one of the places of ingress in the world of the under-space below the fourth dimension ... ."

951-3 (pp. 400-1) disguised sexualities of death-angels

951 (p. 400)

"Those angels who are in the service of the departure are commonly seen as androgynous;

{Sumerian death-bringing deities are described as gendreless.}

at other times of their duty the wife-angel is in the sexual transposition so that by the outer form of structure she appears as male, while the husband-angel by the transposition appears as female. ... The human body of outwardness, being sexually formed, holds to the spirituality that is ingenerated into it ... : in turn the spiritual soul, by its form of sex, cleaves to the natural soul by its form of sex in a configuration that is most complex : ... the sense of touch-rut and the nobler sense of which this is an envelope, being located in their convolutions; there is a liquidity of desire that clasps through these embracing complements with an attraction of affinity ... .

952 (p. 400)

Now, for a prosperous action and result in death it is requisite that this affinity {betwixt spiritual soul and natural soul} should be dissolved : hence, in the hour of dissolution the angels of the departure take their station, and

they commence slowly to unwind their own spiritual souls from the fine materiality in which they hold their electro-vital images of embodiment. As the turning proceeds, the natural soul of the patient commences to be disoutlined :

{In order for these "angels of the departure" to have held together the "embodiment" of the dying person, they will have had to have been, either in and of themselves or else through the guardian-angel, internal deities of the subject's body (such as are known in Taoist internal alchemy).}

at the same time the spiritual soul commences to shrink and withdraw, no longer finding the outline into which its caresses were made diffusive. The natural soul {Chinese /p>o/}, now losing its hold upon the spiritual soul {Chinese /hun/}, commences to decease ... : ... the spiritual soul ... moves throughout with gentle waves of vibration

952 (p. 401)

and thence commences to disengage from the plexial formations of the natural body ... . The spirituality {Chinese /s^en/}, in its spiritual soul ... is then spaced apart from the natural formations. When ... this has proceeded ..., the word is pronounced which causes these fluidic elements, that were in the form of the third dimension, to be transposed to the form of the fourth. Of course the spirit, with its spiritual house of soul ..., is by this process disengaged from the series of the forms of its naturality : they being forms of the third dimension.

953 (p. 401)

This being accomplished, the two angels of departure,

{Simultaneous action by 2 death-angels is characteristic of the description of the death-process in >islam.}

now holding in the forms of the fourth dimension, withdraw from the avenue or opening to the third; in that withdrawal uplifting by the attraction of their embrace the unconscious or but slightly conscious liberated spirituality, they bear it to whatever point in the vortices of the travel-flight is best fitted for the departing one.

Hence their charge is borne in the currents of circularity through the under-space 4 C to the access that opens to the under-space 4 D. During this flight the angelic bearers change their own forms of outline by transposition from the form 4 C to the form 4 D : whilst in the continuations of their own transposition, the outer dimensional body of the one whom they bear is caused to pass also from the former to the latter outline. Thus the departing spirits are carried through the transpositions of decease into the departure, and thence into the region of repose and of awakening provided for the departed. ...

I call my thought away from this : never having died, I speak only from observation."

{Or, rather :- although having died countless occasions in the past; yet nevertheless such memories not being readily accessible (the pertinent Akas`ik Records not having being unsealed), observations of the death-processes of other persons have, instead, surrogatively been employed.}

955 (pp. 402-3) departure of the soul from the material body at death, assisted by angels; and thereafter being divinely welcomed into the after-death realm

955 (p. 402)

"the breath of divine desire, which flows through his spiritual soul, disengages him from the natural, causing the liquid remains which condense around his spiritual person to transpose to the fourth dimension with but slight assistance from the angelic ministrants ... . He thence floats in the ether ... : the guardians move with him to the point of vortice : he is there met and welcomed by

955 (p. 403)

others ... . By this time his voice has become keyed to the octaves of the new melody and his figure illuminated with the divine light which is given for the new dimension in which he stands. He is there attired in the robes of the bliss-state; choirs of the welcomers draw him into the form of their motion".

956-9 (pp. 403-4) departure of the soul from the material body at death, assisted by animal elementaries; with consequence of the soul's remaining on earth thereafter

956 (p. 403)

"There are ways of ... the easy death which are ... in the law of another departure. For ..., the odor of mortality begins to diffuse ... as the change draws on. The animal elementaries then approach, as if the man were a departing dog : kindly creatures, to them he is ... one of their species; and the vision-pictures pass by means of their mimetic play into his sensorium ... .

If he thinks of dame Quickly or Doll Tearsheet, their images are idealised ... as motherly and daughterly angels, approaching him by the attractions of a celestial concupiscence.

{Dame Quickly rendred beverage (TSJF, p. 228), whilst Doll Tearsheet proffered to Falstaff a menu of diverse foodstuffs (TSJF, p. 230).}

The elementaries are bent on pleasing ... . Still, as the animal creatures bend over him, his belly fills from the magnetism of their exhalations : the natural soul ... enters on a transposition of the form of vitality ... .

957 (p. 403)

Then may approach elementaries from the fourth dimension ...; all elongated and h[e]ightened till they might pass ... for human resplendencies. Such as these assist the pleased and comfortable ...; drawing the attracted magnetic substance ... into a quasi-human image that resembles their own in this new dimensional form. Thence he stands up again ..., feeling himself to be alive and well. As the animal elementaries leave him, he lingers on the confines of the

957 (p. 404)

earth ... . To his thought, he has passed through the ordeal that he dreaded all his life, and escaped scot free ... .

{This is the condition known as becoming a "terrestrial (earthly) immortal" in Taoism.}

958 (p. 404)

Hence, having emerged from the theater of natural life, not by the door of humanity but by the door of animality, he may remain for a period in those confines of the invisible animal world and enter for a season ... into a life ... as the impersonal existences to whom he is partially assimilated. It is possible for him to become a familiar [spirit], whilst in this state, and, if he finds a suitable medium, to officiate as a double.

959 (p. 404)

We open thence into one range of spiritualistic phenomena, extending through the ages : here is a 'progressed spirit;' ... yet ... only in the mimetic animal conscience : he is in fact ... enhoused in a ... still suriving spiritual soul, which inhabits a phantasmal body of the partial outline of under space 4 C of the fourth dimension, but able under suitable conditions to elaborate an outward phantasmal body by the attraction of volatile magnetisms.

Here we have the human ghost, as he appears in many instances to natural vision : here are delineated the phantoms who inhabit haunted houses and localities; here we have one class of the spirits in ... forms of condensation, who sometimes appear in circles for materialisations; a class of those who take delight in assisting at spiritual seances, in making impersonations and giving communications".

TSJF = Asa Moxon Fitz Randolph : The Trial of Sir John Falstaff. G. P. Putnam's Sons, 1893.


960-2 (pp. 404-5) allegedly illusory (readily alterable by mental means) nature of the world which is dwelt within by such souls of the dead as who have not entered heaven {Similar assertions (concerning illusoriness) are made in Bodish literature concerning the Antarabhava; and likewise similar assertions are made (rather baselessly) by some psychologists (such as Freudian ones) concerning dreams as being (so such psychologists allege) "wish-fulfillments". The actual fact of the matter is that dreams and other so-called "illusions" are constructed (on behalf of a mortal) by immortal aeternal deities, and are not really mentally produced by the mortal dreamer nor imaginer.}

960 (p. 404)

"The close land of the adjoining under-space ... stricly speaking ... is phantasmal, ... [such that] the substance of appearance takes color, outline, taste and smell very much as those creatures imagine who {inhabit it} ... : ... the illusive water that they dip has all the quality of water to their imaginative sense; and the image of a fish,

960 (p. 405)

that they imagine ..., will so condense into their hands from the vapor of illusion as to wriggle like a fish.

This is effected by the vision-play of Nature; for in doing all things ..., she will make a seeming outline of one of her ... people.

{If so-called "Nature" (Phusis) be neither a goddess nor independently intelligent, then "she" cannot produce anything. But if "she" be an independently-minded goddess, then that fact ought to be so asserted. [The author (Th.L.H.) would appear to be an aequivocating semi-Epikourean of sorts.]}

Thence if the spirit who is in this sport becomes a familiar and is drawn into the service of an expert in the mediumistic performance, that illusive fish may be ... perfect ... by a farther materialisation".

{The author (Th.L.H.) continued (such as throughout 961-2 -- pp. 405-6) to designate transcendent visionary manifestations as "illusive" and "illusionary", though it is evident that what he described as being witnessed were objects and substances of astral/mental/causal natures from the aeternal planes of ultimate reality. In contrast, in the Upanis.ad-s the term /maya/ ('illusion') is applied to the material world almost entirely -- the author (Th.L.H.)'s failure to describe the material world as 'illusion' would categorize him as a variety of arrant materialist; while his very persistent description of importations of transcendent manifestations from subtle planes of existence as "illusions" is an indication of his insulting derogation of the functionings of divine worlds. These attitudes of his are well-suited, howbeit, to scoffing the semi-Epikourean who is constantly berating (as in 963-4 -- p. 406) his imagined goddess "Nature" (Phusis) as though she were a malicious witch intent on deluding victims (-- did he have in mind the witch-nymph Kirke on the isle Aiaia?).}

966 (pp. 407-8) a cadavrous ghost's shadowy environs are set into vibration by the touch of the living

966 (p. 407)

"Touch that apparent human form, which seems to lie in the attitude of death upon a bed of state. As you touch, it moves and the shadows are all in a vibration :

each karmic outline is thus, even to the acute observer, as the substance of the natural work and life is formed by the human personality during its earthly round, and all invested with the outline of the human image.

{That karman must occupy the shape of one's body is a Jaina doctrine.}

From this region also, certain of the sects in

{It was likewise antient Kemetic belief that the soul sleepeth within its mummy during the daytime, awaking only at nightfall to wandre abroad in ghostly guise throughout each night.}

966 (p. 408)

Christendom partially derived their dogma of the sleep of the soul, between the period of death and that of a final resurrection.

Yet observe, as we enter our coming has created disturbance, and some of the karmic images that were asleep in the graves float upward."

968 (pp. 408-9) a cadvrous ghost may be roused by knockings ("concussions")

968 (p. 408)

"These outline-forms of earth-karma are subject to many mysterious laws : ... that form of karma, a dead protoplastic {ectoplasmic} image, ...

{Somewhat similarly, amongst certain tribes in Borneo, a soul reposing within a corpse sealed within an unburied coffin is customarily summoned, by knockings on the coffin, to participate in familial repasts.}

968 (p. 409)

made up of the emptied outlines and interiors of that which was once a human formation, if but a current of concussions can be led and loosened into it, turned back partially from the transposition by means of which it was led and laid away."

972-3 (pp. 411-2) activation of memory of a praevious lifespan

972 (p. 411)

"A man ... will find working through his consciousness another consciousness, which is made adherent in him, and .... which becomes as it seems to him that of his deeper identity ... : the scenes of a by-gone existence, in which it seems as if he had been an actor ... . Thus it would be made to appear to him that his conscious spirit was a survival of some personality of the past, that had entered again into the womb of a natural mother and been so reborn.

Now commonly is such cases the wandering, floating image of some antique earth-karma has been drawn into the vortice of the human operation, and has sunk through the vortice into the ... body of the man. The inwoven pictures that were in the simulacrum revive transiently ... : the surviving thingness of one man {this is conjectural; such a "man" may not have ever existed, being more like a satirical mock-up} has become a dweller in the livingness of another ... .

{Actually, in such cases the memorylike imagery hath been divinely introduced (through the co-operative action of a divine department immortal government of transcendent worlds, duly authorized to transmit such imagery to worthy mortals) as a hint/reminder of the powerful backing by supernatural governments for the encouragement of such chosen mortal, in praeparation for the hour of the divine overthrow of the impious governments of ploutokrateia now unworthily tyrannizing this planet. [It would, however, have been hazardous for the author to rendre any such insurrectionist exposition.]}

973 (p. 411)

In many instances those remains in the burial chamber of the under-world are not of the earth-karma, but of the vestiges or outlines of that karma, still appearing in its ancient imagery. During the divine procession by which the old devachanic heaven of the ascended spiritualities of the race burst

973 (p. 412)

its shell, there was a resurrection of multitudes of forms of the earth-karma from the place of sepulcher. ... There are untold myriads of images of earth-karmas in that deep place, which were from the earth-life of those who matured ... during the long line of the epochs of the race".

974, 977-8 (pp. 412-4) further transpositions through worlds, via the word-staff

974 (p. 412)

"Again apply your hands to the word-staff; now for the transposition by which we pass into form 4 G of the fourth dimensions ... : by this we enter the vast regions, now being occupied by the divine-natural kingdoms in process of formation by the ascended spiritualities of our mankind."

977 (p. 413)

"Again touch the word-staff ... : we are thus enabled to hold in one continued series of forms from the third dimension to the fifth space of the fourth. We may thus perceive, that there is a continuous access, formed by the lines of an open way, from the near region of space 4

977 (p. 414)

G, where the kingdoms of the new divine-natural humanity are being formed from the former angelic heavens or devachanic societies of the race : we see that this access passes through, terminating at our present point of outward stand. ...

978 (p. 414)

Observe again ..., from the spacial {spatial} form 4 G to the under-space of the four dimensional world, that terminates where the opening of the third dimensional world opens into it by a decline. The Way of access being opened from the space 4 G into the world of third dimension ..., it tends to open ingress : that is, the force of the incoming tends ... to become a round; drawing forth again through the under spaces; thence ascending and completing the circuit in 4 G where it began. A Way is being prepared for a vortical stream, entering ... from the high space of the world of fourth dimension, for the bringing in of divine-natural vitalities".

981 (p. 416) transmission, from divinity to mortal disciple, of word-staff and of finger-ring

[Adonai instructed,] "'I am about to leave you for translation : the vortice that opens to the luminous life, the solar and arch-solar immensities of the kingdoms that are of and that are above the stars, commences to draw me upward. Accept, therefore, this ring from my hand : ... it will incorporate with your own ring. Take also my word-staff : it with become one in the structure of your own staff : think of me as one who has passed on to rest.' --

In this fashion our brother Adonai, whose form had become illuminated as if the Divine Man of the sun were glowing through him, arose above the level of communication, and, entering the celestial space-way, receded from the eyes."



Thomas Lake Harris : The Wisdom of the Adepts : esoteric science in human history. Fountain Grove : [privately printed,] 1884.