Wisdom of the Adepts, XXV-XXVI



982 to 1008

986 (p. 418) Atnai-Sola

"Now there is opposed to this miscalled Fo, ... one of the solar hierarchy ... is Atnai-Sola."

{/Atnai-Sola/ may be Kemetic /JTN/ 'sun-god' (first mentioned in Papyrus Berlin 10499 -- "AB&AA") + Latin /SOL/ 'sun'}

"AB&AA" = "Aten Before and After Akhenaten" http://www.touregypt.net/featurestories/aten.htm

987-9 (pp. 419-20) the Antient of Days is countre-acted by the Daughter of Day

987 (p. 419)

"the pseudo Jehovah ... presented as the Ancient of Days ... is he who endeavours to hold the ... mind in ... avarice, ... bigotry ...; but he opens out into ... Protestanism ... of an hard, harsh, ... and persecuting ... deity ... . His purpose ... is ... hardness, deceit and cunning ... .

988 (p. 419)

This magical potentate is of course insane ...; but his is a madness ... that is wielded with long-enduring and unflinching sagacity. His pleasure is in the wars of nations, and his agents {christianist theologians} are instructed to foster the war-spirit, till Christendom shall be dissolved in a vortex of the mutual carnage of

988 (p. 420)

its peoples. .... He is in the caste-pride, exclusiveness and luxury of Britain, but his chief hold on the Anglo-Saxon race is ... an indulgence in the crush and waste of life which is fostered by its {really, Protestant capitalism's} industrial system, for he has no bowels of compassion :

the burden-bearers {working-class} are to him as but grass-hoppers."

{[concerning the sons of <anaq,] "we seemed to ourselves like grasshoppers, and so we seemed to them." (B-Midbar 13:33) /<anaq/ is 'chain'; so the allusion is to a chain-gang of slaves.}

989 (p. 420)

"The Supernal Genius by whom the pseudo Jehovah is held in counteraction is a woman, counterpartal in the holy nuptiality, who is styled

the Daughter of the Day. ...

{perhaps Vaidik goddess Surya daughter of Surya}

She moves abroad by clouds of animated gentleness; by the infusions of elements that beget humane cultures; by a warm philanthropy that reaches forth toward a brotherhood of nations; by an out-drawing of man's plexial formations to become an organ for extended sympathies, and by fostering those thoughts which teach ... the general well-being of mankind. ... . ... the Daughter of the Day has commenced ... the influences of the choirs of her sister-bands and daughter-bands, which led down thrills by means of vibrations,

to counteract the hoarse braying of the ... trumpets of the war-god and the beating of his drums".

{perhaps alluding to the sacred music of pacifist Shinto esoterism, such as of Omoto}

"We seemed to ourselves like grasshoppers" http://www.rc.net/wcc/readings/num2.htm

990-2 (p. 421) Catholic Buddha; the Bodish essence of Catholic ecclesiasts; the serene nature of the oriental sage

990 (p. 421)

"At an early period the life of Buddha, passing through an arabian channel,

{“specific Buddhist origin adapted through an Iranian intermediary milieu, probably mostly Manichean” (“B&I”, p. 135)}

had ... been accepted as the biography of a catholic saint of the east,

{st. Yo^->asap}

his occult performances recognized as true miracles and his departed spirit honored with the rites of canonization."

991 (p. 421)

"The romish priest is essentially a [b]lama,

the romish nun a [b]lamaess,

the romish strolling monk {friar} the traveling mendicant :

the trance, the vision, the ecstasy are identical."

992 (p. 421)

"The eastern magician, rising into the ranks of the infernal gods, carried into that godship a vaster knowledge than did his younger compeer {Christian ecclesiast} : his reasonings are in a larger area : the circle of his operations is therefore in a movement that is ... methodical and comprehensive : his bases are larger, covering the comprehensiveness of nationalities".

B&I” = Basil L. Ourie' : “Barlaam and Ioasaph and Nubia in the 6th Century”. In :- Bibel, Byzanz und Christlicher Orient = ORIENTALIA LOVANIENSIA ANALECTA, 187. Leuven, 2011. pp. 135-80 http://www.academia.edu/500906/INDIA_FAR_BEYOND_EGYPT_BARLAAM_AND_IOASAPH_AND_NUBIA_IN_THE_6_TH_CENTURY

994 (p. 423) Maria Ever-Virgin Mother of God

"With this infernal god {Jehovah} is joined an infernal goddess ... : she ... while Rome was in the acme of victorious imperialism had shrines dedicated to her as the Goddess of Victory {Nike} : she is a cold cruelty, delighting in warfare and the shedding of blood. Transposing her forms of access ... to the pseudo christian style, she thence embodied ... Mary the virgin".

995 (pp. 423-4) crocodilian jinn

995 (p. 423)

"we encounter in the ... court of Mecca an infernal god of a different style : that of ... mimic Allah ... . A bloody, brutal, obsolete old reptile, he is ... a crocodile wallowing in the slime. ...

995 (p. 424)

In another form he is a jinn or an afrite {<ifrit}, appearing on occasions ten times enlarged from the human figure".

999 (p. 426) new kingdom of heaven; basal facts

"those in that new kingdom of heaven are sensible yet super-sensible; rational yet super-rational; ... they have all of the good, true, beautiful and enjoyable that is found in the world of third dimension, yet there possess still more ... .

The basal fact of the natural man of this race is the ego ... :

the basal fact of the divine-natural man is the non-ego, the unself {of unselfishness} ... .

Instead, therefore, of having an ego as structure of resistance, ...

he has a structure of unself, which is a structure of reciprocity.

He therefore has ... a new form, ... which is also in the form of the public or social good."

1000 (pp. 426-7) doubling of the forms of the divine-natural

1000 (p. 426)

"The divine-natural man, in his electro-vital formation of the fourth dimension, is constitutionally in four forms, which is double, making eight.

1. the psychic germ

has elaborated and become the psychic genius :

2. the spirituality

has become in its unself comprehensive and interiorly illuminated by a constant inshining of the Word-spirit :

3. the spiritual soul

has taken on a form of attributal expression constituted to it from the Word-spirit, with ranges of new unfolding faculties :

4. in

1000 (p. 427)

place of the original memory-form

is the word-geist, in whose mirror-senses are duplex organs ..., reflective from past, present and future ..., reflective of both the objective and subjective side of events".

1000-1 (p. 427) lower degree of formations

1000 (p. 427)

"In the lower degree of formations there is,

1. the new natural soul, uncorrupt, impeccable, a form of constituted virtue and the residence of living virtues ... : thence is,

2. the luminous unself, constituted from the karma of the natural truth and good of the previous round, vitalised by the divine inflow, held in the divine consistency ... and embraced by the general unself of ... humanity : we find,

3. the life-body, a generative matrix; and,

4. the extreme form of the surface.

1001 (p. 427)

Thus there is a series of four forms, ... in the second constitution : ... but they are transcended and made ... faculties of uniform felicity."

1003 (p. 428) capitalist militarism

"the insanity of war is contagious; never more than at the present day, when the wealth of the nations is rapidly becoming mortgaged to public creditors {via government-issued credit-bonds}; ... and where the balance of power is silently passing to the industrial {capitalist} classes."



1009 to 1056

1011-2 (pp. 432-3) officious incredulity; clergy as surrogates for idols

1011 (p. 432)

"The opinion that there is no body of vital or interior reality in the ... religious cults of antiquity ..., has filled at last the common atmosphere, in which men of letters think and in which the multitudes read, with the profound suspicion that there is also no esoteric or vital principle in the books or systems of home-faith".

1012 (p. 432)

"Her clergyman, in the mind of the thorough church devotee, occupies the place that was held in some ancient faiths by the idol; he ... like the animated statue of antiquity is considered ... a medium for the

1012 (p. 433)

access of Divinity; which so far descends through him as to ... distil a ghostly stream into his naturally magnetic influences."

1014 (p. 434) allegedly saecular {but actually anti-Christian pagan} authors

"The philosopher, the scientist, the historian, the biographer, the poet, the dramatist, -- these ... are of secular pursuits; or at least of the secular spirit.

England's greatest, Shakspere; the greatest of Germany, Goethe; the greatest of France, Victor Hugo; the greatest of America, Emerson, were great by reason of their creedlessness, and their habitual secular relations with mankind."

{Each of these authors was privately a devotee of some occult cult : Shakespeare a believer in fae:ry-folk; Goethe in Swedenborgian angels; Victor Hugo in Sinitic spirit-mediumship; Emerson in Aupanis.adik mysticism.}

1017-8 (p. 436) Jaton {cf. Jas^on of Mormon 2:16-17 (<arabi /T/ being repraesented /S^/ in <ibri^)}

1017 (p. 436)

"There was a Poet among our people, in the high day of the silver age, whose name may be written Iathon, and his wife's name Iathonia : in his earlier prime he was a lyrical artist;

{cf. <arabi /TaNa>i/ 'laudatory, eulogistic'}

in his meridian, a dramatist. ... The song-spirit of Nature entered into Iathon ... : its entrance to our Poet was by the first fire; the Divine Mother appeared to him as the divine muse ... : I will repeat as he narrates to me.

1018 (p. 436)

"She, the Divine One, ... drew out the cold vapor and instilled into me a warm flood ... . Thence, going forth into usefulness, the objects of visible nature were to me as enchanted forms. The animal-naturalis ... by her interior, ideal forms or images ... was so visible to me that there seemed to be a dance in the processions of them all."'

1019-21 (pp. 436-7) statement by Jatonia : her luminous birds from outer space; tiny people &c.

1019 (p. 436)

"The wife of the writer said, '... In the chamber of consecration ..., the Father of our life was manifested through the animated statue ... . ... Going forth afterwards ..., ... I could only speak to them in oracles or words of mystery ... . ...

1020 (p. 437)

"The of-oo, the luminous birds of the out-space, would approach and light upon my shoulders : the

vi-vi, the little, twinkling baby men as small as woodlarks,

{"vi vi vi" is part of the wood-lark's call ("WLLA")}

with their wives and families, drest in the attire of beatification, would come from the mystery chambers ... by moon-light and silver star-light, and introduce me to their sports :

the coos-pa, those who revel in the sun-beam and make play in the day hours, ... would attract me ... and then work tiny wonders, playing games of transformations. ...

1021 (p. 437)

I dreamed a dream in one of the grottoes, while the wood-nymphs held my hands : I dreamed that I saw the young man of my destiny ... . So I went to the Lady Priestess and informed her of my dream : she ... summoned the reverend Priest, her husband ... : then my lips were opened to the song-speech and I began to sing. There was a cer-elf, a public festival and ... a young man ... drew me into the attraction, by permission of the Mother-wife who presided over the festival. We

1021 (p. 438)

then became lovers ... .

1022 (p. 438)

... So we found a place in ... the woodlands, where the holy river flowed into the sacred lake. ...

1023 (p. 438)

So he brought forth a poem ... : being approved there

by the descent of the star of the holy fire".


"WLLA" = "Wood Lark/Lullula arborea" http://www.birdsinbulgaria.org/birds.php?l=en&semeystvo=40&vid=248&type=bird

1033-8 (pp. 444-6) Varvion & Varvia {/VARVel/ is a holding-ring for a leash in falconry}

1033 (p. 444)

"The great poet of our people of the silver age was called Varvion : his wife was named Varvia ... . ... In his youth ... when he was in the permission he would be retired to ... the streams and lakes, floating, floating, ... to the mind instructed in the deep science ... . ...

1034 (p. 444)

He was classed in the roll of classification ... as being one of the exceptional : being exceptional, ... the reverend Priest and Priestess stood for him, that he was in the confidence of their sympathy.

Wherever there was a lonely waterfall he was sure ... to linger there as if he would draw about his mind the vails ... of its brilliancy. ...

{S^uar "shamans ... said that I really should go on a vision quest at a sacred waterfall" ("MPSh").}

1034 (p. 445)

Afterward he became, in our phrase, star-touched : ... by touched by a star we understood to receive an astral power; to have a projected ray from some great people of a star ... .

{Is a polar pivot-star or lathe-star implied? /VARVI/ is 'lathe' (FE&EFD, s.v. "Lathe") in Finnish.}

1035 (p. 445)

After a period the Majesty of the land ... gave him over to the queen ... . She wove for him a breast-robe, ... which was charged with the holiness of her nuptial mystery. By this he was occultly drawn and held ... to her ... . ... From the groves he returned, leading ... a brown young maiden ..., saying that a wood-nymph had led him in the air-flight, and drawn to him ... her ... .

1036 (p. 445)

... The young men said of her, 'See that Issa ... :' ... for to hear her, one would imagine that a nature-spirit was charming him into ... the ... splendors of the occult ..., opening by idealities. ...

1037 (p. 446)

From this time Varvion continued to bring forth ... new creation : one was entitled, ... 'Star-girls and their flights.' ... .

1038 (p. 446)

... Varvion ... opened profoundly into the sociality of man, and hence took an high place as an adept of the science of the secret way. Here he was distinguished for his clear brilliancy of philosophic thought ...; but as the lark drops from the high cloud, still singing till she alights ..., so this minstrel of ours".

"MPSh" = Michael Harner : "My Path in Shamanism". In :- Roger Walsh & Charles S. Grob (edd.) : Higher Wisdom. Albany: State U of NY Pr, 2005. http://www.shamanism.org/articles/article16.html

FE&EFD = Nielsen & Lundbeck : English-Finnish and Finnish-English dictionary. http://books.google.com/books?id=qcU9AAAAYAAJ&pg=PA62&lpg=PA62&dq=

1039, 1041 (pp. 447, 449) quotations from Shelley

1039 (p. 447)

"Heaven's light forever shines, Earth's shadows fly;

Life, like a dome of many-colored glass,

Stains the white radiance of Eternity."

1041 (p. 449)

"he is not dead, he doth not sleep, --

He hath awakened from the dream of life."

1047 (p. 451) female rose-spirit

"A Sister of the Life, called also a 'lady of the palace,' ... from a rose-tree in full bloom ..., caused the rose-spirit to come forth ... till she entered into an human form. ...

When the aged sister shall find her rose-girl ..., she may understand that the electro-vital body is in process of occult evolution, and that in her organism death begins to die."

1052 (p. 454) Bulwerism

"The absorbed reader of Bulwer[-Lytton] becomes bulwerised : this is to make the author an agent of a diffusive formation, whose lines are spun, by finest filaments, into the living net-work of the thinking ... faculties of nations; it is ... entwined into the woven imagery of the occult human life".


Thomas Lake Harris : The Wisdom of the Adepts : esoteric science in human history. Fountain Grove : [privately printed,] 1884.