Wisdom of the Adepts, XXVII-XXVIII



1057 to 1097

1062 (p. 460) Adonai & the vril

"The angel ... , clothed from head to foot in ... glistening apparel,

crowned with a diadem of seven stars

{A diadem/crown of 7 stars is found in the writings of Tolkien, concerning Durin (“Kh-z”) – “the crown of seven stars that Frodo sees in the MirrorMere near Moria (“Durin’s Crown”).” (“APM-E”)} {“A crown of seven stars pulled down from the heavens by the Father made flesh, was worn by Hugor of the Hill, the first king of Andalos. ” (“CO”)} {Goddess Mirab (constellation Cancer) “wore a crown of seven stars which represented the Seven Priestess Stars of the Pleiades.” (“AZIC”) In Hellenic terms, this is “the celebrated crown of seven stars presented by Bacchus to Ariadne” (CS, p. 85). Ariadne's crown is Corona Borealis (GM 98.o). This crown of seven stars is also ascribed to goddess “Astrea”/Astraia (“SSEC”).}

and holding in his hand a word-staff that shone ..., ... breathed these words : 'I too am ... born again, through the seven rounds ... into the seventy times seven.' It was Adonai, returned from ... the luminous land of the arch-humanity.

Afterward they took the aged man and tenderly refreshed him in a bath of the vril, the Sisters of the Life bathing him in that living invigoration".

{cf. the bathing (according to Odusseia 13) of Odusseus at Skheria by princess Nausikaa}

Kh-z” = “Kheled-za^ram” http://lotr.wikia.com/wiki/Kheled-z%C3%A2ram

APM-E” = “Was Astrology Practiced in Middle-earth?” http://middle-earth.xenite.org/2012/10/04/was-astrology-practiced-in-middle-earth/

CO” = “Crowns (object)” http://awoiaf.westeros.org/index.php/Crowns_%28object%29#cite_note-Radwd5-27

AZIC” = “Attunement to the Zodiacal Initiation of Cancer” http://www.spiritmythos.org/TM/MA/cancer.html

CS = John Robert Kippax : The Call of the Stars. http://books.google.com/books?id=nL8MAAAAYAAJ&pg=PA85&lpg=PA85&dq=%22crown+of+seven+stars%22&source=bl&ots=i2bGxhwpF4&sig=OWVddjbDDucuBTNjDW3NJTbDuV0&hl=en&sa=X&ei=BivfUMCvHIbq8wSinIGwDQ&ved=0CD8Q6AEwAzgK#v=onepage&q=%22crown%20of%20seven%20stars%22&f=fal

SSEC” = “SevenStarEsseneCrown” http://siegeperilous007.tripod.com/SevenStarEsseneCrown.html

1069 & 1072 (pp. 464 & 466) actions of Anima Mundi & of Anima Coeli upon mortals

1069 (p. 464)

"The anima-mundi draws him us as an abstract spirituality ... : hence the kind and sweet departed of our race found a long round of delights awaiting them as spiritualities."

1072 (p. 466)

"Hence the anima-coeli opened ... : she dropped the spiritual contents of the devachan or race-heaven into her vortice and whirled them down. In the same movement of procession the anima-mundi opened and whirled the imaged

outlines of this great multitude, with the earth-karmas, into the vortice to meet the descending cloud of the spiritualities. ... The spiritualities, being reinvolved in their outline-sketches ... and these being infilled with the karmic elements of their ... good, ... as a result the ancestral multitudes, tending to become divine-natural man, pass out of their circularity ..., and enter into the evolution of good".

1073-6 (pp. 466, 468-9) rat, snake, ape

1073 (p. 466)

rat in prayer-wheel

1074 (p. 468)

"little green snake"

1075 (p. 468)

tree is encircled by a ring of emplaced stones

1076 (p. 469)

"The ape then ascended the tree and brought down a fruit ... : the ancient drew nigh reverently, made a very low prostration ..., and took the fruit; but after doing so he kissed the ape's feet."

1078 (p. 470) instruction by Adonai

"Adonai said, '... observe ... a stream ... .' Extending his staff, the waters divided on either hand, and the two passed over dry-shod. Adonai then resumed, '... here begins the travel-flight that opens through all the electro-vital regions of the divine natural humanity of our race ... . ... While you were in the fifth round ..., a man demanded of you the keys of the mysteries of the kingdom ... . Now, I sent that man to you ...; for he was in the center of a magical combination".

1080 (p. 471) Hermes & his kerukeion : trans-terrestrialization

"a youthful genius, a Mercury, extended his hand, in which was a winged rod, saying with a clear voice, in which myriads of bird notes ... mingled with the melodious accents of a celestial speech, 'Man of the sixth, my message is to you.' At the same time a slender line of arch-solar fire appeared to dart from his lips, through which [line of fire] the words of the message were communicated : ... 'The occult mode of communication is made use of by the wise of the seventh round is such as this : ... it is proper for you to follow the herald.' ... In the seventh round the Brother of the Life is trans-terrestrialised : ... his life glides in him and he is borne from service to service by a continuous gliding motion. ... The key of his mystery opens access to every human breast ... : character is made transparent to his glance : the qualities of individuals and their especial capacities are felt by a slight touch of the hand".

1081-3 (pp. 472-3) transfiguration of humanity through divine processional energy

1081 (p. 472)

"the anima-coeli and the anima-mundi, when this consummation is effected, unitise; and the divine-natural man stands upon the earth in a likeness that is made derivative from ... heaven.

1082 (p. 472)

... as to its great purpose : the New Life will have taken its earth-hold ..., not to be shaken or removed. All this ... can only occur by means of ... a vast concurrence of forces, all meeting at one ... point and forming there for an effect. There are ... a million of men and women on earth, in whose deeper structures the occult formation of the new life is in a rapid state of advance : were one such blessed transformation [viz., the transfiguration of even a single person] to occur, ... the great organic ... societary formation would commence to ramify [by sustained chain-reaction] from land to land, including all of the Survivalists who should then be made ready; those whom we entitle of the First Zone.

1083 (p. 473)

The formation of the new divine-natural heaven, constituted for the home and display-field of the antecedent generations of our race, now being reconstituted as a divine-natural humanity, ... is almost beyond description, even by a shadowed outline. These kingdoms comprise one two-fold empire : the vast involved form derived from the processional energy of God, in which ... the Creative Word was inworlded ..., is involved to an outline of spacial {spatial} dimensionality ... . ...

1084 (p. 473) future divinely-mandated hegemony of India over the world

"One speaking in the wisdom of the second round said, 'Behold, I will shew a mystery : in that region of the earth which is now India, the moving forces of the new divine-natural humanity, now being unified in the arch-kingdom for the effect of one two-fold operation,

will press by the right hand; thence moving through Africa into America and Europe.

The left hand will press northward toward the arctic ... :

the first is in the force of the Father's hand, and

the last in the force of the Mother's hand :

the force of the Father's hand will press for the condensation of the races, but

that of the Mother's hand is complementary and for the diffusion :

the Divine Womanly carries the dissolving element, for the dissolution of the present constitution of the peoples; but

the Divine Manly carries the reorganizing force which will operate to follow the dissolution."

1085-7 (pp. 473-5) transmutation of the world

1085 (p. 473)

"At these words a divine fire commenced to burn and undulate in the plexial formation of the adept : the Instructor

1085 (p. 474)

then continued, 'It is by the hands of the divine-natural ... that those processes of the great change ... will be declared. Observe again : there is a form ... which ... brings these two forms again into conjunction, for the purpose of causing the anima-mundi to force out of her vital element a fluid of inconceivable intensity, the water of creation {waters which are above the firmament : the universal alkahest}; thence causing the anima-coeli to flow into the intervals of all creatures, leading the compensatory force, that shall rotate by innumerable vortices in the fluid of the nature-flood ... .

1086 (p. 474)

The hands of every man who, by the formed force of his character is in the good intent, will become polarised, the right hand being made negative to the polarity of the positive hand of the divine-natural humanity, but his left hand positive. ... the currents of the vital force of that heaven of man will thence be so held as to pass through the formations of those who should survive ... . ...

1087 (p. 474)

The effect of the overflow will ... be ... their flood, that is to open through the anima-coeli, ... designed ... to lead this orb and its surviving peoples into the good way ... .

1087 (p. 475)

... the earth will drop into slumber, peacefully as the flowers at the close of day, and then will unfold the new creation."

1090, 1093-4 (pp. 476, 478) benign fitnesses

1090 (p. 476)

"The new order of administration ... will be formed in the spontaneous desire and delight of the multitudes of human fitnesses."

1093 (p. 478)

"That Strong People, composed of ... earth's noblest organizations, its most balanced characters, the persistent holders for the true and right ..., might serve as the earthly fulcrum for a leverage of divine-natural force ... .

1094 (p. 478)

... the fitnesses of the race ... would be embodied in a moving vortice of the divine force, made operative in the regions of naturality, and in that be constituted ... to demonstrate the virtue and power of the New Life ... . ... In one case ... the denouement will be ... made benignly diffusive over a considerable period of time; that ... may be ... a century more or less".

1096-7 (pp. 479-81) praeternatural folk issue forth from the ground; rosy (pink) men arrive from planet Mars

1096 (p. 479)

"the Brother of the sixth round beheld that the word-staff flamed before his eyes. So, taking the staff and breathing the word in a manner as never before spoken, he beheld a Man as arising and taking on appearance, issuing from the ground; a man of majesty and might. ... The Man said, 'When this globe commenced to be nucleated from the aromas of space, I was made, as a Brother, and Ancient of the ancient heaven {Former Heaven (in Chinese cosmology)}, to set my word-staff for its axis and to serve for the Genius of its constitution. Now, therefore, ... so we will pronounce together the planetary word, in which this globe had its origin.' ...

1096 (p. 480)

Afterward the Genius said, '... I am nought but a shadow, yet I evolve from the concept of the creative scheme : ... it is by means of the one-twainness that orbs are condensed from their nuclei and fashioned to the perfection of their destiny. ... Now you have known of my wife in this orb by the form of the orb's Nature, which is womanly : you have also known of me in that other orb, by the form of the orb's Nature, which is manly. More than thirty years past of your little time, I sent to you, by the divine ordering, certain of the electro-vital race of those surface people, and they emanated to stand around your table and before your eyes. By the word-staff in your hand and by the word that you breathed, I was summoned to make a presentation to you by form, that my visiblity might be apparent : I will now involve into my womanhood and retire.'

1097 (p. 480)

It is indeed true as the Genius declared : in 1852, a band of rosy men of Mars did thus emanate and surround the table of the writer, visible to the eyes : from that distant day in the little earth-life of a man, the electro-vital people of the manly star that is counterpartal with our own feminine planet, have made periodical visitations ... : they have aided still for the strength of persistence. The history of an adept of the New Life is beyond all present human comprehension, both in the splendor and terror of its experiences ... .

1097 (p. 481)

... Being after this led into the chamber of the seventh round, the adept thence returned to the outer space, bearing the word-staff, in the crown of which was now a living form of affection of the man-star, in the likeness of a crimson dove."



1098 to 1125

1098 (p. 481) requisite versatility of investigators of universal truth

"Every truth relative to man or the universe is a universal form, made up of innumerable particulars ... . The pilot of the orb is also the Genius of its world, but the investigator of truth requires for his guide the Arch-Genius of the Universe. It needs that man should be more than a specialist ... : it is not enough that he should be saintly; he must likewise be the sage".

1101-2 (p. 483) goddess of mysteries

1101 (p. 483)

"magnificent philosophies and theologies ... have been projected ..., but She {Isis} who is vailed gathered the foldings closely about her."

1102 (p. 483)

"Behold this volume ... entitled, 'Outlines of Inventions;' ... yet that volume has been on these shelves since the silver age. She who is vailed opened her hand a little ...; yet well we know that

were the hand to open fully without the ... attempering vail, the blazing of the electro-vital fluid ... would dissipate the organic structures of all mankind."

{"hands of Isis could ... have ... two closed fingers" (HM, p. 258)} {"past, present, and future are one, and all are held in the hand of Isis." (IM, p. 467)}

HM = Joseph Ennemoser (transl. from the German by William Howitt) : The History of Magic, Part 1. London, 1854. http://books.google.com/books?id=O7JeS7yh7UUC&pg=PA258&lpg=PA258&dq=

IM = M. Isidora Forrest : Isis Magic. Llewellyn Publ, 2001. http://books.google.com/books?id=yqRRccJR1c4C&pg=PA467&lpg=PA467&dq=

1103 (p. 484) folly of materialism

"the materialist, the denier of the spirit and of God, ... shews the human spirit in a distorted aspect, gravely arguing, through its own natural mind, against the Source of its origin, the ground of its structure, the experience of its consciousness and the fact of its existence."

1104 (pp. 484-5) planet Saturn

1104 (pp. 484)

"'now in this old volume that I take down, is a biography of a world, compiled as from the mind of the Genius of that world's formation : it is the history of that planet which on the outward earth is called Saturn.

1104 (pp. 485)

... how easy to unvail {unveil (not "unavail")} the biographical records of the Arch-Genii who dwell in the architectonic palaces of the constellations ...!' -- The sage stood leaning on his word-staff : suddenly it quivered as a living thing; it flamed as a living fire : this being a summons to service, according to his speciality, his countenance became irradiated as with the glow ...; the flowing robe of white that apparelled him appeared to flash and glow; a wind formed within from the energies mounting ... ."

1108 (p. 487) a Buried City

"a Buried City : once a race, that preceded the present mankind, undulated by a tide of artistic civilization

where now the Pacific ocean sweeps from America to Asia :

{This is the site of the lost continent of Mu.}

in that dominion was a people founded in the principle of No-evil ... . ... This was a loverly people ... : see how vast in the capacities of respiration were these mighty Brethren : see, too, that they made a vapor around them that was almost like water; -- ... there are other races to whom your earthly atmosphere is as water; other races to wbom it is as a marsh, and they wonder how it is possible that men should be able to draw it into their respiratives."

1112 (p. 489) larvae-spectres in interstellar space

"It is assumed by the oriental magi, ... that the currents of the ethereal fluids, which encompass the worlds and fill up the spaces from star to star, swarm with races of ... larves ...; and that schools of such ... swim about the human race."

1113 (pp. 489-90) an allegation concerning pantheism

1113 (p. 489)

"God, to the pantheised mind, is unthinkable ...;

{Pantheism is the conviction that the divine nature is universally immanent : because it (pantheism) doth not propose that universality is unthinkable, therefore it cannot regard the divinity to be unthinkable. Theism, on the other hand, commonly hath an "infinite" (a term often used by Th. L. H. in this connection), and thus unthinkable, divinity. The deity of theism is "hidden away" by not being locatable; whereas the divinity of pantheism is available everywhere, and thus never "hidden away".}

1113 (p. 490)

but the pantheised mind thinks away from God, and thence God is hidden away from it.”

1113 (p. 490) an allegation concerning matter

"Now with regard to Evil : matter is good enough, relatively speaking : we ... have never discovered any quality of matter that is otherwise than harmless".

{In the Platonic system, the ideas are the universals which are perfect and thus free of evil, whereas the particulars (which are bound into matter) are the sources of imperfection and thus of evil.}

1114 (p. 490) the atheized, vs. the theized, mind

"I will define the theised mind : ... it is the composite mind of your one-twainness, -- ... a mind of truth in good and good in truth ...;

{In Confucianism, the composite is the "Supreme Ultimate" : it is composed of the twainness of Yin + Yang. This is regarded, in Confucianism (and even in Taoism) as non-theistic : i.e., of the atheized mind.}

a mind that ... loves fully in its thinkfulness; it hence enorbs itself in the divine heat".

{"fully" = "having reached its limit"; "enorbs" = "Quiescence"; "heat" = "movement". Thus : ""The Ultimateless [Wu Chi]\ And yet the Supreme Ultimate [T'ai Chi]\ The Supreme Ultimate through Movement produces the Yang. This Movement, having reached its limit, is followed by Quiescence" ("N-CC", p. 441).}

"N-CC" = "Neo-Confucianism : The Cosmologists" -- Chapter 23 of :- Feng Youlan : A Short History of Chinese Philosophy. http://liveforsinging.com/l/EnShortChinesePhHistory/24.php

1115, 1119, 1121 (pp. 491-3) a zone-people is pantheistic in its socialism

1115 (p. 491)

"we open our records and see an orb that was a member of this planetary chain : we see thereon ... a zone people, holding upon ... a zone-substance. Let me designate : the enzoned men are natural socialists, for they connect by the zone and are thus led into immense groupings of association ..., drawing to a composite life. Inasmuch as ... there ensues a multiplied system of gradations : ... that ... would become a pantheised mind."

1119 (p. 492)

"Now, there was on that orb a culture, a science far superior ... to ours of the silver age ... . The vrilic element had become as a great sea, filled with the elements of invigoration :

a man could strangle a lion ... easily ... :

{as befell the Nemean lion}

this vrilic sea became to those ... socialists

the reservoir of a voluptuous element,

{a man.d.ala of Tantrik maithuna}

and their life of sense ... burst forth as when the Spring advances ... .

{as in the Chinese :- Dreams of the Spring. The Pepin Pr, Amsterdam, 1997.}

1119 (p. 493)

Thus for a season they were in ecstacies ... . Meanwhile this people ... become carnivorous".

1121 (p. 493)

"The anima-coeli drew up the ... spiritualities of the ... people ...; but the lunar attendant of that ... planet ... was whirled into the orbit of our earth and is now its moon."

1123-5 (pp. 495-6) books

1123 (p. 495)

"a class of women ... desired that man's prerogative, as to the keeping back any of the contents of his literature, might be abrogated. ...

1124 (p. 495)

Care was taken that those volumes which were worn by use should be carefully gathered : not a page was suffered to be employed for any common or ignoble purpose".

{Cf. the sequestring of tattred old books and manuscripts into a 'Treasury' -- Gnizah (<ibri^) or Ginza (<arama>i^).}

1125 (p. 496)

"The adept answered, '... we are making a book ... .' The Librarian replied, 'Well, you will print it in your own house ... : the Brotherhood of the Life is in it, you being one of its order ... : it will be bestowed, not sold ... . ... this volume is a clear-the-way : it declares {as manifesto} the purpose of the [divine] Author-Authoress, in whom are the are the fountains of proliferation for all truth, to make the literature of this world become ... that which is fit and proper for the culture and enrichment of the race. Our volumes almost speak and thrill upon the shelves and in the cabinets, eager to take wings and fly abroad : in them

thunders are waiting to articulate their voices.

{"seven thunders uttered their voices." (Apokalupsis of Ioannes 10:3)}

Very righteous and very holy are the books; for in each true volume ... the Spirit of the Word is present,

with mysteries upon mysteries of wisdom unutterable."

{""Seal up those things which the seven thunders uttered, and write them not." (Ibid., 10:4)}"


Thomas Lake Harris : The Wisdom of the Adepts : esoteric science in human history. Fountain Grove : [privately printed,] 1884.