Wisdom of the Adepts, XXX



1163 to 1180

1163-4 (pp. 518-9) quarternity of officials

1163 (p. 518)

The representative officials of the Brotherhood of the New Life are four in humber, each one-twain : each of these holding in the form of the order of one of the four earthly continents {= 4 quarters of the globe, including Perioikoi, Antioikoi, and Antipodes/Antikhthones}. The pillar occultly stands over them, in their center of station, and the rock is felt as rising by its forces to their feet; the pillar and rock thus making one. … The Muse, the wife of one of the representatives said, '… the vortice evolving in the pillar beneath which we now stand … is now being constituted for the center of the new pivotal harmony of the globe. The motion of the pillar forms for the vortice … : the order of human association will be implied in the whirl proceeding from the vortice. … It will hush mankind into silence …; it will hence lead forth the captives from the prison-

1163 (p. 519)

houses and loosen them from the magnetisms in which they are chained and defiled. When the space angels are ready, they will sound occultly with their trumpets upon the blast … in the service of the Life.

1164 (p. 519)

That one of the four who is the representative of America, held up his word-staff and it floated a little way : the Muse beholding it said, 'Observe the sign of the floating staff; … so far as the staff will float before him, the way is opened and he may follow on : mankind will open as far as the staff floats among them. The race is as yet involved in bondage of its social chain … for the weight of the chain is upon them … : we are hence to wait for the dissolution of the chain.'”

1165-73 (pp. 519-23) successful insurrection against the government; migration overseas via navy

1165 (p. 519)

A bluff, hearty … gentleman was introduced into the council, as a representative of the ancient people of No-Ob-Si, that he might make a narrative relating to the divine whirl by means of which his nation was led forth from its captivity. … he commenced …, 'There was in all of us a secret desire to be delivered from the lie-disease {of capitalists' stooge-politicians} and the theft-disease {of capitalist exploiters who enforce wage-slavery} … : our wives were with us and we talked in confidence.

1166 (p. 519)

While we were in our discourse, a vassal {deacon} came from a neighboring priest {ecclesiast-hireling of the capitalist class}, bringing a message to the effect, that it was forbidden to us … . … .

1166 (p. 520)

so I … wound soft withes about him … .

{cf. “they had bound me insomuch as I could not move” (I Nephi 18:12).}

1167 (p. 520)

Then I called an ancient mother of mothers, who … made a hand of [magical] force upon that vassal's mouth, saying {to the evil spirit of capitalist-inspired ecclesiastical blasphemy possessing the deacon}, 'By the Spirit I command you …, be dumb and depart.' … So we made made a fire of sacrifice, and each woman and each man took a shoe and cast it into the fire … . {a Muslim or a Zaratustrian custom?} From the smoke of our shoes that were burned formed the image of us all …, which rose and so vanished … . Then we joined hands and sat in silence … .

1168 (p. 520)

Early in the morning there was a cobri, a horn-blower, and twelve cobrioles his assistants with trumpets … : but we made a [magical] pull upon them; we pulled in our kindness from them, and held fast the door of the house. So the cobri sent out the sounds of bells, to make known to the high Obo that we were in vash, in disobedience; and then

commenced to march around our house, blowing his horn, and the twelve cobrioles after him sounding their trumpets, so that the walls of

{cf. Yho^s^uwa< 6:4-5, :15-16, :20;

Epistole to the Hebraioi 11:30}

1168 (p. 521)

our house might be made to fall outwardly … .

At this we began to make a march in the house, against that march of theirs … . …

1169 (p. 521)

Immediately after this … because of the whirl that was in us, … we whirled into … where the Dakio had his palace … and where the craftsmen who made his iron-wares had their small houses. … The whirl took us into the palace of the Dakio, and the Dakio's wife came forth … :- she took off her yellow robe and

her purple sandals, joining the women in the whirl … .

{“Her feet were clad in purple sandals” (LRh, vol. 3, p. 238).}

1170 (p. 521)

Then we took the Dakio's palace … . We blew horns all the night … .

{If this /Dakio/ be from >aramaic /dak/ 'quench' (LLNG, 25), then this may be in allusion to the admonition “Quench not the spirit” (1st Thessalonians 5:19).}

There now began to be shadow, and a fire-play in the shadow; and we felt moving bodies in in the shadow, making a whirl for each five : then there came through each shadow of a whirl a radiative line, making a way for each whirl of five; so each [whirl] went forth … till it struck a village or a farm-place : then it would commence its turnings …, taking out all who would turn to join and add to the whirl. When we had gone through this for forty days, … the

1170 (p. 522)

People of the whirl rolled on, till we came to Stantisti, a great city. There … we set up a pillar : being now one great whirl in an hundred subordinate whirls, each of these took a part of the city for its own”.

1171 (p. 522)

we kept liss and liso …; the men standing … for the up-coming sun at the birth of day, and the women watching toward the moon.”

1172 (p. 522)

Now in the next place, as the great whirl moved forth again, we broke over the high place, Ble-le-me-le; where one of the zones of the land had the seat of its Secret Power : the whirl … scattered in pieces the parshees, the large temples, and blew up

the hollow vaults below the parshees … .

{ The “hollow vaults below the parshees” may be the subterranean worship-sites of Mitraism (from Iran).}

Then … it burst upon the forests and cut them down … .

{cf. divine rolling wheel rooting up “many forests” in Ode of S^lomoh 23:13}

1173 (p. 523)

When we were all assembled about Lamposi, the great city by the sea, we … collected the navies and sailed away, leaving none of us behind … .

When we had gone into our ships the sea was smooth as glass,

{Ships' sailing over a “sea of glass” is likewise typical of Irish mythic voyages (LSB, p. 57).}

but the ships drew over the water as if they carried magnets in their prows;

{There is an incident of a ship's being drawn to a magnetic island in the 1001 Nights.}

all moving in one flight together till we came to the great island of No-Ob-Si. There we burned the ships”.

LRh = Thomas Colley Grattan : Legends of the Rhine and of the Low Countries. London : Colburn & Bentley, 1832. http://books.google.com/books?id=MfXWAAAAMAAJ&pg=PA238&lpg=PA238&dq=

LLNG = Davied Asia Israel : Lost Language of the Nazorean Gnostics !An Aramaic-Nazoraic Dictionary of Mystical Terms. Order of Nazorean Essenes, 2008. http://www.slideshare.net/UnitB166ER/lost-language-of-the-nazorean-gnostics-an-aramaicnazoraic-dictionary-of-mystical-terms-arranged-by-gematria-by-davied-asia-israel These horn-blowing celebrants were “surfers” : Strong's 1796 /daki^/ 'dashing surf'.

1st Thessalonians 5:19 http://www.kingjamesbibleonline.org/1-Thessalonians-5-19/

Odes of S^lomoh http://carm.org/odes-of-solomon

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/STANTIsti/ may be a dialectal variant of the name of Con-STANTInopolis/iSTANbul;

/Blele/ is an Afghan name http://lastnames.myheritage.com/last-name/Blele ;

/parshee/ may refer to Zaratustrian Parsees and to Jaina tirthankara /Pars`va/ which is from the As^s^urian name /Pars^ua/ of Persia;

/Lamposi/ is a place in Sumatera http://wikimapia.org/14642412/id/LAMPOSI .}

1174-9 (pp. 523-6) involved vortices; luminous clouds

1174 (p. 523)

The form of the force, in which the strong people who founded No-Ob-Si were led forth and liberated from the close association … of their former land, is known, in the divine science, as that of the involved vortice. The representative of Asia remarked, 'There are three of these vortical systems at present in the process of formation. A comparatively large and liberalised people … might be expected to move in a vorice of rapid motion … which may be relied upon for leading those who are of the class of the first zone into the sympathy of the energy … .'

1175 (p. 524)

The Sage of Europe queried … . The representative of Asia replied, 'As I look abroad, there is at the present time upon the north-western contient {North America}, overhanging all but the Pacific coast, a dark cloud in the process of formation. … As the eye travels from the Rockies westward … we reach the line of the Sierra Nevada; … thence to the Pacific a luminous cloud is in its stages of generation. … I notice again, that the region held by the luminous cloud is open to the direct line of access, which makes for the advance of the march by which the people of the fourth dimension may deploy. The cloud already commences to take on a beginning of its series of divine-natural outlines … . Now should the Divine Mother involve a procession of her animates in that cloud, … there would be … a pleased and happy feeling, a sense of coming joy, a disposition to quietude, a liberation of the gentler sentiments and emotions. …

1176 (p. 524)

Looking again to the dark cloud, I see that there is forming in that the outlines that tend to the image of a dark man, whose operancy will be … complementary to that of the bright woman. Therefore the effect of the motion generated by the dark cloud might be to produce … in the minds of the people of the east …

1176 (p. 525)

an occult sense … to loosen and enlarge them, to lead forth through them a projected ray of the electrical spirit. The dark cloud, in its turning, would also draw toward the cloud of the west.

1177 (p. 525)

Now, … phenomena might occur like these : … a whirl should begin in the far east, perhaps about a large sea-port, taking up a thousand or two of very orderly and quiet people : … a whirl of positive force, that should draw in a certain class of the elect; introducing them by the full voluntariness of their interior freedom, but holding them by the full voluntariness of entire fate. … It might be expected that it would pass through the states and provinces within the area of its appointed operation, as the discharges of the currents … electric … through the general human system. Hence …, within the space of a few weeks, bands of people collected in the whirl would be ready for their travel across the continent.

1178 (p. 525)

the luminous cloud of the west …, by the loosening of the forces of its whirl, the land in its control might be as a city … when the inhabitants rush out of the houses … for safety to the fields : a great panic having entered the bosoms of all those whom the Genius of the earth desires that they should remove elsewhere. No whirl for them; but … a force of fate, seizing upon their volitions and causing in them a resistless impulse of migration. … thus a movement may be instituted … by which bodies … which are not in affinity may become divided and afterward reconstituted, the affinities of one species drawing to one pole and those of the opposites to the other pole. Hence …, … a simple whirl may be sufficient, on this continent, to clear a designated region from all …, and to draw to that region all …

1178 (p. 526)

residing elsewhere, for whom the divine fate has appointed such a change of habitation … .'

1179 (p. 526)

Another of the Sages queried … . The speaker replied, '… there might be two or three hundred thousands of people …; persons generally of moderate means, plain livers, quiet, reserved, calm but energetic. From the moment the whirl touched them, the significance of it would be felt, as that of leading for the inauguration of a divine kingdom {republic} upon the earth. … There are many thousands of such, seeking, hoping and praying for deliverance from the egoistic mankind among whom they are constrained to live : there would be found among them abundant resources, for the Spirit of Fraternity would leap forth through the whirl; making each one ready to contribute his all. The present age has not witnessed the effects of an immense religious {and socialistic communal} enthusiasm … : above all, it knows nothing of the power of a divine vortice, embodying … such an enthusiasm and making it a fate.'

1180 (p. 526)

The inquiry was made, 'How … may such a rush of immigration be provided for, after it enters the designated land of home?' The Sage answered, '… the constructive whirl will take up those who immigrate, when they enter their home country, leading each group to its own appointed locality. ...'”

1180 (p. 526) allegations {This concluding passage by the author is the most erroneous and misguided section of this entire book; and surely the worst misappraehensions ever expressed by him in any of his various copious inditements, which are otherwise generally futuristic and oriented along the lines of benevolent social projections by recent flying-saucer contactees (viz., aptly describing remote and advanced cities and civilizations of supernaturals established on exotic planets).}

How was it that the Pilgrims of New England, flying {fleeing} from religious persecution, came to Plymouth?

{The Puritans who colonized Massachusetts were among the most intolerant and vicious bigots who have ever flourished anywhere on this planet; after having virtually ruined England and devasted Ireland, they came to American to spread hatred and to promote persecutions of imaginary “witchcraft” (at Salem etc.), and to torture and murder harmless Quakers, as well as to display gross ingratitude to the American Indians who helped them to survive through the first Thanksgiving.}

They had arranged to land to establish their colony quite southward, where, had they disembarked, they would have found a region possessed by warlike savages.”

{It was the Puritans who were “warlike savages”. The Amerindians who lived further to the south were comparatively more decent than any Puritans. In particular, the “whirls” as described in this book remarkably resembled the peaceable social movement (for restoration of indigenous Peruvian culture) known in Peru as the “dance of the Pleiades” (Taki Onqoy – “C&ESAI”, pp. 191 sq).}

C&ESAI” = Lawrence E. Sullivan “Cosmologies and Eschatologies of South American Indians”. In :- Lawrence E. Sullivan (ed.) : Native American Religions and Cultures of Central and South America. Continuum Publ Co, NY & London, 2002. pp. 179-99. http://books.google.com/books?id=4CSy0HLgO38C&pg=PA191&lpg=PA191&dq=


Thomas Lake Harris : The Wisdom of the Adepts : esoteric science in human history. Fountain Grove, Santa Rosa (CA), 1884.

[Much of this book was earlier published under the title of :-- Thomas Lake Harris : Extemporaneous sermons: preached in the Marylebone institute, London, 1860.]

{It may be possible that the reason why Th.L.H. eventually deeded the grape-growing estate Fountain Grove to Japanese, is that the Shinto religious establishment actively promoteth worship of a Sun-goddess, similarly to Th.L.H.'s female character of the “luminous cloud” (1175, p. 524). The whiteness of this west-coast luminous divine cloud would also have been a good candidate for being regarded as similar to that of the White Tigress goddess of the West in Chinese religious lore; but the White Tigress is more a Taoist than a Confucianist goddess (therefore Th.L.H., who was largely concerned with approval from governmental officialdoms, opted for formal connections of his Society with the Japanese embassy rather than with the Chinese embassy). [“he would invite local dignitaries and Japanese embassy officials to his lavish enormous estate and house.” http://www.prwinery.com/index.php/Visit-Us/Nagasawa.html]}