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(Review of books by Damasio) "I Feel, Therefore I Am".

"Descartes' Error".

"Review of Descartes' Error".

"Review of Damasio, Descartes' Error".

"Notes on Antonio Damasio, Decartes' Error".

"What is it like to be nonconscious? A defense of Julian Jaynes".

"Defending Damasio and Jaynes".

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(Review of) "A. Damasio, ‘Self comes to mind’ (2010)". "Jaynes was denying that people had experiential phenomenal consciousness ... ."

(Review of Self Comes to Mind) "The Inflated Self". "Damasio describes dreaming as paradoxical mind processes unassisted by consciousness." {THIS NOTION OF DAMASIO'S IS ERRONEOUS.} "Consciousness is always related to the self." {Not necessarily. Anyone can experience events without during that interval having in mind any distinct notion of a "self". } "The self has three components, the protoself, the core self, and the autobiographical self." {According to Bauddha dars`an.a, all notions of a "self" are delusions.}