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(“Bahya Trataka : Fixing gaze at Moon, planets, Sun or any distant object.”) [the proper spelling (transliteration) is /trat.aka/ -- Yogi Pranavananda : Pure Yoga. 1992. p. 53]

Sun yogi started Sun-gazing at 2.38 p.m. by sitting in a chair in an open space out side the laboratory. In the beginning he practiced Bhrumadhya drishti and then focused his eyes directly at the Sun.” “The yogi was able to gaze directly at bright Sun at any time of the day for a long period. This itself is a feat.” (He also had “found that he could remain alive without consuming food.”)

“ “Yogins do Trataka on the sun (sungazing). It requires the help of an experienced man by their side. They begin to gaze on the rising sun and after gradual practice they do Trataka on the sun even in the midday. They get some special Siddhis (psychic powers) by this practice." (Swami Shivananda, Kundalini Yoga)” -- with blog

The inside of the sun will appear as blue sky surrounded by a ring of light, it will sometimes appear as two suns, sometimes rotating clockwise or anticlockwise. As your concentration develops and you can gaze at the sun for longer, you will be able to see a 'black spot' in the middle of the sun. Sometimes this black spot will be bigger, at other times smaller. After practice, the black spot will remained fixed in one place. Suddenly, from this black hole, seven colours will emerge and move around the sun, sometimes clockwise, sometimes anti-clockwise. As your concentration increases, a powerful beam of light will come from the sun towards your body. In the beginning this beam of light will not touch the body, it will come towards you and then retreat back to the sun. Eventually, as your concentration improves, this light will touch your body and you will attain complete thoughtless condition. This is the start of the pratyaharam stage, and indicates the beginning of Sunyoga experience. ... As the inner vibration develops, we'll discover that there are two more chakras, one above the head called the dhayana chakra and one below the body called the dhyanrodhak chakra. At this point, we will be able to hear a sound, which some people call AUM, others have called AMEN, while others have called it ALAM. We can then receive divine messages from the universe. Next the sadhak will experience sahaja samadhi during which he will be able to see a bright light, inside of which there will be a beautiful structure. This is the atmadarsanam stage, the 'who am I' stage”

The next step, as the inner vibration increases and extends from the muladhara chakra at the base of the spine to the sahasradhara chakra at the top of the head, the sadhak will experience sahaja samadhi during which he will be able to see a bright light, inside of which there will be a beautiful structure. This is the atmadarsanam stage, the 'who am I' stage, the sadaguru stage, the mukha stage. At that time the sadhak will feel, 'I know him but i have never seen' because it has always been within... our sagunabrahma structure. This marks the completion of the dhyana stage.

As the inner vibration develops, we'll discover that there are two more chakras, one above the head called the ultra chakra and one below the head called the ultra balance chakra. At this point, we will be able to hear a sound, which some people call AUM, others have called AMEN, while others have called it ALAM. This is the dharana stage. At this point we can receive divine messages from the universe.

The final stage is nirvikalpa samadhi, at which point a further two chakras are discovered, one above the ultra chakra called the cosmos chakra, and one below the ultra balance chakra called the cosmos balance chakra. Our mental force will be more than gravitational force, our soul will leave the body and unite with the supreme soul.”


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source references : “For the various techniques, benefits, etc. of trataka cf. and contrast:

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Vina Parmar (editor) : The Art and Science of Sun Gazing - Living on Sunlight. 2nd edn, Dec 2004.

p. 62 “email Mr. Manek directly at

pp. 87-8 fora

pp. 89-91 websites

by Petre in Romania

by Jowel. G.

for Sunyogi Umasnakar

by Vinny Pinto

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p. 94 contact-information for HRM

Yahoo Sungazing Group

address in India :

Shri Hira-Ratan-Manek2,

Parag Society, C/o, Shri Popatlal Dave,

Nr. Opera Jain Vpashrya

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U.S. contact information :

Solar Healing Center

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p. 95 journal of a sungazer :

Sungazing diary of Mason who completed the HRM protocol, 44 minutes of staring directly into the sun.

Contact :”

pp. 97, 100, 102 testimonials of sungazers :

p. 97 Tracey Currie in Calgary “During sungazing I have experienced a red-orange halo around the sun. I have experienced a very intense white light with the rainbow prisms around the sun. Usually the sun itself looks dark compared to the light around it.”

p. 100 Yota Ardamerina “I had photophobia and I was completely cured from it in the first 20 days of SG.”

p. 102 Stijn Cuypers in Belgium “I had a dream about the Sun. Gazing at its light with hungry eyes; I had an OBE [out of body experience] and was suddenly sucked out of my body towards the Sun. ... (and also other cleaning exercises like the shat kriyas: neti, dhauti, nauli, basti, kapalbhati, and tratak) strengthens the eyes. Probably one can also receive more sunlight by raising the hands into the air and using the fingers as antennas to pull energy from the light. In any case, it is a fact that many sources mention this. In the Ramayana, we read how Vibhisana worships the sun with raised arms (Uttarakanda, canto 10, verses 6-9). In the Egyptian “Papyrus of Ani”, there is a hymn to Ra, in which we find the line “I lift my hands tothee in adoration when thou the living One dost set”, and Black Elk, a Lakota medicine man, used to tell the story how, long ago, his people used to go to Canada to experience the healing effects of the aurora borealis and to draw its energy into their bodies by lifting their hands and doing certain breathing techniques.”

pp. 103, 105 sungazing results :

p. 103 Vinny Pinto “I, too, have noticed the same thing with getting too "mental" (too much up in the head, away from gut/heart) if I sungaze too much, or in some folks who sungaze too much. This tendency in me has decreased markedly over the years, thankfully, but I still occasionally meet long-term sungazers whose energy is almost frenetic or frantic, and up in the head, or too mental, as you called it. And, of course, failing to keep the feet (preferably bare) on the earth during sungazing and/or failure to walk on the earth for a while after sungazing seems to only exacerbate this tendency.”

p. 105 Vinny Pinto “As a 16-year sungazer and sun worshipper, and also both a scientist and a mystic (and ex-engineer) I personally believe that ... sungazing has helped me along the path.... my own deepest "enlightenment" experiences have all come in the years after I started sungazing.”

p. 106 “Vina Parmar, MBA

Editor, Living on Sunlight

Email :”



Outside of India

Sioux : “we are able to see the sun with our eyes completely open. It doesn't blind us, and in it we see visions.”


Switzerland : “One day while making his rounds Jung found the young

man standing at a window and staring up at the sun. The man was also

moving his head from side to side in a curious manner. When Jung

asked him what he was doing he explained that he was looking at the

sun's penis, and when he moved his head from side to side, the sun's

penis moved and caused the wind to blow.

At the time Jung viewed the man's assertion as the product of a

hallucination. But several years later he came across a translation of a

two-thousand-year-old Persian religious text that changed his mind. The

text consisted of a series of rituals and invocations designed to bring on

visions. It described one of the visions and said that if the participant

looked at the sun he would see a tube hanging down from it, and when

the tube moved from side to side it would cause the wind to blow.”

Michael Talbot : Holographic Universe / Holographic Model of The Universe. 1991. p. 60.